1. angela rapping is amazing, that picture of isabel is adorable, and i demand to see video of creed clucking like a chicken.

    and the “f***ing fours!!!!!!” had me laughing so hard i cried

  2. That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched! I’m glad I saw that commercial for it!

  3. So she let a man shoot her in the face with a rifle, bwahahaha!

    Angela’s hair looks awesome by the way. Such a beautiful, clean colour :)

  4. I love Angela’s new haircut, it looks great on her. And, as usual, she has the most gorgeous dresses. I’m 5’2″, just about her size, and I really want to go raid her closet. I love Angela!

  5. Great interview! Angela looked stunning and was so charming and funny, as always. And count me in as a big fan of her hair! She’s a perfect spokesperson for Clairol. :)

  6. #7, Who doesn’t she have mad chemistry with?

    Also, that still of the bird poop shot is wrong for so many reasons. I love it.

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