1. That’s “def” him, he did a lot of commercials before the office so, yeah, Its probably him

  2. definitely sounds like him to me. do you think hes the guy in the video or just narrating?

  3. Naw, I don’t think so. I’m inclined to say yes at first, because we all know Ed Helms does voiceover work, but this guy sounds similar to a lot of voiceover actors I’ve heard.

    Anything’s possible though. :)

  4. That is totally him. I knew it as soon as I heard it. I could totally picture his sexyness in my head as I watched it :P

  5. You know, I honestly wouldn’t doubt that that is him. It sounds about right. I believe it.

  6. Absolutely that’s him. Damn, JKras is totally raking it in. First Ask.com, now Apple…he really is moving on up.

  7. The commercial just aired during How I Met Your Mother and it’s totally him!

  8. Now I want an iphone *and* an itv. Way to exploit my JKras addiction, Apple. ;)

  9. Haha wow. His voice sounds so much deeper and voice-overish that I practically forgot it was him–even though I knew it was going to be him! (Uh yeah…I have a short attention span)

  10. maybe thats why he is bff with Will Arnett. They bond over all the voiceover work that they do :)

  11. The two loves of my life are now one, more than ever. The Office was featured in the iPhone promo, and on iPod promos.

  12. Darn it, I just saw this commerical and didn’t recognize his voice. I’m a bad John Krasinski fan.

  13. i don’t know what i love more… john krasinski or the iPhone. oh wait, how about jkras with an iphone?

  14. Is that John too that walks away from the camera after holding up the iPod? Can’t see his face, but definitely looks like Jim-ish hair.

  15. haha wow. I saw this commercial on tv not too long ago, but I never noticed the voice.

  16. Now I have to buy that, cause John says so! I guess advertising does work.

  17. William-

    John Krasinski was a 19th Century philosopher and painter, famed for his oils of early Scranton and a life-view expounding Pranksterism as a sort of workplace Darwinism, but without the element of “natural selection”.

    He also plays Jim Halpert on “The Office”.

  18. Is he also the guy on screen watching School of Rock in the various formats?

  19. I knew it! I knew it! I was watching 2 and a half Men on tv with my Dad, and I even said that voice sounds oddly familar. I was pretty sure it was J.Kras, but I thought I was being crazy and just wanting it to be him. I hope he’s the new Apple spokesman. Cause then I’d feel even better about spending $600 on the iphone.

  20. At least one person has said it before, but I think that MIGHT be John holding the i-pod and walking away with it. Its too small to be certain, but it looks like his hair!

  21. Don’t know if he’s the guy in the commercial…he doesn’t look quite tall enough and the hair is a litle dark/short…no, I don’t sound obsessed at all!

    Excuse me while I go look for ask.com commercials on youtube :-)

  22. yeah that’s definetly john krasinski! yay! very exciting! can’t wait to see this more!

  23. haha I saw that today and I didn’t even recognize his voice, that is awesome lol

  24. I just heard that commercial twice today! Both times I thought…”hey that sounds just like John Krasinski!” I didn’t think it was actually him though….I thought that maybe I was getting too obsessed! lol

  25. i feel horrible. i saw the commercial thrice today and didn’t recognize his voice. oh well, i still love him the most. ha.

  26. Ok, I just wanted to make a small, possibly incorrect observation. Doesn’t Jim use Windows at the office? I remember during the episode when he is conducting his own Pavlov’s experiment on Dwight, he uses the Window’s chime to train Dwight to ask for a mint. Just a thought :)

  27. Sigh. John Krasinski is the perfect man. He loves his Apple products, he listens to the Shins, he reads DFW…is there anything this man does that isn’t adorable?

  28. I hope no one made this joke already…
    We should all watch our new Apple TV’s (commercial voiced by John) on our new Aquous Liquid Crystal Television (commercial voiced by Ed).

  29. How could you mistake that voice? What I wouldn’t pay to have him be the voice in my head… yum.

  30. Uhm, It’s not John Krasinski in the commercial, it’s the same guy who was watching the computer and the tv. Which is clearly not J.Kras.

  31. Ya officemommy – you’re right – they do use Windows at The Office. But, when we saw Jim’s room in Email Surveillance we see an ibook on desk. So personally he likes Apple…but I doubt he has any choice on what type of computer he uses at work!

  32. So I’ve watched it and can’t decide whether he’s actually ‘in’ the commercial. The voice is a given, and I possibly buy that he’s holding the iPod and walking away (complete with his signature ‘hand in the pocket’ walk), so it would make sense that he’s in the other scenes. But I’m still not sure. And there’s not enough of a profile shot to verify.

    If Apple didn’t put him in the commercial, it missed an awesome marketing op. :)

  33. I don’t think it’s him in the commercial… if he was actually in it, they definitely would’ve gotten a shot of him, you know?

    Just voiceover work, I think, and some guy to make us think it might possibly be him… :-) (the hair is all wrong, am I the only one who thinks that?? it looks too curly or something.)

  34. Wow Jenny, you’re good. I am amazed at all of the things Office fans remember! I’m a pretty new Office fan and I was awfully proud of myself for having remembered the Windows chime during the Pavlov experiment with Dwight. But you’ve outdone me! :)

  35. BigTurkey-

    I’m totally with you on this one, the hair is all wrong…the guy watching the computer almost has BJ Novak hair.

  36. The guy with the iPod is not the same guy who’s sitting down watching tv. Neither of the guys is John. The commercial is alright and I’ve watched it on tv and online but both ways I thought that the sound from School of Rock was way too loud and overshadowed not only the voice over but the point they were even trying to make. If anything, it made me want to either watch School of Rock again or go listen to Deep Purple. It was obviously skewed to Apple consumers only, too. I’m not following what all Apple is making (though that iPhone looks awesome) so I was unsure what this was even for? Are they making a tv of their own or what? That didn’t come across from the ad. All it said was “Now you can watch it on your tv.” To me, that implied I can watch it on any old tv. John K. aside, didn’t think it was all that clear of a commercial.

  37. Meh. I have no need for an Apple tv, even though I love my Mac and iPod. I haven’t used ask.com. John Krasinski’s magical voice can pimp something, but it doesn’t mean I’ll buy it.

  38. #75 – I think it’s supposed to be a little ambiguous, but I could be wrong.

  39. I’m not sure what appleTV is, or that I even need it. Frankly, I’m suspicious. But if John Krasinski tells me it’s awesome, I may have to believe him.

  40. john has such an awesome hot voice. those talking heads alone are great because of this.

    not sure about the commercial, but i do feel like watching School of Rock now. heh the George of the Jungle part made me chuckle.

  41. OK…so maybe this has been discussed in past entries but doesn’t J. Kras do the voice over on one of those H&R Block comms? At the risk of sounding completely sappy….yummy!

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