Steve Carell leaving ‘The Office’

This post lists items related to Steve Carell’s departure from ‘The Office’ — his current contract expires at the end of Season 7.

NBC confirms Steve’s impending exit from the show (excerpts from AP):

In the network’s first acknowledgment of Carell’s plans, NBC Primetime Entertainment President Angela Bromstad said Monday the actor’s seven-year run as erratic Dunder Mifflin boss Michael Scott will end when his contract expires in 2011. But Bromstad said the show will go on.

“We’ve been lucky to have had him as long as we’ve had. These things happen when you have such a major movie star in a show,” she said.

“Not to diminish the departure of Steve, because that will impact the show, but we have tremendous faith in the writers and actors to keep it alive,” Bromstad said.

The door is open if he wants to make return visits to the show, Bromstad said.

Whether Michael Scott’s job will be filled by a promotion from within or an outside hire is under discussion. Bringing in a big-name star is an option, but “it’s not the front-running idea,” said Paul Lieberstein, a cast member and executive producer.

“Right now, we’re still talking about a lot of scenarios. We’re trying to get a sense of what the office is like without Steve. We want to be real: What would this office really do (if Michael Scott left)? We want to pursue this as honestly as Dunder Mifflin would,” he said.

Nobody wants to see Carell leave, said Lieberstein, who plays Toby, the embattled voice of human-resources reason.

“But what we’ll get creatively is actually very exciting. We don’t have to do auto reset at the end of the season, but we get to move on,” he said.

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  1. While I agree that Darryl would be amazing, we did have that little teaser of Dwight as regional manager at the end of season 3, and I really enjoyed his brief reign. I don’t think offices being prematurely painted black could sustain a season, but it would be fun while it lasts.

  2. I’m lobbying for Ken Marino (Party Down) as Michael’s replacement.

  3. Steve may think that but with ratings already declining this season once he leaves the show will plummet further and leave a bad taste. The show will always be talked about how it should’ve ended when Steve left.

    Didn’t want to see this happen but expected it. Steve would leave and NBC would be still be in fourth place and have no choice but to continue with the show and not end on a high note. It would end like the majority of sitcoms, past its prime and canceled due to low ratings/high cost of producing the show.

  4. Darryl should definitely take over. The only options really are him or Jim, and we’ve already seen Jim as a manager and personally I didn’t like it so much. He belongs in sales. Dwight as manager full time would just be too much. Too ridiculous.

  5. This isn’t and has never been an equal ensemble show a la Friends. Michael is the star. There’s really no question about it. Jim, Pam, and Dwight are obviously indispensable as well, and I love the rest of the cast, but the A-plot of almost every episode has revolved around Michael, and no matter what Steve thinks, the show could not survive without him. It would really be a parody of its former self, and I’d hate to see my favorite show completely compromise its integrity and dignity just to squeeze out what will probably only be another year’s worth of money.

  6. IMHO….unless they get someone as amazing as Steve in as the new Regional Manager, this show is done. He is being charitable, and typically humble, to say that the ensemble is strong enough to carry on without him.
    He IS the show.

  7. I really think it should end when he leaves. Yes, it is an amazing cast but he is one of the funniest in the group and it would be a huge loss. I don’t know, I would feel like someone died if he left. it wouldn’t be as funny, and I would miss him so much. However much I don’t want it to end, I think that would be a better choice than to have it keep going without him, but if it did keep going, I would want Dwight to be the regional manager.

  8. If they continue the show without Steve Carell, I swear to God that every single piece of copier paper in this town is going to have the F word on it. The F word. You have one day.

  9. The office is my favorite show and I love all of the characters, but I agree the show just won’t be the same (pure genius) without him. I wonder if there is anything that can be done to get him to stay 2 more seasons? I’m not ready to say goodbye to Michael Scott..
    @betterthannot your comment made me laugh hard! You have one day.. :)

  10. I know Steve is the star and I mean NO disrespect to him when I say this, but I really DO feel that it is an ensemble show and the other characters are rich enough to keep it going. Most of the time, I’m more interested in the sub-plots than the big ones involving Michael anyway (again, no disrespect intended) and I always wish they would give more time to those. All I know is that I would still watch, but I don’t know if everyone else would, even if it was great (and I know it would be, because, well, the writers, actors, and characters are great!)

