Rashida Jones in TVG’s sexy issue

Rashida Jones appears in TV Guide’s March 26-April 1 “Sexy Issue — TV’s 40 Hottest Stars Steam Up the Screen!”

Here are some photos.

Rashida Jones

The caption reads: “Rashida and I first met on The Office set. We were in the same situation at the same time — the new kids — and she was an ally right off the bat. I think her character’s appeal stems from being straightforward and honest, but also up for a good joke. In real life Rashida is like that. She’s very present, quick with a joke and makes people feel comfortable. For someone with her background — being Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones’ daughter — she’s so accessible and down-to-earth. There’s an inherent graciousness in that; it’s refreshing. One of the things Rashida and I have in common is that we’re both closet dorks. We both sang in a cappella groups in college. Occasionally, we’ll just sort of break into a cappella renditions of stupid songs just to keep each other amused. To me, anybody who doesn’t mind acting like an ass is admirable.” — costar Ed Helms

Rashida Jones


  1. I think there is a massive not-so-secret campaign underway trying to FORCE US to like Rashida Jones and, ergo de facto, Karen. This is being done with subtle brainwashing by assaulting the media with her picture. These are nice pics, but it gives me the icky feeling that Karen is going nowhere fast.

  2. They announced this list on the radio the other day and the DJ called her RasChinda. One said they watched The Office all the time and didn’t know what character she played.

    But they’re a bunch of Grey’s dorks anyway.

    Rashida, once again, I think is great. I hope her other sitcom picks up. I’ll be watching ‘The Rules of Starting Over.’ She’s fabulous, blah blah blah.

    But (dead horse, beating a) Rashida is not Karen.

    Go away Karen+Jim. Go away.

  3. Such beautiful photos. I just hope that if they’re going to keep Karen a recurring character on the show that they show us more of what she’s like AWAY from Jim, you know… like give us more of the Karen we started to like in Stamford.

  4. If there is an underground operation going on to get us to love Rashida and Karen, I have to say that it’s done its job on me. I’m all about Pam and Jim, forever and ever, amen, but not only does my girlcrush on Rashida Jones rival my girlcrush on Jenna Fischer, but I absolutely adore Karen. I sincerely had every intention of hating the character. I felt my resolve breaking down when she did the Jim!face, and she absolutely had me at “call of duty.” And, yeah…she’s totally hot.

  5. I will give it to you, Karen is hot. But have you seen Jenna in lingerie during the Blades of Glory trailer? Girl’s got it goin’ on!!

  6. I think (hope, really) that Rashida just got herself a good publicist. She’s a smart girl. And, she is capitalizing on being on the biggest comedy on TV right now… before she isn’t anymore. Girl’s got to get another job at some point.

    Again, this might just be wishful thinking, but I really think she just has good reps who know this Office thing won’t last forever.

  7. The way that light is catching her arm fuzz, I’m sorry, that’s hot. Pam who?

  8. Okay, clueless Karen haters…apparently you didn’t hear that Rashida has signed on to do a pilot for Fox called “The Rules of Starting Over”. Rashida rocks and hopefully the Fox show doesn’t blow….

  9. she’s the all around perfect women. gorgeous, smart, funny… she’s mind boggling

  10. The more I read about her, the more I love her. She’s made Karen likeable, unlike other characters (Lauren on ALias) who were brought in to get between the main couple. I just hope that Karen doesn’t stick around next season, as much as I love Rashida. I wish her the best of luck!

  11. I’m totally with you, Melody (comment #9). I totally have a girl crush on Rashida. She’s so adorable and feminine. I feel protective of her and I’m a girly girl myself. It doesn’t make sense. She has handled her Office role with such grace. What’s not to love? Oh…and I dig the arm hair, too, KetchupFight (comment #12). Pretty sensual.

  12. Wow! I love the first picture and I absolutely love what Ed Helms says about her. “Closet dorks” hehe. Rashida seems like a cool girl who is really down to earth.
    And I agree with comment #6- she needs to be a recurring character on the show and away from the JAM storyline. I really hope the show keeps Karan and let her shine with her own comedic adventures.

  13. Tori, the only other Office mention I saw was that B.J. Novak was listed as a runner-up for “Sexiest Male Nerd” — Christopher Gorham from Ugly Betty won the top spot on that one.

    No mention of Jenna or John … :(

  14. She seems like a really cool girl and looks great in those pictures. Very pretty.

    What about Jenna? I know Pam is “dressed down” but I think Jenna should have been one of the top 40.

  15. I don’t have anything against Rashida, but does anyone else find it hard to think of her from The Office? Meaning that I know she is on now, but I tend to go through the list of all the other characters first, she doesn’t pop into my head when I think of the show. Just me?

  16. Hmmmm…lovely young woman…terrible actress…famous parents….lousy actress…amazing PR staff working overtime….

  17. ooh to be Rodolfo Martinez! (photographer) Tanster, youre always on top of things! Thanks for posting!
    I want to hear her sing with Andy!

  18. Does anyone else notice her face looks practially in pain on the second one?

  19. I don’t care what anyone says I love Karen. I think she brings a lot to the show that Pam doesn’t. She is more fun and is compatible with Jim. Pam, lets face it, is kinda boring. So I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I really hope Karen stays!!

  20. I’ve been on Team Karen pretty much since she was introduced, but the reason for that is separate from the fact that Rashida Jones is absolutely the most gorgeous woman on earth.

  21. I tend to agree with people who have mentioned a publicity push to get Rashida maximum exposure while she is in a postion to be noticed on the Office. Nothing wrong with that, that’s show business- strike while the iron’s hot etc. I am neutral on her talent level- not superior, not incompetant. She’s attractive and apparently, from what we’re shown and told, an all-round lovely human being. I just get a little annoyed when the “hot new face” gets shoved in my face. Overexposure is not a good thing.

  22. Very nice pictures. I wish Rashida the best of luck in all her post-Office ventures. She seems like a very cool person.

  23. 31 – Karen is more fun and more compatible with Jim than Pam? I think you are watching a different show than the rest of us. Especially since the intention of the writers is to show that Karen and Jim are not AS compatible as Pam and Jim. See, there are these things called “Every Episode Before Season 3 and Many Episodes in Season 3” when we were reminded of that all the time; we also get to see Pam’s off-beat sense of humor (which perfectly matches Jim’s).

  24. Wait, what do you mean Good Luck, Post – Office, etc.?
    You mean she’s leaving?! That stinks!! I hope you’re wrong.

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