Steve Carell talks about The Office finale

Steve Carell explains to Ellen why he won’t appear in The Office finale.

From Steve’s interview with CNN:

“I figured the character would go back and visit everybody, but he wouldn’t do it on camera at this point,” he said. “I think he had grown past the idea of being in the documentary, that was my take on it. That [Michael Scott] had said goodbye to that aspect of his life, that that’s not what was important to him. I just thought, yeah he’d go back and visit, but he wouldn’t want the camera crew to be documenting it.”


  1. Waaah, I really thought he was going to make a double secret surprise cameo.

  2. I don’t understand his argument…even though I know he knows his character better than anyone. It just doesn’t seem like Michael would think much of it if he came back to see everyone and was filmed doing it. I never got the impression that Michael Scott was done with the cameras. It just seemed like he was done with Dunder Mifflin and went off to embark on his life with Holly.

  3. He grew past the documentary, which is why he explicitly asked for the documentary crew to tell him when it would be airing.

    C’mon, Steve.

  4. It’s sad but I’m ok with this. It would have taken more than one episode to bring him back. Michael Scott demanded too much attention to just be a cameo. That’s just my opinion. Which is sad because he’s my favorite tv character ever.

  5. Did the Office cast beat Steve up and take his lunch money? I just can’t wrap my head around why he is so apprehensive about taking 2 days out of his life to go on the set and film a small scene.

  6. I agree Roy’s Mugshot. It’s a shame he couldn’t have let the fans see Michael one more time.:(

  7. I see his point but Office fans are expecting a nod to Michael Scott in some way or another. Even if there’s no Steve Carell appearance maybe have the characters receive some sort of call or email from Michael. I think fans would be devastated if there’s no mention of him at all. Just my two cents.

  8. Wait! Has anyone heard of a possible Amy Ryan comeback? I haven’t seen anywhere her ruling herself out of it, but I have also not heard her say she is…

    Holly Flax was not up on the ranks of Michael Scott (Improv & Yoda impressions aside) but she is probably the closest thing to a Michael Scott comeback, so if not Michael, maybe Holly could come back and give us a Michael Scott update? I don’t know how that would work though.

  9. Feels more like Steve Carell has closed the chapter on Michael Scott rather than that Michael Scott has closed the chapter on the documentary. Shame for loyal fans.

  10. @13, I agree. He danced around it quite a bit there. I can’t believe Michael won’t appear again until I see the end. It would’ve been filmed a long time ago, so, technically, he wouldn’t be coming back.

  11. I was really looking forward to a cameo, but I don’t think it will happen at all. I think the best chance we will get is a phone call or an email.

  12. I agree with Bill, just because he doesn’t want the camera crew there doesn’t mean they won’t be there. There’s also Toby97’s theory about Holly; it’s strange that Amy Ryan hasn’t been referenced at all.

  13. Still think Scott will show up. The documentary is basically done shooting. That’s the hint Steve is giving.

  14. I kinda don’t believe Steve-I think he could really still show up. You’d think they would tell everyone that he is for people to watch and for ratings and whatnot, but at the same time, it would make the series finale THAT. MUCH. BETTER. (If we thought he wasn’t coming back)

  15. i’m still gonna cross my fingers that he’ll make a cameo. even a phone call would be good!

  16. I’m still not totally convinced that he’s not returning, either. I couldn’t help but notice that Steve, in the above video, looks pretty “Michael-y” to me. What happened to that stubble that he’s been sporting for the last year? His hair looks pretty Michael-y, too. Guess we’ll see…

  17. Michael was a total camera hog and would welcome any excuse to be in front of that camera again. I’m not buying this excuse…..

  18. It will be disappointing to say the least, if Michael Scott does not return for the finale

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