‘The Office’ Seasons 1-3 with Lunchbag

The Office

Amazon.com is offering a great deal on all three seasons of ‘The Office’ on DVD, plus a Dunder Mifflin lunchbag, for only $47.99. An amazing deal, but hurry, the offer is a quick one!

Link: Amazon.com Lightning Deal — ‘The Office’ Seasons 1-3 with Lunchbag

Tipster: Megan

UPDATE: less than an hour after posting, this deal is now SOLD OUT. Tallyhead Nation is mighty.


  1. I want that lunch bag but by buying that, I’d have 3 sets of each season and that’s probably more than I need.

  2. Yay! I’m a tipster! Thanks, Tanster! :)

    Unshun, I already have the DVDs too, but I got the deal anyway. I’m giving them as gifts and keeping the bag myself. :) It’s a super deal; when I checked this morning, the price on nbc.com for all three seasons was $88.97, and that was already discounted.

    Update: 38% sold at 12:40 Central Time. Get ’em quick!

  3. Great idea, Meaghan! I already have the DVDs, as well. But I figure they’d make a GREAT gift or I could at least get most/all of my money back if I sold them.

    This bag may be just the thing I need to get me to bring my lunch to work more often. :)

  4. Great deal! I have all three seasons on iTunes, but I have been thinking of making the investment in DVDs since that will be the only way I’ll get Season Four. Fifty percent of the inventory has now been claimed. Thanks so much for the tip!

  5. And I only had season 4 on DVD so far. This is perfect! Thanks for the tip. Merry early Christmas to me!

  6. Oh man! I must have spent around $65 on my 3 DVD sets. Gaah. And there was no nifty lunch bag that came with it. It’s going fast though. 87% claimed as I type.

  7. I also saw this at Sam’s Club sometime last month. No idea if it’s still there or not.

  8. Oh man…If only this had happened a few weeks earlier. I just bought all three seasons 2 weeks ago!!!

    If I had money, I’d totally buy them again just for that lunchbag, but WOW! It’s already sold out!

  9. Holy smokes… ah well. I guess I have to get my Dad a card for Father’s Day.

  10. Phew, I think I was able to get this on the closing seconds, I hope anyway, got a confirmation email and everything…

    I’m new here btw, Aloha and Hello.

  11. You can never have enough copies of those DVDs. I have second copies of all 3 seasons to travel with! I know, I’m pathetic.

  12. are you KIDDING me. i just won that lunchbox on ebay for $50.

    but it’s sold out, so it wouldn’t matter anyway. …i keep telling myself that.

  13. I say Tanster gets a percentage of their sales.

    [from tanster: thank you!]

  14. Well, I just got an email from Amazon telling me that they are sorry, but my confirmed order cannot be completed. Apparently, it is not “available from any of our sources at this time.”

    I hope the rest of you who took advantage of this offer don’t get the same message.

  15. I placed an order with about 33% of their stock remaining, but today I get the dreaded e-mail telling me it’s unavailable. It’s really shameful and irresponsible that they would tease people with a really great deal and then renege on it for whatever reason.

    I’m assuming it’s the lunchbags that they’re out of, because all three seasons are still in stock on their site. But they really ought to offer the DVDs for their sale price, especially to the people who placed an order during the Lightning deal. I already told my family we were getting it, and now I have to disappoint them.

  16. I am very upset that Amazon canceled my order! What was the point of having a counter for the item if they didn’t even have it in stock! I’ve sent them an email because I want the DVD’s at the sale price even if I can’t have the lunchbag. They have other sellers on Amazon offering the set for twice the price. :(

  17. The box just arrived from Amazon by UPS. (With a price that great, I paid for next-day shipping.) The lunchbag (more like a small cooler) and three DVDs all came shrinkwrapped together with a paper sleeve at the base with a unique bar code. So even though Amazon might have all three DVDs in stock, the package itself is the product. Sorry not everyone could get in on the deal, or were disappointed after they thought they had bought one.

  18. I had several frustrating emails with customer service over their cancellation of my order. I filed a complaint with the BBB over their false advertising and bait-and-switch techniques (the CSR tried to steer me towards buying it third party at double the price).

  19. I also got an email from Amazon that it is not available from their sources. I think they should at least give us a coupon or something. It’s just not right!

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