The Office: PDA, 7.16

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The Office: PDA

Writer: Robert Padnick, Director: Greg Daniels

Summary (NBC): It’s Valentine’s Day in the office and the public displays of affection between Michael and Holly are making everyone uncomfortable. The aftermath of a bottomless champagne lunch causes complications for Jim and Pam. After Gabe designs a romantic treasure hunt for Erin, Andy tags along.

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In a poll conducted February 10-14, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.72/10

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Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Card: Congratulations, Darryl. Let’s get wasted.

Michael: It goes to show that everything you want in life, you get. And you can’t work for it, it just comes to you.

Gabe: I dominate Valentine’s Day. I practically make romance into a science.

Erin: Omigosh, it’s a romantic scavenger hunt!
Gabe: Oh close, it’s a romantic treasure hunt. A scavenger hunt is where you find items from a master list. This is where you follow the clues that lead to a prize. Common misuse. Good luck!

Gabe: The puzzle is the clue.

Pam: What else was there?
Jim: Bottomless champagne.
Pam: Yes. Never found that bottom, did we?

Andy: I accidentally did his sudoku.

Jim: All right. I will fax over it to you. Woop. I will fax over to you.

Dwight: Okay, my name is J-J-J-J-J-J-J-J-Jim Halpert and I will fax it into you, under you, I will fax it under you, oh excuse me, I just p-p-p-p-p-pissed my pants.

Dwight: I will not be your valentine.
Jim: Aww nuts.

Kevin: I enjoy watching them. Because it makes me horny.

Andy: We were the only two white people there.
Erin: Aww, cute.

Gabe: I hear them kissing all the time. It’s this horrible plipping sound. You know, it’s like Chinese water torture. Like it’s coming from my own head.

Holly: I cannot keep myself from Michael. Everything he does is sexy. He has this undeniable animal magnetism. He’s a jungle cat. The man exudes sex. He can put both his legs behind his head.

Michael: It is quite apro-propriate.

Jim: Boom! Face!

Gabe: Perfect example, look at Jim and Pam. They don’t touch. They don’t kiss. You would hardly even know that they are husband and wife.

Kevin: Booby honking.
Gabe: Yeah, booby honking, sure.
Kevin: Butt honking.
Gabe: Butt honking. Yeah, all the honkings.

Michael: Whispering and tickling have their place in business.

Dwight: Michael? Confession. I have done PDA in the office. I’ve had intercourse in the office.

Kevin: As has Kevin.
Angela: With who?
Kevin: She goes to another school.

Michael: We are going to designate one of our closets as a hook-up zone.

Michael: We’re going to have three closets. One for each base, no homers.

Dwight: And what is the hook-up zone policy on masturbation?
Michael: Pro.

Michael: I love working at Dunder Mifflin. A division of Taliban Enterprises.

Gabe’s song: The temp at night, the temp at night…

Michael: I don’t sit on your lap because it’s comfortable. I sit on your lap because I like the way your thighs feel on my butt.

Michael: Holly and I are like Romeo and Juliet. And this office is like the dragon that kept them apart.

Holly: Do you mean you love me like you love me – love me?
Michael: I love you – love you.
Holly: You love me – love me. I love you – love you.

Michael: I am really disappointed in the office’s policy on PDA at this moment.

Michael: Yeah, whatever, no big deal. Just the hottest girl in the world loves me.

Ryan: Just try to put everything back where you found it. Text me when you’re finished.

Pam: We have something those other people don’t have. Which is a home. And a bed.
Jim: And a shower.

Michael: I don’t know what your body feels like. ‘Cause I can’t touch it.

Gabe: No one is a bigger fan of sexual touching than me.

Gabe: I can think of three explanations. One, you’re taking MDMA. Street name, Ecstasy. I’ve done it, and I know the feeling. Number two, you’re desperately trying to fit in a whole relationship before Toby comes back from jury duty and Holly has to go back to Nashua. Or three, you’re at an age where your sexual climaxes aren’t as powerful, so you need to overcompensate with foreplay, taboo behavior…

Holly: I’m not saying it won’t be hard, but we can make it work. That’s what she said.

