Rainn Wilson: My Life During the Strike

Entertainment Weekly talks to Rainn Wilson about what he’s been up to lately:

The Office’s assistant to the regional manager Rainn Wilson is finally getting a promotion to big boss man as this year’s host of Film Independent’s Spirit Awards (airing Feb. 23 on AMC and IFC channels). In the, er, spirit of things, Wilson spoke with EW last week about the new gig, his role opposite Ellen Page in Juno, and what he and his Dunder Mifflinites are up to during the strike.

Link: Rainn Wilson: My Life During the Strike


  1. “But [we] kind of got douched over by the Golden Globes.” Yes, you did, my friend. Yes you did.

    Rainn is awesome. That is all.

  2. Ha that ninja movie sounds awesome, I hope they get that going! I also need to see Juno bigtime.

    I’ll also be very sad if they don’t film the rest of season 4 because of the strike. What would happen, just move the rest of season 4 to season 5?

  3. I agree with the Golden Globes! I don’t even understand it.
    But I’m glad to see they are all doing well.

  4. Great interview – love Rainn! Thought it was funny that when he was asked about what the Office cast is doing he talked about “Meredith” rather than Kate!

  5. And the first Independent Spirit Award goes to Rainn Wilson for Best Invented Phrase: “Douched Over by the Golden Globes”

  6. I think world peace might actually be possible if John Krasinski was in international diplomacy.

  7. If the writers of The Office are doing the Independent Spirit Awards, I’m totally watching it.

  8. Good for him for hiring The Office writers for the Spirit Awards.

    And I agree, “douched over” is a great phrase to describe the Golden Globe nominations.

  9. A) I think we now know what shows Mindy was talking about when she mentioned being passed over by the GGs :)

    B) John could take some diplomacy lessons from Clooney if need be

    C) Can Rainn just do interviews everyday? That was such a good one!

  10. I’m seeing Juno tomorrow, I didn’t know about Rainn’s cameo! I’m even more excited now.

    Anyway, he’s so cool. Are the Spirit Awards on television? If so, I’ll definitely watch. Especially if Office writers are doing it!

  11. Oh Rainn!! How sweet! Hiring the whole office writing staff. That’ll be by far the best hosting job of the century. What a cute guy.

    I want an office writer for myself so they can write my jokes. That’d be pretty near ridiculously awesome.

  12. I will probably tune into the Spirit Awards just because he’s hosting. Though it crushed me a little when he said Jenna’s assistant does almost all her myspace stuff :/

  13. Rainn hosting should be interesting.. gotta love Rainn, and he is SO right about being douched over, I was so pissed when I saw those nominations, or lack of them I should say.

  14. The idea of a whole awards show written by the Office staff is a ray of hope in the middle of this strike. Go Rainn!

  15. Rain is so awesome.

    I really want to see Juno. I honestly can’t say if our theatre will be getting it soon, though. D:

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