1. I love Pam and Michael interaction. Brilliant. I see good things ahead.

  2. Creeeeeeeeeed.
    I am very happy and looking forward to the return of the half-hour episodes.

  3. ahah I love the new kinda laugh-out-loud funny Pam. And I bet that xylophone thing at the beginning was from this episode.

  4. leslie, I’m with you on the half-hour thing. I know everyone loves the one-hours, but I’m excited for the return of the short ones.

    Also, Pam is amazing.

  5. #8: i bet the xylophone part is from 30rock, since the show acknowledges that the characters work for nbc.

    but, i cannot wait for 30min episodes…which feels like an odd thing to say.

  6. As always, looks like it will be a good episode. I love as much Office as I can get, but I do think the half hour episodes will allow for a better flow of the storylines. Anyone think the next DMI task after this episode will be something like create your own local ad for DMI?

  7. Pam is awesome. Nuff said. Also, Creed being in the ad for Dunder-Mifflin just put the sugar on top for me! Nuff said, again.

  8. Ooh, wow, that second promo… is Michael in Chili’s/a bar? Might this be the return of The Dundies!?

  9. Hahaha. That episode sounds hysterical…and I totally agree lemonade, Pam is awesome.

    Go Creed Go! ;)

  10. Yeah, I rewatched it and thought it was probably from 30 Rock. But, anyway, I totally agree with the half hour thing. I love the hours, but it gets too long at a point. I wish they had a 45 minute time slot; that would be perfect I think.

  11. I’m glad The Office doesn’t lean on guest stars as a ploy to attract viewers. I just wish NBC would feature The Office more in its promos.

  12. Oh my god. Chili’s? Please, please let that be Chili’s. And *please* let them recognize Pam and let something amazing go down.

  13. If they are in Chili’s, that’s great. I really hope they do another Dundies ep down the road; it’s a storyline that’s full of potential and can easily be revisited with a fresh perspective.

  14. Samuel L. Chang – I was thinking just the same thing, with respect to guest stars. I enjoy the appearances by strong comedic actors (David Koechner, Rob Riggle, etc.) in roles that make sense, it’s getting a bit tiring to see other shows relying on the big-name-guest-star-of-the-week. The same can be said about the promos – I can honestly say I’ve never thought “Gosh, I must watch that show because Danny Bonaduce’s going to be on it this week.” Maybe I’m in the minority on that, though.

  15. I love that all Andy and Angela do is nuzzle. I don’t think Angela gives it up that easily.

    I wanted to post a hilarious Rainn Wilson quote about the level of intimacy between Dwight and Angela, but I think it would be too crass to post it here. ;)

  16. Wow. Those are some really good previews. Funny, but not funny enough to spoil the hardcore funny of the episode. Not too spoilerish, but still enough to give you a taste for the feel of the episode and leaving us wanting more and more and more.

    Hoorah for half hour epis again!

  17. Anytime Andy sings I’m personally just a happier person! Haha, those are perfection previews.

  18. Football cream ARRRRGGGGGHHHH! Priceless! That’s what makes this show so amazing.

  19. So looking forward to seeing the Kit Kat Bar commercial being sung! Well sort of, I love how after Jim tells them, no one tells Andy what it is. They all listen to him! Awesome. Anyone notice that Angela is sitting next to Andy?

  20. hahaha! Those were hilarious!!! Especially the first, I can’t wait until Thursday!!! hahaha I’m still laughing!

  21. Well, I don’t know how long the promos will last on youtube. NBC is taking down all of its copyright material even the promos from youtube. Search The office or Scrubs and try to play any of the videos. Half the videos are gone and it looks like the rest are going too.

  22. I think Andy is quickly working his way to being my favorite character. I’m really interested to see how this thing with him and Angela goes, since I noticed they’re sitting together in one of the clips. I hope she doesn’t break his little heart!

  23. There was a time when I could never imagine myself loving any television character more than Gob Bluth, but post-anger management Andy is getting seriously close. The “necking” is both adorable and strange.

  24. #49 – I find it so sad that NBC is taking this course of action. youtube fanvids create an amazing fan base for the show. I noticed some of my favorite JAM videos have been pulled. It’s such a shame. It wasn’t too long ago that NBC utilized youtube for a promo contest. I’m surprised to see them turn their back on such a viable source of free advertising. I’ve never supported people who post full episodes on youtube, but fanvids are a different story. What will they take away next?

  25. Damn, I feel bad for Dwight but that was funny “Angela can stay the same,but we’ll change Andy to Dwight. Dwike?” lmfao. :)

  26. #54, Elisabeth, you are right. I would love to have Season 4 episodes on itunes.

  27. Here’s the deal with youtube: NBC has discontinued its’ service on youtube as of now. In one month, NBC Universal and News Corp will launch a joint online video venture called hulu.com.

  28. I don’t know why…but I now have an irresistable urge to go buy football cream. Does anyone know where I can get some?

  29. Hi, I’m fairly new to this website (p.s. I love it!) Are those videos actual scenes from Thursday’s episode? Or are they ones that have probably made the cutting room floor??? I hope for the former – the Kit Kat bar commercial bit is HILARIOUS. :D

  30. ohmygod. I am just so deprived right now. Not to mention procrastinating. I just keep watching that first preview over and over. It is quite possibly my favorite scene of all season already and I haven’t even seen the whole episode. I loooooouuuve the way jim eggs andy on so much.

    “Yes. Football cream…. it’s football cream.”

  31. Football cream is probably a reference to Tinactin, an anti-athlete’s foot cream that NFL commentator John Madden used to do commercials for. That’s just a guess.

  32. I love (and have always loved) Andrew Bernard. The singing is dorky and great (and Michael loves it). I just want Colbert to guest on the show. That would be PERFECTION. Oh… unless one of the people from Arrested Development showed up. I am SO loving The Office this season. Stellar, outstanding, stupendous, marvelous!!

  33. Awww, I love Andy’s singing! In fact, I’ve grown very fond of him, & I didn’t like him at all at first . . . felt like he was an intruder.

  34. NBC.com has a video of the ad Michael and company put together, which I assume will also be shown on the episode tonight. Currently it’s the first video that comes up on the video page for The Office.

  35. OMIGOD. Say it isn’t so about NBC yanking clips from youtube?! I live overseas and 13-year old Bret “office107” has been my lifeline. Anyone have a clue how else I can catch the episodes without having to wait AN ETERNITY for the DVD? (the NBC site won’t work outside the US)

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