  11. Assuming the show continues after he leaves, I hope they don’t create a new character as his replacement. Seeing someone internal take over, like Jim or Darryl, would be a much easier adjustment, especially if the show only continues one season thereafter. I think Dwight would be too cartoonish as Michael’s replacement (i.e. “The Job”… you can’t sustain that beyond a single episode).

    Having said all that, I don’t think they should do even a single season without him.

  12. In fairness to Steve, he can’t very well say the show will tank without him. It breaks my heart to say this but I’m in the corner of them ending the show when he leaves. Michael Scott is The Office. His shoes are just to big to fill. I have no interest in Dwight or Darryl becoming the new boss.

  13. Lotsa great ensemble shows in TV history…but let’s be honest: No Alda, no MASH. No Jerry, no Seinfeld. No Carell, no Office. The worst would be if NBC chose to coy-and-vance us by bringing in a replacement for Carell. Steve Carell is being his nice, normal, humble self by saying the show is not all about him, but in the real world he is indispensable.

  14. Me and my family have all been avid Office fans but this season we have all commented on how it hasn’t lived up to prior seasons. With Michael Scott gone, I will be shocked to see the show thrive.

  15. Steve is being too nice, but the reality is that the show cannot work without him. In celestial terms he is like the sun and the others are like planets that revolve around him. Without the sun there’s darkness and, sadly that is what is going to happen to the show if they decide to continue without him. PLEASE, END ON A HIGHNOTE.

  16. NBC should just let the show end properly, it’s already got syndication. They can stuff their pockets with that money.

  17. Would it be COOL if they put Ricky Gervais as the replacement for Steve Carrell!!??

  18. Bebe, that’s not a bad idea. Maybe in the last episode they close out with him replacing Michael. Nice full circle.

  19. Typical humble Steve, and I agree that he’s underplaying how crucial he is to the show. The premise of The Office is how a bunch of workers deal with their wacky boss. Throughout all the seasons, I feel like this has remained at the core of the show. With Steve gone, I think that The Office will seem like a spin-off of itself.

  20. I hope this isn’t true. I just want the show to end when Steve Carell leaves, preferably not soon.

  21. As much as i love the show, I was sort of hoping the series would end after steve left. It would have made sense, right? But my heart sort of broke when I heard that they’re going to continue without Michael:( Office writers: you had a good run, please PLEASE end the show on a highnote. I couldn’t stand to see it get worse and worse and then eventually get canceled.

  22. The only way it will work is if David Brent replaces Michael Scott. It’s that simple, otherwise they should end the series this season, with Michael getting a happy ending.

  23. If The Office were to continue without Steve/Michael, it would go a “Scrubs” route. We all know that ended – in a disaster.

    As much as I love the show, it needs to end after Steve is gone. Without him, it’d be bland.

  24. I agree with #19 (Bebe). Put Ricky’s character “David Brent” in as Michael’s replacement. I think Steve is The Office and the show should end if Steve leaves.

  25. Everyone associated with this show, the writers, actors, producers, etc…, always come off as the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, so I hate to say anything negative about the show….but….honestly, please listen to your fans. Don’t push this thing to an 8th or 9th season. We know what will happen. We’ve all seen it many, many times before.

    You see, it isn’t just the loss of Michael that will be a problem, it’s that we’ve already spent 6 (amazing) seasons with the other ensemble characters as well. They’re great characters, but at some point….it’s time to say goodbye to them. Let them go.

    All great stories must come to an end. The Office is the story of the seven years in the life of Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, and the rest. It isn’t just a never-ending story of some generic office with recyclable plot points and characters.

    Who knows. Maybe the writers will prove us wrong and pull a few more spectacular seasons out of their hats. If anyone can do it – it’s surely this talented group. Unfortunately, I just don’t see it happening.

  26. I think I’m in the major minority when I say that Steve has never been the focal point of the show for me, nor do I think he was supposed to be. Yeah, we’ll miss him. But there are plenty of other personalities that run rampant in workplaces that could come in and “replace” him. It would change the dynamic of the show, but a change of dynamic is not necessarily a bad thing. We’ve had the same basic people at this job for 7 years, which can be a little bit predictable. It’s about time that somebody moves on and someone new comes in… And if it was a REAL documentary crew filming the life in the office, they would NEVER leave just because a boss left. They’d get a more accurate read filming new bosses and the interactions the coworkers have with him, as well. The show is about the office, not about Michael Scott. Let’s give our writers a little bit of faith.

