1. Thank you Office cast! Your amazing work ethic and relationships show through in your episodes. Thank you sooo much!

  2. All that I can say is thanks for the memories. Good luck to all of the cast and crew and may God bless all of you.

  3. A few years ago, I went through a really rough period in my life…The Office was one of the few things that helped me pull through. For that, I thank all of you. Jim and Pam’s story gave me faith in my relationship, and….I’m not sure what I’m trying to say, but you all have done a lot more than just make me laugh over the years. The Office helped me. And you will all be remembered.
    I’m sure this last day is gonna be long and hard
    (twss), but I’m sure you’ll make it count! :D

  4. When my dad laughed at the “Does the carpet match the drapes?” line in the pilot when he watched it for the first time, I knew we would have a new thing to bond over. Thanks for nearly a decade of tickling our funny bones and tugging at our heartstrings.

  5. Thank you for years of good memories and clever dialogue. Here’s hoping Steve is/was there to film a surprise cameo!

  6. There was once a young kid who sat down with his parents and saw Jim sitting at the Stamford Office and asked “Where did Jim go?”. 6 Years later he’s a College Student who can tell you almost anything about his absolute favorite TV series in the entire world. I love the Office, and I’m going to miss it SOOOO much. Thank you, Office crew, for bringing me the funniest, most heartwarming show that has ever graced the television screen. I plan to watch the whole series before the finale and end the marathon Office watch with what I hope to be the greatest episode ever. Thank you so much, and good luck with everything.

  7. I, like #3, have also been affected by your influence in my life, not just by making me laugh, but by being a source of encouragement and hope in ways that will stay with me forever. A lot of life lessons have been (and are still being) learned throughout the life of this series and I don’t have enough words to say thank you or how much you are all appreciated.


  8. I’m so sad today is your last day of filming even though the finale won’t be aired until May! I just want to sulk in bed and watch every episode all over again! Good luck to all of you!!

  9. Back in April 2010 I got a very minor cut on my ankle that turned into a major leg infection. So much so I thought I might lose my leg it was that bad. I was so DEPRESSED. My girlfriend would watch the Office but I didn’t care to see it. My doctor’s orders were to stay in bed with my leg up. TV would be my best friend for months. Just got Netflix and decided to give the Office a try. Amazing. I laughed and laughed. Dwight kicks Isabelle in the face made me laugh to tears. Michael/Toby. Dwight/Jim. The WHOLE cast. The writing. You brought me out of my depression. I can not possibly express in words my sincere gratitude to all of you for bringing laughter to me when I was at my lowest. Leg is fine now. This note is my virtual hug and hand shake to all of you. You made Thursdays magical. Thank you thank you thank you so very much!

  10. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for 9 amazing seasons; thank you for the laughs, for the tears; for everything. I cannont even begin to describe how much I will miss it.

  11. I don’t even know where to begin. Every single cast and crew member, past and present, has left such an amazing impact on the lives of people such as myself. I am proud to say that I have stuck with “The Office” during every up and down over the past several years, as a full-fledged Dunder Mifflin fan. I rooted you on before and I’ll root you on even after the show is over.

    Every laugh was appreciated, every talent noticed. Thank you so much for being with us, your fans – and I hope you will all continue to do so as time continues to go by.

  12. There are no words to say how thankful I am to have ever witnessed the beauty that is The Office, I have never seen a TV Show that has incredible writing, incredible story lines, incredible characters, incredible actors. I can’t begin to think about how empty my life is going to be in May, and not have that “I’ll have to wait till September now!” feeling. I often think to myself “Toby you really shouldn’t be this attached to a TV Show” but then I watch an episode and remember why I love it so much. Thank you so much The Office, I am going to miss you greatly.

  13. You guys have brought joy to the past nine years of my life. Words cannot describe how upset I am that this era is ending. You have been the best part of my life and I thank you so much for the happiness you’ve brought me.

  14. Thanks to the cast and crew for creating an amazing show! It has been so amazing watching it over the last eight and a half years! There have been many laughs at the tv screen because of you guys. Jim & Pam, I love you guys. Kevin, you’re hilarious. and Michael, although you’re not here, you made the show man and I love you too.
    Peace out Office cast, I’m really sad to see it go! I’ll miss it so much, my Thursday nights won’t be the same. <3

  15. Thanks so much for creating 9 years of amazing comedy! It helped a lot of people! It inspired me to be a writer. I hope you guys get together in a few years to do a reunion.

  16. Thank you, The Office cast and staff! You’ve made my life happier and easier and I’m gonna miss you like hell!
    At least, that’s what she said!
    Cheers from Brazil!

  17. I never thought I could become this attached to a show after Seinfeld ended, and yet, here we are. Thank you all for your incredible devotion to The Office and your desires to send the series off on a high note.

  18. I just wanted to thank the entire cast and crew for making The Office the amazing show that it is today, you all did an amazing job!

  19. Thank you for one of the best sitcoms of all time!

    Hope to see some of you guest on “The Mindy Project”. Will be sad to see “The Office” end, but glad the cast will still be all over TV and Film.

  20. Thank you, Office cast for the highlight of my weeks all through high school, freshman year and all the years you’ve been recording. You’re all amazing and Jim, marry me.

  21. Thank you for always putting me in a good mood, no matter how bad I feel in over this last 9 years, We’ll miss you The Office

  22. I have been watching since I was 9 and I just want to say ill miss you all so much!! Being an 18yo my friends make fun of me for being so attached to a show but I feel as though I know the whole cast on a personal level and thank you for making me laugh every Thursday night!! Please keep up the tweeting, because it’s so fun to see what you guys do behind the scenes! Start planning a reunion now!!! Thanks again to everyone I love you all!!!

  23. I’m going to make this short and sweet..that’s what she said!

    It may be the end of filming, but it’s not the end of The Office. It will live on as the best show ever with all your fans. We love you all and just want to say thank you for making my life better with each amazing Thursday night episode.


  24. Thank you!!!!! Thank you for the laughs and memories. The Office will never end as long as I own my DVDs. Be proud of what you have done and best wishes. Thanks again!

  25. I am going to miss The Office more than I will ever be able to express. This show has made me laugh and cry more than any other tv show/movie. I have a super heavy feeling in my heart just knowing that there’s only a few episodes left until this beautiful show is over. I love The Office so much!

  26. Thank you for all the laughs and tears. Like I said on The Office Thank You Book, you guys were the best show since “Friends”. I’m sad I don’t have a show to watch every week anymore. I wish you all the best of luck and I love you all!

  27. This is the first time that I am having to go through something that I care for very deeply come to an end. I have cherished every single moment. From the very first Jell-O prank on Dwight to the heartbreaking speech from Jim to Pam on Casino Night. On to Stamford and New York City, I’ve stayed true all the way. Every time that Michael said, “That’s what she said,” and Jim looked at the camera I was there.

  28. Thank you for being there to make me laugh when I needed it most. I learned so much watching this show about love and friendship, and to never get the wrong angle when bouncing a watermelon down on a trampoline. Thank you to the office crew!

  29. When Andy tore his scrotum and Cecelia Marie Halpert was born. I was there after Michael left and will be here to the bitter end. But you were also there and you played more of a role than I could ever dream to. For that I thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I don’t know what things would be like if this show wasn’t here. You all worked so hard and every moment has been a great part and experience of my life.

  30. Thank you for everything! This show is something that I used to start connecting with a guy I liked… who is now my husband. :)

  31. The office has been possibly the only show I’ve watched that has been consistently funny throughout. Everytime I’ve felt sad, I have put your show on and instantly felt better. There have been so many hilarious, quotable moments with Rainn, John and Ed in particular. The cast are all amazing and I wish the best of luck to you all in your careers. Thank you for all the laughs over the years, enjoy the last day of filming x

  32. The Office: Never before was there ever, and never will there be again. It was so much more than just a tv show. I have no words. But I am not going to cry because it’s over—well, not too much anyway—I am simply going to smile because it was. So glad to have been a part of the wonderful journey with such a wonderful cast and crew! What a marvelous and spectacular experience it has been!

  33. Thank you Office cast! Thank you for getting me through secondary school. Every Friday i’d rush home to see the new episode,and whether it was either a good day or a bad day, you guys would never fail to cheer me up and make me laugh.

  34. Words cannot describe how much I will miss this show. I love it more than I love myself. Sorry if I forget anything, brotha, but it’s really hard to condense nine years of thank yous and feelings into one (technically three) comments. To every single person who ever did a single thing, thank you. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best. Thank you.

  35. My daughter was five years old when we started watching the Office together. In the fall she’s starting high school. Last summer, we drove down to LA and found Scranton Business Park. We’re glad we saw it while it was still the offices of Dunder Mifflin and Vance Refrigeration. It will now return to Los Angeles, part of an industrial area near the railroad tracks. But it will always be Scranton in our hearts. Thank you so much!

  36. From season 1, episode 1 You have made me laugh. I have enjoyed it all. Thanks for the memories.

  37. Hope it’s a fantastic finale! I will miss The Office terribly! Been a fan since the beginning! Cheers!

  38. When season 9 went on its Christmas hiatus, I started watching The Office from the beginning and caught up with the series in less than a month. At that point in my life, Jim’s overwhelming love for Pam helped me through a lot of things and now their relationship and its beauty still makes me cry. It’s been an amazing ride and I thank everyone for the awesomeness they brought to this show, and I can promise that I will continue making Jim faces at imaginary cameras for years to come. To the entire cast and the absolutely incredible writers and editors, Thank you

  39. Good luck guys! I’ve followed The Office US here in the UK religiously since 2005 and love it as much as the original. I was 13 and now i’m in my finals at University! I watch episodes over and over and I’ve nearly spent half my life with the cast! So i feel like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend this May and will miss you dearly! Thank you for 9 years of laughs, picking me up when things are tough and making me smile without fail. Love you guys, all those on camera and off camera, thank you.

  40. Thank you, from the UK! Your work is universal, and it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

  41. Every now and again, I find a “PERFECT TV SHOW.” That’s what “THE OFFICE” is/was. I liked how it truly showed the life at a typical office in a comedic way. The cast and production team are amazing. When September comes around, I will feel an emptiness that I haven’t felt for the last 9 years. “THE OFFICE” has always put a smile on my face and will be missed tremendously. I wish the cast and crew the best in the future.

  42. There’s going to be an empty hole in my life come May but I’m so grateful for all the wonderful memories and moments I will cherish forever, let’s hope the finale is a fitting one :)

  43. It’s sad to hear that this is it for the cast. So many amazing moments that I won’t soon forget. Just today I was in Jordan’s Furniture (John & Mindy will know it!) & saw a Belle of the Ball sign and immediately began quoting Prison Mike. I love this show and will greatly miss it. I’m sure I’ll be a mess during the finale! Congrats to the cast and crew and good luck in all that you move on to next!

  44. This show has really changed my life in multiple ways, thank you for all the tears, the laughs, and those good feeling moments. The cast was just phenomenal. It’s sad to see such a great show that you’re in love with come to an end.

  45. Loved every minute of every episode. Take a bow. Favourite episodes: Branch Closing, The Coup, Safety Training, Threat Level Midnight.
    Just another Office nut,
    Peter M.

  46. I am very sad about this end, I had the best times watching you with my family and won’t ever forget about each character. Thank you for doing this amazing show, kind regards, Juan from Argentina.

  47. I’ve fallen in love with this show over the years and I hate to see it go. All the characters felt so real and I really loved watching them grow through 9 amazing seasons. The Office is truly a show I’ll be watching over and over again through the years. It’s so sad to see it end, but I’m glad to know that it’s planned for rather than just cut off. Thank you for all the years of amazing television (and sending me off on a wild goose chase to find the Jim to my Pam).

  48. I cannot thank you guys enough! The Office is and will always be my favorite comedy. All of you should be beyond proud for the work you have created and I wish you luck in your future endeavors! Even though it is ending, The Office will live forever in our hearts. THANK YOU!

  49. I don’t even know what to say. I’m going to miss seeing you guys and your characters every week so, so much. Thank you for such amazing work. The Office will forever be one of my favorite shows, and I’m sure I will be watching the DVDs years and years in the future. I was finishing my senior year of high school when the show started, and I am now a “real” adult who has finished college/grad school and is working in an office with characters who aren’t quite as entertaining. I’m still waiting for my Jim Halpert, though. haha :) Anyway. I wish you guys the best, and I hope you all stay friends and work together in the future. Thankyouthankyouthankyou and good luck! Love you guys!

  50. Thank you so much for the joy, laughter, sadness, and a whole spectrum of emotions for the past 9 years. I love you all so much and wish you the very best in the next chapter of your lives. Thank you again.

  51. You guys made me laugh through some really rough times.

    You will be missed.

    Thank You.

  52. It’s hard to know where to begin. The Office has been more than just a “great tv show” or something that’s “fun to watch”. It’s been a part of my life. I used to have trouble sleeping, because I would continuously think about the day’s stressful events, and not be able to sleep. Since discovering The Office, back in 2008, I routinely watch it in bed, and forget the day’s worries. Not only am I a huge fan, but I got to visit the set twice. Meeting the cast only confirmed my love for the show. Not only are they talented and funny, but they are great people too. The combination of the skilled writers, producers, production staff, designers, etc. all helped to create a show that will be remembered for a very long time. Thanks is the least I can say.

  53. I started watching this show near the middle of season 1. I first saw “Health Care”, and thought it was a real “hidden camera” show. It was hilarious. I soon got the idea after watching more episodes, and loved every moment of it. Thanks for all the humor that has been produced over the years. Special thanks to the writers and actors/actresses who were able to convey so much of real life through this series. “The Office” will always been one of my favorite shows, and arguably one of the best series from the early 2000s.

  54. How do I start? The first episode I ever saw was Diversity Day and I thought it was a funny show but that was it. About 3 years later I had lost my job and was so sad that nothing could cheer me up until 1 day with nothing else on, I watched an episode of The Office, season 4. At that moment, it all changed and I was hooked. For those 30 minutes it took a person who was worried about paying their bills and the rent into someone who was extremely happy. I guess it is true that they say laughter is always the best medicine. this show has helped me through so much, that I want to thank you all for that. Thank you to all the crew and cast members who made an awesome show, I will truly miss seeing you guys every Thursday night. Congratulations on a great accomplishment and good luck on future endeavors!!!

  55. THANK YOU for these amazing 9 seasons, for bringing so much joy in my life, for being the greatest group of people. Thank you for all the laugh and tears, thank you for Jim Halpert, and thank you for creating the sweetest, most incredible love story ever.

  56. I could write for hours! Yet I’ll sum it up by saying thank you. All of you guys have given me an amazing 9 years.Jim and Pam have even influenced my own relationship.Thank you.

  57. Thank you for the laughs, tears, and the smiles you all brought me. From mega desk to Michael’s ingrown mustache hair. All I can say is thank you 1,000 times.

  58. THANK YOU! Thank you for the best 9 years.Cannot thank you all enough for what you have done for us fans and how incredibly blessed are we to have witnessed this.
    Dunder Mifflin. So long!

  59. About the last day of shooting: NO GOD! PLEASE NO! NOOOOOOOOO
    The Office is my favorite TV show ever, I’ll miss it a lot. I love everybody and I feel like they’re kinda of my friends, so, it’s sad that is almost over. It was 9 great years! Thank you for all the laughs and fun you brought to us. Good bye and I hope to see you all in my tv again as soon as possible :)
    PS. Pretty please let Jim and Pam together and happy, PLEASE!
    Xx, from Brazil :)

  60. I’d just like to say thank you so much to The Office cast, for all their hard work! I’ve been watching the show for years now and I cannot believe it’s coming to an end. My brother first introduced me to the show, and I’ve been hooked since then. Watching the show always puts me in a better mood. One of my favorite episodes was when Dwight had the fire safety and Stanley had a heart attack, it always makes me crack up! I’d like to wish good luck to all the cast, directors, producers, an anyone involved in the show over the years! Xx

  61. Just…thank you. I am so glad i didn’t turn my back like others i know. Season 9 was the best in years; a truly fitting final chapter. So many Loves!!!

  62. You guys made millions laugh, I won’t rant on the office coming to an end. After all it was the inevitable. Hats off to 9 years well spent

  63. Whenever I had a rough day I could always watch The Office DVD sets I have and be guaranteed a laugh. Dwight and Jim’s relationship was the best. I will miss them both, especially Jim who I’m sure every woman who watched had a crush on.

  64. I want you to give yourselves a round of applause. Or at least a clap, somewhere, during one of your final scenes. You’ll never know how much enjoyment you gave millions of people.
    The show is over, but the memories remain.

  65. To all the cast members, crew, writers, etc. thank you for all the joy you give with every episode.

    The laughter (and tears of joy) have given me a chance to forget my worries for 30 minutes, when I’ve needed it most.

    I wish you all much success. Thank you for sharing your talent and bringing happiness to our lives. :)

  66. The Office Cast and Crew,
    Thanks for the great Thursday nights and endless hours of laughter on DVDs. Savor every moment of your last day of filming. Lots of luck to all of you as you move on to the next chapter of your lives! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

  67. Thank you so much for all of the laughs through the years! Season 9 has been awesome.

  68. I have watched The Office since the very first episode!!!! It’s made me laugh and cry and is what I always turn to when I need to put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for everything!!!!!

  69. One of my favorite things is having the perfect line from The Office to say in any given situation. Whether I say it aloud, or just think it, whether anyone gets it or not, it always makes me smile. I know I can tell my daughters about it later & they’ll laugh with me. I probably let them watch the show more than I should have when they were a bit too young, but hey, they go to public school so it’s not any worse! And, the writing is better! Thank you all for keeping it real, and fun, and yes, real fun for so long. Talk about a Dream Team, you guys are it. I’ll miss you but I can always play back the video & analyze your form! Love & blessings from Oklahoma, guys…you are the BEST SHOW EVER!

  70. This is the only show I have ever watched completely from start to finish. I’m sad that it’s ending and incredibly grateful for all of it. This is also the only show that I’ve purchased on DVD.. can’t wait to own the last season and have marathon after marathon after marathon! Thank you to everyone who ever worked on the show for the joy that you have created.

  71. Season 1 episode 1,2,3 ok The Alliance episode 4 took it another level. Awesomeness has been with it ever since. We will miss it and recognise just how good it was when it’s gone. Thank you

  72. The Office is my first, and only, television obsession. Thanks for caring about the fans so much and allowing Tanster to bring us amazing behind the scenes info! The heart behind the show is obvious every Thursday night! Thank you!!!

  73. Thank you, best sit com ever. Hoping for a follow up in a few years. My fav eps are niagara and stress relief. I watch a least 1 ep every day. Gonna miss it :'(

  74. I’m 18 years old now, in college and signing a lease on my first apartment the same day you wrap filming on the show I grew up with for the past 9 years. My personality and sense of humor would be different had my adolescence not been so focused on learning from you guys. Thanks writers, actors, crew for inspiring me to laugh and write for the rest of my life.

  75. Thanks for being so honest, funny, and real for the past nine years. No matter what was happening in my life, I always had Thursday night to look forward to. I love you all & I will miss you so much!!!

  76. Thank you, The Office, for being there at the beginning of my relationship with my future husband and bringing us closer together through your show. You will be missed, but never forgotten! xoxo

  77. Thanks for nine seasons of fun, laughter, and wacky antics. I’ll miss tuning in to watch the adventures of the Dunder Mifflin team. They live on forever on DVD and Blu-ray and in my heart.

  78. Weird to say, but I would honestly be a different person if it wasn’t for the office…in a much worse way I think honestly

  79. I don’t really know how to explain what this show means to me. I thank everyone involved with this show for what they have created. My only regret is that when i worked at the maid of the mist here in Niagara Falls, i wasn’t working the day that they shot Pam and Jim getting married down on the boats, see that or maybe even getting to meet them would have been amazing.

  80. Thank you so much for the past 9 years. They have been amazing, hope your careers continue to be amazing and successful! Viva La Office

  81. There really isn’t much more to say than thanks so much for putting together such a great cast and show. Through good times and bad times, this show has been the constant to keep me smiling. Good luck to all the actors in their future projects. I know that this show will be my all time favorite and when I have kids, this will be passed down to them.

  82. How can I possibly think of everything I need to say? I can’t. And I can’t deal with The Office being over so I am just going to rewatch it forever. And these 10 seasons will continue to be amazing because you all did terrific work. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for getting me through life’s disappointments and irrationalities with your hilarity and your big sweet hearts. :)

  83. Thank you, my girlfriend and I have spent countless hours watching the show for a long time now, every episode, extended episode, deleted scene, blooper. Sick days have never been better!
    Every single one of you in the cast are hilarious. Thank you so mucho, we will miss you very much!
    Can’t wait for a The Office Reunion in the future and to see you now in your future projects! We’ll keep supporting you!

  84. During a particularly dark time in my life, the Office got me through. I was able to dive in to the show, the characters and the relationships just enough to let me breathe. Once I had my breath, I could face my problems. I’ve gotten through that dark time and will always turn to the Office for comfort and laughs. You have no idea how much you’ve helped. Wish I could return the favor. Good luck to the whole cast and crew as you move into your new projects.

  85. I never thought I’d find myself trolling the internet trying to learn spoilers for a sitcom. Thanks for making it worthwhile.

