The Saturday Tally

  • Blogs this week: Jenna’s MySpace blog, John the prop guy’s MySpace blog, Kate’s TV Guide blog.
  • Grief Counseling: quotes and blog/video/iTunes links have been added to the Grief Counseling episode post.
  • Jenna Fischer in Rolling Stone: steph313 at the LJ Office community has scanned Jenna’s Hot List from Rolling Stone magazine. (Warning: NSFW)
  • Jenna Fischer at Recently featured as their “Actress of the Week,” has a nice Jenna Fischer section that includes photos, biography, quotes, and commentary.
  • A moment with Rainn Wilson: the Seattle Post Intelligencer talked to Rainn Wilson about Dwight Schrute’s background: “They (the writers) brought in this whole, like, heavy metal, Camaro, muscle car, hair-metal type of world of Dwight’s. He’s also a nerd, but also, really white trash.”
  • Sequel to Clips & Quips Office interview: Following up on the Clips & Quips deleted scene posted here a few days ago, I got a very nice email from the video creator, Boaz Frankel, who wrote “we’re in the early stages of planning another trip to LA to get behind the scenes at The Office … I’ll definitely keep you posted when our segment goes into production.”
  • “Reading Jenna Fischer” insider info: the creator of the hilarious Reading Jenna Fischer phone-isode posted a terrific ‘insider info’ comment about the video — thanks, Preston!
  • Lastly, a purse that lights up inside: “… when you open the Solas bag, it lights up. The inside of the bag is lined with long, thin light bulbs connected to a AA battery pack … Angela Kinsey from NBC’s ‘The Office’ even took her Solas clutch to the Emmy’s. And her show won an Emmy, maybe the bag was her lucky charm.” We need to ask Miss Angela about this!


  1. Wow…that Rolling Stone list is so…Rolling Stone and so not the usual Jenna. You go girl.

  2. I’m so excited for another Boaz interview w/ the cast! Can’t wait!

    That little insider bit from Preston was cool, too :)

  3. That’s amore! Hey, excuse me if I’m drinking a bowl of bourbon soaked in crackers, but hey, I love this show! Wait…what?

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