Michael: It’s like a time bomb. It’s ticking down. When it goes off, no more kissing, no more hugging. Sexual time bomb.

Michael: “Boner Bomb” starring Jason Statham, or we go against type with an Eisenberg or a Michael Cera. Saving the world has never been this hard.

Dwight: Have you talked to her about her feelings? Women really go for that crap.

Dwight: Kevin, do more stupid faces.
Kevin: Which one? I have a lot of stupid faces.
Michael: Do the monkey face!

Michael: Throw your poop.
Dwight: Hurl your feces!

Erin: B-9. Like benign tumor.
Andy: Maybe it’s more like, be mine.

Michael: When we get home, we are going to make love to, and with, one other.

Kevin: Suck it, Oscar, this must kill you.
Oscar: I just told them to do it!

Jim: No. We took a walk.
Pam: We took a walk.

Dwight: My perfect Valentine’s Day? I’m at home, three cell phones in front of me, fielding desperate calls from people who want to buy one of the 50 restaurant reservations I made over six months ago.

Ryan: Anybody can be Prince Charming one day a year, with the dinner and the flowers and all that. But you know what impresses me? When a guy can do that no days a year.

Kelly: Flowers, diamonds, three-course meal, violinist comes to my table to serenade me…

Kevin: Pizza, soda, the moon, someone to share it with…

Michael: What are our plans for tonight?
Holly: Wicky-wicky-wicky-wicky.

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  1. Well i guess this ends the Michael and Holly question. They hook up, even if it’s only brief.

  2. To Michael and Holly

    Just remember to lock the front door of the building when you leave this time.

  3. holly and michael..PDA?
    too bad that this ruined everything :(
    damn my unwillingness to wait!

  4. I hope Andy doesn’t ruin everything with Gabe and Erin’s treasure hunt. And Jim and Pam are getting busted, boozed!

  5. What are the chances that by “between Michael and Holly” means they are trying to one-up each other with their respective dates? Are we being teased here?!

  6. I can’t believe they spoiled the Michael/Holly plot! Maybe Jan and Karen coming back for Threat Level Midnight will bring some drama for Michael and Jim.

  7. May not be that Holly and Michael are together, they may just both be showing some PDA with their “dates”. I could see Holly dating someone casually and Michael getting jealous and bringing someone in to try to make Holly jealous. Just a could be.

  8. Oh, never mind. It’s “between”, so I would assume it’s the two of them together. Debunked theory.

  9. @jmsteeley My understanding is that Jan and Karen are not coming back. Michael has been filming Threat Level Midnight over a number of years and they were included in the film during their time at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

  10. I already know, drunk JAM will be the highlight of this episode for me. From what we’ve seen, drunk Jim and Pam are hilarious!

  11. @ BigHaircut Yea, you’re probably right. I’m getting confused between the actors coming back to film and their characters in the “documentary” haha!

  12. Does this mean we might actually get an episode where Jim and Pam *gasp* interact for *gasp again* more than five minutes?

    It would be really nice to see them throughout the whole episode. Just a thought…

  13. @Coalition for Reason So agree there. Jim/Pam interaction for more than 5 minutes throughout an episode seems like a far off wish these days. It would be very nice to see again.

  14. @ Coalition for Reason AND @Angie– TOTALLY agree about JAM! It does seem like wishful thinking! I would love an intimate moment between the two just to know they have that great chemistry we all love!! ;)

  15. @Anna I agree with all of you, the only real intimate moment between Jim and Pam this season was in Classy Christmas. While that was a great moment, it would be nice to get more than one per season

  16. All I have to say is Erin and Andy better get back together or at least close to it in this episode!!

  17. @Joel and the rest- Agreed. The lack of Jim/Pam recently is reminding me of the latter half of season 6. They’re a big part of the heart of the show and while not every episode needs a story or big moment with them. Just any minor scenes between them brighten the episode greatly. So i’m really looking forward to this.

  18. I agree with those of you who are looking forward to some Jim + Pam interaction, even if it’s a B-story. (I really miss those scenes when they would just talk in the break room about the crazy things that were happening.) But remember Diwali? Drunk Jim is adorable. So I’m excited for this episode.

    Also, poor Andy. The guy is getting the Jim treatment now.

