1. Jim’s outfit looks very “Dwight-esque.” It’s that pukey green color that Dwight has made so incredibly fashionable.

  2. and want jim to be sad about that? no no no! (well, he could always go to pam for comfort ;)

  3. What’s with the big braided bracelet Andy’s wearing in the first pic at Sparklies where he’s arguing w/his girlfriend?

  4. It looks like a science room (with the big black tables and the evolution poster on the wall), but that clear door has a “principal” sign on it, so who knows. It’s definitely a high school, though. I think they’re probably just bummed that they have to be in a high school…it’s a pretty irritating place.

  5. Forget JAM. It’s all about JANDY for the rest of the season. Look at the chemistry! They’re clearly not talking but they both know exactly what the other is thinking.


  6. Are they sitting outside the principal’s office!?! Too good. And Elisabeth, I hope you’re right :)

  7. In the principal’s office photograph, the two posters behind Jim and Andy, an environmental doom and gloom scenario side-by-side with evolution diagram, are the best parts of the pics.

  8. If you look at the closer pictures, Jim really looks terrible… and in every picture Ed Helms’s face is hilarious.

  9. so freaking excited…andy and the girl?! looks golden…also, isnt this one supersized?

  10. Jim and An- “sorry, Drew”, sitting in chairs looking at what appears to be a TV in a wooden stand with both of them looking a less than happy with an evolution poster on the wall, lockers outside, and a sign that says Principal on the glass wall.

    Probably one of the most confusing photos ever taken.

  11. I like the concept of this episode (or at least what I think the concept will be)…can’t wait!

  12. Also, looks like a microphone or something on top hanging down. Tanster, if you could please add this comment to my larger one, that would be great. Thanks, sorry about that. :)

  13. I know why they’re at a high school! For those not in the know, read the super spoiler page. :)

    In the large version of this photo, I can see a production staff member in the mirrored surface of the glass door. It looks like he’s holding a boom mike, but I’m not completely sure.

  14. And Catherine Z-J and Elizabeth: Check the link on the Office Tally navigation bar under Upcoming – April 26 – “Product Recall” for NBC’s press release on the episode, which explains why the guys are outside the principal’s office.

  15. Sorry for the DP, but I just realized that it doesn’t make spatial sense for Jim & Andy (uhhh, Drew) to be reflected in the glass door. Anyway, I’m overanalyzing the photo.

  16. In that sparklies gallery, there’s a pic of Andy talking/arguing? with some girl. I wonder if it’s the high school girlfriend?

  17. I like how they’re sitting in front of a poster on evolution.

    Andy evolved into Drew.

    Let’s hope there’s some JAM evolution next new epi.

  18. Why is Andy driving that car? Doesnt he have a four door SUV? And, Jim has a Saab…what’s the dealio?

    Oh yeah..I’m a tipster for the first time! YEAH!

    Anywho, can’t wait for this episode!

  19. It’s the bad wig…he’s still with Karen and stuck going to a high school with “drew”. ;-)

  20. Maybe instead of JANDY…it would be JEW.

    Because “Drew” wouldn’t want to let “Andy” into a beautiful thing.

  21. Who cares if John is wearing a wig?

    I watch the Office because it makes me laugh. Unless his wig is a purple afro, I could care less.

  22. It’s sad how excited I get just by looking at a hand full of stills.

    I can’t wait!

    I love Jim and Andie.

    And is it just me or does Jim look like he’s been crying in the pic of him and Andie in front of the principal’s office? His eyes look red and glazy (is that a word?)

    Eh. It’s probably just because JK is exhausted. Wasn’t he taping The Office and Leatherheads at the same time?

  23. I wonder which High school they filmed this at?

    As for the crew/people in the reflection, these are pictures, not the actual film.

    A wig? When did these rumors start. Is he even doing anything right now that would require him to cut his hair?

