1. As a Colts fan and a citizen of Indianapolis, I’m pretty sure Steve is the only one who could stop Peyton Manning… by making him laugh hysterically.

  2. Ditto, Fanatic! Not much could top Indy’s flogging of the Jags in my mind, but Steve’s bit came close. Go Colts!

  3. I live in Jacksonville and almost had to change my pants last night after seeing Steve Carell giving hilarious victory tips to my beloved Jaguars on Monday Night Football! It completely validated my decision stay home and watch the game on TV despite having to miss seeing The Who perform at halftime. Too bad the Jags didn’t follow Steve’s advice and pull out the win, though…they got trampled by the Colts. :(

  4. I’m sorry to hear about that tiny dundie.
    You’ll get your revenge once they face the Pats!
    Steve should do a commercial for that, since he’s from ’round here.

  5. The pregnancy advice and the diseased hamsters had me falling out of my chair. The hamsters all looked possessed. Too funny!

    Did I mention the pick ax? Priceless.

  6. That would have been worth the cost of cable for the month. Wow. (the train of thought it took for him to get there… I think I want to be in his brain to see how he gets from “A” to “B”)

  7. What a delicious treat before watching my hometown Colts take the field. It made me smile and Steve Carell is just too adorable for words. Hee.

  8. Steve’s right about one thing – Peyton is GREAT with the ball. I’m glad the Jaguars didn’t take his advice. I hope Kevin doesn’t hear that because Peyton is his Fantasy Football QB, and I’m thrilled to see so many Colts AND Office fans. Go Colts!

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