1. Great interview – and some fun improv!
    He’s wearing the jacket!!!!! I wonder if he realizes all the times he’s worn it… So great! There should be a page devoted to the appearances of the jacket…

  2. This was great! Steve and Ellen are two of my all-time favorite funny people, so I love it when they get together. Jumping out from behind her chair to scare her was priceless, as was the improv game.

    And I noticed the jacket as well! Too funny!

  3. “The Jacket”

    You know, we are such nerds for even noticing that… and now we look for it like it’s a game or something. lol.

  4. Steve Carrell is the god of hilarity.
    but what’s with the jacket??? I don’t understand

  5. This show was so funny that my cheeks were aching at the end. Steve and Ellen both are so funny and nice and AWESOME. She always brags that no one can ever scare her, but he got her GOOD.

  6. hootshot112 – Back when Steve was on a million shows promoting Horton Hears a Who, he wore that same jacket several times. I think it came to attention on the Today show, when they showed a clip of him wearing the jacket while he was being interviewed wearing the jacket.

    Someone with video making talent needs to make a video of all of The Jacket’s appearances!

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