  19. @ami- Erin thinks of Michael as the father she never had. Plus, they’re like…30 years apart. Would you want to be dating your father?

  20. @ami
    I’ve been secretly hoping for that too. Though, it may be a little creepy considering the father figure he has become to her. I mean why is she so upset about Holly dating Michael? Unless it’s some step-mom effect.

  21. Greg Daniels is directing. Interesting. Wonder why he chose to direct this one over, say, Threat Level Midnight?

  22. Jim and Pam
    Michael and Holly
    next it will be Andy and Erin

    Ultimately it will happen but enough already w/ these episodes revolving around love stories.

    This show benefits from all the great character development they have done throughout the years….yet they don’t nurture them nearly enough as they do these office romances.

  23. Character development? I’d say Jim should be first in line to receive some of that. Ever since season 4 i remember people hoping it would be Jim’s year to further discover himself and what he wants now that he has Pam. It has yet to happen.

    However, relationships have always been a huge part of this show. And always a big part of Michael’s story. He’s wanted this since day 1. And certainly Jim and Pam are a major part of the foundation that built this show. That should never be just ignored.

  24. This episode looks like it is going to be funny. I’m excited to see drunk Jim and Pam. Maybe Jim will actually be in this episode for more than a couple minutes. Has anybody else noticed that the storylines of the last three episodes have made Jim not present for the majority of it? Is John Krasinski filming a movie or something?

  25. First comment after the episode started! But seriously, Jim and Pam being giddy was hilarious and they made it make perfect sense by having Jim and Pam get drunk, which impaired they’re normally good judgement. Kevin’s horniness when it came to anything happening between Michael and Holly was pretty good too, and Michael’s idea for hook-up closets.

    This is the most sexual and adult episode of the entire series. It blows Niagara out of the water when it comes to sexual references, but best of all it’s funny.

  26. I love Jim and Pam!! I enjoyed drunk JAM so much. Kind of found Holly and Michael a bit annoying. A big thank you to the writers for some great Jim and Pam moments…FINALLY!!

  27. LOLOLOLOL! Pam’s face from the frame taken from the promo makes more sense now! Hilarious!

  28. That we amazing! Great episode! Talking about Holly leaving made me think about Steve leaving. He only has a few more episodes. :(

    Great storylines all around tonight. Kevin’s monkey face was probably my favorite part though. hahah

  29. with the exception of the cold open, this was a great episode!!!!!! drunk JAM was awesome! hooray for gettin’ busy in the office!

  30. Best episode of the season so far by FAR!

    Felt like old school episodes! Instant classic! Loved all of the Michael/Holly and Jim/Pam stuff! And love how they’re starting to set up Michael’s departure.

  31. Excellent episode. One of the best in a long, LONG, time and the best since after the holidays.

  32. I thought this episode was amazing! Hilarious from start to finish. Jim and Pam were just great and Michael and Holly were as well! This season is on fire!

  33. YES!!!!!

    Now THIS is the way the Office should have been since Christmas.

    Drunk and giddy Jim and Pam= awesomeness! They made me laugh out loud several times tonight. I’m very happy that not only Jim was back for the entire episode, but we finally had a good Jim and Pam story throughout the episode as well. Loved the plausibility of their story tonight and their facial expressions throughout were just fantastic! Especially after coming back from their…walk. :)

    I actually liked Michael and Holly tonight. I keep saying, take out the stupid impressions between them and I’ll be fine with it. I liked how Oscar lightened up at the end with that…aww kiss her.

    Erin and Andy’s storyline was pretty cute too. Gabe was so lame with that blowing kiss thing, but he’s supposed to be lame, so that’s alright.

    All in all an excellent episode. It may be my new favorite Valentine’s Day episode. Even better than “Valentine’s Day.”

    I can’t tell you how excited I am for next week’s episode. My excitement level is incalcuclable. :)

  34. Every episode that highlights Jim and Pam is a winner for me. An adorable drunk Jim and Pam makes it the best show of the season. They set the tone and everyone else follows.
    Oscar and Kevin were great tonight.