  86. Thank you to all the cast for years of smiles and laughs. My now fiancé and I have watched religiously from the beginning, and will miss the show greatly. It doesn’t feel like a show ending.. It feels like losing friends… Extremely funny friends :) love you all!!!

  87. Thank you for 9 amazing seasons. I found the office during college and it was the first show I have ever been truly invested in. It’s also the first show I’ve ever considered myself a true fan of. So thank you for creating my favorite show of all time and for setting the standard for the kind of humor and quality of show I now look for on TV. Thank you!

  88. “I knew within the first 24 minutes… of the second day we met” M. Scott. When the show first started I was hooked. Great acting all the way around. I hope all the characters are happy in the end. And please let Jim and Pam live happily ever after!!!!!
    P.S. Jenna… Don’t stay off TV for too long. I want to see you back once week.

  89. Hands down the funniest comedy on TV today! It will be a sad day when the lights are turned off at Dunder Mifflin!!

  90. HUGE THANK YOU to the cast & crew of The Office!!! Y’all have turned Thursday into my absolute favorite day! Your hard work is appreciated and good luck in the future to you all! We aren’t going to take the ending of this very well so a reunion/movie will be much needed in the future! Much love!

  91. Thank you so much for all the laughs, tears and quotes these last 9 years. My husband and I have watched from the very beginning and we truly appreciate all the hard work you put into every episode. We still quote lines from years ago (“Stir the pot, Pam. Stir the melting pot.”). We’ll miss you on Thursday nights.

  92. I’m so grateful for all the laughs and artistry that all of you brought to the table. Thank you for enriching our lives these past 9 seasons! All the best for the future!

  93. Thank you for all the quality family times watching with my teenage sons.

    Will miss you greatly.

  94. Sounds cliche, but it’s hard to put into words how this show impacted me. The writers made me fall in love with all of the characters. Jim and Pam’s romance, Angela and Dwight’s secret affair, the accountants’ antics, Meredith’s drunkenness, Andy’s shenanigans, Erin’s foster family history, Creed’s bizarre behavior, Michael’s lovable impressions, and Stanley & Phyllis’s quirky personalities…countless hours of laughing spurred from all of these people. I’ve seen each episode multiple times and I always find something new to laugh at. I’m sad to see this show go, and am sad to never have visited the set, but I know full well that great things will come for everyone involved in this groundbreaking comedy. Thank you to everyone who participated in the production of such an amazing show. Until next time…that’s what she said.

  95. Thank you all so much for being a wonderful part of my life. I have laughed, cried, and spent many, many hours with this show. It is a part of me and I truly thank you for that privilege. You will be missed greatly.

  96. Thank you to The Office cast! Truly one of the greatest shows ever and holds some great memories in my heart! I think it took a special sense of humor to really enjoy the office, but if you had that, it was the greatest show! Much love to all of the cast.

  97. You were a hilarious distraction from real life and a great friend to spend time with every Thursday. You’ll be missed but I find comfort in knowing that your re-runs will still be the best thing on TV. Thank you The Office for nine amazing seasons!

  98. Nothing represents the psychology of America’s last decade better than this show. It is important as an artifact.

    (this was a repost because my last one was so awkwardly worded. thanks for the website as well, you are single handedly responsible for maintaining what could have otherwise been an unruly fanbase.)

    [from tanster: thank you!]

  99. Thank you so much for all of the laughs, and all of the great stories. Every character in this show gave me reason to watch every week. I’m going to miss this epic show. Once again thanks for everything!

  100. Thank you so much for all The laughs and emotions you brought us. It’s so amazing the love and devotion of the cast, truly touching. You’ve changed television, hands down. Wish you all success wherever you are. Oh man, Good-bye stinks, i have knots in my stomach. Oxoxox

  101. It taught me how to manage any situation by being able to adapt, react, readapt, apt. That and so much more. The Office has been my pint of beer that I unwind with when overwhelmed with college and work.

  102. “It feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears… and at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer… and then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone… and I’m crying, and nobody can hear me, because I am terribly, terribly… terribly alone.”
    ~ M.G. Scott

  103. No words can describe how I feel right now… thank you for being there in my darkest hours when I needed cheering up. I know I’ll be a wreck after the finale.

    Thank you for everything.. I mean it.

  104. Thank you, The Office, for making me laugh always, for teaching me how to prank others with Jell-o, and for leaving me with an inexplicable urge to leave a face print in every patch of wet concrete that I see.

  105. Thank you for everything you guys do. Definitely am going to miss the show, but everything must come to an end <3

  106. Bears, beets, battlestar galactica. Thank you for entertaining me for hours. I will miss this show.

  107. What can I say to the cast and crew of the Office but, thank you! Ever since I first watched the pilot as an awkward and sad 13 year-old girl it truly changed my life. I’ve been a loyal viewer for 8+ years. I’ve laughed, cried, and grown with the characters and the show all these years. Watching these characters’ happiness, hardships, laughter, and love has been an honor. This show had brought so much happiness and laughter to my life, it’s hard to imagine my life without this show. I am just filled with so much gratitude that the Office has been a part of my life. And I’m excited to see what great things the cast will do in the future. I will miss this show so much, my Thursday nights will forever feel empty without it.

  108. This show brought me through so many troubled times in my life, with laughter, tears, and silliness. I am so grateful for all of you; and Jenna Fischer most of all. I grew and changed with her wonderful character and she has been a great light to follow over the years. Best wishes and agonizing goodbyes to all of you.

  109. I started watching because of Jim and Pam, but quickly appreciated every character and the show over all. Much love to you all. Thanks for the 9 amazing years of television!

  110. So 9 seasons have come and gone and I don’t know what else to say apart from thank you.

    Always A Pleasure Never A Chore

  111. Although I was a late bloomer to the show, only beginning to watch it in 2010, I have a strong emotional connection with this show. Like other fans on this site, the Office got me through some very hard times, and for that I am forever grateful. This show has made me laugh when I didn’t even want to smile. Also, I am pretty sure I cried harder at Jam’s wedding than I will at mine. Sad to see it go, but it will live on forever! Good luck to all the cast and crew!

  112. Thank you to the cast and crew for nine wonderful seasons

    Looking forward to see where my favorite Dunder
    Miffin employees go in the remaining episodes.

    You all have a lot to be proud of…Cheers!!!!

  113. Thank you so much! So many years sharing laughter, joy, happiness, so many emotions!!! The Office, the best show ever, that’s how i’m going to remember it.
    Greetings from Argentina, we love you and will miss you!

  114. I, too, was a latecomer (around 2010), but this does not lessen my great affection for the show.

    The Office, we salute you! Still better than 99% of comedies after almost a decade.

  115. Thank you to the greatest television ensemble of all time. I have laughed and cried and just been amazed at how many things this show has taught me about life. I think my feelings from now until May are pretty much summed up by what Michael said after his last Dundies: “Yeah, OK. Well this is going to hurt like a motherf***er.” All of you are brilliant actors and I will miss watching you every week. Thanks so much for all of the hilarious memories :)

  116. I live in the UK, and love the original Office series. When I heard there was to be a US remake, I despaired. How wrong I was.

    I fell in love almost instantly – Michael Scott is one of the finest comedy creations of all time, but as the episodes go by you realise that every single character is so finely tuned, every detail is perfect and they are all very, very funny.

    I am devastated that the show is ending. I was a latecomer to it but I can honestly say it is now something I watch every day. You make me laugh out loud and sob uncontrollably. Thank you to every cast member for making the best comedy show ever, and to John and Jenna for creating the most beautiful love story I have ever seen on screen. I am so grateful for the laughs. Huge thanks and love to all.

  117. I just wanted to say “thanks” for such an amazing show. When I’ve had a bad day, I know I can turn to The Office for comfort and laughter. I can’t picture another show ever replacing The Office in my heart. Wish I could talk your producers into another ten seasons. In my opinion, you should have won an Emmy every year. I’m looking forward to taking a trip to Scranton some day.

  118. Thank you so much for my all-time favorite show! The Office has become my go-to show when I’m having a bad day, a good day, or anything in between. In the time I’ve been watching this show, I’ve graduated high school, graduated college, and finally got a job working in a corporate office full of cubicles, and when party-planning goes awry or I’m not sure how to relate to my boss, I can silently giggle in my head knowing how my favorite characters would handle the same situations. I will miss this show!

  119. I first started watching The Office during a difficult time in my life, and it always made me feel so much better and helped to instantly cheer me up. Throughout the years I have been watching The Office I became completely addicted, I identified with every character no matter how weird they were, and appreciated the well played out story throughout almost 9 whole seasons. I am very excited to see what’s left in store to this amazing journey The Office has taken me on. This show will be greatly missed. Thank you so much to all the actors, producers, directors and us fans who could make an amazing show like this possible. Long live Dunder Mifflin, long live The Office.

  120. When The Office began I was 25; the same age as Jim Halpert at the time. I recognized myself in his then-developing relationship with Pam and fell in love with the show more deeply than with any other show prior to it. I followed all the new Office blogs (especially OfficeTally) and made daily visits to OfficeChat.com where several of the cast members came to chat with us during the first three seasons. I was even inspired to start my own blog with reviews of each episode, which helped me through a difficult time in my life. When the cast joined MySpace I had the privilege of receiving a few replies from BJ Novak and Gene Stupnitsky, which was a huge thrill for me. This show has made me look forward to Thursdays for almost an entire decade and it means so much to me. I love each and every character and will miss them all dearly. I can’t wait to see how the show concludes. Love you all very much. Thanks for the joy, the tears, and the laughter.

  121. Just would like to thank the writers, the producers, directors and actors for making this such an outstanding show. I am so grateful The Office has been a part of my life. The only show that can make me laugh out loud, it has served as an outlet to my anxiety. Thank you for the laughs and thank you office tally for letting me take my The Office obsession to the next level!

  122. Thanks for all the laughs! It will always be my #1 show! Best of luck to the cast and crew!

  123. Simply, Thank you to the cast, crew and staff. Thanks for all your time and effort to make this world a happier place. The Office will be missed but i look forward to being entertained by you all in a future endeavor. Good run, everyone. It was a long one…that’s what she said.

  124. Thank you does not express the great joy you have brought to my life (and my husband’s). We have been there since you originally started airing on Thursday nights. You made us laugh and cry, energized us, were our friends when we moved away from home, gave us something to look forward to during the week. The day we met most of the cast at Paley Fest in March 2007 was one of the funnest memories of my L.A. life (just wish I’d gotten to speak to Jenna before they told everyone to leave). Best wishes to ALL of you in the years ahead. Godspeed.

  125. To The Office Cast and Crew:
    Thank you for changing my life. This show has taught me so much about friendship, love, and individuality. It helped me get through some tough times during my life, and it picked me up when I was down. All the times I felt alone, this show was there. I felt truly connected to the show and I applaud the cast and crew for allowing me to have that connection. You are all amazing.

  126. I’m no good at goodbyes, but I am good at making Jim faces like there’s a camera in my face everyday and quoting Dwight Schrute. Thank you to everyone involved with the show for 9 fantastic years of comedic television. Steve Carell won an Emmy in my heart :’)

  127. Thank you to the cast and crew! Dunder Mifflin is the best company ever! :)
    (from Budapest, Hungary)

  128. I’m not sure I can put into 200 words what the show has meant to me. I have laughed, cried, and cheered for these characters, who have become like my family, more times than I can count. This show has helped me get through difficult times, and I really don’t know what I’m going to do without it. You have helped me realize that I need to laugh, and love, even more. Thank you to everyone involved in the show. I cannot express my feelings enough for all that you have given me.

  129. Congratulations and good luck to the cast and crew on 9 successful seasons! I was a late bloomer to the show. I had gotten Netflix in 2009 and after many years of having my friends tell me how funny the show was; I finally gave it a shot. I was hooked from the first season, first episode. I convinced my mom to watch it with me and she loved it too. We spend every Thursday together watching the show and I bought her Dwight’s bobble head for Mother’s Day two years ago. She said it’s the best present she ever got. Thank you for creating this show. We will miss it more than anything.

  130. You guys brighten me up all the time. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Wish I could give you all a huge hug.

  131. will truly miss this show… but it’s not really a show for me, it was an escape. I cried when Michael left, and will be doing the same when we all say goodbye to one another. I love you guys, actors and the characters that were so relatable and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. This show picked me up when I was down, made me laugh when I felt depressed, gave me hope when I was hopeless, and made the good times better. Gosh goodbyes are a Bitch

  132. Thank you so much for all of the laughs and tears! This has been by far my favorite show of all time, and in my opinion one of the best in history of tv! The wise words of Michael Scott you taught me to “never ever give up” in love and life. I wish there were 9 more seasons!

  133. i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was a part of this amazing journey. thank you for giving us 9 great seasons of laughs, tears and joy. maybe one day there’ll be a office movie? :)
    again, thank you so much for everything. there will never be a tv show like the office.

  134. Cast, I can not thank you all so much for being a great part of my life these past 9 seasons. You all in my eyes are and will be my favorite characters in TV, and I just want to say thanks and best of luck in the future!

  135. This show > Every other show I’ve seen.
    After 9 seasons, I can’t believe my favorite show will be finishing up in just a few months :( We really have seen it all with this show, and I don’t think it could have been any more perfect. I will always love this show and the people in it. (:

  136. I can’t even begin to put into words how much this show has meant to me over the past nine seasons. It’s been what I go to when I’m sad and need a laugh, when I need familiarity, when I’m bored… it’s been there for me through everything and I always found myself going back to it. It’s become like a home. Thank you so much to the cast and crew, for producing such an amazing show and going out with style. I love you all.

  137. I’ve said a lot on Rainn’s Wilson’s soulpancake website about how much this show meant to me in the relatively little time I’ve known it. It’s helped bring me closer to my friend (who made me watch the show from beginning) and just provided some happiness when I desperately needed it. And it made me fall in love with some fantastic characters (and the actors who portray them). Every. single. one. I want to say a lot about how much this show means to me and how fondly I’ll look back on it when it’s over and how nostalgic I’ll get each time and how this show made me laugh and cry and everything in between (i rarely cry at tv shows). In the end, all I really want to say to the actors and the characters is that I will miss you all immensely and can’t wait to see what else you do. And know that I, my friend Max-and millions of others-freaking cherish you guys. Both as characters and actors. Thank you for the work everyone put in to a show I ended up loving so dearly.

  138. With all the crap going on in the world, laughter is always welcome. Thanks to the cast and crew of The Office for making us smile each week. The laughter will continue in reruns. Thank you for being there for us. Best of luck to each of you in the future.

  139. Thank you office! You’re the show that has inspired me to write for my school’s talent show!
    Going to miss you all so much!

  140. I can’t even begin to explain what this show has done to me. It’s helped me get through some of the toughest times of my life by introducing me to some of the most lovable characters in all of television. It breaks my heart to see my favorite show come to an end, but just know that it will live on forever in the hearts of the fans. I know it’ll always be alive to me.

  141. Never felt obligated to comment, until today. I’ve been watching since early season 3 and this show has helped tremendously. I’ve been able to relate to the characters and share their experiences. As others have said, I’ve turned to this show during hard times, and always end up feeling better. Friendships have started simply cause I’ll quote the show and someone else will notice it. It’s a show that brings people together, and I’m tremendously blessed to have been able to watch it for so many years. Gonna miss it incredibly.

  142. THANK YOU so much for the last nine years! The entire cast has been so hilarious and wonderful and so, so talented. The Office is and always will be my favorite show on TV – thanks for the memories and the laughs, and best of luck to all of you!

  143. Thanks to Michael and Kevin, I will never look at Broccoli stalks the same way.

    Ugh, all this last day of filming stuff made it hit me that it’s almost ending. Maybe one day we’ll see a TV movie or special :) Would love a one-off Holiday special, the Christmas (and Halloween) episodes are my favorite.

  144. Hey y’all, thank you so much for making such an interesting concept so phenomenal. When I first started watching, I had no idea how good it would be. Even without Steve Carell, the show didn’t crash and burn like many predicted it would. You are all amazing and thank you so much for brightening my rough days and making my good ones rise to even better! (And the jokes are hilarious! I can’t think of another show that only gets funnier.) I hope y’all have an amazing last day of filming and don’t take your experiences for granted! :)

  145. I remember being unsure about how an American version of the amazingly awkward David Brent and the rest of the British “Office” would hold up… and 9 seasons later, I’ve watched every episode, and will until the very end.

    I’ve laughed until I was in tears, cried tears of joy, and cried tears of sadness, too. Every character has become a part of our Thursday nights and now there will be a little hole without our friends at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin.

    Thank you for everything, we will sorely miss each and every one of you. <3

  146. There’s not much more I can say than what’s already been said. I started watching The Office when I was in high school and now I’m in law school. The show’s been an enormous part of my life for all these years and I can’t begin to thank the cast and crew for giving me something great to look forward to every week. You are all an extremely talented, funny, and warm group of people and I wish each and every one of you the very best of luck in the future. Thank you all for nine amazing years!

  147. Thanks to everyone involved with The Office for nine great years. Thursday nights just won’t be the same without you. Best of luck in your future projects, I am looking forward to seeing what is up next for the staff of Dunder Mifflin!

  148. I became a fan of The Office in 2011. I had major back surgery when I was 17 that year in February and spent most of my days in bed. My sister was obsessed with the show and I never gave it a chance. As I searched through my DVR, I saw the Beach Games episode and decided to watch it. It was hysterical and I needed to watch more. I quickly caught up on every season and every episode in a short two-year span. The Office made me laugh in one of the most difficult experiences of my life. I quote the show constantly and watch an old episode at least once a day. Thank you to everyone at The Office. I can’t put into words how much this show has changed my life.

  149. To thank the Office cast and crew would take WAY more than 200 characters, but I’m gonna try. Thanks for ALL the laughter, the tears, the joy, the weirdness and all of the awkward moments. From the diversity meeting in season 1 to the Dundies, to the Jim/Pam romance that resulted in a marriage and 2 kids, to Dwangela and everything in between. Thank you. Hope there’s another convention cause for a show like this, First real mockumentary series on TV, it deserves something to bring the cast together more often.

  150. The Office has been a huge part of my life over the years … It caused me and my partner to become friends, and much like pam and jim we got together! 3 1/2years on we’re still going strong and never miss an episode! It was constantly played on repeat during our years at university, and regularly quoted in our group of friends. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end … I just want to thank the fantastic cast, writers and crew for creating such an amazing, heart warming show. Can’t imagine our lives without it x

  151. Thanks to the great cast and crew. Thanks to Greg Daniels for bringing this to the United States. I’ve watched this show for awhile and it’s very important to me. This ends a great era of comedy and romance. The last episode is going to be rough but i’ll be glad that I was so fortunate to have watched it. Thanks again to cast and crew, you guys are the best.

  152. What a wonderful ride it has been. How I love this show, the characters and the actors who play them. This was the first time I got involved (through social media) with the people who play the characters and that, somehow, made the whole experience even better. This show and the laughter has taken me through sad times and wonderful times. Family brought closer by making sure we all watch together, or long distance friends talking about the shows afterwards. Thank you all so much for the joy. (sniff)

  153. It’s sad to see the Office go. It has been in my life for a long time, as it will continue to be. Whether it was a tough day at work or a tough day personally. I could always throw in the Office on DVD and I felt at home. It was a safe haven some nights when I wasn’t feeling my best. Thank you to everyone involved for making such a great show. God bless.

  154. Thanks for 9 great years! I’ve never felt so connected to a TV show in my life. You all did a wonderful job of acting and made each character come to life. It always felt like an actual reality TV show because the amazing work the cast and crew have done over the years. I know today must be hard for you all as I’m sure you all feel like a family. We feel like we’re losing a family too!

  155. The Office has brought so much joy to my life, as well as millions of others. I have, and always will, continue to quote Dwight’s witty remarks, Jim’s sarcastic comments, and Brian’s hilarious one liners.

    This show has made me laugh so hard I farted. Thank you.

  156. To the magnificent writers, amazing cast & brilliant crew of my favourite show, THANK YOU !
    It was so refreshing to have characters written with such intelligence, to sound so very, very stupid at times.
    I have every episode on DVD & digital & can’t believe I won’t see it ‘new’ ever again.
    There is nothing like laying on the couch, recovering from surgery, and watching 9hours straight of Jim, Pam, Dwight, Angela, Andy, Meredith, Phyllis, Stanley, Oscar, Creed, Darryl, Erin, Kevin, Michael, Kelly, Ryan, David, Jan, Holly, Robert, Gabe, Mose, Nellie & Jo.

    Best wishes to you all, can’t wait to see you on my screen soon.

  157. There are really no words to thank you all for what you gave me. I will however thank you for the lifelong friendships I have made stemming from the mutual love (and obssession) of The Office. May you each continue to have success in life no matter where it leads you.

  158. As I read these comments, what strikes me is how many people associate the show with helping with a bad day or tough time. Laughing really is the best medicine! Thank you Dunder Mifflin and everyone associated with creating the show and making it great!! Good luck to the cast & crew – thanks again. Cheers

  159. the world’s best employees from the world’s best company. i will miss you all.

