1. All I can say is–this is so amazing. I was hyperventalating for litterally 10 minutes after I saw that.

  2. Ok, I couldn’t wait for this episode just basesd on the beet farm. Now, Thursday seems so far… heck, it even feels far. :)

  3. Who cares about “JAM” anymore? Honestly. I used to like the Jim/Pam storyline until it got played out beyond belief.

  4. Finally some Jam connection! Akward, but it’s a start!
    So this week:
    B.J. written
    Beet Farm

    Can not wait.

  5. Squee, squee, squee! Squee.

    I know I say this every week, and I truly mean it every week, but Thursday can not get here soon enough. Mose and Jam in one episode may make my head explode.

  6. Breathe, breathe, breathe….
    I can’t wait!!!!
    How many more hours until The Office???

  7. I saw this during the Broncos game, and I will admit, I was a little over Jim/Pam and was looking forward to Jim/Karen, but now….I really cannot wait for Thursday.

  8. This should definitely make Northern Attack’s Jim/Pam index go up.
    He’s right the buildup is amazing.
    Thanks to Tanster for alerting us! and thanks to cara for tipping jennie off.
    i wonder what they were talking about. their distance from scranton to stamford. or how emotionally disconnected they are? i don’t know. but i can’t wait for thursday!!
    The Office. Satisfying us every Thursday night.
    That’s what she said. ;]

  9. ddker- If you really can’t wait, there’s a link to an avi file (if you can plays those on the computer) on the TWoP board an in the LJ community. I don’t want to post it here since it is on a personal server.

    The inflections in Jim’s (John’s) voice are AMAZING.

  10. This is driving me nuts-I’m at work now and there’s no flash player on the computers, and it won’t let me install it either so I have to wait until about 1am when I get home. AND on thursday night I have to work so I won’t be able to watch the episode until 1am then also! I guess only a couple more hours till I’m home to see it. I can make it that long, right?

  11. I think Jenny hit it right on the nose with the multiple squees. I’m really liking the new JAREN combination but JAM always tastes so damn good!

  12. I was out at a bar when I saw it. And I squealed rather loudly causing some burly, bearded locals (yes, that kind of bar) to turn toward the TV and snicker at me. Whatever. I got a shot out of the deal. And Jim and Pam? Talking?! FINALLY!?!? Yay.

  13. Not to draw the attention away from the JAM moment, but can anyone tell what Michael was doing? Looked like he was in some sort of a line, mmmm?

  14. Sorry to double post but I forgot to mention that they played the song “Stars” again in the background. I hope that’s not the song they’re going to use everytime Jam shares a “tender moment.” I think it’s kind of cheesy.

  15. 1st) Melissa: Or…that’s what he said.

    2nd) Mmmilf (I just feel weird saying that) at present, 90 hours, twenty minutes from when I post this.

    Oh, can’t wait.

  16. Chris, thanks for the countdown!!

    About the “Mmmilf”, my friend and I had a mini-marathon today and on “Sexual Harrasment” we heard Kevin say that to Pam when she was talking about her mom. We laughed sooo hard! I can’t believe we missed it the first time we saw it.

  17. Michaela, that’s what i was thinking. Probably this is the reason for the change from the first, second and third episode Pam and the 3×04 Pam. Greg, in the ‘Season 3’ topic there are photos from the Michael scene from this episode. I don’t finish to understand what is he doing.

  18. Not to burst everyone’s bubble…

    But keep in mind this episode was originally meant to run BEFORE last week’s episode. So, given the interaction between Karen and Jim, I wouldn’t get your hopes up quite yet (unless they did some serious re-editing, which is possible).

    (That said I’m SO happy to see a little interaction again between them…I was wondering how much longer we’d have to go!)

  19. Even if nothing major comes out of the phone conversation, the thought of it still makes me giddy!!

  20. I know many of you have your heart set on it, but I hope they never get back together. I think the Pam/Jim thing bogs down the show. I’d rather see Dwight and Angela get it on. I’m going to hid now before I get hit with a shoe. :)

  21. We are going to put that bobblehead on the wall of shame if you’re not careful! Surely you miss the Jim and Dwight interaction as well. Though we’ve gotten a taste of that a couple of times this season. Bring on the recorder.

