1. I LOVE that they got Jamie Oliver involved and pretending to eat fast food when his platform is all about healthier diets for children.

  2. Hahah I love this man! This is freakin hilarious!
    I was actually getting a little emotional for a second there…

    And clearly someone is obsessed with U2

  3. Wow, who knew Jamie Oliver was as big as a house these days?
    Heart-throb: Stephen Merchant! Adorable, clever, manic smile.

  4. Every time I see Ricky Gervais, I am reminded of how much funnier the UK Office was than the US Office, which is striking, considering that the latter is the best thing on American television.

  5. If I could extract Ricky’s essence and manufacture a woman from it…I would.

    That’d be weird, though.

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