  160. You guys have done something incredible with this show.
    The Office has gotten me through a lot of rough patches. Dealing with chronic pain and depression is difficult at best, and you helped me laugh through my tears. Laughter IS the best medicine. Thank you for 9 solid seasons of genius! Love you all xo

  161. Thanks so much for one awesome show! The Office has been my favorite show for years. It has gotten me through many stressful college days when I have just needed a break and a good laugh. I’ll miss the show but I will be watching reruns for years to come. So here is to the best ensemble cast in television history!

    Bear eat beets. Bears, beets, battle star galactica.

  162. I wills greatly miss this show, I didn’t start watching it until later but have watched every episode (5 or 6 times) I would just like to thank y’all for being such an awesome cast. This show has made me laugh at times when I was having a crap day and turned it upside down. I wish everyone of y’all the best of luck, God bless

  163. this is easily one of the saddest days for me. i have grown to love the office and know everything there is (from countless re-watchings hahah) i knew there was going to be a time when it had to end but i was reallllly hoping that it would be far from now. thank you guys for making me smile and giving me something to love as much as i love this show. see you on the flippity flop.

  164. Dearest cast & crew of The Office:

    Michael would say, Let’s see TV replace us. Let’s see TV find another show as endearing, crazily charming, funny and bizarre. Well, it can’t be done.

    (Thank you so much for teaching me that you can find love, hope and humour in the most unexpected of circumstances. That your co-workers of ten years may indeed be your family. That True Love may just be sitting three feet away from you.)

    You think Stanleys grow on trees? Well they don’t. There is no Stanley tree, or Michael tree, or Dwight tree. Do you think the world is crawling with Phyllises? Show me that farm. With Phyllises and Kevins and Creeds and Angelas and Pams and Jims and Andys and Erins and Gabes sprouting up all over the place. Ripe for the plucking. Show me that farm.

    (Thank you for dreaming big with a show that almost nobody believed in. Thank you for making the little show that could.)

    On behalf of the entire Office fandom, I’d just like to say thank you so very much for changing our lives forever.

    (We just needed you to know, once. We are full of hope because you made us that way.)

    With love,

  165. I would like to say thank you to everyone a part of the Office. This show is the only one that I can watch over and over until I die. I love all of the actors and characters and feel like they are my own friends. Even though filming and production is over, we will all continue to watch and love the work all of you have done. Thanks for making memories, bringing creativity back to humanity, and make me laugh no matter what. Such an inspiration. <3

  166. Thank you to everyone in the cast and crew at The Office! For nine seasons you all have entertained and let me love you all. The fire drill opening is still something I must show people who have never seen it. I can honestly that I will miss this show and am torn about the finale. I can’t wait but am very sad about it ending. I know you guys will make your fans proud! Good luck in all future endeavors!

  167. The Office was the very first show that my now wife and I watched when we started dating and since then, it has been huge part of our relationship. We are both terribly sad that the final episodes are coming near as it feels like a part of our relationship is ending but we’re so lucky to have enjoyed so many seasons of stellar entertainment. Thank you so much to the actors, crew and writers. You’ve made the past nearly ten years amazing.

  168. A big thanks to the ensemble cast, writers, directors, crew, and Greg Daniels for making me such a fan of The Office. I’ve only ever felt this way before about MASH and Cheers. In honor of your last day of filming, I went to a bookstore and bought a book. Why? Because I can’t think of any other tv show that’s going to hold my interest like The Office.

  169. From a couple of Niagara Falls Canadians to the ENTIRE cast and crew, thank you for your dedication to such a wonderful show. We feel lucky to know any time we need a laugh or pick-me-up, we just have to watch a few moments of ANY of the seasons to get to that special place. Our gratitude cannot be expressed enough or completely, and we can only hope for continued success for EVERYONE involved in this wonderful endeavour. We have felt honoured to have you “visit” our home every week, (even on vacation in the Dominican!) and look forward to revisiting the moments you have all created over the last nine seasons for years to come. We’ve already had Jim and Pam to the Falls, so here’s the open invitation to EVERYONE to come! It’s the least we can do! (You can all sleep at the foot of the bed!) Cheers, and thanks for everything!

  170. I feel like I grew up through this show. I love it and it will always be the show I hold dearest to my heart, It has brought me so much joy. Thank you and thank you office tally for always giving me my daily dose of office love

  171. The Office has made me smile, cry, and laugh like no other show. I’m very sad to see it come to an end, but have also enjoyed years of situations that have made my stomach and my dimples hurt from laughing! Thank you all so much!

  172. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making me laugh countless times and letting me fall in love with each of your characters. Quoting lines back and forth is how I bonded with my closest friends and it is something we will always do for years to come. I will always hold these characters in my heart. God bless the cast and good luck to you all in the future. Love you all!!

    “…then suddenly she’s not yo ho no mo”

  173. Words can’t express the happiness this show has brought into my life. Thank you

  174. A simple “thank you” doesn’t seem sufficient enough to express how much I appreciate this show, however, I don’t know how else to put it. Thank you to the directors for crafting such perfect episodes. Thank you to the crew for putting this show together. And THANK YOU to the cast who have put a smile on my face in times where I didn’t think laughter was possible. I can not express my thanks to you enough, you guys are the best.

  175. Thank you to The Office for all the laughs, tears, heartwarming moments, and unforgettable characters I’ve had the pleasure of knowing through the last 9 years. I can’t imagine my life without this show and it’s going to be the hardest thing to say goodbye to. Thank you for everything.

  176. Thanks for the laughs and the tears. I don’t know if you will ever see this, but if you do, I just want you to know that you were a very important part of my life. I love you all. Cheers from Mexico.

  177. Dear cast and crew of The Office. I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done. This show has meant just about the world to me since the beginning. It has always been the thing I looked forward to in the week. I started talking to a kid because of our mutual love of this show and now he’s one of my best friends in the world, so I owe you that. Thank you for 9 great years.

  178. The Office has been my favorite show for years now. It’s brought me so many good times with family and friends. During “comedy night done right” I’d always invite my friends over, and every time my mom would watch it with me too. I went away to college this year and I love when my mom calls me on thursday and tells me she’s watching the office too. It’s like our special tv bond. Other than just bringing me closer with friends and family, it has taught me a lot too. I just really love every season and watch all my dvds over and over. To this day it has been something I could go to when I was feeling down and it would instantly make me feel so much better. Not to mention how much this show has inspired me to pick my major, Television-Radio. I one day hope to create a show that has so much originality, creativity and laughter like The Office. It has touched so many people in such a positive way. Thanks for nine amazing seasons everyone! :)

  179. Few shows manage to create such interesting, lasting characters that you sympathise and grow with, that you want to feel and root for every week. That can continue to make you laugh after 9 seasons.

    Thank you to all of the people persons paper people that have made it a television staple and sitcom benchmark for others to follow.

    It’s going to be difficult to fill the giant hole left when The Office ends. That’s what she said.

  180. I just want to thank all of you for 9 amazing years. This show got me through some of the hardest times of my life. Every laugh helped me get through life’s rough turns. You really underestimate how much a show means to you until it’s over. I will miss the office so incredibly much and it will always be my favorite show. Thank you so much to all of you.

  181. So apparently I have been putting off updating my computer for too long and it chose the exact moment that I was going to thank all of you to update and restart. Well, 27 minutes later, here I am to try and put into words what you all have meant to me the past 9 or so years… I can’t. That’s all there is to it, I can’t put my feelings into words.
    I have been there through it all and you have been there for me through so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish you all well in whatever life brings you and will hope for a reunion show someday. It has been such a long road that felt like it ended oh so quickly… That’s what she said.
    Love you all, and thank you.

  182. 2 years ago, I took a risk in asking a cute boy if he wanted to come over and watch The Office. We are now living together and have created a beautiful life, with our first (and many) moments together laughing and crying with what feels like an extended part of our family. As I lay here now on bed rest after a procedure to find out if we will be able to have babies, I have re-watched all of the seasons knowing that everything will be okay!

  183. Dear Cast and Crew,
    Thank you for 9 wonderful seasons of laughter, tears, and memories. Feel free to start a kickstarter movement at ANY time for The Office: The Movie” — we would so gladly raise more than $3 million to find out how everyone in Scranton is doing!

    Much thanks!

  184. There was a time in my life when I hated my job and was living alone. I was pretty miserable. But, every Thursday, once I heard the theme song to The Office, I knew I had at least 26 minutes of happiness ahead of me.

  185. My love affair with The Office started in college thanks to the suggestion of a good friend. I loved it so much I’ve made Office-watchers out of a lot of my other friends and my fiancé. Thanks to the cast and crew for their hardwork and dedication. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

  186. Dear cast (past and current) & crew (past and current)

    Thanks so much. The show has been great.

    When’s the movie? ;)

    Cheers everyone……see ya around

  187. I’m not sure I can really put into words what this show has meant to me. I found the show as a freshman in high school and now I’m getting ready to graduate college. I literally grew up with the office. It has gotten me through some of the toughest times of my life. It’s brought me closer to friends and family, and will always hold a special place with me. Everyone involved should be so proud of creating something that means so much to so many. Thank you for an amazing nine years.

  188. Wow… this is it. We are getting closer from THE end. My heart goes out to you all cast and crew on this very special day. I hope that on this sad day there will also be happiness. We-fans- have a little more time before it happens but i really can imagine your pain today.
    Thank you so much for this extraordinary 9 seasons/years. Not even 1 episode was not worth to watch.
    I was so so sad when Steve Carell left the office but I guess it will be nothing compared to losing Dunder Mifflin :(

    The office you will truly be missed…goodbye my favourite paper company !

  189. Having been diagnosed with a severe chronic illness, and having spent most of the last couple of years in the hospital, The Office has been more than just a favorite television show. When you live with so much pain, every single laugh is a gift and I will be forever grateful to the cast of The Office for giving me a wonderful distraction that captures so much about our world with humor and intellect.

  190. I’ve never watched a show that grew on me as fast as this show did. I just want to say congratulations to everyone involved on an excellent nine years. This show was such a wonderful show in the sense that I could genuinely connect with every single character. The more I watched this show, the more I began to realize that I think my personality changed to one that was a lot like Jim’s, in all honesty. From the antics of Michael Scott and Dwight, to the captivating love story between Jim and Pam, and everything in between with the rest of the cast, this became my favorite show very quickly. Again congratulations to everyone involved on creating such an amazing show, and here’s to the next nine years being as good and better as the previous. Every single one of you guys and this show will definitely be missed greatly by me.

  191. There’s no way I can describe everything this show has meant to me in less than 200 words, but I will try. :) The Office has been not only my favorite show, but my obsession for the last eight years. They have been some of the toughest years of my life, but spending time with my TV “family” always gave me the feeling like I was home, no matter where I happened to be. I was even fortunate enough to attend The Office Convention, which remains one of my favorite memories ever. And of course, OfficeTally has been my online “home” as well. Even though I don’t participate much anymore, I still visit, and I still send tanster a million thanks for all she’s done for us!

    I could go on and on, but I will happily conclude by saying that over these last few years, I have finally found my “Jim” (at work, no less) and had my precious son, who will turn one six days after the finale airs. Through all the sadness and now the joy, The Office has always meant so much to me, and I will be eternally thankful to all involved.

    [from tanster: you were the first Office fan i ever met. {{{hugs}}} to you!]

  192. I watched The Office as a young teenager from the beginning, and am seeing it come to the end as a young adult. To all of you, be it Hugh Dane or Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski or Ameenah Kaplan, thank you for changing my life. Thank you for showing me that adulthood is nothing to be scared of as long as you have good people around. Thank you for making me look forward to adulthood. Thank you for being there. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  193. I can’t possibly express how thankful I am for this show!!! I am going to miss it SO much and I can’t possibly thank the cast and crew enough! Thank you guys for 9 years of happiness and laughter!!!

  194. Thank you to all of the cast and crew for all of the joy and laughter you have brought into my life through this show!! This show means so much to me and I am truly sad to see it end. My Thursday nights are not going to be the same without my favorite show, The Office. :(

  195. Words can’t express how much this show has meant to me over the past 10 years. I want to thank everyone on the cast and crew for putting together and working so hard on this series. My one visit to the set will always be a highlight of my life as well as meeting Oscar and Brian, thank you for all the laughs, I look forward to everyone’s future projects and wish you all the best of luck. I could go all day, this is really hard… *that’s what she said*

  196. First off, thanks for all the great episodes! I remember the very first episode I watched was ‘Phyllis’s Wedding’ and when Michael butchered the definition of ‘weld’, I knew that this was something special. The Office was the first show that I was deeply invested into–from caring about the characters, reciting lines, anticipation of watching every week and it’s the only show that has what I like to call “The Office effect”–no matter how many times I watch an episode, I never get tired of rewatching. You guys really created magical TV throughout your run–from the Dundies to Dinner Party to Niagara–and for that, I’d like to thank you.

  197. The Office brought joy into my life when Life hit me hard. I can never thank all of you enough for your talent and for your make-believe corner of the world. You are all the best!

  198. Thank to everyone who worked in any capacity on The Office for sharing your incredible talents in creating and nurturing this show. I have been a die hard fan since season one, and this has been the only TV show I’ve ever made an “appointment” for – and the only comedy this good I’ve seen on television. I am so sad to see the show end, but so glad it had such a great run. You’ve provided so many smiles, laughs, aching shoulders (from cringing)and sometime tears on my Thursday nights. Through your generous outreach to your fans, you’ve shown us that you are incredibly wonderful people. Much love to you all!

  199. Words cannot express how much this show has meant to my husband and I. I can honestly say we have loved every episode. Thank you to the cast and crew for bringing such wonderful characters into our living rooms and our hearts for the last 9 years. There will never be another show like it.

  200. 9 more years! 9 more years! What am I going to do without my weekly dose of Dunder Mifflin? Many, many thanks to all the cast and crew from a devoted viewer in Hong Kong. The show means much more to me than you could ever know. xxx

  201. The Office made us happy, sad, angry. It made us laughing, crying. It made feel so much that it can’t now simply end: the show left us too many memories which can’t be erased. You created images that will follow us in our entire life. It’s so huge I can’t forget (that’s what she said).
    Thank you.

  202. The Office has been such a staple to my weeks and I can’t put into words how much I will miss it. The characters were so true and so endearing. At one point or another I think all fans could relate to one of more of their ups and downs. Thank you for the lighthearted laughs and the emotional tears and everything in between. To everyone on the cast and crew: thank you, thank you, thank you! You all really created something beautiful, and I’ll be seeing you on the late night reruns for many years to come. *insert Jim’s watery eyed facial expression*

  203. I have to say thank you to everyone at The Office – cast and crew – for so many wonderful Thursday nights. Every Thursday was a mini-celebration for me – a bottle of wine, some popcorn and my favourite show – and there were times when nothing seemed to go right during the week, but I knew that for a half an hour I would be able to smile and have a laugh. And I was proud of the show – proud to call myself a fan of a show where the cast and crew seemed to be a nice bunch of people who really liked each other. I’ll miss it so much!

  204. I vow not to marry anyone unless they love the Office as much as I do. No decent human being could not love this show. It’s beautiful and hilarious and makes the world a better place. Thank you for 9 amazing years. Everyone from the show will go on to do amazing things, but the characters they created will always live on.

  205. The Office has been so much more than a sit-com to me. A few years ago I went through a rough patch and watching the office bascially saved me. Sounds deep, but it is the truth. On a negative note, I compare all other t.v shows and comedies to the Office now and none ever compare. TV will never be the same again.

  206. At first I wasn’t sure about The Office. Thought it was little too awkward lol I’m so glad I gave it a second chance. Over the years it has been in my opinion the best & funniest show on TV. Dwight and Jim pranks to the Jim and Pam romance every episode has been great. I wish you all the very best. I hope you all know how special this show is. We will never forget these amazing characters!

  207. I can’t fit what this show has meant to me in 200 words, so I’ll stick with a simple thank you. Thank you for making me laugh, cry, and everything in between. Instead of thinking it’s all over, I’ll just imagine your characters at a little paper company still truckin’ along in Scranton :)

  208. Thank you for everything. I have fallen in love with the characters and their stories and it will be so sad to see it end. But it was a great run, and I have comfort knowing I can always go back and watch the old episodes. Thank you for so much joy and laughter. Glad I got to see some filming last night before it all ends. Thank you.

  209. I started watching the office out of nowhere, 2 years ago. Since then the show has been my rock during tough times. I can’t even begin to express my love, but I’ll try: thank you, cast, crew and everyone involved in this. You all sure have heard this but it is true: you saved my life and more important you changed it forever. I’m very grateful. Lots of love from Brazil <3

  210. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been involved w the show. This show always uplifted my mood. I could watch the same episode 50 times, 100 times, 1000000 times, and I can never get tired of it. TV won’t be same w/o The Office. The Office will surely be terribly missed. Thank you for the memories. <3

  211. I am SO thankful to the cast and crew of ‘The Office’. It is my favorite show of all time, and I have them to thank. The best comedy since ‘Seinfeld,’ it’s a show I’ll be watching reruns of for the rest of my life! The genius and the silliness, the hilarity and the emotion–this has been one bumpy, albeit hysterical, nine-year ride. I look forward to seeing what other projects the cast does in the future In the meantime, I can’t wait to see how it ends!

  212. Thank you Office cast for a wonderful 9 seasons. I have been a fan from the pilot on and have been known to say “That’s what she said!” and “Beer me strength.” Getting to watch all of the relationships between characters grow and strengthen has been a pleasure. However, watching Jim and Pam go from co-workers to parents has given me more joy than you can ever know. John and Jenna, no one else could ever have played these amazing characters. The chemistry between you two as actors was a joy to behold and I thank you for letting us witness this for 9 seasons. The Office has been the best ensemble comedy and will never be duplicated! I will miss seeing new episodes, but am grateful I can watch old episodes whenever I need an Office fix. Good luck with your future endeavours and remember you were a part of something that touched so many people.

  213. Adding to what I said earlier — Post #46 — There’s never been a TV Show to date like “THE OFFICE” for me that I have tried to make “MUST SEE TV” each week that a new episode aired. The happiness and laughter I got from this show is immeasurable. I will miss it very much. I hope there is a reunion show or movie for this show in the future. Thank you for the happiness, memories, and laughter you have given me these last nine years…..

  214. Like Jim said, goodbyes are a bitch. Thanks for nine amazing years and greetings from Brazil.

  215. Having watched and loved Ricky and Steve’s original here in the UK, I was dubious to say the least at the thought of watching the US version.
    How wrong I was. I was hooked almost immediately. The characters and their growth and development were comfortingly familiar.
    I eventually persuaded my husband to watch with me and enjoyed seeing the same reactions in him that I had had.
    Even my 12 year old son loves it, and the fun we have had pretending to ‘parcour’ will continue to make us laugh for a long time to come.
    Thak you to all involved in this wonderful show.

  216. I don’t think I fully understand that the best show on television is coming to an end…all I can say now is that I hope you all understand how much you mean to us, how much you’ve guided us and inspired us. Thank you to everyone working on The Office, you will always be close in our hearts. Love you all!

  217. When I heard the official announcement that this would be the last season, I teared up a little. I know that seems silly but I’m sure you understand. This show gave me my first experience with online fandom. I’ve never been quite so involved with a show before, from chat rooms to playing Dunder Mifflin Infinity on nbc.com. I became involved in this online fan community and I think that’s why the show meant so much to me. It was more than just a viewing experience. It was making a connection with other fans over our common love for this tv show. I love that the cast was involved online as well. It’s the communication that made us feel like a part of the show and not just viewers. I had the pleasure of going to the Office Convention in Scranton. I was able to meet most of the cast and writers there and you too Tanster! It was an amazing weekend and I have very fond memories of it. Thank you all for making us laugh and sometimes cry. I will be doing both when I watch the finale.

    [from tanster: glad you were able to make it to the convention!]

  218. I have been with this show from the very first episode on March 24th, 2005, and have watched the original airing of every episode since, a streak which wrecked havoc on the social life. Even so, I sometimes forget how much this show has become part of my life, and, like when Michael left, I have no clue as to what kind of emotional roller-coaster these final episodes will put me through. But I want to thank the cast and crew for making a show that always felt like an old friend. For these last 8 years it has been the show that cheered me up when I was down, and made me fall off my dorm room bed laughing when Jim took all the nickels out of Dwight’s phone. It gave a platform to truly talented people, whose works I have and will continue to enjoy in the future, and I wish everyone luck with their post-Office careers, but I’m left to wonder, what will I do at 9pm on Thursdays now?

  219. All of you have become a part of my daily life over the past seven years. I began watching The Office when introduced to it by my mom in 2006 and I have been watching it ever since. I watch the DVD’s when I am getting ready in the morning and when I am going to sleep at night. You all have become a real comfort to me, as well as a source of consistent laughter! Depending on what’s going on in my own life, I laugh at different things. Hear lines afresh. Make new connections between the episodes. Thank you for doing your work with excellence and for sharing your gifts and talents with us for so long. I am very sad to see Dunder Mifflin close its doors–it even feels a little surreal. Even so, I am looking forward to following each of your careers in the future. Be blessed my friends!

  220. To The Office cast & crew:
    You will be missed! I can’t even name a favorite episode or scene because there are so many that have become classics! I have loved your show since the very first episode! Thank you for all of the laughter! :) I will forever be a fan!

  221. I’m going to miss this wonderful cast of characters that I have cried and laughed with over the past eight years (nine seasons). I will especially miss Ed Helms as Andy Bernard, who I consider one of the best characters in TV history. Even though I had my complaints about this season, I’m really going to miss this show.

