Office fans swarm Wikipedia

From the Associated Press via MSNBC:

In the NBC series “The Office,” the boss Michael Scott turned to Wikipedia for tips on fending off an employee’s request for a pay raise. Viewers quickly flocked to the online encyclopedia and added their take to its entry on negotiations.

Administrators at Wikipedia had to limit editing of the entry, most recently late Tuesday, placing it in “semi-protection” mode. That meant users couldn’t make changes anonymously or from accounts fewer than four days old — to discourage those drawn to the site specifically because of the broadcast [of The Negotiation].

Links: Article ‘Office’ episode inspires fans to edit Wikipedia | Wikipedia entry

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  1. i tried to change something…they wouldnt let me…but oh, just wait…i will get them….mwahahahaaa!!!

  2. Wikipedia is a joke anyway, but it is awesome to see that The Office is so beloved that fans would do this. That tactics list is so funny!

  3. Hey, Wikipedia is not a joke! Admittedly, it’s a very mixed bag, but who on here hasn’t used it many times to quickly find something out?

  4. oh, nspector, you have much to learn. what’s the fun in un-vandalized information?

  5. NSpector, I most definitely have not used it “many times” to find something out quickly.

  6. I agree w/ NSpector about using Wikipedia to look up information quickly. If I want to find out a random fact about something I usually check Wikipedia. Obviously you can’t believe everything that you read but overall I think that website is credible.

  7. Wiki is good for looking stuff up if you just want to know generally about a certain subject. But don’t use it as an academic source, as someone in one of my classes tried to do.

  8. I cant believe it actually took them this long to address wikipedia on the show, haha. so overdue!

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