Previews of ‘Safety Training’

SPOILER WARNING! Video and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Here are some video previews of next week’s episode, ‘Safety Training.’

Darryl totally deserves his raise. Zoppity.

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  1. Michael’s intelligence seems to be like a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes he can actually be smart – like in the valentines Day episode… with the cover up story for him and Jan, and then sometimes he goes and does something like that to darryl. Insanity.

  2. Nice edit at the end of the clip, when Darryl begins the story and Michael ends it. Reminds me of the scene where Pam says “Jim” then cut to Roy saying “Halpert”. And hooray, Madge is back!

  3. Man, I wish I could resist these previews. But I can’t.

    Great clip, and I like seeing Darryl get more airtime.

    These days, I’m living for Thursdays!

  4. Very funny! Also, I like the return to regular-old Office shenanigans. ‘Safety Training’ is a great premise.

  5. So is this a long clip or a short one? If its short I’ll watch it. I’m trying not to watch clips but I always cave.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA Man, I Heart this show sooo much! That preveiw rocks my socks off!

  7. Oh man! I laughed at like eight different things in that clip! Yay! Another good one on the way!

  8. This looks so funny! I laughed at the last shot of Michael. And darnit, Jim and Karen are standing next to each other:(

    I am hoping this episode is actually a little on the lighter side…it sounds like it will be full of humor and not so much drama.

  9. Darryl says they’ve never made it a full year without an accident, but in Boys and Girls Madge resets the “Days without a lost-time accident” sign from 936 to 0. I guess we just assume that they have yearly non-lost-time accidents which require the safety training? -_____-

  10. 8.. bojac.. i remember that deleted scene.. where pam says “I have the most in common with…” and then roy says “Halpert!”

    i thought it was in boys and girls but i rewatched it and its not. was it not a deleted scene? another episode? can someone please help me?

  11. CrazyGringa: You could only go 27 minutes from vow not to watch – to clicking the link? Well, that’s better than me. I also swore I’d stop watching these because the actual ep wasn’t as much fun. But I haven’t been able to resist either. :-)

  12. A little thing, but I love how Darryl is the only one that calls Michael “Mike.”

  13. That clip was amazing. The Michael finishing up the story at the end by far the best part. I can’t wait!

  14. Does anyone remember the casting sides that were making the rounds a while back for this episode? It looks like the part of safety trainer by a third outside party got cut and it was re-written. Because in the script Darryl wasn’t doing the training and there was nothing about Madge. Interesting.

  15. I liked the casting side version of the clip that cuts from Darryl to Michael. The phrasing was far better. The actors must have changed it as they worked with it.

  16. Oh yay! I’m so excited that they’re back! And whoo hooo, Patrice O’Neal (Lonny) is back, too. I have always loved him, even though he’s a guest star. He was awesome as T-Bone (the flamer) on Arrested Development.

  17. HA! Ryan’s funniest moment: “Tell The Gentleman you’re sorry”!

    Gonna be a good episode, maybe some sweet JAM, perhaps???

  18. i watched the first one.

    oh who am i kidding?
    clicking the link in 2 seconds


  19. anybody else think that michael is on the roof cause he wants to prove how he takes risks? thoughts?

  20. Oh and Michael calling Madge “Pudge”!. I’m excited about this episode!!

  21. Yay for me!! i’ve resisted watching these clips alllll day!!! …But i’m still reading the comments lol

  22. Hey I noticed in your calandar, you have tba twice …the next 3 episodes are :

    3.21 Women’s Appreciation
    3.22 Beach Day
    3.23 The Job

    I’m 100% sure this is accurate, I found it from 3 other Office Fansites! Hope I could help.
    * Emily.

  23. Looks very funny and very non JAM centered. Like The Carpet. I’m glad we’re getting more Darryl. He’s really under used. Darryl! Darryl! Darryl!

  24. Voltaire – Michael’s improv teacher was also the second auctioneer (“You guys must really wanna reseed the golf course…and all from non-members!”)

    Emily – I believe she only posts the episodes once they’re confirmed via the NBC summary. But you are correct.

    And in reference to the videos: Thursday, like always, cannot arrive soon enough.

  25. phyllis*farm – thanks for the AD catch!

    Thursday can never come soon enough. I look forward to more Darryl, and Andy’s return will be interesting…

    (go Andy)

  26. Patrice O’neil is awesome. They need to make Lonny and Darryl series regulars.

  27. FYI: Yahoo! has clips up for Safety Training but they are the same as we have already seen.

  28. What’s with the rerun next week? What happened to “all new episodes until the finale” after the 5 week hiatus?

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