  222. Started watching The Office when I moved out of home to study. Helped me through all the rough times of being homesick, because The Office just felt like home. The show has (and always will) be there through the good and the bad times. Thank you very much to all involved, and all the best for the future :)

  223. It’s hard to say goodbye to friends, even if those friends are characters on a tv show. Thank you all so much for 9 wonderful seasons and for letting me laugh, cry, love, and grow with you. This show has meant so much to me that my eyes are tearing up just writing this, but I’ll save those tears for the finale because I know I’ll need them. Thank you again, and best of luck to the entire cast and crew in your future ventures. I know you will all continue to be amazing <3

  224. My husband and I loved Steve Carell on The Daily Show, so of course we watched the first episode of The Office. We were hooked and have been fans ever since. I even bought him the Dwight bobblehead that sits on his fancy-pants lawyer’s desk! Thanks to the cast and crew for nine wonderful seasons. Parting is super hard, but I’m sure I’ll be totally satisfied. (TWSS!)

  225. My younger brother introduced me to The Office at the end of season three. The very first episode he showed me was Beach Games and straight away, I was hooked. I spent the next few weeks catching up on all the episodes, then spent the summer anxiously awaiting the season 4 premiere. The show became a way for my brother and I to spend time with each other every Thursday night. Even now, years later, we still take time out of our schedules to have dinner and watch The Office together. It’s ridiculous how much of our daily interactions revolve around quoting lines from the show, to the point where our parents have recently started watching so they know what the hell we’re referencing at family dinners. I could tell countless other stories about how The Office has aided in making new friends and solidifying old ones, but my favourite is definitely the relationship and the memories I share with my brother thanks to this crazy show. Thank you to the cast and crew for 9 amazing seasons! It means so much more to us fans than you will ever know.

  226. 240+ comments!? I have never been happier/more proud to be an Office fan.

    [from tanster: me too.]

  227. I have watched the Office since the very first episode. I hope that you all have enjoyed working on the show just as much as I have enjoyed watching it! I will plant some beets in my garden this year in memory of the show!

  228. A big thank you to everyone on The Office. Living in the Scranton area made this show very special to me and others in the area. The show did a great job giving my hometown something to be proud of.

  229. What an amazing show you all have created. The fact that the show ending is making people SO SAD says volumes about all of you as performers. You have made us fall in love with your characters, your stories, and your office. There was something comforting about coming back to this loving dysfunctional family every week, and to not be able to continue on this journey with them is seriously heartbreaking. Congratulations on the magic you all have created. There won’t be a show this loved for many many many years! You can always look back and know that you touched the lives of so many people! So thank you for everything.

  230. I’ve been obsessed with this show since the very beginning. Despite the changes whether good or bad, I always tuned in every Thursday. Thank you for EVERYTHING and good luck to everyone that’s part of this show! We will miss you!!!

  231. thanks for everything guys – you’ve succeeded in making the best TV show of all time and we love you for it.

  232. Because of this show I have met many wonderful people that I can call my friends even though I have never met most of them. I spent many hours back in the day in the Office Tally chat room and was able to get in on some of the chats with cast and crew which were always fun and exciting.

    I still remember seeing the commercials for the show before it aired and was like “huh, they have a chick on there with hair kinda like mine” (referring to Pam, back when I used to perm my hair). Decided to watch that first episode and have been hooked ever since!
    And seriously, the 4 months between the season 2 finale and the season 3 premier was the longest summer of my life!! Best. Cliffhanger. EVER!

    [from tanster: great to see you back here, Denise!]

  233. I felt like I was family with them. I’ve shared a lot of memories and fun times with MY family and that family together. The series finale will be the end of a GREAT era.

  234. I cannot think of any words that describe how sad I am about The Office coming to an end. I’ve only been a fan since about a year ago but I have seen every episode at least once. I’m gonna miss seeing this show on my TV (almost) every Thursday night. :( It’s the end of an era, and a great one I must say!

  235. (Continuing from #232) I just HAD to add that John and Jenna, without you two in the roles of Jim and Pam, there would be no Jim and Pam. Your connection and your chemistry is beautiful. Your 1000-word glances are the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Jim’s love for Pam in the first few seasons was heartbreaking, I cried so much and so often. The way he looked at Pam and talked about her was breathtaking and has continued to make me cry, especially when you pulled out that ring after only a week of being together. Jim and Pam are the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, and I will be so lost without you. Thank you for bringing these characters to life. Love you both!

  236. I just want to say a big thank you to all of the cast and crew involved in making this great show happen for so long. The Office will always be more than a TV show to me, it helped me become the person that I am today. It also helped me through some bad times in my life, proving that laughter truly is the best medicine. I will never forget the show, nor will I ever forget any of you.

    Thank you!

  237. Hi from Scotland. I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped make the Office the great show it is, even better than the original UK version. I came late to the party, and watched nearly every season back to back up until this season, whilst I had a long illness. The show always cheered me up and got me through a tough day so it means a lot to me. I’m really sad it’s ending but what a journey it’s been, thanks guys.

  238. I love this show so much and I will miss it dearly! Thanks to everyone involved for creating a great show and entertaining me for so many years!

  239. I’ve watched The Office every week since “Business School,” and I still haven’t fully accepted the fact that my weekly Thursday tradition will soon be ending. Huge thanks to the cast and crew for all the laughs over the past six years! It may seem silly, but this show has gotten me through so much, from my first break up all the way through my first year of college. My love for The Office is incalclicable, and I’m sure I’ll be watching reruns for years to come. Thanks again for everything, and congratulations on being a part of what is easily the best show ever. My heart soars with the eagle’s nest for you guys <3.

  240. Thanks for all the memories. I love everything about the Office. I watch several episodes a day. I would say that I’ve watched more than 99% of the world has lol. I’ve watched every episode multiple times because it’s so good. I’ll enjoy this series for years after it’s off air. I’m gonna miss it. Thank you.

  241. Thank you guys!!! We will miss you so… Pam and Jim, I love you! ;)

    Carla.. from Brazil! :)

  242. I started watching this show since the day it aired! The Office is one of the best shows ever made, up there with Seinfeld and the other greats. The cast of this show is amazing and so funny every moment they are on screen! This show will be missed greatly!

  243. This show was my first show fandom. Through it I made new friends, lived highs and lows. I love this show, will miss this show. Everything about it from watching and reading Officetally, making icons of my favorite moments, and updates from the cast and crew. Thinking of everyone related to the show on their last day. TV won’t be the same without you!

  244. Thank you to everyone who has ever been involved with this incredible show for the laughs, and tears, and joy you’ve brought to our lives. I originally watched the show because I loved Steve Carell on The Daily Show, but of course it’s become a significant part of my life. I feel so grateful for the fan community (thanks Tanster!) and for the bond we share with the cast and crew, even if we’ve never met.

    And to Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant, thank you for your brilliance in creating the show, and to Greg Daniels for bringing it to U.S. What a wonderful ride!

  245. I’m 14 years old and I am currently on my 4th time of watching every single episode of The Office on Netflix. I can’t get enough of it! I have about 30 posters of The Office hanging in my room, a t-shirt, magnets, a “World’s Best Boss Mug”, and a “Support The Rabid” bracelet that I have worn every day for the past year. Last summer, I got my parents to take me to Scranton, PA, and we went to Coopers Seafood and other places mentioned in the show! It was my dream to meet the cast of The Office and possibly act in an episode since I love acting, and when I found out that this was the last season, I was extremely sad. I loved watching The Office every Thursday at 9, and I will greatly miss it. I will be crying so hard on the finale episode, I won’t be able to go to school the next day! Anyway, I thank the cast of The Office for all their hard work on this fantastic show and I look forward to seeing all the talented actors in other movies and TV shows!

  246. I never thought I’d be affected by a television show this much. For seven and a half years this show has brought a smile to my face every Thursday night. I was in a hospital bed in 2006 recovering from almost losing my life from a leg infection that shut my kidneys down. I was in the hospital for 3 months and I watched the Office every single Thursday night I was there. From there on out I didn’t stop. This show has meant a lot to me. I just want to thank you all for the good times, sad times, and happy times. I’m writing a memoir of the show in the blogspot page I have mentioned above. Hope you all can read it when it’s done some time in May.

  247. I remember stumbling upon the pilot to this show when I was in grade school. I watched the whole thing, and while a bit of the humor went over my head, it was all just so fresh to me. I’ve grown up with The Office since then. I’ve watched every episode as it aired and multiple times online. I made it my aspiration to meet a woman like Pam, and I have. This show has meant so much to me, and I know it will get the send off it deserves. I can’t thank the cast and crew enough, it’s been such a wonderful experience.

  248. First of all — I love you all so much, to the cast and crew. It’s been amazing to watch all of you progress throughout The Office and all your other productions. I’ve never loved a show this much, and I doubt I ever will. It was my first and best.
    I started watching at around season 4. I don’t want this show to end, but it never really will. I’ve watched the seasons so many times over… some episodes, I’m sure, I’ve watched near 50 times. It will never get old. And I love you all for this beautiful, beautiful gift you’ve given me and all of the fans here on Officetally and beyond.
    And tanster, kudos to you for creating the most amazing and intelligent community of fans I have ever seen.
    Office cast and crew — you are all amazing and wonderful and thank you so much for a wonderful 9 seasons. You’ll all go on to make even greater things, and I’ll make sure to watch them as best I can!

    [from tanster: thanks, it’s been my pleasure!]

  249. This show will go down as one of the greatest in television history. All the actors played their parts perfectly and the show makers always had fresh ideas. Thank you Office for making us all say TGIT – thank God it’s Thursday.

  250. When I started at Starbucks in 2007, I found out my coworkers, Janice and Trisha watched The Office too. We started meeting at Janice’s house to have dinner and watch The Office every Thursday night. Soon, a bunch of other coworkers started coming every week. From karaoke to board games, it was always great. I think a few of us are going to get together again to watch the series finale.

  251. Thank you so much to the cast and crew of The Office for creating the best show on TV. Now I know the correct answer when anyone asks me to join a secret alliance, absolutely I do. And whenever I cross the border and am asked if I have anything to declare, I always shout “I declare…Bankruptcy!” (In my head, cause I really just want to get on my way).

    Special thanks to Tanster. I have been lurking on this site for years. You have added so much to my enjoyment of this show. THANK YOU!

    [ from tanster: you’re welcome. :) ]

  252. I love this show and am going to miss it so much! Thanks to the cast for being so hilarious and for always managing to put a smile on my face. The Office will forever be set aside in my favourites list and I’ll be watching reruns til I’m dead and gone. Hope your last day on set is wonderful!

  253. I don’t think this cast of characters really understands how much the show means to me. Even though I started watching in the 5th season, the show has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. When I’m sad, or depressed, or even just wanting a laugh, I would turn on the TV, or pop in a DVD and continue to crack up. Michael, Dwight, Creed, Meredith, the whole gang. Kept me laughing all 9 seasons, and they’re all truly inspirational people. Helping me achieve my dreams to be where you are, and making reality just a little more fun. Thank you to everyone. You’ll be missed every single week. I’m trying not to take it too hard. But y’know…that’s what she said.

    And thanks to Tanster, who kept all the fans culminated into one annex for so long. Much love to all of the fans, and to all of the cast!

    [ from tanster: that better be one big annex! ]

  254. Started watching in middle school right after the superbowl episode and have watched every episode multiple times. This will always be my favorite show and I think I’m going be depressed for a little while after it ends. It couldn’t have been a better cast and the Office has been such a big part of my life. Thank you all and I can’t wait to see what new stuff each of you guys come out with!!!

  255. The Office is perhaps the first multi-season show that I’ve watched from inception to its close. It’s been a fun and amazing ride with a one-of-a-kind show that has brought more laughs and tears than any other show than I can remember. Congratulations on making such a wonderful show, and thank you for the memories!

  256. I cannot believe the day is finally here!! I am so heartbroken knowing that this is the end.. I have seen every episode I don’t know how many times and they make me laugh just as hard as I did the first time. Thank you to the amazing cast and crew for the time and effort to make one of the best shows to be on TV. Life won’t ever be the same without you guys! I love you!! Catch you on the flippity flip!!

  257. It has been an enormous pleasure seeing it through from start to end…


  258. Thank you for the hilarious memories. TV won’t be the same without the best cast and staff on prime time! TV and paper won’t be the same without Dunder Mifflin!

  259. Thank you so much to the cast, crew, producers, directors…everyone who made The Office the amazing show it is!! I came to the show late and haven’t regretted a minute. It has been amazing to watch all the characters grow and change. Thankfully, I will be able to comfort myself with DVDs of each season and following the cast in their new adventures. Well done, all of you…truly a wonderful, wonderful show that will be sorely missed. God bless you!!

  260. Too many TWSS jokes, so little time:

    There’s going to be a big hole to fill…

    That was a long and pleasurable run…

    You left me more more than satisfied and smiling…

  261. Thank you, Office, for being the show that got me into watching television! I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me :’)

  262. I just want to say thank you for the years of happiness you have given me. Been with the show since “The Injury” aired during season 2. When my dad passed away 5 years ago, the show was the only thing that would make me smile. I will always love you guys and the moments of joy you’ve given me. Thanks again for making me laugh throughout these past 9 years.

  263. A huge thank you to the cast of The Office – you guys are brilliantly funny and without you all, I wouldn’t have been able to smile when I needed it most. I had just moved down to Houston in December of 2009 and was horribly depressed – left all of my friends and family behind. I found a re-run of The Office on tv and was HOOKED. And I was able to smile. Not just smile – I was laughing deep belly laughs and it felt so good. I love you all – especially you, Rainn Wilson. I have adored Dwight Schrute from the beginning. He’s amazingly sexy and I love the fact that I was able to watch him grow through the years. I know that you’re on to better things and I can’t wait to see what. =)

  264. Thank you to The Office for always bringing a smile to my face. I began watching The Office in 2007 during my first year at college. That was an extremely rough year for me and The Office cheered me up whenever I was feeling down. Jim and Pam have taught people everywhere not to settle for anyone less than their soul mate. I love this show and the cast and wish everyone the best of luck in the future!

  265. I love the show and own all 8 seasons on DVD.
    Thanks to everyone at Dunder Mifflin Scranton for making this show so special. I will miss you all. This is my favorite show, and it will break my heart to see it end. Thursday nights will never be the same.

    Thanks for all the laughs.

  266. Thank you so much to all involved for bringing such joy and for being such a big part of my life. Love you all! xoxoxo

  267. You’ve made me laugh with every episode, and it’s hard to make me laugh out loud. Thanks to many years of enjoyment! I started watching this in the 7th season, but DVDs and a fun summer helped me catch up….I love The Office, and I love finding The Office DVDs at libraries….

  268. Thank you to the Cast and Crew of The Office for 9 great seasons of entertainment. My 8th grade history teacher showed us “Basketball” in class the day after it aired, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I could never begin to put into words just what this show has meant to me! You all have been nothing short of incredible, and deserve everything you have now, and in the future!!
    P.S. Thanks Tanster for all the hard work you’ve put in over the years! I don’t know what I’d do without you! Where else would I get my Office News, etc?! :)

  269. thank you office cast and crew! I can’t even begin to think what my Thursdays will be like after may 16th!

    I’ve been a loyal fan from the beginning and I was even lucky enough to meet a few of you at the convention. thank you for making me laugh every Thursday for the past 9 years this show holds a very special place in my heart!

  270. Through good times and bad times, when I was happy or sad, when I was in the mood to laugh or cry or just be entertained there was always one show there for me, The Office. For nine magical, glorious, hilarious seasons The Office has been there for me. The Office has taught me that your boss can sometimes be an idiot, that we won’t always like the people we work with, that love sometimes hurts, but, most importantly, The Office has taught me how to laugh and love. Who knew a paper company from Scranton, Pennsylvania could do so much for a person. The Office saved me.
    And to Tanster, thank you. Thank you for bringing other Office fans to one wonderful website. Thank you for making a website where some of my best memories are stored. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I love you officetally.
    The Office will not only be remembered by fans, but it will truly be a show loved and adored for years and years and years. Speaking from a true fan, I love you The Office.

  271. Thank you, the Office, for keeping up your level of hilarity even after steve carell left. i am so proud of this show because it defied that “norm” of the show struggling to maintain its level of fun when the main star leaves. even when more people left, it was still entertaining. it’s so great to know that the show didn’t need to lean on one or a few people to make it good. that just really made the show quite like an office. people would leave but it still would be an office. it moves on as it is and the people in it still move along.

    this is going to be a really sad last 6-7 episodes; because the show is still doing so well for me. but thinking that it has gone a great 9 years makes me proud of how the show went on. thank you for all the hilarious jokes, the perfectly-shot scenes, cold opens that no other show could come close to copying, the brilliant cast, the fantastic writing…i really wish it stays on for another year or so. these last few episodes will be so sad to watch. thanks for the memories.

  272. Office cast and crew, thank you for 9 absolutely incredible seasons.

    I know how you feel, to some degree. Less than two hours ago, at my school (yes I’m still in school), the last showing of an absolutely fantastic, beloved, laugh-out-loud comedy stage show ended. Between writing, casting, rehearsing, and finally a few great performances, some classmates and I have spent over a year working on this show. Knowing that I’m finally done with the stress of this show is a massive relief, but of course the relief from stress is outweighed by the sentimentality and sadness from knowing that we will never perform this show again, and that it will live on only on DVD and possibly in clips on YouTube.

    From what’s been said on Twitter, I think there’s a shared feeling right now between myself and all of the cast and crew members. I think it is very cool and fitting that the end of both productions come on the same day.

  273. Jim and Pam let me believe in love again…and Jim is the guy I measure everyone up against <3 John & Jenna, you've made me cry since day one and it won't stop any time soon! The way Jim looks at Pam and has always known without a doubt that she's the woman he wants to spend his life with…there are no words for that. The gas station proposal and getting married on a boat…no words. But thank you for never giving up Jim. And thank you both for putting absolutely everything you've got into these characters week after week. You've helped me through so much! You will be missed.

  274. Thank you to everyone who made The Office a reality!! The beginning of The Office coincided with an important, transformative time in my life…and as The Office concludes, it makes me aware that it is also time to move onto the next phase in my life. I am a dyed-in-the-wool Office fan — since the very first episode! THANK YOU!!!!!

  275. I”ll never forget being on the OT chat room when Rainn told me, “I’m gonna kill you Ryan’s Hobbit.”


  276. To the entire cast and crew of The Office, thank you. Thank you for always providing many laughs and sweet tears. I first began watching the show nine years ago when I was in high school. Throughout nine years I have always been able to count on The Office to put a smile on my face no matter what mood I was in. Because we would miss new episodes airing, I had several old friends who would stay up till 4 am Friday morning to watch it online. The Office will always remain has a special connection with those friends. It has also been a way to meet new friends. This show is much more than a few laughs. It has taught me that work can be fun, wait for true love, and to embrace the people around you. Thank you, The Office, for nine years! You will be truly missed!

  277. Thursdays at 9pm PT will never be the same.
    Thank you for an amazing run! Love all you
    guys. Long Live The Office!

  278. I just have to say thank from the bottom of my heart for this show, to all the people involved, from the writers, the producers and especially to the actors . I will miss everything about this show. I don’t know what I am going to do on Thursday nights now. I am so sad, but happy that I got to discover a show the supersedes any other show on TV period. I will completely miss tuning in.

  279. We watched your first episode not long after we were first married. We feel as if something is changing in our marriage (lol), because the show is ending, but this show has meant so much to us. It connects with us. As we both work in an office, so many funny things on the show have helped us get through the day. This show is irreplaceable and will forever be special in our hearts. We love THE OFFICE cast and crew! You will be missed!

    Dawn and Joe Deckard

  280. You know, I didn’t think I’d get so sad about the end of a show, but here I am a little misty eyed knowing that a group of folks I’ve come to love over the last eight years met for the last time today at a studio in Van Nuys. I’ve loved The Office through its highs and lows, stuck with it even when so many others wrote it off. It feels strange to say this about a comedy, but you all managed to bring so much humanity to your characters that I feel like I know all of you and just want to give everyone a hug. You are all so lucky to have met each other and worked with each other over these nine seasons — your joy brought us joy.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  281. Thank you for 9 wonderful seasons filled with laughter, smiles, and memories, both happy and bittersweet sad. From all the TWSS moments to JAM to Dwangela to every thing in between, it has been a great ride. You are an AMAZING cast and very skilled actors and actresses. You made the show feel real, relateable. I wish yall luck, and will see yall on DVD! Thank you, thank you, thank you! and *hugs*

    (And thanks Tanster for running OfficeTally all these years! I have loved visiting the site and all the insider information you share with all the other fans.)

  282. Wow. I remember in 2008 when i was at my cousin’s house and I watched season 1 with her for the first time. I barely watched any tv shows back then but I was hooked. I followed the awkward dvd releases in Australia (s3 part 1, s3 part 2 etc …) and now that end is near, I’ve watched them as they’ve come out. I wanted to be like Pam, I fell in love with Andy and Jim, I laughed with Dwight and Michael, I smiled whenever Creed said something weird … this show has been a massive part of my life and I’m going to miss these characters so much … I’m not crying … no, not at all …

  283. I just found the office last year…and Jim has been teaching me how hard, but just how worth it that it is to wait for your true soul mate.
    Thank you Jim and Pam. <3

  284. You have each created another family – your Dunder-Mifflin Family Tree is quite extensive, with millions of new fans (family) created over the nine years. It is not possible to say good-bye, only farewell till we see you again – on stage, screen or the coffee shop.

