1. that audience member that twssed steve is my hero.

    oh and “take the bear” made me, and only me at my house, die of laughter for some reason. maybe it was the pelvic thrust.

  2. Johnny Depp won!?!? Love that he is a “comedic actor” now. BUT, Steve carell is handsome as ever and Rainn just cracks me up each time he is on tv.

  3. I give a gazillion points to whoever yelled “that’s what she said” in the audience. I never heard it, but I could tell that it was said.

  4. Oh my lord! My eyes, my eyes! I don’t think I can look at teddy bears the same anymore. LOL!

  5. Ha ha ha!! “I got banned from the Build a Bear Workshop for this.” Can’t stop laughing!

  6. “That’s What She Said!” Audience member = Most awesome person in the universe and our personal hero. :)

  7. i’m not 100% sure – but it looked like Jonah Hill said “TWSS” because they cut to him right after – but whoever said it thanks because i’m still giggling about it this morning

  8. I love that after the brilliant TWSS moment the three had to go on with the scripted bit that just completely fell flat.

  9. Am I reading too much into it or was the hand gesture that Anne did seem very reminiscent of The Office? The little hand waving while bowing. From the top of my mind, Pam, Jim and Andy have done that. Even if it was a coincidence, I love that she did it right after a TWSS.

  10. I grant 1000 SchruteBucks to the audience member that yelled “That’s What She Said”. And I loved Rainn’s bit with the teddy bear, however disturbing it was LoL

  11. yeah,Anne Hathaway is a fan of the office:

    Q: Were you a fan of The Office?
    Anne: Oh, a huge one actually. I’m always worried that Steve is going to someday come to my trailer to ask me a question and realize that I’m actually stalking him because I have it TiVo’d up the wahoo and I’m always watching it when I have 5 seconds. It’s one of my favorite series. I was a fan of the British version and I think the American one is done so brilliantly.

  12. Rainn + clothes has never made sense!

    This was so great – I kind of feel like watching the show now!

  13. 1. Anne, what are you wearing?
    2. Rainn………what are YOU wearing????

  14. The person in the audience that yelled TWSS was really the highlight of the night.

  15. c’mon Rainn, you don’t have to stoop to that level.. smart humor is better, look at Steve..

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