Late night Dwangela

SPOILER WARNING! Video (Rainn’s second clip) and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

We had a double-header treat on late night tonight:

  • Rainn Wilson on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    Other guests: Orny Adams and The Shins.
    Video 1 | Video 2
  • Angela Kinsey on Late Show with David Letterman
    Other guest: Bill Cosby.
    Video 1 | Video 2

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  1. Just wanted to add that the clip that they show is hilarious!

    “Chicken on goat, goat on chicken, two pigs watching…” lol!

    He did a great job! Is it safe to say that I like his wiskers?

  2. There was a preview scene for “Product Recall” in Rainn’s interview on the Tonight Show. It was pretty funny…it’s revealed after a woman is complaining to Michael and Dwight that the “watermark” is a cartoon animals having what Dwight says “appears to be consenual sex”, and there’s a funny talking head where Dwight says growing up on a farm he saw animal sex in every possible position…”goat on chicken, chicken on goat, a few chickens on a goat with some pigs watching”, and whoever drew the cartoon got it completely right (or something to that extent).

  3. “Come on, Mule!”

    Angela was dawesome. Didn’t see Rainn. I really enjoyed her animal stories. First the One-armed gibbons then the mule….. Too funny! Its a shame it was only like or 6 minutes of her, she is really funny.

  4. just saw rainn and he was great!! they even showed a clip of product recall- woohoo! commercial break down and then angela is up on letterman…yes!

  5. The clip from Product Recall was HILARIOUS. My roommate and I laughed so hard (and he doesn’t watch The Office).

  6. They were both amusing and Angela was gorgeous. The clip was funny; oh Dwight and your barnyard knowledge.

  7. Rainn’s impersonations of his son were so funny! His posture and expression reminded me of when he did White Possum Scream on SNL. If you’ve spent any time around toddlers, they really do act that strangely about pooping. “Hi. Hi. Hi.” “No! Not pooping!”

    Has anybody else noticed that Angela touches her hair frequently on talk shows? She did it on Megan Mullaly and again on Letterman. It’s a bit distracting, but that’s ok because she’s just so cute!

  8. Wow, Angela’s Southern accent seemed stronger than usual on Letterman. I definitely didn’t notice it as much when she was doing the video diary…maybe it comes out more when she’s nervous (I would guess that’s where the hair touching comes from, 19).

  9. I agree with Justine about Angela. But, it’s a shame that her interview was so staged and one-dimensional.

    There’s so much more to her, but only so much time.

    She’s adorable, but that interview was kind of painful for me to watch.

  10. i loved rainn on jay leno…i like the beard…or the beginnings of one anyways…i loved his walter impression and bad arnold. can’t wait to see product recall, it should be amazing! “couple of goats with a chicken and some pigs watching…”

  11. also loved angela on the late show…the one armed monkey story and the mule story were hilarious…she’s so cute!

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