1. LOVE the second deleted scene with Jim and Pam, or as Dwight calls them, the idiot twins. Too bad it wasn’t kept in!

  2. Definitely my favorite deleted scene ever. How funny were they. I like the way everyone is looking at them.

  3. “I’m with you” AW! That is definitely one of my all-time favorite Jim and Pam moments. They do drunk so well, absolutely hilarious. 100%

  4. “We should take a vote” – “I’m with you”. Drunk Jim and Pam are the best! I can’t stop smiling.

  5. Awwww they should have included that. Drunk!Halperts are just too awesome for words. Also, Pam supporting Jim whatever nonsense he just said : priceless :D

  6. Why was that scene deleted? I just watched it 3 times. It is so funny. At first I hated the drunk Halperts and now I heart the drunk Halperts.

  7. Why oh why was that scene deleted?! I could honestly watch a whole season of drunk JAM..no, I’m not joking. :)

  8. Drunk Jim and Pam are brilliant. I hope there’s plenty more deleted scenes with them. I’ve watched this at least 5 times already. I burst out laughing at Jim and his “sleeves.”

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