    Best of luck and happiness to you all.

  285. Thank you for making me laugh, cry, laugh so hard I cry, and for making me believe in true love! I love every single person that has worked on this show. There will never again be a show like this. I’m so grateful to you all!


  286. I love this show even though I didn’t really start watching until the beginning of season 5, but to make a new fan of a show that far in the game, makes for an awesome tv show. The Office is past its prime without Steve Carell, but that won’t stop me from watching it! I love Dwight, Jim, Pam, Andy, Angela, Kevin, Creed, Meredith, Oscar, Erin, etc…LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Keep on bringing greatness to tv or even film after the show is over! Thank you Greg Daniels!!! Thank you Steve Carell! Thank you Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais!!! Thank you tanster and fellow Tallyheads! I will laugh till the very end! (And cry too!)

  287. To the Office cast, crew, and all behind-the-sceners: Thank you. Thank you! I started watching the show when it was in its 6th season and caught up on previous seasons very quickly. The show has brought me so much laughter, entertainment, and joy! I’ve turned many friends on to watching the show and I love that we have this wonderful thing to bond over.

    Thank you to the cast for being such likable, humble, and appreciative people. Your inclusion of the fans in many aspects of the show’s progression is amazing. I know I would have enjoyed the show no matter what, but the fact that you are all the way you are makes it even more gratifying to love it.

    I will be quoting the Office for the rest of my life.

    Michael: Did I ever tell you about the day that Steve Martin died?
    Pam: Steve Martin’s not dead, Michael.
    Michael: I know. But I always thought that the day that he died would be the worst day of my life. I was wrong. It’s this.

  288. Michael Scott’s humor, Jim and Pam’s relationship, Ryan and Kelly’s relationship, Dwight and Angela’s relationship, meeting Ed, Oscar, Bobby Ray, Greg Daniels, Michael Schur, Craig, (and tanster!) at the convention, Phyllis’ smile, Meredith’s raunchiness, Creed’s ‘wisdom’, Kevin’s goofiness, Stanley’s somberness, bringing in Donna Noble, Jan’s haunting tunes, and poor Toby! I can still recite every line from every episode from memory.
    You guys got me through a bad high school breakup, a rough identity crisis in college, my mundane and demeaning working life, helped me make friends in grad school and, now, I don’t know what I’m going to do without you. I hear it’s customary to give a stole of gratitude to the people who helped you a lot throughout your education. I wish there was still some place where I could send mine to you all. Thanks so much for so many great years! I will miss you terribly and promise to always keep a piece of The Office with me.

  289. There are so many reasons why this show is so great and unique and I will definitely miss tuning in for a new episode each week. This is the one show that can get me through tough times and makes me feel joy and happiness if I’m having a rough go. Thank you for 9 seasons of one of the greatest tv shows ever. Truly one of the greats!

  290. Thank you to the awesome cast for bringing every character to life. Thank you to the producers, directors, and the rest of the crew for creating and maintaining a phenomenal comedy for nine seasons. I’m sad to see it go.

    Thank you also to Tanster for creating Officetally, which has just made my enjoyment of the show so much better. I love the episode quotes, the videos, and everything that has been meticulously updated regarding the show and the actors we love.

  291. I would be remiss IF I did not say THANK YOU to Jennie Tan for her part in making “THE OFFICE” such a great hit through the “OFFICE TALLY”…You’re a big part of why so many of us “THE OFFICE” fans love the show…I cannot THANK YOU enough for how you covered it all these years…You’re the best, Jennie! THANK YOU ALWAYS. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

    [ from tanster: thanks so much! :) ]

  292. I started watching The Office right before it started its 3rd season. (I know, a little late..) But I watched the first 2 seasons on dvd one summer & I was ready in the Fall for season 3! It has truly had such a huge impact on my life. I’ve bonded with my family members, friends & boyfriends over this show and through any of them that I’ve lost, this show has stayed with me. I don’t even know how many memories I have with this show! It has never once failed to make me happy! I just want to give a HUGE thanks to the cast, crew, etc. for so many amazing memories! Much love to you all!

  293. The Office premiered when I was in 4th grade and the last episode will premiere a week before I graduate from high school. I remember the first time I watched an episode, I’ll be honest – I didn’t get it. But then I began to know the characters and to connect with them, and now I love this show so much that I’m already emotional just thinking about it coming to an end. My boyfriend spent his entire Christmas break two years ago watching EVERY SINGLE Office episode in order. He finished in two weeks. Now that he’s in college, our relationship has started to reflect some of the problems Jim and Pan have had. The Office has helped is solve our problems from time to time. Basically, The Office has had a positive impact on my life. Thank you. Don’t make me cry too much with the last episode :)

  294. While I only started watching the Office in 2010 (thanks to my sister and brother), I have enjoyed it every step of the way. Since then, I have watched every episode multiple times.

    While I know it sounds cheesy, all the cast has become like friends, no, a family. I cheered when Jam finally got married and had a baby and was sad to see characters leave the show (Michael, Ryan, Kelly).

    While I know it is time for the show to end, I will hold the memories in my heart forever. Plus, there’s always the reruns. :)

    Thanks for everything, guys!

  295. While I only started watching the Office in 2010 (thanks to my sister and brother), I have enjoyed it every step of the way. Since then, I have watched every episode multiple times.

    While I know it sounds cheesy, all the cast has become like friends, no, a family. I cheered when Jam finally got married and had a baby and was sad to see characters leave the show (Michael, Ryan, Kelly).

    While I know it is time for the show to end, I will hold the memories in my heart forever. Plus, there’s always the reruns. :)

  296. The Office is the only tv series that I have seen every single episode of. The first episode I remember seeing was “Basketball” in season one but I fell in love with the show during season two. The Office is the only show that I made a point to watch every week. Every Thursday for the last 8 years my sister and I would get together and watch the show. Best of luck to the entire cast going forward and thanks for my all time favorite TV show.

  297. Words can not express how thankful I am for this show. Thank you so much for making me laugh when times were tough. I know when I turned on The Office every week I was going to laugh my butt off. Thank you for the hours and hours of quotable lines. If my future wife doesn’t like The Office, that’s a deal breaker. Thank you cast and crew for changing my life in ways you will never know.

  298. One of the first shows i’ve ever felt connected to the characters. Thank you for all the funny AND touching moments. :D

  299. Express my gratitude and love for a show that’s touched me in a way that hasn’t since “Frasier” in two hundred words or less? Can such a feat be accomplished? Well, I guess it’ll have to be.

    I first saw “The Office” in ’09. It was a rerun of the pilot. Honestly, my expectations weren’t high. I only tuned in because there was nothing else good on. But the moment Dwight pulled out his Jell-O encased stapler from his drawer, I was smitten with the series. It was the first and so far only time in my life that I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

    So, thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who made such a hilarious and heartwarming show possible from the very bottom of my heart. It influenced my writing, brought my family and I closer together, and gave me a reason to look forward to the new week. Thank you all so very, very much.

  300. Guys, thank you so much. You’ve been with me in the roughest times of my life. You’ve made me laugh and forget about my problems. And you’ll always hold a very dear part of my heart. Love you all. So long.

  301. I’ve been watching from the beginning and can’t believe it is ending. Jim and Pam have gotten more tears from me than I thought any tv couple ever would. Every actor played their character perfectly and have brought me many laughs. Thank you to everyone who made this show what it is and what it will continue to be – simply great entertainment.

  302. The Office is what spurred on my love for television. My fondest high school memories were getting together with friends and having Office marathons. This show will always be my favorite television show, and I feel as if I know every character personally. I thank every single person who played a role in this tv show, from producers to caterers, for all your hard work and for being a part of such a monumental era of comedic history. I feel like I’m losing some amazing friends with the end of the show, but I also have many fond memories. And I will continue to use any opportunity to use an Office catchphrase. Again, thank you all! And best of luck in all future projects!

  303. The first episode of The Office that I ever saw was ‘The Deposition.’ After that I was hooked. It remains one of my favorite episodes to this day. As Michael once said, “Games have the power to distract people from stressful situations.” Battleship. Operation, and Toss Across got him through his parents’ divorce, his vasectomy, and his breakup with Holly. The Office has that power too- it got me through High School, my first breakup, College, and much turmoil over the years. Thank you for making me laugh, for calming me down, for being my refuge, my distraction, and my happiness over the years. I’m going to miss all of you so much. With all my love, Laine Donaldson.

  304. I’d love to thank the Office for nearly changing my life in so many ways, even inspiring me to become an actor some day. You’ve always been there for me through the good and bad, always bringing me joy and laughter. I think once the show wraps, I’ll be done with watching prime-time television for a while. TV will never be the same again for me. I’m too loyal to my all-time favorite show. This show will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Thank you cast, writers, crew for eight amazing years!

  305. Gosh, this is SO hard. You have no idea what The Office means to me. This is my all-time favorite show and it will always have a very special place in my heart… Thank you for everything. Love you, guys!

  306. With the office coming to an end- I don’t know what i’ll do. The Office truly saved my life. Every time i’d come home from school, crying about being bullied, or feeling alone, michael scott would find a way to make some inappropriate joke. or jim and pam would smile at each other. or kevin would do something dumb. the office changed my life, and made me want to become an actress, and i don’t know what i’ll do without it. I can’t thank the cast, crew, and fans enough for keeping me alive and happy throughout the years. I now believe in love, and happiness. This show changed everything. I’m sure it’s been a long and hard process (that’s what she said!), but the show really is one large, incredible success. and i’m going to miss it. whenever i have a rough day, i’ll come home from high school and rewatch some episodes!

  307. Sadly, the Scranton branch has closed… You guys rocked! That show was a masterpiece! I think I have never actually laughed out loud in front of my TV except every Thursday night… Thanks a million for that, I hope to see all of you again soon. (Virtual hugs to all of you)

  308. From Belgium, a huge thanks to you all for that amazing adventure… During 9 years, you were in my living room making me laugh so loud and cry so bad, so many times… I’ll miss you all…You were part of my life…
    I can’t believe I won’t see you together on screen, you’re really really great!
    Bonne route à vous tous, you’re amazing artists and you deserve the best!
    And thank you for this wonderful blog…

  309. I love this show to death and it breaks my heart to see it ending. I’m tearing up as I type this. My favorite show coming to an end. I love that it has taught me so much about life and love. My favorite moment has to be when when Jim and Pam saw each other before their wedding and Jim cut his tie because of Pam’s ripped veil. It made me want to find a perfect love like theirs. it’s strange to think something like a TV show has made such an impact on my life but it really has. This show has encouraged me to persevere in my dreams and in love. Thank you for everything you have done. Everyone in the cast is family to me :) thank you for the amazing years of laughter and tears. I will never forget the lessons you have taught me. I will forever be a huge fan of this AMAZING show.

  310. I watched my first episode about half way through S1 and fell in love. What an amazing show! So well cast, written, acted, directed, everything!! I love the characters so much because of how real they are! I was blown away by how willing you were to interact with the fans at The Office Convention….one of the all time best weekends of my life!!! Everyone involved with the show is just great!! I’m especially sad the show is ending now because I love how it has gotten back to focusing on the ensemble! We love all the characters and it is nice to see them more involved again! I am going to really miss them!! All I can say is Thank God for my DVDs!! As soon as Target and Best Buy started offering special editions I bought them both so I have Office DVDs by each TV…ha ha. I can’t even imagine how hard this must be on the cast and crew. Hang in there!! We love you!! The Office changed TV and the way we speak. So many amazing quotes and of course That’s What She Said.

  311. It’s hard to put into words what this show means to me, as I’m sure it’s hard to put into words for all of you. I first discovered the show about 3 years ago, and as soon as I saw Dwight’s stapler in jello I was in love. This show has made me laugh, cry, worry, and love, and it’s hard to believe it’s all coming to an end. I am so deeply thankful to the incredible people who made this show happen, no matter how big or small your job was. You all contributed to one of the greatest shows in the history of television, and I thank you so much for helping bring it to us each and every Thursday. The best of luck to all of you in your future endeavours, and remember, you always left me satisfied. That’s what she said.

  312. One more thing since I was running out of words on my previous comment – To Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski:

    I want to send a special thank you to the both of you on an incredible 9 years, as you two are the reason I fell in love with the series as much as I did. The Jim and Pam story touched my heart like nothing else I’ve ever seen in television, and it gave me faith that nice guys can get the girl. You two did an absolutely unbelievable job of making the characters as amazing as they were, and I’m so glad that I’ve been able to watch the story unfold for so many years. I wish you two all the best in the future, whatever it may hold for the both of you. Cheers to the best couple in the history of television.

  313. Thank you – thank you all for making this the best show I’ve seen in my 38 years of living. It’s impossible to articulate my feelings for you and your characters in 200 words or less, so I’ll just say this… Your acting talent and chemistry not only made your characters feel real, it made them feel like friends and companions. In some ways, it made me wish I was working right there in fictional Scranton. No other show has ever done this, and I doubt that any other ever will. You are all such wonderful people and gifted performers; I wish you nothing but the best as you deserve it.

  314. Yours is the only show where I can watch an episode 100 times (which I have) and still want to watch 100 more times. Yours is the only show that I will actually buy the DVD set of each season. Yours is the only show I do not wait to record before watching. Yours is the only show that I quote from. Why? Because that’s what she said.

    The Office is a classic that will live on in syndication and in our hearts forever.

    Kudos to the actors, writers and crew. Nailed it.

  315. I love you all. “Jim” and “Pam” I don’t know how you ever filmed some of your scenes without laughing! You all are awesome. I feel as if I know you all. Which I’m sure is kind of creepy. I will cry when I watch the last episode and will rewatch others for years to come! Thank you for the laughter even when my life was hell!

  316. Thank you all for your professionalism and creativity. You, the cast, have been an important part in the lives of many people over the past eight years.

  317. I really can’t put in to words how I’m feeling at the moment. The Office ending feels like losing a best friend, it really does. I have never loved a show as much as I have loved this one. My DVD box sets are my prized possessions and they have truly gotten me through a serious medical condition, and I honestly believe, contributed to my recovery. I really believe now in the healing power of laughter. Thank you all so much for making this wonderful, wonderful show which means so much to me. You are all so incredibly talented and inspirational. I will miss these characters so much, there are no other characters on TV like them. I will especially miss Jim and Pam, the greatest tv love story ever – every moment of them was wonderful and they brought so much beauty into people’s lives. I’m so sad, I just can’t believe it’s over. And Tanster, thank you so much for this fantastic site, it’s been a lifeline for me, it really has. Love to you all.

  318. Hey… needed to chime in again. One time isn’t nearly enough. (TWSS!!)

    Just wanted to let you know once again how much your talent and creativity on this show meant to me. I know I’m not the only one out here to say this, but this show really helped get me through some stressful and sad times. Just knowing that there was an episode to look forward to on Thursday nights really helped pull me through the week at times. The Office really was a special show, filled with special people. Thank you once again. You always left me “smiling and satisfied”. :-)

  319. Thank you for coming into my living room for the last 9 years.

    Thank you for making me laugh when I was having a crappy week.

    And thank you ALL for getting so involved with Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and OfficeTally to show us all the awesomeness that goes on behind the scenes… and in your lives! It’s really cool how y’all have chosen to interact with your fans.

  320. The Office is truly like a friend leaving. Not only have my husband & myself enjoyed your show, but our friends come over to rewatch our top episodes. Even though The Office is ending the quotes & mannerisms will live on!! :)

  321. One of the most influential comedies of the last twenty years. Without The Office there is no Modern Family, Parks and Rec, Community, etc. Many talented people collaborating at one time.

  322. Thank you, thank you, thank you, The Office staff. You have brightened so many of my days, getting me through college, and showing me what comedy is really all about. You all really have a piece of my heart, and I am forever grateful for the joy you have brought to my life! I love you, The Office staff. Being a fan has been such a wonderful journey.

  323. Have watched this show since the beginning, and I have to say it is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I honestly believe it will be the best I will ever see. A big thanks to everyone involved in it as well as to this site for being simply amazing :D

  324. thanks so much to the entire cast and crew for 9 wonderfully incredible seasons!!! the jim/pam love story was enchanting (although i DON’T enjoy the jim/pam tension currently airing right now). i also found the jim/pam/dwight dynamic throughout the years to be bewitching, charming ….and of course, hysterically funny! yes, those were my favorites, HOWEVER, they couldn’t have been “who they were” without the rest of the amazing ENSEMBLE cast. along with watching episodes over and over, i enjoy the blooper reels because they make me laugh until i cry. after experiencing the full range of emotions watching this show, i can honestly say my heartstrings will never be quite the same! bless you all!!(have to stock up on tissues for the last few episodes!!) :)

  325. A couple of times I have tried to write something. But, words cannot express how I really feel. Since I can’t post a picture and Youtube can’t make it to my house, I will have to settle for simply saying thank you.

    Thank you for the laughs and hope and mania and eager expectation.

    Tanster: my biggest thanks goes to you. You brought so much to The Office experience that none of us would have had otherwise. You have helped us connect to the show and the actors in a way that is just not possible for someone living in Albuquerque.

    Thank you to everyone!
    ~Michelle Martinez :)

    [from tanster: thanks, michelle!]

  326. Can’t believe it’s over. Thanks for all the laughs, memories, and relationships i’ve grown with and loved. I feel like i’m losing some great friends. You were the best and funniest ensemble cast ever put together. Thank you again for a great 8 seasons.

  327. I am English and was a huge fan of the original British Office. When I heard about the US remake my hopes weren’t high as TV history tells us that these things usually end in tears! I am very glad to say how totally and utterly wrong I was. The (American) Office is now my favourite show by far. I feel so emotionally invested with the characters. 16th May is certainly going to be a hard one. (That’s what she said.)

    About a month ago I visited Los Angeles for the first time. Cue a clueless English tourist circling Van Nuys searching for 1725 Slough Avenue. I found it in the end and spent far too long gazing through the railings. I am so glad I got to make my little pilgrimage.

    Thanks for everything everyone! :-)

  328. I was in my teens when I started watching this show. That is so crazy to think about. I have been watching and laughing with these characters for years and I am so sad to see them say goodbye. Reading these comments made me smile and tear up just a bit too because so many others feel the same way. This was more than just a funny show to me. I feel like I know these crazy folks. Thanks to all of you for these lovable and hysterical characters. I love you guys!

  329. I watched the first episode when it aired the first time. Watched every episode ever since. Thanks to the cast and crew (and Ricky and Steve), for making us laugh till it hurt!
    On a related note, this is truly the best fan site ever created. Tanster, you are to be commended. Thanks for being religious about the site and the show!
    -Aaron Larson

  330. Thank you doesn’t really sum it up! I watched Ricky’s “Office” when it first aired here in the UK and thought it was great. When I heard there would be an American version I thought I’d watch it (on DVD) and see if it was any good. I love the US Office! I’ve enjoyed it since series 1 episode 1. It just won’t be the same without you guys. Thank you for a great show and a collection of DVDs which will make me smile and laugh for years to come.

  331. Thank you to you all. For the many laughs that got me through my hard moments or simply giving me more chances to laugh on the good days. You have given me so many opportunities for ice breakers when meeting new people. For the resurrection of “that’s what she said”. For the lesson to go for the nice guy who loves you (jim). I love this entire cast as if I knew them and I will continue to love them forever. You have a special place in my heart and your tv presence will truly be missed. Each day gets closer to the finale and each day I become more sad. I wish you all the best at your future acting careers. I can’t wait to see how the series will wrap up. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU! And John, Call me maybe.

  332. I can’t say enough about the cast and crew but I will make a quick summary. I love you guys, all of you, thank you for some of the greatest times of my life.

  333. Thank you will never be enough. The Office brought me great laughs, and great sobs. I cried at all of the great Jim and Pam moments and I sobbed when Michael Scott left. I enjoyed great pranks between Dwight and Jim too and of course, laughing at Jim’s many faces. I have loved this show and always will. Through out the years, The Office has made me laugh, cry, and experience every emotion in between. Even after it ends, *sob* I will watch and re-watch this show. It is an American classic that will live on in our hearts and on our TVs. Thank you, to everyone who took part in the production of this one of a kind TV show. You have been and always will be my favorite TV show. You will be dearly missed.

  334. Started watching the show a month ago and became addicted to it. I was really surprised how funny and real the show is. I’m half way through season 7 and can’t wait to watch season 8 and 9. I am upset the show is ending even though I’ve been watching it for four weeks now, I think this proves to me how good the show really is. It is hands down one of, if not, the best tv show I’ve watched. Can’t wait to see how it ends and I thank everyone involved for the fun and laughs I’ve endured watching the office THANK YOU! You’ll all be missed.

  335. The office ending, is like saying goodbye to a loved one. I call The Office my “go-to” show. I ALWAYS watch when I am down, sad, happy, excited, relaxed etc. I have to say I am kind of addicted because The Office is all I watch these days and I am not kidding. I would watch a different show but I always go back to at least one episode of The Office. I want to do so much more than say thank you. I want to shout it out for the whole world to hear what an awesome show this is!! It’s is definitely my number 1 favourite show. Everything is so real and one can relate to the story almost all the time. So thank you so much for being more than an tv show for some people. The Office rocks!!!!