  35. Good episode. The A storyline with Michael and Holly was both funny and heartfelt (it looks like they’ve finally started the build to Michael’s departure, what with Toby expected to return soon), and the small Jim/Pam subplot was hilarious. The main thing that I thought really bogged the episode down however was the scavenger hunt game thing with Gabe/Erin/Andy. I haven’t been invested in that love triangle so far, and I doubt I ever will be.

    Another, albeit minor thing, is that I’m still trying to get over the fact that Michael and Holly got back together again so sudden (although I understand this is because of time restraints for both Amy and Steve).

  36. I love Drunk Jim!! This was a great episode. I am a JAM fan. So, liked that whole storyline with the both of them. I thought Michael and Holly were cute and funny. Gabe is also growing on me. This was a good episode all the way around.

  37. Excellent Valentine’s Day episode. Just like last year’s. Michael and Holly are so great. Jim and Pam are so funny when they’re drunk. Andy and Erin are so amusing with their scavenger hunt.

  38. Frisky JAM FTW! That was fan-friggen-tastic! Their high-five after Gabe said that you’d never know that they were husband and wife was perfection and TOTALLY in character. It was so reminiscent of Season 2 and of their friendship still being an important part of their loving marriage. Love. Lovelovelove.

  39. random moment that had me in stitches: jim in the cardboard box in the warehouse! perfectly reasonable place for some lovin’, right?

  40. Pam and Jim were actually my favorite part for once. Just the right amounts of funny and cute, I wouldn’t mind seeing them drunk more often. Jim and the box was hilarious.

    I do wish Mr. Daniels directed more episodes, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he was involved and this was so good. I don’t think I recognize the writer, but I hope he sticks around too; despite the lack of Ryan/Kelly antics (seriously, where was Kelly? It’s VALENTINE’S day), the entire episode was flawless.

  41. Amazing episode tonight! Honestly, the best of this season, in my opinion. Every story line was perfect!

  42. @FlonkertonChamp Loved the box idea! Though I do not want to think about what could have happened to some of those packing peanuts. ;)

  43. Such a great episode! I loved Jim and Pam… their expressions during the entire conference room scene had me laughing out loud!
    My favorite part: Kevin making fun of Oscar at the end. So funny!

  44. I will go with everyone else when I say that this episode was great! Possibly the best of the season so far. Now, we can all look forward to the big one next week!

  45. The office redeemed itself for me tonight, i loved the relationship centered episode, and jim and pam are back and cuter than ever!

  46. Outstanding episode. Glad to see movements in Holly and Michael’s story as well as Gabe/Erin and Andy’s. Greg Daniels really should direct more episodes since production wrapped up a while back for PARKS AND RECREATION. Everything just clicked tonight and I hope that’s how the rest of the season will go especially the episodes leading up to Steve Carell’s departure.

  47. Now there’s my classic, awkward Office. Everyone in the conference room! Discussions in the break room! No one leaves the actual building!

    Gabe’s line “No one is a bigger fan of sexual touching than me”, Stanley’s glare at Andy’s sudoku mixup, and Dwight’s imitation of drunk Jim (which I thought was adorable, natch) killed me.

  48. “Try to put everything back where you found it. Text me when you’re finished.” Loved it. And Michael and Holly made my heart melt. As someone who married a coworker and never “christened” our office, my husband and I got a big kick out of Jim and Pam. Stanley’s Sudoku death stare FTW!

    All around, great Valentine’s episode.

  49. Loved it! In my top 3 of the season. Jim/Pam, but especially Jim, stole the episode for me. They were adorable and very funny. Loved him climbing in the box, can’t even imagine what he was picturing they would do in there! Lots of laughs all around, and lots of awkward. Combine those 2 and you get a perfect Office episode. Well done!

    Also, i’m just happy Michael is happy. At this point, that’s all that matters.

  50. I think this episode worked well because it felt like old school Office without being a retread.

    -You have an episode somewhat centered around a real workplace issue with the whole PDA thing, but more integrated into the storyline.

    -You’ve got Michael annoying his employees and having awkward moments, but not in his usual offensive way.

    -Andy and Erin’s story felt just like something Jim and Pam would have done in season 2, complete with Gabe sort of in the Roy role spoiling their moment. But since all three characters are so different from Jim, Pam and Roy it feels fresh.