  27. But Steve said that he might not even leave at all, that it was going to be a “surprise”. We still have hope that season 7 isn’t his last season, right? I hope that his “surprise” is a good one, and he stays! :)

  28. This just breaks my heart. But I agree wholeheartedly with previous posts. Don’t force it. Look at X-Files when David Duchovny left. It was embarrassing and painful. End on a high note.

  29. Bottom line, “The Office” is NBC’s top rated scripted show. By a mile. And that is unlikely to change in Season 7. Like it or not, there WILL be a Season 8. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

  30. @31: With X-Files it was different. You had the two main characters and relied on both of them to carry the show. It was the character’s “passion” for the kooky alien stuff that drove the story line day after day. When Scully had to take over for Mulder as the kooky alien lady she didn’t have quite the force going behind her. Not to mention they kind of wrote her character into the background and expected two brand new characters to be the entire show. Also there were a lot of teenage girls who tuned in just to ogle Duchovny.

    I agree they shouldn’t “force” anything but I trust that the writers can come up with a good story line. When there are parts of a show that seem forced I usually think it is the network’s doing. With that whole thing where Pam was away at art school I could just hear the network executives in the background yelling “there needs to be more conflict!”

  31. @7 Matt, Could you imagine a show like friends without any of those 6? The show can’t go on if one of the actors left. It has nothing to do with the fact that they were all equals, it is about the dynamic of the show. Michael Scott may be the main character, but that is not why the show can’t go on without him. If he left the entire dynamic would change, and it just wouldn’t be the same. Just as if the show was losing Jenna, John or Rainn. They should keep the show with all the characters, or let it go. We need them all. Together.

  32. Bringing in Ricky Gervais would be ludicrous. Fortunately he would never do it.

    My hope is that if S7 is Steve’s last that they give Michael some personal growth rather than putting him in the forced “wacky” situations they did this year. Notice that the two lowest ranked episodes other than “The Banker” were episodes where Michael was OTT.

  33. he’s right. it shouldn’t be made into that big of a deal. i think the show has run its course, which is difficult for me to say, since i’ve grown so close to the show and the characters. but i don’t think it would be wise to continue the show without him. that’s a simple recipe for bad ratings. i love the office though, and i will continue to watch, no matter what decisions they make. =]

  34. @Paul

    Certainly, some stories do go on and on and on ad nauseam. I was talking about engaging, well-written stories – those are the kind that should come to a satisfying end. Soap operas, at least in my opinion, do not fall into the catergory of well-written.

    I do understand that the show isn’t just art, it’s a paycheck for all involved, and if it continues to run on NBC for the next few years at a decidely lower level of quality – I certainly won’t blame anyone for trying to make a living. I’ll just stop watching, as will others, and eventually the ratings will drop below the cost of production, and then NBC will dump the show – like another poster mentioned. I’d just hate to see that happen, though I bet the cast and crew would prefer that over being out of work!

    But, like I said, I really do have faith in the writers to pull together a better (than theh 6th) 7th season.

    And whoever mentioned Pam as the new Regional Manager gets a gold star! I’ve been reading opinions on this across the internet and NO ONE has suggested her?! It’s always Dwight, Jim or Darryl.

  35. If the show was still as strong at this moment as it ever was, I would say it could take the hit of losing Steve, or at least give it a shot. But the last few seasons have been a level lower than seasons 2-4. This isn’t anyone’s fault, I just think most of the interesting, but still somewhat believable storylines are used up. So now trying to go into Seasons 8,9, etc. with an already fading show artistically and minus your biggest star is really too much to take I think.

  36. Having David Brent take over for Michael would only work as a one-off gag for the final episode, a funny little nod to the original series. Permanently? No.

    Honestly, no one can replace Michael. He’s too versatile. You could put him in an over-the-top Dwight-type situation and it works, but you could also put him in a pining-for-the-girl JAM-type situation and it also works. He can be stupid, ignorant, brilliant, sympathetic and romantic all at once. We’ve seen Jim in charge, we’ve seen Dwight in charge, we’ve seen an outside guy in charge (Charles Minor) and while they all had their moments, in that role they pale in comparison to Michael. That’s no slight to the other actors/characters, they’re all superb in their roles. But Michael Scott/Steve Carell IS regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, period.