  336. I am still in a state of shock! I can’t believe the show is ending – and I still can’t believe I was lucky to visit the set of the Office back in December. I am so appreciative to you Tanster for the wonderful work and sharing you have done on OfficeTally – if not for you I would not have known about the contest! Everyone that I met is incredible – so amazingly nice and kind and “real”– every single person! This show is one in a million – it’s brought so much joy and laughter, never disappointing…I guess I am kind of secretly hoping that it will continue on. I too have all the DVD’s – and love watching the re-runs. It never gets old – a stand out show that will forever be #1 in my heart.

    [from tanster: thanks, linda!]

  337. I know I’m late to the party, and I haven’t been active here at OT for years, but I want to say thank you to everyone at Dunder Mifflin. You have enriched my life, and I am sad to see you go. The true testament to the success of the show is that over the years so many of us came to feel like the characters were old friends. I’m sure this is something you’ve heard many times, but I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus.

    PS. I have missed you, Steve. Not having Michael here at the end feels wrong. I understand why it had to be this way, I just wish it wasn’t.
    PPS. Jenna, I still have my Cupcake Courier and think of you every time I use it!

  338. It hurts me to consider my favourite show ever’s coming to a halt – it only hit me last week the show was actually ending – and it was only because of this show that I realised my true talent: writing.

    Thank you, The Office. See you in syndication.

  339. Just wanted to say thank you and that I will always gravitate towards this show. Shows like these really come around once in a lifetime. I grew up on this show and the humor as well as the life lessons have definitely impacted me and will stay with me forever. Once again, thank you. Best television show of all-time.

  340. I am a latecomer to The Office…I recently binge-watched it on Netflix and have since watched each episode multiple times. What can I say that everyone else hasn’t already said? This show is amazing. In addition to being so talented, the cast all seem like such nice people. Thank you for all the laughs.

  341. I will never love another show quite the same way as I love The Office. It entertained me, introduced me to some great friends and allowed me to use some creative writing skills I’d been harboring. I’m so sad that this show is finishing, and it was such an honor to see the cast in person last weekend in Scranton. You are all truly remarkable people. There is no other cast around as awesome as you all are. Thank you for bringing us all a show that we will all treasure forever.

    And thank you Tanster for creating this site, and for helping keep this show on the air all those years ago.

    These past two episodes have had me in tears. And thinking about the finale this week just keeps bringing them back. I’m going to miss your show so very much.

  342. I have never in my life felt this way about a television show, and never will again. Brilliant, heart-felt, hilarious entertainment. You are all geniuses! Thank you so much.

  343. Thank you for this show that completely changed my life, television has not been the same since I watched the pilot. There is a life before and after watching The Office, a much better life. It is hard to say goodbye to something that has been part of me for the last 8 years but it is time to move on and cherish all the laughs and tears, those memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will never forget you. Thank you again and farewell. Long live The Office!

  344. I’ve heard of The Office from diff. people a long time ago and I’ve never really had the chance to start watching it until last year and I regret not watching it earlier. It is honestly the best comedy series I’ve ever watched and it just kinda sucks that it’s ending because it has given me so many laughs, tears, and memories. I feel like I personally know all of the characters and not seeing them ever again after this last season is gonna hurt like a bitch, but all good things must come to an end. Thank you so much to the staff, the cast, and everyone else from The Office for making millions of people laugh and cry at the same time. This show is truly one of the best. All the love from The Philippines! I hope they do a worldwide tour of The Office someday. (I doubt that is ever going to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to dream!)

  345. I never thought I’d become one of those people who are really emotionally attached to a fictional tv show. And yet here I am still crying throughout the day about the show’s ending. Looking back at old clips, shows, behind the scenes, and interviews. There’s so many things I want to tell the cast, crew, and production. But overall I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for the characters, the stories, the memories, the laughs, and the tears.

    From Jim’s pranks to the babies and Michael’s departure I was there laughing and crying. I had so many tears at Jim and Pam’s wedding and their love montage in the second to last episode. That is the greatest relationship in TV history. I’ll never forget you guys. “I will remember you.” :'(

  346. Why are you the way that you are? Honestly every time I want to do something fun or exciting you make it that way. I love so much about the things you choose to be.

    Thank you so very very much Office.

  347. Sincere thanks for every hilarious joke and every heart warming moment you guys have provided for us. I hope all of the staff and cast have prosperous lives after the show forever. :)

  348. I love you guys ( staff and crew)….
    I can’t wait to watch the finale and retrospective this week but also dread it because it will finally be over.
    It’s been a great series and I plan to buy the Blu Ray collection eventually and show it to people who’ve never watched it before. ( they’ve missed out)

  349. Thank you to all the cast and the crew for making my tv watching experience so enjoyable the last 9 years.

    The Office was not just a simple comedy outlining the funny nature of an office environment. There was so much more to the stories and emotions that come with it that I can say it has had an impact on how I live my life.

    Cast – Wonderful portrayal of the individual characters, relationships and talents. You guys did such a great job that I feel like I know you on some personal level after 9 years. Totally awesome work and I hope your careers blossom. Beers for you all.

    Crew – The Office set was always great and made me feel like I was really in Scranton. Also many episodes done outside the Office – Booze Cruise, JP Wedding, etc where so special and on mark.

    Writers – This was a comedy with much more substance than you realize. It hit on every emotion possible and could almost stand on its own as a love story. Great job!

    Can we see a silver screen adaptation of “The Office” in a few years? :)

  350. Watching The Office helped me through a difficult time of my life. I don’t know why it helped so much — some experiences have no explanation — but The Office has become a reality in my life. Thanks for being there for me and millions of other fans. I will miss your new stories, but will take comfort in all the re-runs. Best wishes to everyone connected with The Office — cast, crew, writers — everyone!

  351. Thank you cast and crew of the Office!!!! This show means so much to me. After 9 years it is still the best show on TV. The brilliance of Greg Daniels and the rest of the staff has been so incredible during the entire run. Thanks Office, You will be missed.

  352. The Office has given me so much over the years. It has brought me together with friends, helped me make new ones, helped me meet the love of my life (my Jim!) and most importantly cheered me up when I’ve been down. I have laughed, I have cried, I have done both at the same time. To the amazing actors, writers, producers and everyone involved with my favourite show…THANK YOU. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t imagine my life without The Office and whilst I’m so sad it’s ending, I will carry it with me always. You guys have a special place in my heart :)

  353. The Office should win a Dundie for “Best Show Ever.” Thank you for the countless laughs and few tears shed along the way, you will be missed. You cannot know how much this show has meant to me and I’m very sad to see it go, but all good things must come to an end. Love you all so very much! Best wishes for the future!

  354. WOW! The Office! 9 years of tears of laughter and emotion! This is really hard to say goodbye…But thank you! Because it’s on film and I can always go back and re-watch it! I wish every mega-actor of The Office the best! Keep making laugh this tough world! God Bless you!

  355. My friend Max Romanowski introduced me to this show, and he’s a tad bit bigger fan than I am. But we’re both super fans and even though I’m relatively new, the show has impacted me so much, and it’s been a real pleasure to have it in both of our lives. Thank you to everyone involved.

  356. I stumbled upon The Office in the episode The Fight in season 2. The first episode I saw in its entirety was a rerun of Office Olympics. I was hooked. I had seen the British version and found this one as delightful.

    I was pregnant with Pam, was on bedrest the night Cecelia was born, and gave birth to my twins at 8:25 and 8:26 p.m. during the airing of Happy Hour.

    I haven’t loved the second half of the series nearly as much as the first, but I will be happy to see how it all ends for the employees of Dunder Mifflin.

  357. To all the cast, you are all amazing! You’ve developed so much the last nine years.

    Special shout-out to my favorite characters Jim and Pam, such a great model on how to act and flirt! Haha. I’m gonna miss The Office a ton, but I’ll watch a ton of reruns….Gonna miss this show!

  358. Thank you for making me laugh for all these years. I appreciate everything everyone has done for the show, and I wish I could have worked there, as a writer, in the future. I have been inspired to write more comedy, and I’m starting on my blog. Should I write Office fanfiction? Maybe, but it will never rival this show.

  359. I was living in a motel in Tucson in 2009, malnourished and on the brink of homelessness. It was nasty, but it beat being on the street. No cable or satellite or phone or computer or anything. Five stations over the air. One of the Tucson stations showed The Office an hour M-F, so I just kind of fell into it for lack of alternatives. And I so quickly fell in love with the characters, the absurdist humor. That hour of comedic bliss was the highlight of my day. And even having seen every episode 20 times since, I still never miss The Office. It gave, and gives me, hope.

  360. Thank you for the wonderful memories of a great television comedy. The actors were the very best. I couldn’t see anyone else playing their parts. I will always remember the romance of Pam and Jim. The storyline for them was what hooked me on the show.

  361. The first episode of the office I ever saw was Business School in Season 3. I sat there completely over taken with laughter as I watched Dwight throw a bag over Meredith’s head with a bat inside, ending the scene with a simply “you’re welcome” from Dwight to a disheveled red faced Meredith. I had never seen anything like this show and I immediately fell in love.
    For my birthday weeks later, my mom got me seasons 1&2 on DVD. I watched and rewatched them, quoted scenes to family and friends, and I have never missed an episode since.
    Thank you so much to each and every member of the cast and crew of The Office, *looks into the camera* I love you all.

  362. Thank you cast and crew for the 9 amazing years of TV. Whenever I was sad, happy, upset or angry I would go and put on some Office DVDs and my day would be so much better. I will always keep this show in my heart. My fiance and I are coming out to the theme song at our wedding. This show will always bring great memories. Thanks everyone involved!

  363. I started watching The Office when I was 15 years old & now I’m almost 22. I was smitten with this show from the first episode that I watched.. I wasn’t expecting this show to have the impact on me that it did & become such a part of my life, but I can honestly say that the finale is going to feel kind of like losing a friend. I am so thankful for this show, and for all of the cast, crew, etc. for all of their hard work. You guys are all true talents & I’m gonna miss seeing you guys every Thursday. Thanks for the memories!

  364. The Office was not just a TV show to me. These past 9 years, The Office was there through the good times and the bad times. No matter how hard or difficult things might have been I could always look forward to one thing every Thursday night to help cheer me up :-)

    This Thursday night should not be a sad moment…It should be a happy celebration of 9 great years of shared laughter and enjoyment with The Office!

  365. Creed Bratton said it best: “[we] watched these kids grow up”.

    Being a spectator/consumer, I’m clueless as to who deserves credit, so a heartfelt thank you to all involved. So many sweet moments. So many quotes worthy of Seinfeldian status.

    And a special separate thanks to @tanster & crew at OfficeTally. I underestimated the power of this site. Maybe someday I will estimate it.

    [ from tanster: officetally is a crew of one. thanks! :) ]

  366. It’s funny that some of my favorite episodes were mentioned by cast members as their faves also. The ability to be touching without sappy, to weave tender moments into hilarity is a great gift, and Greg Daniels has that. Jim sitting in the stairwell helping a crying Dwight, Michael connecting with Pam at the art show, Michael’s recemmmendation letter to Dwight…the list goes on. Throw in Michael’s attraction to Ryan and hatred for Toby that are never explained, and you’ve got a show I’ll watch in reruns and quote to my classes for years to come. Thank you, cast and crew!

  367. This show allowed me to laugh my way through some tough times. Thank you Tanster and everyone at The Office. Will I miss this show? Absolutely I will.

  368. I was introduced to this show in season 5 since then I’ve seen every episode various times.
    I want to thank everyone who has been a part of the show for giving us this series. For giving us so many laughs and so many good memories. It’s a show unlike any other. And thank you for sending off the show in such a great way. The final is gonna be a very sad moment the end of the era. I’m glad I was able to watch this show.

  369. Words can’t really express how much this show has meant, and still means to me. I have laughed and cried more times than I can count. My sincere gratitude goes out to everyone in the cast and crew for putting on, in my opinion, the greatest show in TV history. Tanster, I want to thank you for everything you have done for the fans. Your tireless devotion has made me a fan of this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  370. I discovered the office towards the end of season 2. Loved it, surpassed the original. I ordered DVD of season 1, spent a few days non stop watching season 2, and then I discovered officetally. Desperately sad it’s over, Scott’s advice to Dwight kiss “kept it simple stupid “awesome! Best JAM moment “Drug Testing” ” Jim you can tell me anything”. Thank you The office and thank you tanster.

  371. I know The Office is just a television show, but to me personally, it has become tightly woven into my identity and how I think about the world. It’s not every day you become exposed to a piece of art that sings to you. I will be forever grateful to the cast and crew for putting their heart and soul into this show. Thank you.

  372. I just want to thank the cast and the writers for these 9 seasons of gold. It’s gotten me through a lot of painful times in my life. If I ever have a bad day, I know that I can always go home and watch a couple of episodes and feel so much better. I look at the ending of this show as more of a happy memory than a sad one because I’m so glad that it happened and that I’ll be able to cherish the memories for years to come. So thank you all.

    And thank you tanster, for being amazing and for running this site. Always the first to have new information after the going ons at Dunder Mifflin!

  373. This may sound made up, but it is not: I accidentally started watching this show the first time S1 E1 aired. I thought I was watching a documentary. Then I stumbled upon the next episode and I figured it the “mockumentary” out; and I was hooked.
    Thanks to this cast and crew for giving us all a show that had heart, laughs, a little bit of drama, and a lot of soul. THANK YOU!
    Tanster: I have been coming to this site for equally as long. I have seen other fan sites. None of them respect the shows as much as you did. It has been an honor checking this site out. I will continue to do so, as long as you are willing to keep it up. THANK YOU!

    [ from tanster: thank you! :) ]

  374. This show has been a huge part of my life. I’m going to miss it dearly. Just thinking about the finale makes me tear up. Thanks to the amazing cast, crew, writers etc for nine years of brilliant television. I love you all, and I will keep watching The Office until the day I die. I’m positive the legacy of Dunder Mifflin Scranton will live on for many more generations.

  375. I think everyone before me has said every thing I want to say, so i’ll leave it with a simple Thank you for 9 amazing years.

  376. Thanks you for all the laughter and good times. You brought friends together and created fantastic memories (real-life and TV). You will be missed!

  377. I laughed, I cried, I loved, I lost…the most fun I have ever had watching television has been while watching The Office….thanks for making my Thursdays…you will be missed!

  378. Thank you to the cast and crew of my favorite show of all time! The Office has been a big part of my life for the past 9 years in many ways…old episodes got me through a breakup, I drink from a “World’s Best Boss” mug every day at work, and my taste in television has been in large part defined by The Office. It was the first sitcom I actively decided to actually watch each episode of. I will enjoy re-watching my DVDs again and again in the future. I regret that I could never fulfill my dream of visiting the set or attending an Office panel at PaleyFest or Comic Con.

  379. Thank You for making me smile. This show and this cast are awesome. To Steve Carell a big THANK YOU!!!! Michael Scott can bring a smile to my face on the worst of days. Thank God for DVDs so I can smile anytime I get the chance to put one in now that you guys are gone. The Wrap party was great. I cried when Steve came out. Strange how someone you’ve never met can cause tears of joy.

  380. I don’t even know where to start with how much I love this show. I was a latecomer to it, living in the UK it doesn’t get shown much here, but as soon as I saw the first episode I fell in love with it. In my eyes it is not just the best comedy show of all time, but the best television show of all time. I can honestly say I watch it every day and I never tire of it. The characters are perfectly observed, perfectly cast, and the humour is second to none. I cannot express how much I am going to miss it. Thank you so much to everyone involved. I love you all, honestly. Thank you for making my life brighter and happier. I only wish it could carry on forever.

  381. My first glimpse of The Office was by chance — an older kid was watching Season 3 at a family-friend party… and I fell in love. I was too young to understand the humor, but it was raw and real and exciting and it captivated me the way no other show had or has or will. The Office has been everything to me; if there’s anything guaranteed to make me feel better when I’m sad, it’s The Office.
    To the cast and crew, thank you. You’ve made this an amazing experience for us all. I wish you all luck in future endeavors; I’m sure you’ll all find something that leaves you satisfied and smiling =) Thanks for making this show what it is and was and always will be, even thought it may have been new and scary and uncertain [for 10 years!]. You are all amazing. I love you. I know that no one could have given more to a TV show… Thank you <3
    And Tanster — I'll be thinking of you as I watch Finale. Knowing you'll be out there crying with me makes the whole thing a bit more bearable! Thanks for everything!

    [from tanster: i will indeed be sobbing my eyes out.]

  382. My husband and I were introduced to The Office with “The Dinner Party”, and we promptly searched out and watched all of the previous episodes just to catch up. Since then, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the show and have loved growing up with the cast and crew. Y’all even helped us laugh through labor, as our daughter was born a few hours after “The Delivery” originally aired! Thanks for making us laugh and cringe audibly for so many years. And thanks again, Tanster, for this amazing site and for connecting us to the show in even more meaningful ways. Best wishes to you all!

  383. Thank you to the Cast and Crew, It’s been a wonderful 9 years. This show means the world to me. No other comedy on TV has ever made me laugh or moved me to tears the way The Office has.I will miss it when it’s gone, but I will miss my friends at Dunder Mifflin the most.

  384. I remember hearing that Steve Carell was getting a comedy on NBC. Being a fan of his I checked out The Office. I was instantly hooked. Just in those first few episodes of Season 1 you knew who Michael Scott was. You felt for Jim with his crush on Pam. You laughed with and at Dwight.
    Then season 2 arrived. I will put that season up against any other comedy in TV history and dare anyone to find one better. The Dundies, The Injury, The Client, Booze Cruise, Casino Night, etc….they ALL were great.
    Thank you to The Office for bringing such a great show into our lives.

  385. Thank you to the creators/writers for developing the most innovative and creative comedy I’ve ever seen. This show makes me laugh, cry, cringe, squeal, sometimes all in one 20 minute episode. It’s been in my life for all of my teenage years…it really does mark the end of an era in my life and it will truly break my heart to see it go.

    I will never stop going through the box sets. Each time the episodes reveal new things- a look, a single word, a gesture. I simply cannot say enough how incredibly much this show means to me. I wish it could go on forever, but I applaud the creative team for knowing when and how to say goodbye.

    Also a huge thank you to Tanster for running such a fabulous site. It feels like talking to family when I come onto OfficeTally to see what the fellow fans thought of each week’s episode. You’ve done a wonderful job.

    May 16th is going to be a tear-filled night to say the least.

  386. I have never missed an episode of the Office. I am not sure what to do with my Thursday nights now. :-)
    Thank you all so much!

  387. I was a late comer to The Office, I didn’t start watching until about 4 years ago. My friends had been telling me that I needed to watch and that I would really like it. I finally started watching it at a time on my life that I really needed a distraction and some laughter. My mom was dying of cancer and there were days that I was so numb with grief that all I could do was lay in bed. I started watching The Office and I was able to smile again. I probably watched the first 4 seasons in 2 weeks. So thank you, for giving me something to ease my sadness in a really dark time.

  388. Thank you for creating a show that not only stands up tall and proud next to all the greats, but in my opinion surpasses them all. The American Office is one of a kind, and it will be greatly missed.

    Thank you for all the laughs, for the tears, and for the gripping and heart felt moments that tugged at the heart. Thanks for the amazing pranks, for Jim and Pam, for Dwight, and Michael, for all of it. Thank you cast and crew.

  389. I was in the 7th grade when I started watching the office, and now I am going to be a senior in college. I feel like these characters have grown up with me. Over the last couple of weeks I have gone back and rewatched the series for the umpteenth time, and I realized how much I connect each season to different years of my life. I have bonded with both friends and teachers over the last 9 year purely because of our love for the office. The office is ending and I am soon going to be starting my “Adult life”. I am incredibly grateful to have lived my teenage years alongside this show. It has shaped me as a person and more importantly my sense of humor. Thank you to everyone involved for creating a place to visit every week, even as my life has changed so drastically.

    Also a thank you to Tanster. I have never posted on the site, but I have been visiting for years and it is just the best! Thanks for giving the fans a place to share.

  390. To give my truest, most heartfelt thank you and goodbye to the various writers, actors, actresses, producers, directors, editors, tansters, and others who made the Office one of the 3 greatest TV shows of my lifetime thus far (alongside Arrested Development and Modern Family), would be impossible. However, nothing quite shows my love of this show than the fact that, among my group of friends at least, knowing the Office has been “my thing,” so to speak — when one of my friends wanted an explanation of a reference made to or within the Office, I had the explanation. My devotion to the Office is at the point that, after the Office ends, and I watch the Finale on a loop until I just can’t take it any more, and I blow through the new Netflix season of Arrested Development on Memorial Day, there will be a prolonged sense of longing for something gone, a feeling I have every summer now extended to the end of times. No matter how many more Modern Familys, Parks and Recreations, 1600 Penns I watch in my remaining years, nothing will ever have the ability to fill that void.

  391. The Office is one of the few shows I can say that I followed pretty much from the beginning and then all the way to the end. Pam and Jim are one of my favorite TV couples, only topped by Jim and Dwight as the ultimate pair!

