1. I didn’t know Dunder Mifflin was a public company? Anyway what brings the guys to a corporate meeting?? guess all will be revealed

  2. Yep, that’s how Michael turned the screws on David Wallace to get his (and Ryan’s & Pam’s) jobs back last season during “Broke” Michael mentioned that David is going to have to answer to the shareholders for their most expensive branch bleeding.

  3. Looks like only Jim and Michael may be going – looks like the rest of the gang is just outside waving them off for some reason… probably trying to pull something by Michael like they did a couple of seasons ago when they changed the clocks when Michael was asleep and went home early.

  4. “Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange! Ever heard of it?” – Andy, Travelling Salesman

  5. Michael mentions the upset shareholders who will be going after David Wallace because of losing so many customers to MSPC (Michael Scott Paper Company; I realize you could argue the abbreviations actually waste time).

  6. I’m really excited by the prospect of Michael, Andy, Oscar, and Dwight having a party in a limo on the way to New York. It’s like Business Trip meets Night Out… this could be epic.

  7. andy had better watch out, ryan is quickly gaining on him in the category of “best dressed male”.

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