    Even more so than the way that the show misses something when Jim or Pam or Dwight aren’t there, The Office would have a HUGE hole in it without Michael. He’s essential.

  37. Agree with most of what’s being said here, they have to quit while they’re ahead. The show had two fantastic seasons (don’t really count season 1) in 2 and 3 and has since become a bit uneven. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of bright spots the last three years, but the bottom line is the writers set an impossibly high standard for themselves from 2005 to 2007. I still love it and watch every episode, but go back and watch some of the episodes in seasons 2 and 3, then watch from this past season. Anybody who doesn’t see a noticeable difference in overall quality is in denial. The main plot line (Jim-Pam) is exhausted, and they’ve been trying their best to come up with new stuff (weird with Sabre, Charles Miner, Andy and Erin, etc.) that hasn’t always worked. Bring Holly back, give them their Jim-Pam ending, then ride off into the sunset. The writers have been awesome through and through, but if I could give them one piece of (obviously amateur) advice, it would be to re-watch seasons 2 and 3, and try and bring that snap back for the final season. When Mr. Scott leaves, the cameras must as well.

  38. If I’m not mistaken, the rest of the cast is signed through season 8?

    So, perhaps they spend season 7 trying to find a manager (a la Michael Scott Paper Company), then toward the end of the season the branch goes belly up, and then the documentary aspect is finally incorporated into the plot (ie the employees see it?) and Scott is brought back for the finale.

  39. It seems obvious to me that Season 7 won’t be the last. First because the rest of the cast is signed through S8 and second, Steve will still be around so there shouldn’t be a significant dropoff in ratings. Now his absence in S8 might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but that also depends on NBC having something to replace it with. So far I haven’t seen anything that would even though I love both Community and Parks & Rec.

  40. Hindsight already shows that the right time to quit would’ve been after season 3. It’s been downhill (and fast) ever since.

    To stretch this thing any further at all is too bad, and to stretch it beyond Carell’s departure would be an enormous mistake.

    But … I stopped caring what they do with this shell-of-itself show a couple years ago. I still watch it, but only because it’s between “Community” and “30 Rock.” I have no mental or emotional investment in the show anymore.

  41. Ok, no…just no. Either Steve stays or the show ends. It will not be the same show without him.

  42. I think this is the end of a great show. All great things must come to an end. In order for the show to go on you would have to bring in a star and the star would have to have great chemistry off the bat. If you don’t, you’ll lose viewers quick. Just don’t see it happening or working. Like it or not Carell is the centerpiece of the show. It reminds me of when Phil Hartman was killed and News Radio tried go on without him and failed badly. Sadly, I don’t see it working well in the end.

  43. Anyone for Bill Lumberg from Office Space as a temp manager from Sabre corporate?

  44. At first I was really against continuing The Office without Steve Carell, but after reading the interview, I’m starting to feel a bit better about it. It’s rare, but there are shows that can change their dynamics for the better, and I’m hoping that The Office writers will be able to create something new.

  45. Now that Dunder Mifflin is owned by Sabre, who would authorize the “documentary” to continually be filmed? No one in the office seems particularly fond of the cameras except Michael.

    To me, it logically makes sense that this documentary is being filmed because of Michael Scott. Whether he is paying for them to be there or arranged it, Michael is the reason for the cameras. Therefore, for continuity sake, if Michael leaves, the cameras should turn off too. I would like to see this be the last season, and there be a two hour special like the British Office.

  46. The show will go on without Carell, but it will only last one season.

    To comment 55; the idea of this being a documentary hasn’t been a priority of this show for many seasons now.

  47. I do not like the idea of The Office continuing without Carell. Not even a little bit. However, I do believe NBC will run it into the ground until there is not even a morsel left that will be recognizable as a show that was once so great. NBC has proven it does not care about quality over and over and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  48. I would like to see Jo transfer Michael to Nashua for a year as Karen goes on maternity leave and see Dwight as Regional Manager at the end of season 7. It means a Michael-Holly reunion (Michael gets what he wants) and Dwight as manager (Dwight finally gets what he wants!). I think it would provide potential for some great plotlines and a wrap up. Not many people are going to want to work under Dwight, so we could see Jim (and maybe Pam) leave too, plus Stanley and Oscar, in the final double episode.

