Steve Carell fan? Tune in to SNL this week

ambiguously gay duo

This post has absolutely nothing to do with The Office, but if you’re a Steve Carell fan (and who the heck isn’t?), read on.

Saturday Night Live will be presenting the “Best of TV Funhouse” this Saturday, April 29th.

From the NBC website:

The special will be hosted by “The Ambiguously Gay Duo,” Ace and Gary (voiced, as ever, by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell) and will feature new material starring the subtly homoerotic superheroes performing an “SNL” monologue as well as interacting “live” with the current cast throughout the show.

Yeah, Steve Carell is the voice of AGD’s Gary! (Did you guys already know that? I didn’t know that.)

I’ve added this event to the Calendar.


  1. I have to say that The Office has made me a die hard fan of Steve Carell. I am not going back in time and discovering all these roles, shows and movies that I’ve watched and never noticed Steve Carell. This is just another one of those facts that I never noticed.

  2. Wait.. is Colbert the other voice then?

    No way. My two favorites? Together. Wow!

  3. Melissa, I KNOW! Isn’t that wild?

    I miss seeing Stephen Colbert on The Daily Show’s ‘This Week in God’ segment.

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