    -You might think I’m crazy, but I thought drunk Jim and Pam’s storyline was almost like a JAM version of something Dwight and Angela would have done in the earlier seasons. Again, putting those characters in that role makes it different but familiar.

    Needless to say, I loved it. Oh, and “saving the world was never this hard” was the line of the night!

  51. Ok, I usually don’t comment on the episodes.. but this one was so good, had to go here and tell somebody.

    Who’s that writer? Keep him around, please! Great direction too. The actors seemed turned on by their characters, like they used to be up to season 3. The story didn’t seem artificial and flat. You usually see those writing “strings”: ah, this is what they are doing; ah, this is clever. But during this episode, I was just enjoying every moment, not thinking about how forced everything feels. I very rarely laugh out loud watching tv shows… but I kept laughing during this one. THANKS!

  52. This was amazing! My 2 favorite pairings were back: Jim/Pam and Dwight/Jim. Everybody was on the mark. Frisky JAM! Can’t get enough of them. Loved their high five, and the box. Stanley’s angry glare. And Dwight’s perfect V-Day.

    The entire conference room scene was perfection. I could not stop laughing! Too much awesome. Favorite moment though belongs to Jim for his smirk after Dwight says “what if two couples want to go at the same time?” I lost it, funniest thing ever. Fantastic, fantastic episode.

  53. What a great episode. Everyone seemed back in character with Dwight hovering protectively over Michael for a while, and Angela being uptight and wearing her muted earth tone clothing again. And Jim and Pam, all the writers need to do is give them just a few little moments of just the two of them and it can provide great laughs and uplift a whole episode. If the rest of the season is anything like the style and feel of this episode we should be in for a fantastic second half.

  54. Have to add my love for Jim and Pam tonight as well. They were the best. Really been missing their facial expressions and glances, but it was all back tonight and it made for a great feel-good, uplifting episode. From the moment i noticed Greg D. was directing, i had high hopes. No disappointment here. Everything flowed. More Jim/Pam and more of everything that made PDA so wonderful! 10/10

  55. PDA was a perfect episode: great writing, wonderful acting and awesome directing. I am still laughing my head off over Holly talking about how sexy Michael is, while the camera cuts to him bent over pulling jammed paper out of the copier, sitting in a chair eating cheese balls, with orange cheese ball dust all over his mouth. That, and Kevin’s, “She goes to another school!” So, so, so funny!

  56. “PDA” may be the best episode of the season.
    The question is: Why?
    What made it so “Office-like”?

    Two main reasons:
    1- Jim & Pam sexiness was the heart & soul of “PDA”.
    2- Greg Daniels directed.

    These two factors made “The Office” so successful in seasons 1-4.
    In “PDA”, both the writing and directing were true to the heart and soul of “The Office”.
    Sure, everyone else from Kevin to Gabe was in good form, and the Michael-Holly PDA’s were touching.
    Nonetheless, “PDA” reveals the core truth:
    The heart and soul of “The Office” is the Jim-Pam romance, as Steve himself has said.

    Greg Daniels stays faithful to this core truth and brings out the best performances from Jenna and John.
    Makes you wonder what the last few seasons would have been like had Greg Daniels remained as head writer/show runner.

    No coincidence that “The Office” disappointed fans during Greg’s departure, while the Jim-Pam romance all but disappeared.
    “PDA” feels like Spring, the return of the heart and soul of “The Office”.
    Jim & Pam’s final talking head, tousled hair, and post-sex giddiness in their smiling, naughty eyes…Season 2 deja vu.
    Thanks, Greg, for your Valentine’s Day gift!

  57. Perfect. Just pure perfection. Definitely a classic.

    This ep just flowed so beautifully and the laughter was so organic. From the tear in Daryl’s eye in the cold-open to Holly’s bedspring noises at the end. JAM were hilarious – drunk and making out in the cab! John and Jenna really captured the comedic essence of every one of their scenes tonight. I also especially loved Dwight and Jim’s interaction, Kevin’s monkey impersonation and Ryan letting JAM use his office.