  49. This literally makes no sense, the entire show is about him and how his employees struggle to understand his inane actions. Or was, anyway.

    As said before, we’ve seen this show with other people taking his place (Dwight, Jim, the outside guy) and each time it’s been pretty unsatisfying. Not to mention that the show is just not what it used to be, just not what I fell in love with in the first place. I mean, even up until the end of season five they had me. But something happened during the early stretch of season six — something really, really bad happened. It just felt soulless, it felt sitcom-y all of a sudden. I remember watching “Koi Pond” and being amazed with how generic it suddenly had become.

    I’m hoping for a better seventh season, but it can’t continue without Michael Scott. He IS “The Office.”

  50. This infuriates me! Michael is the center of the show. I understand that Steve may be moving on to more things in his career; this is not a blow towards Steve. I don’t think that they should continue.. I think they should finish the show on a high note.. Last season wasn’t exactly the best, but it finished on a high note. Without Michael, the views will dwindle. You can say, “Oh, the other characters are great! I love them!” But without a Michael to ridicule their every move or confuse them so much, what is the Office? I’m just beyond disappointed. I would be happier if Season 7 was the last season.

  51. Unlike his Michael Scott character, the Office does not run without Steve Carell.

    The only way I see Steve coming back for an 8th season is the writers produce an incredible story line that spills over from the upcoming 7th season (and that Carell gets paid $$).

    However, I agree with Steve that having an ending that ties up his situation in a pretty red bow is not realistic or makes for really good television.

    While the show has incredibly talented actors, writers and support crew, the show will not be the same and as a fan would like the show to go out on a relatively high note (episodes seasons 5-6 have been hit or miss with me).

    Thank you, Steve for making Thursday nights “must see TV”.

  52. @59 — Well, it *does* make sense that they’d try and continue the show, at least from NBC’s standpoint. It’s the only comedy they have that brings in solid ratings, so they’re going to keep it around as long as they think people will watch it. It’s much smarter from a network perspective to try and make The Office work without Carell than to throw a new show in and hope it gets good ratings.

    We may not like the idea as fans, but NBC still exists to make money, so they’re going to try and wring what they can from The Office, even if it’s just one extra season.

  53. Really sad to hear that Steve might be leaving the show. Though “The Office” is an ensemble, it’s an ensemble that’s anchored by Steve, and replacing him with anyone else is going to change the fundamental dynamic of the show. NBC might want “The Office” to continue if and when Steve leaves, but I can’t see the show going for more than a season after he departs.

  54. I still think there is a good chance Steve comes back after S7. Could just be a contract negotiation tactic. Charlie Sheen did the same thing, saying he wasn’t coming back, and that sure worked out for him.

  55. I truly hope the staff and NBC realise that the show should not go on without Carell. He’s the main character of the show, and even though there are so many great characters on The Office, it won’t be the show we know and love without Michael Scott.

    The show should end on a high note, and if Carell is serious about leaving (which seems to be the case), season seven should be the last. It’s better to end the show in a proper way, not to mention the fact that an end date will give the writers the opportunity to plan the ending a year in advance. Furthermore, it will be just sad if they keep the show going without him, which will eventually lead to a sad whimper of an ending in season eight because of plummeting ratings.

  56. @ 64

    My thoughts exactly. This could be a ploy for more money or even to boost ratings. More people than ever would tune in during season 7 for their last doses of Michael Scott’s antics. The season could end with it appearing likely that he would not return. And how awesome would it be if he just reappeared in a tag during season 8, or something like that?

    His reasons for leaving are just vague to me. “It’s just time. I want to be with my family.” Eh. Could be a stunt.

  57. The writers as well as NBC need to realize that they need to end this show in Season 7 or 8. I can see an arc in Season 8 that would bring in Carrell on a semi-regular basis to wrap up everything, but really season 7 needs to be the last. I’d buy out the contracts for the rest of the cast, unless that’s too expensive, it is a business afterall.

    If season 7 isn’t the last then it really needs to be season 8. The writers need to start writing to wrap this puppy up.

  58. Even the cast are starting to get the picture. Frankie is right. This show has been a slowly deflating balloon of genius – by now it is a mockery of what it started out as.

  59. People keep saying “end the show on a high note”, but last season was anything but a high note. Hopefully S7 will be an improvement, with the writers figuring out how to write Michael off, but they are going to really have to up their game and then think about what they will do in S8 with a new dynamic.

