1. Haha, this is excellent. I hope this artist does other Office related stuff.

  2. haha awesome.. I printed this out and wrapped it around an old book, gave it to my friend as a gift/joke! Michael would be proud to see it on her bookshelf!

  3. Would love to print this out and put on an old random book and keep in my library, any idea what size book it’ll fit?

  4. I’m tempted to print this out and put it on a book so it can sit on my bookshelf.

  5. and i see the last two people before me said the same thing…haha. it is going to happen.

  6. I thought that in “Happy Hour” he tells Donna that the cover would be a picture of him shrugging? Haha maybe I’m just being nitpicky but figured I’d point it out.

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