    And although I was always positive about Holly coming back and getting together with Michael, their relationship recently has been handled with so much love and care that I hope the naysayers have changed their mind. They are perfect for each other.

  58. Props to Robert Padnick for writing a wonderfully sweet & funny episode. Definitely the best one of the season so far. All 3 storylines flowed & meshed so well.
    -How heartwarming was it when Michael & Holly exchanged “I love you-love you’s.” Soup snakes indeed :)
    -Michael “exudes sex,” & then camera cuts to Michael’s face covered in cheese ball filth (love that the cheese ball tub was brought back!)
    -Jim & Pam drunk. And yay! that door by accounting can be opened!
    -Krasinski obviously breaking when Kevin says “booby honking”
    -Kevin’s numerous animal faces (plus flinging poo) to cheer up Michael
    -Ryan telling Jim & Pam to put everything back & to text him when they’re done
    -Darryl’s tears while Andy was giving him birthday punches
    -Stanley’s death stare at Andy for finishing his sudoku
    -Michael’s new movie idea

  59. Am I the only person who thinks that Holly’s behavior with Michael made it totally unbelievable? She’s the HR rep! Never in a million years would someone in Human Resources behave that way at the workplace. Loved the rest of the episode, though.

  60. Just watched it before work! The BEST episode this season! This put me in the best mood ever before work.

  61. There are some people who can write, some who can write certain things, and some who just can’t. At last, a guest writer comes through in one of the former categories and not the latter!!

    I’ve loved a number of episodes even in the show’s (IMO) struggling post-s.4 years. But, this is the FIRST (absolute first) time I’ve seen an episode that I laughed at the whole time, that was superb. A real… dare I actually submit this comment…season 2 gem!

    When they’re script-reading, they have to know the difference! Let’s hash out more that are like this…sublime, and leave the mediocre stuff on the table, guys! 9.5/10.

    Best of the season and perhaps the best since Stress Relief (another rare post-s.4 gem)

  62. I loved this episode. I had been missing Jim being around the whole time. My favorite line was when Gabe said “no one is a bigger fan of sexual touching than me”. His delivery was great. I’m thinking he might be a good boss replacement for Michael.

  63. I really liked this episode a lot, even though I hate the direction the show has taken with Michael’s character. I don’t like seeing him happy. All the edginess of “need to be liked at all costs” Michael Scott is disappearing. That said, the writing was great, Jim and Pam scenes were terrific and all the small moments that this show had done so well were back (Stanley’s stare, for example). Loved the directing. Still want Holly and her silly voice to go to Nashua and not return.

  64. I did a spit take when Dwight asked, “And what is the hook up zone policy on masturbation?” “Pro.”

  65. Great episode! The cold open wasn’t my favorite, but the rest of the episode was a brilliant showcase of how great this ensemble really is. Kudos to the writer and Greg Daniels!

  66. What kreidy said! I think the show is infinitely better when Greg Daniels is involved. This is the first episode this season that I immediately purchased from iTunes. Loved it!

  67. #77 I couldn’t agree with you more. This one captured what fans love about this show. Jim and Pam are the heart and when given the opportunity to shine, boy do they come through. Everyone seems to just be better when we get a nice JAM plot in there.

  68. Absolutely fantastic! John and Jenna shine! Everyone was on it. Great writing with all the wonderful little details that make The Office awesome. So glad Greg Daniels was at the helm on this one.

  69. Great episode..I thought it might just be a silly episode for Michael and Holly but it really progressed multiple stories.

    Jim and Pam are great drunk.

  70. Great Episode, probably the best of the season. Felt just like classic office and thank God they finally brought back the great Jim and Pam moments. They are a large part of what made the show great in season 2-3(and 4 IMO).

  71. I hated this episode. It or Christening is the worst one of the year. I hated drunk Jim and Pam. I hated Holly (the HR rep) acting as if she was as drunk as Jim and Pam were the whole time. The only good thing in this episode to me was the Andy/Erin story. I thought they’d redeemed Jim and Pam when they said they were giving up the pursuit. But no. Couldn’t resist making them do what everyone else did. Thursday can’t come soon enough so I can get this episode out of my head.