    Hey, I’m the original Greg, pick a new name :)

  24. anyone else notice Ed Helm’s hair looking a little different?

    When he came back in Saftey Training, I thought he looked different, i.e. lost a little weight. But maybe the hair is just darker or something??

  25. About the reflections, the guy leaning on his arm in the photo isn’t Jim…. different tie/shirt, hair, position as Jim in the photo. Also, its ok to have a reflection, I think, for a show like this. Its supposed to be like a documentary, so seeing another cameraman or a reflection every once in a while isnt too big of a deal.

  26. This is proof that they shouldn’t have gone with the wig..They could have explained his hair cut as “Evolving Jim”. I just cant get past the wig..it’s sooooo bad.

  27. Greg (the original Greg),

    he’s been filming “Leatherheads” and he had to cut his hair for that.

    honestly, i don’t really care if it’s a wig or not, i just think john’s hair has been really funky all throughout this season.

  28. What’s with the look on Jim’s face in the car pic?

    If you think about it, it doesn’t really matter if there are stage crew in the reflection. This is mockumentary, that would happen in a real documentary. The reflection makes the show that much more real.

    This reminds me of waiting to go in the principle’s office. Jim’s face says it all. It’s probably a joke not like some tragedy just happened. I am sooo ready to see this episode!!

  29. I actually worked on the set of this episode.. all I will say is, Andy has a girlfriend.. and she’s in highschool.

  30. I noticed Jims eyes looked red in “the negotiation” , but they do look a bit red here too. I wonder what’s going on…he looks a bit different now…still very cute, but different.

  31. People are holding out false hope…Jim couldn’t have been dumped by Karen in this episode. The Women’s Appreciation episode (which airs the following week) has them celebrating their six-month anniversary (at least according to the spoiler website).

  32. Ah, that makes sense why people think its a wig.

    Personally I watch for the comedy and storyline, not whether Jim is having a good hair day or not. That actually makes it more realistic. Most people don’t have “perfect” hair every day. He could be having some bad hair days/weeks ;)

  33. Katie John looks thin because of his filming of Leatherheads. He’s been running up and down football fields every weekend!!!

  34. Well, remember that on the show they use minimal makeup & so the effects of Krasinski having to fly to South Carolina on Friday-Sunday & then BACK to California to shoot during the week for the past month have really taken a toll.

  35. 9 | NoGould – I wonder if that bracelet is a gift from his girlfriend or if it’s something they gave him in his anger management courses. Was he wearing it this week?

    25 | Justine – good eyes on spotting the sound guy! Those little details, eh?

    54 | Katie – I agree on the best way to serve a Krasinski.

    Also, JKras’ hair looks like it did in the first season. He’s had a trim, so he looks a little different.

  36. I’m sad this episode isn’t next week. Why are they showing a rerun next week again? Why? We had to to wait nearly 6 weeks for the Negotiation episode. I’m just venting. Grrrrr!

  37. You think maybe that could be Andy’s daughter or something? I mean, we don’t really know anything about his personal life, so it seems possible. Then again, what we’ve seen of him so far on the show doesn’t really make him seem like a father to me.

    I don’t know, just a thought.

  38. Its still a wig he’s wearing. You can tell by the bangs. JKs real bangs lay flat against his forehead. These bangs sit up, b/c the wig is on top of his pushed back real bangs…. Plus, the sheen and way it sits by his ears is all wrong too. He has his real Leatherheads hair underneath there. 100% its a wig.

  39. I’ve seen the Leatherheads stills and his hair isn’t much shorter than you see lately on the Office. I think that’s his real hair just because it wouldn’t make any logical sense for him to wear a wig.

    Like officefanatic, I just have to:
    A-A-A-Andy and the Tuna.

  40. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Thats my new favorite thing to say! I love Jim and Dwight SO MUCH!

  41. it looks like we have a few deleted scenes to look forward to–the one with Andy and his.. girlfriend outside. i smell laughter coming up!

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