    Even in rougher times, The Office has been an amazing show to watch. Even a show about the workplace has offered an amazing escape from typical work life. In addition to watching the show evolve, it has been great watching some of the individual actors branch out and achieve their own successes. Watching The Office come to an end is bittersweet, and these last few episodes have certainly been building to what promises to be one of the most amazing finales in TV history.

    What will take the place of The Office after it leaves? That’s a pretty big hole to fill…

  392. I have loved many TV shows, but this is the only one that I have ever been passionate about. I had been a casual fan, having only seen a few episodes from seasons 2 and 3 before I became hooked about 5 years ago. Never have I been so affected by TV characters before. Ever. The Office has had its missteps (season 8 anyone?) but the beautiful writing and genuine acting has surpassed any flaw that could be said about this show.

    This was not just a TV show – it was an experience, and boy am I glad to have had it. It’s been an amazing ride,and life will truly not be the same after The Office. Thank you so much to the phenomenal cast and crew, and thank you Tanster for your helping make this an experience I will NEVER forget. Long live The Office!

  393. The Office was so much more than a TV show to me. It was and will continue to be a big part of my life. The thing that separated this show from many others is that everyday people can relate to a lot of what went on with these characters. I certainly could. Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this show. You are an incredibly talented group of people. I look forward to forcing my children to watch the entire series someday. Thank you!

    And thank you to Tanster for the countless hours she’s put into Office Tally. I can’t imagine how much you’ve had to sacrifice to keep this site going strong year after year.

  394. This show has been part of my life since 2009 and I will never forget it. It must be the only tv show which I really connected and felt like an antidepressant drug every time I watched it. Thank you The Office.

  395. Thank you so much for this amazing show. All the cast members are amazing and have brightened my life. I think i speak for all the Tallyheads when I say thank you so much to Tanster who has made the show so much more enjoyable. Thanks

  396. Office has made me laugh it has made me cry it has even made me cringe. The way the characters interacted reminded you of real life. Yet the show at the same time was an escape from reality. No show will ever be as hilarious and bold as The Office. My children will watch this show with me when I grow up. The finale is happening only a couple weeks before my high school graduation. These 2 events in my life represent a change in my life that I’m going to embrace. Thank you to the cast and crew for giving me something I could always count on loving throughout a large part of my life. thank you.

  397. My brother introduced me to The Office 5 years ago. We’ve been separated for a year and a half, after a big fight. I´ll always be grateful to him. The Office has helped me a lot through tough times. I watch a couple of episodes every night ’til I get asleep, it never fails to make me smile. From Argentina, a heartfelt thanks to the guys who made the show possible.

  398. It’s so weird to think these people won’t be in my life anymore. It’s such a strange way to feel about fictional characters, but that’s what’s hitting me above everything else. That a group of people in a room with a camera created a world that’s so real to so many people that it feels like we’re all saying goodbye to our friends. So I know everyone is saying this but thank you. Thank you for creating such a magical television show with so much heart, and for caring about it as much as we did. Thank you for bringing my whole family together to laugh every single week. Thank you for being brave in your writing and acting and directing, for taking chances for the integrity of the show, for always staying honest, for making comedy that matters. I’m going to miss Dunder Mifflin!

  399. I’ve spent 6 years watching ‘The Office’ loyally, and even at its lowest it was still the best show on television, and one of the best of all time.

    Thanks to the crew and cast who brought these characters to life and made them human… and so relate-able. I’ve identified with every character on some level (mostly Andy haha) and am having my JAM experience right now… It’s unreal.

    Love and blessings.
    Thanks again for the great times. And thanks for making this season great and wrapping up the show perfectly.

  400. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. The Office changed my life. I will soon be graduating college and can say with absolute conviction that I would not be the person I am now without The Office. From the get go, I loved The Office because I loved Scranton after having spent many childhood summers in northeastern Pennsylvania. That time had come and gone by the time The Office aired, but it was great to re-live those memories and venture into Scranton with my family every Thursday night.

    Jim Halpert, though he isn’t real, was a great role model for someone growing up and learning how to be a great person with grace, dignity, love, and patience. Thank you to everyone involved with The Office.

  401. Thank you cast and crew of The Office. Thank you for 9 seasons of memories and endless quotes.

  402. I could never express my gratitude for this show in words, so I made a video tribute instead, based on Michael’s parody of “Goodbye Stranger.” I wrote this song and sang it horribly, but I hope it can convey how much The Office means to me. http://youtu.be/YjRSht-hN_k

    To the entire cast, crew, and of course Tanster and OfficeTally: I adore you. You will always have me as a fan of all of your future work. You’ve brought me laughter through my depression and anxiety, and to me that is priceless. I love you all!!

  403. I started watching the show when i started having a job. now that it’s ending i am going to resign from my current job. I feel like i’m stuck with my job forever and the only thing that relieves my burden every week is an episode of the office. I want to start fresh and the office definitely helped me in every way and helped me laugh through my bad moods. turned my desperation into hope i should say. I am so thankful for the actors, directors, writers and staff who all contibuted in making the office the show that i will love forever in my heart.
    In that note, i guess goodbye’s a bitch.

    ___T-shirt idea, Goodbye Stink____

  404. Thank you Greg Daniels first off and to all of the writers on the show! You are amazing and brought an awesome TV show to life. I am so thankful that i was introduced to this show “The Office” in 2007. I have been a loyal fan ever since. I love this show and will continue to watch it and will get people to watch it in the future! Thanks to the cast and crew for an amazing journey!

  405. I’m so grateful to all involved in The Office. The Casino Night kiss changed my life. I can’t remember ever being so personally involved with a show and its characters. Thursday has been the happiest day of the week for the last 8+ years. I think it will really hit me in the fall when you guys aren’t around :'( Wishing all good things to the cast and crew. You’re such a wonderful, genuine, warm group of people. Much love…

  406. I just want to congratulate you for the brilliant work you have produced for nine seasons, the best I’ve seen of all time. Good luck to you all in your future projects, wish you the best.
    Sophie, France

  407. you guys hear this over and over again, but you are seriously so amazing. my DVDs of the office are always there for me when i’m feeling low, and i feel like i work in that office and know every corner of the place. this is way more than just a TV show and NO show will EVER take its place in my heart. i’m just glad i still have the reruns to watch, or else i’d be completely torn. can’t wait for the finale! :)

  408. What a fun and crazy trip it has been! My first episode to watch was Product Recall… my friend told me I had to watch it because this girl called Pam and I were a lot alike. Funny, we are. And I have been hooked ever since.

    Thank you cast and crew for an amazing 9 seasons. It has been nice to have something to look forward to on Thursdays, knowing that I could laugh with the cast at scenarios that happen in my life played out on the screen. I will truly miss having new episodes, but the show will definitely live on in my dvd player. I wish you all the best of luck with your endeavours after The Office. *hugs*


  409. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said by one of your devoted fans. We all feel the same. What a wonderful, hilarious world you have created, and I thank you for allowing me in.

    I have truly fallen in love with The Office. The first show that I ever felt a connection to; a desire for every new episode, new story, new prank. And like with all first loves, you will always be a part of my life.

    Office cast & crew – you should truly be proud of all you have done and all the great moments you created for us all. “Nailed it.”

  410. What can be said that hasn’t already been said.

    Thank you to all of the cast and crew for the wonderful product that you have given us!

    My wife and I started watching season 1 when we were very young newlyweds, and we haven’t missed an episode since. We have been completely invested in the show and have never lost faith.

    Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors, and thanks for being in my life!

  411. When I first saw The Office, it was after watching “My Name is Earl”, which was recommended. The first episode I browsed was Office Olympics in 2005. I fully watched The Fire episode the next week and became a fan. I loved the dynamics of the show, and of course the great Steve Carell. It was tough to watch those early episodes, as Michael was so inappropriate. Yankee Christmas Swap was the ultimate in that behavior. The Jim/Dwight pranks, Creed, Stanley, they all became an integral part of my viewing.

    Continued watching and the show retained a quality. Congrats on 9 seasons. I do think the first 3-4 seasons will always be the best, as the show’s comedy is so rewatchable. Congrats on 9 seasons, and looking forward to the finale.

  412. I started watching The Office beginning with episode one! My Dad and I would sit down and watch it on a weekly basis, and quote it many times in our everyday lives. My Dad sadly passed away a few months ago, so we won’t be able to watch the final episodes together, but I know he will be with me in spirit. So I would just like to say THANK YOU The Office and Tanster for everything, you have helped me get through the bad times in my life and I will always be grateful for that. Thursdays will never be the same…

  413. Thank you so much for changing my life in the best way possible. The Office brought me together with some of the greatest people I have ever met in my life. I am forever grateful! Thank you so much to every single person that was involved with the show. You guys are the absolute best! We will never forget you! Thanks for everything!!!

  414. This show has been with me throughout my entire 20’s…from college ending to working in an office myself.
    I would watch it when I was feeling down and needed a laugh, I’d watch it when I was home sick in bed, and I’d watch it when I needed a little bit of romance. I can still quote most of Season 2 by heart (it will always be my favorite). I’m so sad this show is ending, but it’s going out in the best way possible. These characters are like family and it’s nice to finally see everyone getting their happily ever after.

    Thank you to the cast and crew for making something so special for the rest of us to enjoy. It means more than you’ll ever know.

    And thank YOU Tanster, for giving us a place to come and geek out together for the past 9 years! <3

  415. I started watching the office a few years ago when my boyfriend introduced me to it. He passed away very suddenly last year, but our library “dates” to watch The Office because neither of us had cable or internet, will always be special memories to me.

    We did a casting call once for The Amazing Race & on the questionaire, it asked to say what celebrity your partner reminded you of. Jay put down “Pam” for me. I think about that everytime I see an episode now. I’m very sad to see the show end, but know it has always meant more to me than just a funny television show. God bless and best wishes to you all.

  416. The first episode of The Office I saw was Healthcare. I was on a high school trip to Washington D.C. and it was different enough to catch my attention. The second Pam said “What would you call a disease where my teeth melt and drain down the back of my throat?” I was hooked. When I got to college and was trying to make new friends, the show became my litmus test to see if people were “cool” enough to get my sense of humor. If you didn’t watch it, I wasn’t interested in hanging out with you. The Office cast has been with me through all the trials and tribulations of young adulthood, and I thank each and every one of them for continuing to make me laugh.

  417. The only show I’ve ever seen where I really believed the actors would go out after taping and play softball or Texas holdem, and have a few adult beverages together. Good luck in the future, and remember to always keep a Dundie on the mantle with your Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, and bowling trophies.

  418. I’ve watched this show from beginning to end, and it is such a major part of my life today. I probably quote this show around 5 times a day, and everyone knows me as “the office guy.” I would just like to thank the show for being able to always make me laugh, even on the worst days. The office has always been my escape to comedy, and I will never forget it.

  419. It’s kind of hard to describe what The Office means to me. I started watching the show in middle school and I’m now a sophomore in college. The influence this show had on my adolesence and myself as a person is incredible. My best friend and I literally communicate with each other through office quotes. When other people are around us who don’t watch the show (or don’t have every line memorized from watching the entire series thousands of times), they have no clue what we’re saying! I love the realness of the characters and setting, the relationships between cast members (on screen and off) and I really just love the fact that hey – you can work in an office and still experience something great.

  420. A heartfelt thank you to all the cast and crew of The Office! The show has been a source of giggles and warmth that will be thoroughly missed. Thank you for all your hard work and creativity. Goodbye Dunder Mifflin!

  421. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All of you! Office Tally (for being the only Office fan site I’ll ever need), the cast and crew of The Office (Both US and UK) and The Office community for being some of the best people in the world and on the internet! Here’s looking forward to the next reunion! :D

    P.S. I hope I get to meet the cast someday. I never had the time or money to fly out to a convention or to the wrap party, but I will always appreciate the retweet that Kate Flannery gave me on Twitter. Any chance to thank them in person would be amazing.

  422. I have never cared more about fictional characters than the ones in The Office. It is so strange that I can feel such kinship with people I will never meet except through my television. Thanks so much for a tremendous ride.

  423. I haven’t processed what I want to write just yet (so many feelings!!) but I wanted to ask Tanster if I could borrow the “thank you to The Office” image for my Facebook cover photo? I will credit Office Tally! Thanks!

    [ from tanster: sure! thanks for asking. :) ]

  424. Thank you for loving the show as much as we did. You are all a gift.

    Love and gratitude.

  425. My husband moved from England to the U.S. in 2004 to marry me. Having been a fan of the original British series he told me we should see how the American version plays out. And that started our love affair with this show. Week after week it delivered awesome cringe-worthy comedy and we laughed until we cried and then some more. We fell in love with JAM and their story. And all things Dwight. But we also fell in love with the entire cast and enjoyed rooting them on. Since then we’ve had two daughters and they recognize the office theme song, though they’re a little young to watch just yet. Can’t wait to introduce them to it when they’re a little older.

    Thanks to the Office and NBC for continuing to make our Thursday nights hilarious. In my mind this show will rest with the greats of my younger days (The Cosby Show, Cheers, etc.) And it will certainly continue to be watched over and over. Best of luck to the cast and crew in their future endeavors. “May God guide you in your quest. “

  426. Thank you for so much happiness, for many laughs and good cries. Just watching has helped me become more goofy and lighthearted, less serious. I’ve grown and with the show and (at the risk of sounding terribly cheesy) I’ve learned more about myself and life and what I value. Really, thank you. Lots of gratitude to the cast and crew for sticking with it all of these years. I love you people.

  427. Watched every episode! I can’t believe that myself because I haven’t been that goofy about a TV show in the past. But when you’re hooked… anyway, thanks to the cast, the writers, the crew, the sponsors and to this blog. Looking forward to the first reunion show or, better yet, movie!

  428. Thanks for allowing me to use it as my Facebook cover photo. I had to move the text around a little bit to accommodate the profile image as well. If you or anyone else want to change your Facebook cover images to this, I’ve posted a link to the banner here:


    It would be cool to see a wave of Office images on Facebook to say good bye :)

    Thanks again!

  429. I just want to say that this show unequivocally saved my life. When this show started I was a twelve year old in 7th grade. Now, I am a 21 year old going into my senior year of college. The pain and awkwardness of growing up along with crippling anxiety and fear of the outside along with major depression nearly cost me my life. But every week, I could sit down, quiet my mind, and get lost in a show that lifted my spirits time after time. It was one of the only times I felt understood or connected. I would not be here without this show. It made me happy when nothing else could and kept me here long enough to get the help I so desperately needed and was so desperately afraid to ask for. Thank you for saving my life and making the pains of growing up a little duller. As Ben Folds said, “Everybody knows, it sucks to grow up, and everybody does” – Still Fighting It.
    P.S. Tanster, thank you for this epic website. It soars with the eagles nest.

  430. I remember watching The Office with my husband and having to run out of the room everytime Michael would do or say something incredibly cringeworthy, it was just too painful to watch. My husband would yell “you’ve got to see this” and of course I’d sit down and watch. I love this show and will miss it incredibly. It was fun and romantic and incredible to be able to share it with my own “Jim”, my husband Frank. PS I also have a gift teapot!!!

  431. I started writing a goodbye in “Goodnight Moon” format for the office, but my creative juices have waned. Anyone want to continue the effort?

    In Van Nuys, California
    There was a studio
    And a production set
    And the cast of…
    “The Office” (An American Workplace)
    And there were three little accountants sitting in accounting

    And several well-earned dundies and Meredith’s missing pair of undies
    And a little Pam-Pam and a young Plop

    And a look and a blush and a season’s long crush
    On a cute insecure secretary whose love wasn’t rushed

    Good night fire guy and the world’s greatest boss

  432. My brother introduced me to the Office around 2006. I was too young to appreciate it (15 years old). While I only really started watching the Office in 2010, I have gone back and seen all the reruns countless times. My whole family (specifically my mom, brother, and me) has loved the Office and we says quotes all the time.

    Thanks to all the cast and crew for such an incredible show. I love all of you.

  433. Smiling through the pain, your show has helped me battle some disastrous times in my life. You were a reliable family and I will miss you all terribly. Jenna, I watched you grow with this show and I loved The Giant Mechanical Man; I hope to see you in many more films to come. Thank you, all of you, for giving so much of yourselves to the faithful lot of us for many years. Love and best wishes.

  434. To the entire cast and writing staff:
    Thank you for making me laugh harder than I have ever laughed in my entire life. Thank you for letting me know that life always gets better and that life is funny.

  435. Bravo, to the best cast, writers and show! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face. All of the characters have a special place in my heart. At least I have all of the episodes in my library, so I can always watch, whenever I have The Office withdrawal. Best of luck to everyone who has worked so hard and been an important part of my life. God bless you and our families, and I’m sure I will see you in many other wonderful projects!


  436. If John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer read this, I want to let them know that they have been the masters of nonverbal acting. Some of my favorite moments are the ones when they have communicated with simply a look on their face: Jim’s look on Booze Cruise, Jim’s jinx in Drug Testing, both of their faces at the end of Company Picnic, and my hands-down favorite, the look on Pam’s face after Jim announces, “It’s a date.” Bravo to both of the actors for making the most realistic and endearing portrayal of true love on modern television.

  437. I’m 12 and I have watched the show for years. The cast and crew have put on the funniest TV comedy ever, with a meaningful story to keep a top rated show alive with character and emotion. The Office is an indescribable show that has made a name for itself. I can sit with my hard working mother, and awesome sister, to just laugh and smile, hang out, because a day without laughter, is a day wasted.

  438. The Office will go down as my favorite television show of all time. And as an older viewer in the 55+ range, I have watched a lot of television! Our entire family…my husband and I and our 3 now 20-somethings…have watched this show together since the first season. We own 5 different bobbleheads for our favorite characters… Michael, Jim, Andy, Phyllis, and Darryl. Thanks for nine great seasons!

  439. My sister was an Extra in Career Fair (season 4) and I spent my first Office experience trying to spot her in the background. I haven’t stopped watching since then. The Office now represents a time of major growth in my life. Also, seeing humor in every day people made my own job more enjoyable as well. I love the cast and crew for sticking with it.

  440. I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to make this show the true legacy that it has become. I have been able to get through my parent’s divorce, 3 miscarriages, my husband losing his job and 22 weeks of kidney stone pain during a pregnancy with your amazing comic relief! Somedays I felt like I had a mountain to climb but could end the day with tears of laughter streaming down my face. I fell in love with each of your characters and for years Thursday has been my favorite day because of your show. Best of luck to all of you!!

  441. I rented The Office on DVD shortly after we lost my husband’s father in 2007. It helped me laugh through the pain, and I fell in love with all the characters, especially Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Pam. My husband always says that Dwight is like an exaggerated version of him, with his weapons and survival skills. Each Thursday night, after my church praise band practice, I rushed home to watch the show. Over the years, my daughter’s best friend would come for the weekly “office party” (which sometimes included jello) but now they are off to college. My husband used to think the show was stupid, but I told him (joking) that if he couldn’t share The Office with me our 30+ year marriage was over! He enjoys it now, and laughs in all the right places. The show has the most genuine, quality, (mostly) clean humor and heart of any show I’ve ever watched, and I will miss it terribly. Thank you for blessing your viewers with 9 seasons of the best comedy ever made!

  442. The Office has been the most brilliantly funny show on TV for 9 years… And it will never be outdone.

  443. Ode to The Office:
    We’ve laughed and we’ve cried on this wonderful ride called The Office.
    A program that shone like the lights on Pam’s phone will forever be known as The Office.
    Finely crafted with care, none will ever compare to the rarified air of The Office.
    To the cast and the crew, it is because of you that our love ever grew for The Office.
    Portrayals so real that like family they feel, adding to the appeal of The Office.
    I’m crushed and I’m sad but eternally glad for the nine years we’ve had with The Office.
    So, the end I do dread with eyes swollen and red, but hey – that’s what she said – on The Office.

    Thank you…I love you all.

  444. I’ve loved many a show in my 26 years, but with The Office, there was this very real feeling of intimacy. Each week, it was as if I was hanging out with these characters, as if I was one of the gang. Never before had a a television show affected me like that, and I’m truly grateful to the cast and creative team for welcoming me into Dunder Mifflin for nine years, for always being there when I needed you guys, for having that personal relationship, though it wasn’t personal at all. That connection is what made this show so special to me. Goodbye Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, et al. Thanks for letting me inside.

    That’s what she said.

  445. I don’t know if I’ve ever grown up with a show the way that I grew up with The Office. And I don’t know if I ever will again. It just seems, at least in this moment, that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of relationship. Something central to my construct of the world is leaving it. That sounds so melodramatic, but…it’s accurate to how I feel.

    I know other great shows will come and go, and other TV characters will continue to inspire my laughter, my tears and even my adoration. I know that. But I don’t know if they’ll be family to me. I don’t know if I’d stick with them through thick and thin in quite the same way, or for quite the same reasons.

    A lot of ‘I don’t knows’. So, if there’s one thing I DO know, it’s that this hurts because you can capture lightning in a bottle, but you can’t keep it there. Oh well.

    Thanks for having been there. I feel God in this Chili’s tonight.