  72. I thought it started funny….and went downhill.

    drunk jim and pam weren’t really doing it for me…

  73. 84/jmj – Yay! Someone finally agrees with me – I can totally see Gabe as the boss – not the “star” just the boss. He’s geeky and annoying and a total doormat – kind of describes most real bosses, doesn’t it?

    Oh, and I’m not a big JAM person, but Jim getting in and out of the big box full of styrofoam cracked me up.

  74. It’s wonderful to have Greg Daniels back! I loved all the Jim & Pam scenes. They really always are the frosting on the cake — and this episode was yummy cake.

  75. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this episode! Drunk Jim and Pam are the best.They work so hard to be the “responsible” adults on the show, it’s nice to see them let their hair down, and even get a little crazy with some intra-office sexual relations. I was confused though at where they were actually coming from when they walked out of the door looking a little flushed with Pam’s shirt untucked. A closet? Staircase? Wherever they were, it still made me laugh. I guess there’s still a chance for some friskiness after marriage and a baby after all.

    Am I the only one that would actually go see “Boner Bomb?” Hilarious!

  76. Great episode! I’m really enjoying “Molly” as a couple. They’re adorable and what’s not to like about watching Michael in love. Him sitting on Holly’s knee was perfect.

    I’m acutely aware of Michael’s storyline wrapping, so it’s a true joy to see things working out for him finally. Even if he didn’t work for it and it just happened :D

  77. this episode was absolutely amazinnggg!!! I was like “NOOOO!” when Michael told Holly they should break up, but then Holly convinced him that they will work it out. My heart froze when Holly told Michael she loved him, if i remember correctly, she never told Michael that when they were dating before. This episode was full of surprises and PDA made my family uncomfortable, but they don’t understand the way i do…so i felt happy that they are making the most out of their relationship and not like before. What i hope for is that Michael and Holly will get married and have a kid, but i understand that the writers can’t give everything to the fans, and that there’s only 10 episodes left of the season. :/ **tear**

  78. one thing i forgot to say:
    why do the writers make me fall more and more in love with Michael’s character?? i mean the PDA made me soooo jealous of Holly!!! geez! <3 ya Steve :)

  79. Top-notch episode. I loved Pam’s drunken, “YEAH” in the conference room, loved everything Kevin did, loved how Holly said the company did not determine their relationship (I mean, seriously!). And um, oh yeah, best cold open EVER! My only wish is that there are some drunk Jim and Pam deleted scenes. I kind of wanted to see them try to hide it more!

  80. Great episode, more like the early season classics. Went too blue sometimes, but was redeemed by sweetness. Almost as good as Ultimatum in giving gems to everyone.

  81. Great episode. Instant classic. I’m hoping that somehow Michael will end up with Jan. *fingers crossed*

  82. Hands down one of my favorite episodes of the season. Hands down.
    And for me, Mr. & Mrs Halpert stole the whole thing. . . :)

    “We took a walk. . . ” Is the line I personally will never ever forget. . . :)

  83. I was completely blown away by the awesomeness of this episode! My favorite part was Jim’s drunken grinning while talking with Dwight (seemed like a classic Season 2 interaction!), especially when Dwight rejected his valentine and he replied, “Aww, nuts!” Kevin has been on fire the last couple weeks, and I’m really happy with the direction Michael and Holly’s relationship is going. Definitely one of the best of the season!

  84. I’m with Foliage @109. This Holly stuff is getting to be too much. At this point, I’m rooting for anyone but, and am bummed out about what appears to be the exit story.

  85. @Westin#77 Well said sir! or ma’am. Jim and Pam are the heart and soul of the The Office. Always have been. And with their aspect being missing for so long, you can really see what they bring to the show. They almost always make it brighter, happier, heartwarming. No Office episode feels complete without at least one moment between them. Same as a moment with Jim and Dwight or Dwight and Michael. Those, but especially JAM, are the core relationships.

    This one knocked it outta the park. An easy 10!

  86. This is my first time posting here and I absolutely loved this episode! I was more excited to see the relationship between Michael and Holly progress than anything else. I was shocked and happy to hear that they were going to move in together! I’m glad that Michael has found happiness again because he deserves it! Has Holly already forgotten about AJ? What’s going to happen with their house? I wish Holly would have said something about this. I find it odd that it seems like she doesn’t care for him anymore. I always felt like she still had feelings for Michael even when she was gone though.

