1. I can’t believe that this is the last episode we will get to see that Toby Flenderson 10,000 watt smile…

  2. i hope my question gets answered! paul is my favorite writer amongst a group of unbelievably talented writers, and i love the toby character. even now. he is just a natural talent. i am so excited for tonight!!

  3. Hi Paul,
    Maybe you can’t answer this – but are you getting written out of The Office so that you can be a writer for the spin-off?

  4. I hope my question gets asked. I love him as a actor and a writer so much. him and jen Celotta are the best writers of the show hands down and having them write the finale together makes this even more epic! Only six more hours!!!!

    Is my head exploding yet… only time will tell, my friends!

  5. cher is bonto – we must have similar taste, jen is one of my other faves and i am also so excited that they are writing together. EPIC

  6. I hope he answers my question! I thought it was pretty good. I’m #251, Hannah.

  7. Dawesome. I love Paul’s episodes and Jen is my favorite writer. I am so pumped!

  8. 95% awesome and 5% what the heck. What was the reasoning behind the proposal switch-up? It’s seems unusual for the writers to lead the audience in one direction for so long this season only to end up with Andy proposing to Angela instead of Jim. I’m an avid (read obsessed) Office viewer but I feel like I’ve missed something.

  9. Oh, in the blog, it was hilarious that the writers cheering for Wheaton South instead of Wheaton North! I go to school at Wheaton College in IL, and those two are actually big rivals. Good work Paul!

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