  60. Let’s say they do end the show after this season. Seven seasons, with this being the last one, and still no Jim bobblehead?! Lol

  61. It would be nice to see the writers and producers make the wise decision to walk away after this season. Carell leaving is not quite ‘Seinfeld’ without Jerry, and yes the ensemble of The Office is strong, but it just won’t be as good of a show. I love The Office and have been a fan since the original UK version came out on DVD here in the US. I don’t want to dislike this show to the point where I can’t watch anymore, but if they keep going the way they are going, it will get to that point. Let the brilliance of what’s already out there live on and not be dragged down by bringing in Jason Alexander or Ted Danson or Zach Braff and killing what’s left of a once great show.

  62. Perfect time to end the show before it becomes too much of a parody of itself. Seven seasons is a good run and I already saw what happened when Scrubs tried to survive sans lead. Wrap it up and send this crew off into the sunset.

  63. @64 — Yeah, it worked out for Charlie Sheen, but the rest of us have been forced to suffer ever since.

  64. It definitely won’t be the same without Steve. As long as Jenna, John and Rainn don’t jump ship too, I think I still will watch.

  65. Don’t know why people are still talking about ending the show after Season 7, when there is absolutely NO WAY that is going to happen. As far as NBC is concerned, this is a business decision. Not an artistic one. Personally, I can’t imagine The Office without Steve Carell. But then I’m not going to have to imagine it. Because it’s gonna happen.

  66. I agree with many here – The Office should end after season 7, when Carell leaves. You can insert a new boss, you can promote an inside employee to boss, you can leave no one in charge…but it just won’t be the same. Frankly, seasons 5 and 6 – while enjoyable in their own right – did not live up to the sheer genius of seasons 2, 3 and even 4. I think The Office writers need to start writing season 7 as the last, and give the show – and its amazing actors – the proper (HIGH NOTE) send off it deserves. Just my two cents.

  67. Yes, it looks like Steve Carell is leaving after this next season. Is it going to stink? Yes but the show will go on and we will still watch it!

  68. I don’t know. I think that whatever they try and do, it’s not going to be the same show…you can’t just remove the central character and expect it to remain the same. Now they could probably get away with having Ricky Gervais come as a replacement boss…;)

  69. I think it will be fine. Different but fine. And different isn’t always a bad thing. Either way I’ll be glad for what we got and hopeful for what we get… Or I’ll just strip naked and run through the streets of my neighborhood screaming bloody murder until the SWAT team tazes me into submission. We’ll see.

  70. I am heartbroken, but I saw a segment on the NBC news that it will certainly be his last. For me the Office has always been Michael’s story, and how he coexisted in an office with people forming friendships and relationships, and his need to make himself feel needed by them. No other character has touched me (TWSS) or made me laugh like Michael Scott. He was funny, awkward and heartwarming. The Office started with Michael and for me the Office is going to end with him. If they do decide to continue a season 8 (which is planned), I would simply turn away.

  71. As long as there is “The Office” with a healthy dose of Jim and Pam, I will still tune in every week, Thursday night at 9pm.

  72. I’m surprised by the sudden cynicism about Steve Carell’s ulterior motives. Leaving to spend more time with his family is not a vague, unconvincing, or cliched reason, as some commenters have said. TV shows are notorious for their brutal hours, and with young kids like Steve Carell has, this probably means not seeing them awake for a lot of days per year. When the show is past its prime, he’s not wanting for money, and he’s in demand in Hollywood, why not just fulfill the contract and take a break, or just opt for the temporary committments of film roles? I obviously can’t say for sure that Steve will leave after next season, but I don’t think his reasons for doing so warrant this much skepticism.

  73. I love speculations! Why, you ask? Because even my best idea is usually capsizing while the writers for ‘the Office’ pull out another jewel for us to oggle over. Ever since season 2, I’ve said, like many on this thread, “The Office has never had the same charm like season 2. It’s just missing something.” And then I take a step back, suck up the 40 bucks to buy it on video, and see the beautifully planned, scripted show that these actors (skilled in their own right) were privileged to be a part of. Despite the small step back of Season 6 (which I have yet to watch on DVD), as long as the writing and players are constant, the change can be a very wonderful thing. I believe!