    I really loved the two awkward scenes when Michael and Holly said they loved each other and then shook hands and also the last scene with Jim and Pam entering! I was laughing so hard when I watched these scenes. JAM was great. I especially liked it when they were in the conference room. I didn’t really like the cold open. I thought the Erin and Andy storyline was great. I hope they get together again. Everyone else was great! I can’t wait to watch another great episode next week!!

  87. I LOVED this episode. And I know this probably makes me sound like such a typical girl but god, I ACHE for Andy & Erin! They are so perfect for each other! GET BACK TOGETHER!

  88. I love Jim/Pam, and I love Michael/Holly, so I had high hopes for this episode, and they certainly delivered. Both couples were really sweet but also hilarious. Kevin and Dwight also had some awesome lines. Oh, and I liked the quick Jim/Dwight exchange. The only thing I didn’t like was the Andy/Erin stuff. Andy is good in small doses like when he talks about his childhood or college days or like when he punched a hole in the wall, but otherwise, it gets to be too much, though I actually didn’t feel that way until he started obsessing over Erin. I feel like they’re forcing them on us, and it’s just too much at once. Not enough slow character/relationship development. Anyway, overall– best episode of the season, though I miss when the show was more focused on the original five characters.

  89. I’ve watched this episode a couple of times now, and love all the little nuances you only pick up on repeated viewings! And some quick but hilarious lines.

    –Gabe: “Butt honking, yup, all the honkings.”
    –Creed: “The one where you start in a crouched position and leap up.” WHAT?!
    –Michael: “I love working at Dunder Mifflin, a division of Taliban Enterprises.”
    –Darryl: “Pick it up, take it out.”

    I’m not usually a fan of Erin, but her treasure hunt with Andy was kinda sweet.

    Even though it seems like the writers are lining up Michael’s exit storyline as him and Holly getting together, I still think the reason he’ll be leaving will have something to do with Threat Level Midnight – that he gets “discovered” by Hollywood.

  90. My three favorite lines… (hard to choose just 3!)

    -“We were the only two white people there.”
    -The scavenger/treasure hunt line from Gabe
    -Hank’s bleep!! (and Erin’s facial expression after it)

  91. There were many fun things in this episode. Two that I liked especially. One, Dwight had evidently compiled a list in his small notebook of office staff who had had sex in the office. Well done, Dwight. And two: please go back and watch Creed’s response (he is sitting next to Dwight in the conference room) when he learns that the office policy on masturbation is “pro”! Another great, but subtle, Creed Bratton moment.

  92. Really funny episode, but shouldn’t Holly, who is an HR rep, know and enforce the rules of PDA? Other than that, loved it.

    “…and a shower.”

  93. Hm, I feel like the Michael/Holly stuff ruined it a little bit. I just don’t understand how Holly’s character (esp. being the HR rep) would approve of that type of behavior. They almost redeemed it in the scene with her saying she doesn’t want to make people uncomfortable, but then the “I love you” and moving in together, it just seemed way out of character.
    That being said, I did love this episode…Kevin’s monkey impression, everything in the conference room, the cold open, and most of all: Drunk JAM.

  94. This episode was GREAT! So many good, quotable lines. I liked the part where Jim and Pam were wandering around the warehouse looking for a place to “take a walk” and Jim is inside a giant box and Pam turns and walks away. Not to mention Jim’s “….and a shower”. MEN! lol

    It is refreshing to see a married couple on a sitcom being portrayed as still “taking a walk” instead of merely putting up with each other and acting miserable now that they are married.

  95. Could TLM possibly top this? Wonderful episode utilizing the talents of all the cast. Now what do to about the living dilemma. Michael to Nashua? Maybe

  96. Is it even possible for The Office to continue to exist once Michael is gone?? I for one cannot conceive of it. His stupid lines keep me rolling on the floor, especially as a person who has worked in an equally ridiculous office environment

  97. Why are there leaves on the trees outside the office in this episode. I guess mid February in northeastern Pa has changed since I was there!

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