  22. The promo stops after the Earl one. It’s bufferd but does anyone else have this problum?

  23. If that’s the best clip they can come up with for the promo, I think that those who are expecting major (read: 2 minutes or more) of JAM interaction will be sorely disappointed.

    That being said, no worries… they are soul mates, so they will get together for good eventually. It might not be until the final episode ever, but they’ll get together.

    Now get back to work.

    Sincerely, Dwigt.

  24. The conversation between Jim and Pam is, to the best of my recollection, as follows:

    Jim: “How far away did you think we were?”
    Pam: “I don’t know… it felt far.”
    Jim: “Yeah…”

    or something like that.

  25. Does Jim say “Yeah,” or does he say “Damn”? I think the latter, though it’s hard to tell.

  26. What do you ladies have against Roy? The guy is cleaning up his act and is a sweetheart now. Can’t you give the guy a second chance? It’s time you start making wallpapers for him! :) Jim needs to get it on with his lovely co-worker at his new office!

  27. Why wouldn’t it make sense? I don’t think that’s fair. In the right context, it could make perfect sense, as in, “Damn. All this time I’ve thought you were writing me out of your life, but you weren’t.”

    The first time I ever saw it on TV during the football game last night, I thought he said “Damn.” This is not the crazy ramblings of someone who has watched it a million times and is suddenly hearing things.

    I concur that I might be totally wrong, but, as I said before, I think it’s hard to tell. It sounds like there’s a hard consonant sound at the beginning of the word, not a “yuh” sound.

    Whatever he says, the conversation probably isn’t going to go well. It’s just planting the seed for later happenings.

  28. Yeah I’d also recommend not getting our hopes up about the Jim/Pam interaction. As it’s been said, this episode was to air before “Grief Counseling”, and we all saw the Jim/Karen Herrs chip storyline (which would be after Jim spoke to Pam).

    I would guess this coming Jim/Pam interaction is simply to give a JAM nugget to the audience and then proceed with building Jim/Karen and Pam finding herself and/or Roy trying to win her back. Jim/Pam may blossom, but obviously it’s way too early given current developing storylines.

    Anyway you slice it, we’ll be glued to our TVs on Thursday :)

  29. what is the song in the background? i heard it on the season 3 preview (jim and pam) also! i really want to know!!!

  30. Agus, my understanding (I think Angela? posted on her MySpace blog about it) is that the episode change was due to the amish school shootings, and references to the amish in the upcoming episode (see: Dwight and Mose’s beet farm), not any Pam subplot.

    And people, he says “yeah”. Not “damn”. Seriously. Honestly. I’d bet the beet farm on it.

  31. do any of you guys think the directors and such choose what episodes to air as they like? i’m not investing too much time into thinking that what happens in this weeks episode will be overshadowed by last week because of a mysterious switcheroo. I mean to the average viewer ( i mean the people who don’t obsess over the show like we do lol) would never know that something was supposed to air before something else, so maybe we should follow the current plotline without thinking “this was happening two weeks ago” when we watch the new ep. ( and this way, things are a little brighter on the Jam front!)

  32. My theory is that they’re talking about something really inconsequential, like where the beet farm is. That’s right, you heard it here first. They’re talking about the beet farm. If I’m right, somebody owes me a coke.

  33. Things like last week’s swap are largely a decision between producers and the networks, Iola. All I’m saying is, obviously it didn’t make a difference when they showed it because they don’t have anything major happening between Jim and Pam that would keep them from extending the Karen and Jim storyline, as originally shot.

    But anyway, we all know they’re gonna drag this out for probably years and years. But as long as they give me nuggets of hope here and there, I’m a happy camper.

    And Doug….that’s hilarious. And possibly true.

  34. Do you remember when they showed the clip with Jim and Jan, before the season finale, and had Jan asking, “have you told anyone yet?” It seemed so important, like they were talking about his feelings for Pam, but.. it wasn’t. NBC likes showing us things that sound significant but aren’t, and they tell us plot details that sound important but aren’t. (Such as Pam going on a date, or Toby’s secret office crush.)

    I dunno, we’ll see.

  35. Why are we talking about one meesly word Jim said in the Promo? I think it’s more important that they actually talked. I think they will get together but not anytime soon.

    The part of the relationship that I think we all loved the most is the fact that we knew his secret and we were cheering for him. What would be fun if they actually do get together? I hate it when shows get a couple together so early and they barely have anywhere to go after that.

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