  74. This show needs to end! Go out on sort of good note. I mean what documentary crew is spending seven years of their lives to films this! Go away office, i love you, but go away

  75. It kills me to say this, because at one point I was OBSESSED with this show, but once Steve leaves, I think it’s time to let it go. But I know they won’t do that, because networks like to keep a good thing going until it’s dead. I’d rather it go out on a high note than a low note.

  76. I wonder how the other actors feel about Steve leaving and continuing the show without him. Are there any quotes from Jenna, John, or Rainn? Surely they realize what a bad idea a Steveless season 8 would be.

  77. Here’s my opinion on all of this:
    First and foremost, I will watch The Office no matter what, with or without Steve Carell. I will miss Michael, but he was never my favorite character to begin with.
    Second, I think that the fact that we’re even speculating the end of the show is a good thing. My second favorite show was just recently canceled, and although it was probably inevitable, the writers and creaters were left scrambling to come up with a good series finale. At least with The Office, they’ll have time to accomplish everything they ever wanted to with the show and there’s the possibility of The Office ending on a high note. Which I believe it will, no matter what season it ends.

  78. Here’s the truth…
    The whole cast makes me laugh.
    But Steve Carell makes me laugh HARD.
    W/out him…it’s almost pointless.
    I’m sad about this. Truly.

  79. I side with wanting the show to end on a high note. NBC has one great example of doing that – Seinfeld – and in that case, it was the show’s name sake that made it happen. I think in this case, as Steve himself pointed out, the ensemble is terrific, diverse and can easily keep the show going a season or two. But it would be a bit different to say the least.

    If the show does go on, I would love to see Darryl get Mike’s job.

  80. What could be interesting is a brief season 8 (e.g. 13 episodes)which would be the last series in which no new characters are added but we see a fight for power, candidates could be Dwight – obviously, Pam because of the whole beach games comment , Oscar for his sensibility, Stanley for more money and for thinking that if Michael can be that unproductive and keep that job – why can’t he try too!

  81. I’m in the crowd that thinks it should end when Steve Carell leaves. My biggest concern is that it would continue on another year, be bad, and get cancelled without the writers having the option of wrapping things up with a good series finale. It’s best if they know now that they have “x” number of episodes left, and plan accordingly.

    I love The Office, but all good things must come to an end, and I would greatly prefer that it be done right and not haphazardly.

  82. I love this show. It helped me to re-focus and lighten the mood during a few otherwise awful years for me, but I think the show has run its course and ending it with Michael’s exit from the company (arm in arm with Holly) would be the best way to go.

    …Unless they can bring in Gervais! That would be SO awesome. I think it would rejuvenate and reinvent the show. If they can’t get Gervais then it should end.

  83. Here’s what Gervais says about Carell leaving:

    “Well it’s official. Steve Carell will leave The Office after this next season. It was of course inevitable (and sad), but I wish him all the luck in the world. He is quite possibly the nicest, hardest working man in America and it has been a joy working with him over the last six years. (And taking the piss out of him at every award show.)

    It was expected of me, as executive producer, to persuade him to stay on. With syndication in full swing the more successful the show remains, the more billions we all make. It was tempting, but the truth is, I believe he is doing the right thing. He’s fulfilled his contract and more, and is a huge film star now. (I knocked it on the head after 12 episodes and a Christmas special.) I’d be lying if I said he should do more. He shouldn’t. He should move on, continue to do great work, and buy a new house every time The Office is repeated somewhere. (That’s what I do. Maybe I’ll buy one next door to him one day. That’ll fucking teach him.)

    Good Luck Steve.”

  84. I really think they should wrap up The Office this season. It kills me to say it, but the majority of people are right in that though. With that being said, I would definitely not be opposed to some sort of spin-off with one or a few of the characters (like Frasier from Cheers). Just thoughts though. But best-case scenario is they convince Steve to sign a one-year extension to match the rest of the cast and then call it after S8.

  85. I am sad that Steve will be leaving, but I can certainly understand his reasons. I hope they don’t burn any bridges with respect to him returning for a guest spot or two. As for the show continuing, I want to see them try season 8 and if it doesn’t work out pack it in then.

