1. I wonder if this is going to change Michael’s future appearance (ie. no more nice suits, ties, european-cut shirts).

  2. I’m glad that this plot is begging for more involvement from the accounting gang of three.

  3. Y’all, I’m telling you, the rage in Michael this season is crazy. 10,000:1 odds says he’s gonna punch a hole in a wall or explode before Christmas.

  4. haha I hope he has to sell his car and then there could be a whole storyline about him pretending that he did it so that he could buy a hybrid and be a friend to the environment.

  5. Maybe he can sell his BlackBerry on ebay for some extra cash. I just want to hear about Michael selling more stuff on ebay “in record time.”

  6. Well carly,

    The car is company property so he can’t sell that for extra cash.

    But I can already see what the events of the past couple of weeks have led up to with the whole “I declare bankruptcy” line.

  7. If this is yet another Michael-Scott-as-Homer-Simpson episode, I’m going to be very disappointed. Why can’t he just be the incompetent and oblivious boss? Now all he acts is crazy.

  8. Please quit making Michael scream! This show is so awesome when Michael is not too over the top……it is supposed to be a reality show right?

  9. I bet by the end of the season Jan and Michael will be living in a room in Dwight’s farmhouse…

  10. #17: Agreed. I’m starting to think Michael is taking life lessons from Jan! Come Christmas, he’ll be collapsing into himself like a dying star!

  11. I can’t wait for this ep. That Michael & Oscar moment is hilarious and I can’t wait to see what Dwight has in store for Jim & Pam at the farm.

  12. 6: That is a good idea Michael should just sell it as he clearly cannot use it.
    It does look like a good episode. I can’t wait!

  13. Bankruptcy. Nice.
    They (the writers) have been setting this up since the first episode:
-Michael hit Meredith (damage to his car = $$)
-Michael drove uninsured rental into lake (destroyed rental = $$)
-I’m guessing that the kidnapping of the pizza kid is going to get Michael into a financial bind … (kidnapping/potential lawsuit = $$). Don’t forget the way it was left it at the end of “Launch Party.” After they paid the pizza kid the money, Dwight said, “Now what?” to which Michael replied, “Now we wait and see …”
    I like they way the writers build this stuff up. The money woe scenario is not out of the blue–it’s tied into what’s already taken place, story wise. Looks fun … well for us, but probably not for Michael. :-)

  14. I really enjoy Michael’s desperate declaration of bankrupcy. Because he didn’t just say it, he declared it.

  15. I totally agree with Elizabeth and other folks; the yelling is getting out of hand. I hope that line’s a one time screaming incident in this episode.

  16. Sadly while this is supposed to be a ‘reality’ show, I am not sure Michael ever knew what reality was! However, this looks like there could be more Oscar/Kev double THs, I am ON BOARD!!

  17. I am looking forward to seeing how Jam on the farm will interact….so far I’ve been thinking they seem really buddy-buddy and chaste. It doesn’t seem to fit with their whole arc, most couples when they first get together are a little more excited and can’t keep their hands off of each other, these two don’t really seem like they’ve changed much from being best friends. (Even when they were alone on the roof they didn’t touch!)

    I am sure Dwight’s farm is not going to fuel the fires of their lust, but I’d like to see a bit more of a spark between these two, it just doesn’t seem real to me otherwise. Plus it could make for some more awkward/funny moments at work. Seeing them behave with perfect restraint and decorum at all times is boring!

    Fingers crossed. Bring on the beets!

  18. Your protege is now your boss and doesn’t respect or thank you for all the time and attention you lavished on him.

    You got back together with your crazy ex-girlfriend who made you do stuff you didn’t want to do and now she’s living, jobless, in your condo, and she is there all the time making you drink soy milk and decorating your house in a girlie fashion.

    Your company’s new technology may make you obsolete despite the years you spent dedicating yourself to the company and succeeding at being the best salesman Scranton ever had.

    You realize that if your job does continue to exist, you will never, ever be doing anything different than what you are doing now, and your life will never change.

    If that were my life, I’d yell a lot and do some crazy stuff, too.

  19. foundpotato – I’m right with ya. I’m ready to see some JAM make out action. We’ve seen Kelly & Ryan and Dwight & Angela make out and we all know that Jim & Pam are better suited for each other than the other couples. Hopefully there will be a bit more PDA in “Money”…sorry Toby, I don’t care if you don’t like it.

  20. #29: I figured it was probably the presence of the cameras that’s keeping Jim and Pam from, you know, going at it.

  21. Agreed. I don’t like when Michael yells all the time. He’s at his best when he doesn’t hog the show. Hopefully this episode isn’t like DMI in the over-the-top Michael sense.

  22. I would love to see the writers explore Michael’s confused ideas about financial matters. We saw glimpses of them when he bought his condo. It could be hilarious.

    I really don’t think we need ‘I love Lucy’ style histrionics to move the story along. Michael screaming is a big turn-off.

  23. foundpotato, I agree I don’t think the Schrute Beet Farm is a place that inspires carnal desire, plus with the whole documentary format nothing’s going to happen in front of the cameras.

  24. Flonkerton Rules, I think you got it right! Michael has always “yelled” at those moments when frustration rises. Also, he is emotionally a little boy in many ways and him having a “fit” when frustration rises would go right along with that, here’s a guy reaching his meltdown point.

  25. I’m guessing Dwight and Mose are just opening the farm as a bed and breakfast, and Dwight asks Jim and Pam to try it out as their test subjects. I can’t imagine they would go there for a romantic weekend, but they probably are curious about it. If Dwight invited me to his beet farm, I would go just for the experience. Remember, when Dwight asks you to form an alliance, you should respond Absolutely…

  26. Michael has officially gone off the deep end. I wonder if his new mental state is a reflection of what is going on at home with Jan. Hmmm…

  27. I totally agree with Flonkerton Rules and I think the writers have done a great job of building up Michael’s collapse – I won’t mind watching at all. (But then I loved DMI, even more than Launch Party, and I laughed my head off at the car in the lake.)

  28. I agree with everyone who says Michael is starting to collapse under the stress of everything, Jan, Ryan, debt. It’s only natural for him to crack up. And I can’t wait to see the Schrute Beet Farm again.

  29. I am loving Michael’s screaming. His face just takes on new dimensions!
    I just hope it won’t cost him his job. I love Jim, but he shouldn’t be boss anymore than Michael.

  30. Ahh Michael, we can always count on you for a good laugh!! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  31. This ep looks to be good. To a previous poster’s theory, the Shrute farmhouse bathroom situation might make for a pretty funky bed and breakfast.

    Re: Michael yelling…remember back on The Daily Show when Carell & Stephen Colbert did the recurring “Even Steven” segment. Every argument ended with yelling: “Yes,” “No!,” Yes!!,” “NOOO!!!” This was some of the funniest stuff ever.

  32. #17 Actually, I think it is supposed to be a situation comedy (aka sitcom). I am pretty sure that Survivor is supposed to be a reality show.

  33. I am pumped for this episode! But all I keep thinking is, “But Schrute Farms only has one bathroom…and it’s UNDER the porch! Yikes.” I’ll never take en suite bathrooms for granted again!

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