1. I love how you can see Angela’s arm not reaching the collective high five in the first photo.

  2. Very cool. There was actually a pic of Brian, Rainn and David in my paper today from the same event and I was like, cool, it’s The Office.

  3. Haha ah i love all the angst for the Stamford people

    Those are really cute pics. They look so good in black and white, too.

  4. hahaha, looks like the 2 remaining Stamford people had been written off already for the episode that was shot this week

  5. I dont think it’s a big deal about the Stamford folks missing. They have Roy there but no Darryl. Also, has it been confirmed that this is a recent set of pics and not from before the start of Season 3?

  6. The Stanford ppl arent there bc they are GUEST STARS on the show. If the guys are doing a SAG pic, obv only the main cast would be there (other became regulars the start of season 3). I am sure Melora is there but just not pictured in the candid. Once the prof SAG picture turns up, we’ll see the whole cast.
    p.s. I worked at SAG as an intern 2 yrs ago, so this is what I can remember how it works

  7. Those pics of them are GREAT! They all look so good and are really an adorable cast! I’m so happy for them :D

  8. lisa is right. no stamford peeps cuz they are not considered “cast”. i think creed is still only getting guest star also. i also think that melora is not in the pics.

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