  86. As much as I have loved this show, the writing this year has been weak, the characters are less interesting and the direction of the show, well, it has no direction any more. Andy was great when he was a minor awkward “Cornell grad.” Angela needs to be back in love with Dwight. Dwight needs to be the goofy employee again. That is all gone these days. Now, it’s Jim and Pam and their baby and goofy plots and no real funny episodes anymore.

    It’s time to say goodbye to this show. The first five seasons were great, but Carell clearly sees that the show has run its course and is getting out now. It’s sort of like when Don Knotts left the “Andy Griffith Show.” It was never the same without Barney. It’s the same with “The Office.”

  87. I would like to know how Jenna, John, Rainn, and Tanster :) feel about Steve leaving and a possible 8th Season without him…

  88. Yeah Tanster, we haven’t heard your input on the situation. Also, wasn’t there supposed to be an in-depth set visit report at some point? What are you holding back? :)

  89. It’s going to be sad to see Steve go. Hopefully the seventh season will be the best. Let’s see another DUNDEE AWARDS EPISODE THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!!

  90. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the obvious replacement for Michael when he leaves…

    Bring back Ed Truck :)

  91. Chris – Your powers of observation would make anyone’s ‘cappa’ be ‘detated’ from their heads. :)

  92. Holly and Michael should be transferred back to Nashua and Michael could be the Regional Manager from there. Nobody would have to fill his spot and Steve Carell could guest star at the series finale when Amy Ryan would also be back for the Flax-Scott wedding. Boom! Written.

  93. this is the saddest day since the office started. as much as i love this show it can’t go on without steve.

  94. Yes, The Office has one great ensemble, but that doesn’t mean they will do great without Steve Carell. Because Steve Carell is the the most significant figure of the cast, if he leaves, the show will go down a huge bunch, no matter how great the writing and script will be. A majority of the viewers of The Office will agree that he IS the main character. Having the main character leave a show is TV suicide. If Carell leaves, end the show, as simple as that.

  95. Last year’s season, season 6, was probably the worst season so far, although it did have one of the best episodes of the series in The Wedding. However, the transformation of Pam (from being quiet and sort-of a doormat to being obnoxious and somewhat of a bitch) is one of the worst things of this show. Personally, I did like the buyout from Sabre, which saved the show slightly because Kathy Bates played her part really well. The thing that makes the show for me are the one-liners that highlighted the first 3 seasons of the show (‘That’s what she said’ is never said anymore). This show needs to have a strong season 7 so that it can save the show and end the series.

  96. As talented as the rest of the ensemble is, the show cannot possibly stay afloat without Steve Carell. The producers insist it´ll open new doors creatively, but they don´t really seem to be making any efforts to make the rest of the characters stronger. If anything, most of them have taking a turn for the worst..whatever happened to Jim, Pam, Dwight and Ryan from earlier seasons?? or Creed even. HOnestly, the only way I would give it a chance in S8 would be if a big name actor with strong comedic chops filled in Steve´s shoes. We really don´t need to see Jim or Dwight try to gain control of the office again. Don´t cheapen the memory this great show will leave on many of us.

  97. Wow, all this negativity. As the queen of pessimism I’d normally be jumping on the bandwagon, but I can’t help it, I’m excited for what’s to come.

    I love Steve/Michael just as much as anyone else, and it will be super sad to see him go (I will probably be corny and cry), but I’m in love with the rest of the cast too. Yeah, last season was pretty iffy, to say the least, but Paul hit the nail on the head: with Michael leaving, that opens up the door for so many new storylines. Hopefully it will be the muse the writers have seemingly been needing for a while. Sure, a lot of the characters have been suffering in the personality department for a few seasons now (I miss you, artist Pam, shy Ryan, and prankster Jim) but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Don’t lose faith in the writers!

    I don’t know, maybe I’m just being selfish, but I’m not ready to say goodbye to Pam, Ryan, Jim, and Dwight yet. And I’m glad we won’t have to.

  98. 12 Adrienne- That doesn’t really seem fair? I mean Steve just recently announced his leave, AFTER the show had finished filming for the last season… We have yet to see what the writers are doing with the knowledge Steve is leaving. They might surprise you.

  99. If they’re hiring from within, easily the most qualified person to run the branch (from a real-world perspective) would be Oscar. He’s one of the few people that actually seems qualified for his job.

    Unfortunately, that wouldn’t make for much of a show.

    What’s Jason Bateman doing these days? Bring him on to run the branch.

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