1. Awww Erin…she tries so hard. Bless her.

    (BTW Tanster, another promo aired right at the end of SNL tonight; one for all the NBC Thursday shows.)

  2. ok, psyched that pam is going to be back, but i think meredith with the breast pump is a little much.

  3. I think the only Office scene in the promo at the end of SNL was Erin throwing cake at Andy in the conference room.

  4. “I just like the way it feels!” hahahaha
    and I love erin so much she is so cute

  5. Oh, my! At least Pam didn’t find Creed with her breast pump! He does like to steal things.

  6. Yes- I’ve always said the 1490s would be a perfect time to go through puberty.
    Will Michael turn “Somehow I Manage” into a book-on-tape? I’m also a bookworm and I’d love to read it.

  7. I thought pam would visit the office with the baby before she returned to work, that used to be a big thing or is this not done anymore?

  8. Yay! A new episode today finally after that long break! Does anybody know why there was a random 4 week break with no new episodes?

  9. Teresa, it’s because networks like to hold new shows for May sweeps, which this year runs from April 29th through May 26th I believe. The advertisers really pay attention to the extended Nielsen data collected during this period, so the networks want as many new shows as possible.

    If they hadn’t had the 3 week break, next week would’ve been the finale, and NBC would’ve gone 3 sweeps weeks without their highest rated show.

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