  446. There are no words that will ever express how much this show has meant to me over the years. I’ve been a loyal fan since season 1 episode 2 (only because I forgot what day the premiere was on.. oops!). It was Dwight’s line about raising and lowering his cholesterol that made me a casual fan, Kevin’s line about the footbath (“ohhh shoooot”) that made me a lifelong fan, and the Jim/Pam storyline that made me become the obsessed fan that I will always be. So, truly, THANK YOU to the cast and crew for 9 amazing years. I can’t find the words to accurately describe how I feel right now. All I know is that I will never forget this show, or its cast, writers, crew, and fans.
    And thank you, Tanster, for OT. I’ve been a frequent visitor since the early days. I was even one of the top 20 finalists in the Talking Heads contest from years ago. :)

  447. Way back in the year 2005, I became interested in the office because of Steve Carell. I really enjoyed the movie Anchorman and the character he played in it. But for some reason, I never actually watched it during the first three seasons. That all changed when I came across the clip from the 2006 Emmys which featured Conan O’ Brien winding up at Dunder Mifflin. After that, I decided to look up more on The Office and the rest is history!

    I thank everyone from the cast and crew of The Office to the wonderful fans and their wonderful sites (hint hint. lol).

    Thank you so much for providing us with lots of entertainment that, quite frankly, was very much needed in this day and age.

    Thank You!

  448. The Office has been required television every week since I caught up during the third season. I can’t believe it’s almost done. I didn’t realize how much the series meant to me until last year when things weren’t looking great and yet I wouldn’t give up. I’m glad I didn’t – this final season has been one of the high points of this television season. You will be missed. Thank God we have the DVDs and Netflix to revisit anytime we like!

  449. This mimics what Rainn had said in his goodbye video. Whenever my wife and I were going through a hard time or depressing time (4 miscarriages especially), we would as a comfort put on Office and let our minds escape the harshness of reality and let ourselves laugh at the goofyness of the cast and show.

    We will truly miss this show and probably cry like babies tomorrow night.

    Thanks for being a part our lives and being a show that we truly loved!

  450. I can honestly say that I have never felt this was about a television show coming to an end. I am a big fan of House and was sad when it ended…but The Office? I cannot adequately describe what the show has meant for me. I separated from the Air Force 4 years ago to start a new life and during the most difficult aspects of the transition I always knew that Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Daryl, Kevin and the rest of the crew would pull me through by giving me something to laugh about. This show will never and I mean NEVER be forgotten.

  451. Of all the idiots in all of the idiot villages…Just kidding. I cannot begin to thank the producers, creators, writers and actors of The Office enough for 9 years of the best television I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Seeing Jim & Pam, Jim & Dwight, Oscar & Angela grow in their respective relationships with one another is only one gratifying aspect of the show. It truly is amazing and will be missed. 200 words are simply not enough.

  452. There is no way for me to sum up what this show means to me… I went from 26 to 35 watching it. From single, to married, from job to job, everything that made me who I am happened during this show’s run. This time in my life will always be linked to this show…

    Initially, I fell hard for Jim and Pam, but at the same time, I fell for the show overall. I never gave up on it, ever. I never skipped a season. Like anything, the show ebbed and flowed, grew and changed, and I loved that it was always surprising.

    I will miss the cast, the characters, the camaraderie. This show is now in the pantheon with Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, Cheers, MASH… and so on. These characters will live in syndication forever. The Office changed TV, and I loved every minute of it.

    Thank you to the cast and crew, all the Tallyheads, and Tanster. What a great experience this has been!

    The Office– “You are *everything*”

    -Lisa (“Jammer”)

  453. To Greg Daniels: Thank you for your brave, genius, inspired idea to adapt the original “The Office” for a new generation of fans. I have watched every single second of every single episode (an embarrassing number of times!) and have never been so invested in or loved any show more!

    To all the writers: Thank you for creating and developing this motley crew of fabulous, unforgettable characters. Not a single word of dialog they spoke went unheard and so many of your lines will forever be quoted by us as part of the epic “Office” vernacular.

    To all the actors: Thank you for pouring your heart and spirit into these classic characters and making them each so unique and special. And especially to John and Jenna, thank you for creating the best TV couple in the history of TV with your undeniable talent and chemistry, and know that every glance, pause, smile, and kiss between Jim and Pam was noticed, loved, and obsessed over by fans like me.

  454. My husband and I have watched The Office together every week since we got married. We aren’t sure what to do with our Thursday nights anymore! We have forced countless friends to watch it, to just give it a chance, and they have all ended up loving it. What a great show, thank you all so much! Now to spend the next few months consoling myself by watching the DVDs again.

  455. Dear Office cast, writers, producers, and directors I thank you for the last nine years. I fell in love with your show through my brother who said this show “is different” and I became an instant fan. This show has left a mark and created a new genre of comedy. I survived college to now a young woman helping get through lives curve balls with laughs, tears, cringes but most of all moments. Your show has changed how the workplace interacts with quotes, pranks and those awkward meetings with a boss similar to Michael Scott. I am having a difficult time coping with the series ending, Thursdays will never be the same. John and Jenna you have been a delight to watch, I only hope to find a love like that. Mr.Carell simply pure brilliance. Again, I love you all so much and best wishes to all in your future endeavors. Love always

  456. Thank you all so very much for bringing so much joy to our lives. I got *way* invested in the show in Season 1 and haven’t looked back since.

    “The Office” will always be a cultural touchstone for me and my friends. We’ve “TWSS”ed to the point of annoyance, fell in love with Jam, and can always reference something on the show that parallels what’s going on in our lives. In this way, it–and all of you–will live on far into the future!

  457. To The Office cast & crew, thank you for bringing my husband & I almost a decade of laughter, we feel like we’ve grown up with the show from buying our first house, to getting married, to having our first baby. We have enjoyed spending every Thursday night with you & will miss you more than words can say! We love you, thank you thank you thank you!!

  458. I am extremely attached to this show as I began watching it when my mother was ill and dying over a two year period. The show offered fantastic comic relief and provided sanctuary during a very difficult time. Thank you, Office cast, writers, producers – what a gift you have given to all of us. I will miss the show tremendously, but you are ending the show in the best way possible – by providing satisfying outcomes for all the Office characters.

  459. Thank you so much to the cast and crew for nine beautiful seasons. It has truly been perfectenschlag. Tonight is going to be so hard, but I know you will leave me satisfied and smiling.

  460. I’ve said goodbye to many shows I’ve loved through the years but this is going to hurt like a motherf-er.

    To the cast and crew of The Office- thank you for letting us come along for the hijinks. I can’t begin to explain how much I’ve enjoyed watching the show all of these years. I look forward to crying my eyes out watching the retrospective and then the finale tonight.

  461. Best show ever! Best cast/crew/writers ever! My husband and I started watching together back in 2005 (the year we started dating. Our relationship is as old as the Office!). It’s always been our special thing. We went to the Convention (as one of our first trips together) and the Wrap party. When we lived in Maryland for a year and had no other friends we had Office marathons most weekends. Thanks for being awesome!

  462. Thank you for: making me laugh, giving me hope, helping me escape while holding a mirror to my face, for showing me what “good art” can be, for changing television, for being as passionate about the show as we are, for reaching out to your fans & helping us feel like we’re a part of all this. This show has been in the background of my life for nine years– thank you for just LIVING with me. For everyone who’s been a part of this, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  463. I was 14 when the Pilot aired and my family didn’t even know the title of the show. I graduated college this past weekend, and four days later, I feel like I’m saying goodbye to my closest friends. I majored in Television Production because of this show, so I can’t thank them enough for their presence in my life these last nine seasons. Thank you for the laughs and tears. It’s meant the world.

  464. I just want to thank the cast and crew of The Office because they really opened doors for a new type of show. Without the Office we wouldn’t have shows like Park and Rec or Modern Family. I really feel like I am an employee at Dunder Mifflin and I will miss every second of it! Thank You so much for the memories!

  465. Thank you so much for the last 9 years! They have been awesome! This show was special to me, every Thursday night I looked forward to because I knew that no matter what was happening The Office would be there to cheer me up! THANK YOU

  466. thank you for giving me reasons to laugh when i wanted to die. thank you for being my “friends” when i don’t have any and thank you for bringing my brothers and i together at least 1 night a week. you have been a big and amazing part of my life and always will be.

  467. Thank you for the years of laughs. People from a former job introduced me to the office, we used to have “Watch the Office In the Office” parties. Seriously. Used to play a game where we would identify the characters in our own office. Loved the way you dealt with stereotypes, insecurity & dysfunction. Looking forward to seeing the cast in new ventures. Blessings!!

  468. Starting this is really hard…. (that’s what she said).

    But in all seriousness, The Office is just one of those shows that has the ability to always cheer you up after a rough day, and I am so thankful for that. If it wasn’t for The Office, I don’t think I ever would have embraced my funny side. The Office has taught me that real love has flaws, but is perfect and worth fighting for. It has changed me, and it has changed television. So, thank you for helping me out of my shell. Thank you for portraying a real-life love story perfectly. Thank you, fans and bloggers, for making things like The Farewell Celebration possible, because that was single-handedly one of the best nights of my life. I can’t possibly say thank you enough!

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    배우분들과 스탭분들 10년이라는 시간동안 너무나 큰 재미를 저에게 주셔서 너무 감사합니다.

  470. Thank you thank you thank you! How do you thank something that has meant more then you can actually explain. SO many years have passed since my husband and I first saw The Office and it was love at first sight or laugh for both of us. We soon became obsessed, quoting lines and quizzing each other with The Office trivia, we’ve even made the trip to Scranton to see where it all began. Our Thursdays will never be the same! We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and now we’ll say good-bye. Thank you so much for the memories, this was more then a show it was our friend. We love you all so much!

  471. I could not be more excited to watch the finale tonight, yet I still can’t bring myself to accept the truth. I was more emotionally invested in this show than I ever have been or will be in any other. Same probably goes for the relationships lol sad but true. The humor in this show is absolutely perfect and I feel as though I may get less funny as time goes on after tonight. Even though Steve Carell is one of my favorite actors of all time, the show is still fantastic and I love you all. Shout-out to John Krasinski for playing an awesome character and being an awesome human being. I didn’t get you go to Scranton but I wanted to meet you more than anyone else. Also Rainn Wilson, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson for being my other favorites. Love you all. Good work team.

  472. The first episode I saw was ‘The Injury’. From that moment forward, I’ve been hooked! Thanks for giving us the gift of laughter, for making us feel like part of ‘The Office’, even if we are watching through a screen. In a world that too often has so much pain and negativity, you helped bring joy. Now that’s worth celebrating!
    Grace and peace be with you all on the next leg of your journey.

  473. This show has meant so much more to me than a show should mean. Thank you for making me laugh every single week, from a fan who convinced her hubs to visit Scranton just for The Office tour (which ROCKED). THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for entertaining us!

  474. Thank you cast and crew for all the good times, bad times, sad times, happy times, and everything else in between. There isn’t, nor ever will be another show quite like yours. This show has gotten me through so many ups and downs in my life and I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you.

  475. I began watching The Office in 2009, after a friend kept saying how great it is. At first, I wasn’t convinced and ditched it after S1. A few months later, I gave it another try (thanks to my friend’s consistent praise of the show) and just fell in love! I’ve been addicted ever since. 
    Thank you so much to everyone involved in making The Office the best show on television. It may seem a bit (the tiniest bit) weird that a show can mean so much to me, but I’ll miss it terribly.
    2 stages of grief down, 3 to go :):

  476. Thank you all so much. Your show helped me out so much when I was in college. My friends introduced me to The Office and we all filmed our parody, “The Institute.” Making several episodes for our school really helped me come out of my shell and discover who I am as a person. For that, I want to say thanks and your show has impacted me more than you will ever know

  477. I have no idea how to say goodbye to The Office. I started watching the show on a whim two summers ago on Netflix, and I instantly became a fan. I always say that The Office is more than a show to me. It means so much more to me than that. I have grown so attached to the characters that I consider them a part of my family. My Dunder Mifflin family. Thank you to all the cast and crew who worked on this amazing show. I will always keep this show in my heart. It will never be forgotten. Thank you for the many laughs, and the many tears throughout the years. Goodbye, Dunder Mifflin. Goodbye, The Office.

  478. It’s so sad to think that no other show will ever live up to The Office. My deepest thank yous to everyone involved in creating the best show that I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. You have genuinely been a supportive friend to me and I’m going to miss you more than words can describe.

  479. This show has been my world since 2005! I was 13 at the time and now I’m almost done with college. This show has literally been part of my life for most of my life ha. The Office has gotten me through some of my hardest times. This will always be the show I hold closest to my heart. Thank you so much to all of the actors and the writers for doing an amazing job. Thank you. Thank you so much for everything. I am not ready to say goodbye.

  480. Thank you to the writers & cast for providing entertainment,comedy,and laughter weekly! This show provided my fiance and me with a sense of home when we moved to a different state. It also provided me with a break from graduate school stress. This show, the stories, the comedy, and everything about the office will be missed!

    Thank you all for everything you have done!

  481. I want to thank The Office (and OfficeTally) for being like a second family. I am a real life Pam – engaged to a coworker before I met and fell in love with my current husband (who also worked with us). I see so much of my life and relationship in Jim and Pam…and I also work in a cubicle environment and see so many similarities between Dundler Mifflin and my job. I feel so emotionally connected to these characters, which really speaks to the brilliance of the actors and writers of The Office. Dinkin’ flicka forever <3

  482. Thank you for giving us 9 amazing years of jokes, laughter, and some tears. We constantly quote The Office at work, especially on days when we need a good laugh. I have been a fan since the beginning, going to Paley Fest and waking up extra early to try to win a Nifty Gifty from Angela and Jenna on MySpace. Thank you all so much! You will be missed!!!

  483. Thank you to the cast and crew who brought these characters to life every week. My husband and I watched The Office through good times and bad. The Office for us will always be associated with times now gone that were very special. We watched the dvds so often and found a real joy in escaping to the world of Dunder Mifflin, that we’ll always look back with nothing but warmth for those of you who gave us this gift. Everything comes to an end and we’re immensely grateful to you for wrapping this show up with forethought and consideration for the emotional investment that the viewers have put into the characters. The work you’ve all done here was outstanding and will not be something tossed aside. Rather it will be revisited time and time again as people rediscover the love they had for a show that spanned nearly a decade of their lives. Throughout all the ups and downs and life altering events it was a great comfort to be able to come back to The Office every week. Thank you all so much for your work.

  484. It is so weird and sad seeing The Office go. I have been through some really tough times but I could always count on coming home, spending time with my sister and watch The Office. It’s the only show that can make me feel better. Everytime I watch it, it’s the like the first time.
    I will miss it with all my heart. The show has been there through the hard times and amazing too. I will never forget what this show gave me.
    Thank you The Office, you mean the world to me.

  485. Watching The Office the last 9 years, I feel like I’ve been stalking y’all… but in an appropriate non-jail-deserving way. Thank you all so much for the laughs during the hard times of life and the feels and the Jim and Pam relationship, which made me think that marriage could be a good thing. I will miss all of your faces on my TV every week… so don’t be a stranger… Office reunion in 2 years… RIGHT!?

  486. This show changed my perception of what TV comedy can mean to me… it also got me through a lot of snow days during high school.

    Thank you cast. Thank you crew. Thank you OfficeTally. A show will never mean more to me than The Office.

  487. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much as I have watching this show. I had just about given up on the idea that funny/original/intelligent television still existed and then I discovered The Office. Watching this show became a sacred ritual for my brother and I. I also didn’t think that TV could produce a more lovable couple than Ross & Rachel but both JAM and Dwangela are right up there! This last season has had me in stitches and tears. Thank you all for an amazing 9 seasons and good luck for whatever comes next :)

  488. Thank you SO much for giving us the opportunity to watch something truly great! The Office has been with us throughout our entire relationship and marriage. We had twins two years ago and one of our sons was in the NICU for a couple weeks and we slept in the hospital with him. That didn’t stop us from watching the season 7 premiere! The four of us sat in the hospital bed with the tiny little tv watching The Office. We will always be fans and will truly miss you guys!!! tears :(

  489. Words can’t even describe how much I’m gonna miss The Office. I felt like I was a part of the Dunder Mifflin family every Thursday night. The Office has helped me stay sane when life happens. Thanks you so much for making this amazing show. Tonight is definitely gonna be rough. That’s what she said.

  490. Thank you to The Office for brightening our weeks every Thursday night. Thank you to the whole cast for bringing wonderful characters to our TVs and to the writers and crew for putting together the best comedy of all time. Thank you to John & Jenna for portraying true love, and a relationship to aspire to. :) Thank you to Steve for being the most brilliant lead of a show – you deserved an Emmy every year! And thank you to OfficeTally, Tanster/Jennie, and fellow Tallyheads for creating a community that I loved being a part of – I will always remember our late night chats back in the day!

  491. Thank you to the cast & crew for 9 amazing years. Words can’t describe how sad I feel to see this fantastic show come to an end. Thru the good times & bad, I could always count on The Office for bringing laughter into my life every week. I will miss all of you :(

  492. Thank you. You’ve been there through my ups and downs. You were my escape when times were tough. I’ve watched you time and time again. I love you. You are a part of me that I will not forget.

  493. To the entire cast and crew of The Office, I want to thank each and every one of you for what you’ve given us (and me personally). Your show means more to me than I could ever put into words. It was one constant I could always rely on in my ever-changing life, and I could not be more grateful for what your show has done for me. Thank you so so much for 9 seasons of wonderful memories that won’t ever be forgotten.

  494. Thank you…for all of it! I cannot even begin to express how much I will miss these characters. They’ve gotten me through some difficult times and have meant so much to me! My cats are named Beesly and Halpert, for goodness sake :) I’ve laughed and cried so much over the last 9 seasons and cry every time I think about it ending. I feel so blessed to have watched these characters live their lives. The show may not be, but the people are real. Thank you for allowing me to experience life with you, Dunder Mifflin crew! xoxo

  495. Thank you to The Office for being such a huge part of my life for the past 9 years. Some days I really could not have gotten through without this show. It has really been the best show I have ever watched. The cast and writers and producers were amazing. It’s going to be tough tonight watching the last show. It is definitely bittersweet. Thank you again for being so close to my heart for all these years!

  496. I was a late adopter of the show (end of season 6), but I watched every episode before the next season started. I’ve been hooked ever since. Thank you Office, for everything that you’ve given us fans.

  497. Somehow I made it all the way to season 8 before I started watching the show. I guess it was my transition from high school to nursing school to work that kept me from jumping into it.

    A couple of weeks into Season 8, I watched The Pilot and fell in love. For the next week and a half I watched every episode available and jumped into the new ones. Then I bought every season available on DVD. Ever since, I have been a die hard fan. The thought of the show ending literally makes my heart hurt.

    Thank you for ruining my sleep habits for a week and a half while I had marathons to catch up. Thank you for introducing me to my favorite celebrity crush (hey John! :) ) Thank you for making me feel better about my love of That’s What She Said jokes. Mostly, I just want to thank you all for making me laugh/smile/cry harder than I probably ever have in my life. I loved every single second of it.

  498. This show has consumed almost half my life since I am only 21 years old. I am so sad to see this show end. I am just relieved we have the DVDs and reruns to continue the hilarious moments. Any episode at anytime can turn your day around. It’s a great therapy and I will miss it tremendously. I’m going to cry myself to sleep for days about the finale…. Thank you so much for the nine great years.

  499. I’ve watched every single episode more than once. Everyone can agree the gold standard that was set in seasons 2-4 was hard to improve on, I honestly think seasons 5-7 can be included in that. So many funny and heart-warming scenes. Losing Steve Carell had a huge impact, but I think the writers and cast did a great job this season picking up the pieces and finding their groove. Thanks to the cast, crew, and everyone involved with the show. It’s been an amazing experience watching the characters (and the actors who portray them) grow and develop.

  500. My husband and I started watching in season 3 after one of my co-workers insisted we borrow her season 2 dvds. (At the time I had a boss who was just like Michael Scott, so it was like I was living it with the TV characters!). We were hooked and have been loyal viewers ever since. We’ve enjoyed discussing it with our siblings and friends and love Officetally. Thank you to the cast and crew for 9 years of laughter,tears and cringeworthiness! And thank you to Tanster for your amazing website that helped fuel our love for all things “The Office”! Best of luck to all of you talented people!

  501. I’ve been trying to find a way to put my thank yous and goodbyes into word but I found that there is no way that I could ever express my gratitude to everyone who has worked to make this show a reality. The show has been there for me while I was going through a very rough time in my life and there’s nothing I could ever do to make it up to the cast and crew for making me laugh and lighten things up. From the bottommost depths of my heart, thank you to every single person who has kept The Office going for the past nine years. You guys are the best. The absolute best!

  502. I live in England and was a fan of the original version. When I heard there would be an American remake of what was already such a good show, I was a little skeptical. But I gave it a try, and I’m sure glad I did. I immediately became a fan, and soon enough was liking your version more! We got a little behind here in England (season seven only just finished showing!). So around the time season five was being aired in the States I had to search out other means to keep up to date. And its been a genuine pleasure to do so because it has been such a fun ride these last few years.

    Thank you cast, crew, writers, NBC, everyone for so many great episodes of a genuinely funny and sweet sitcom. I wish you all the very best of luck in your future endeavors. I’m going to miss hanging out with these characters every week. I hope you all can pencil in a reunion episode special somewhere down the road!

  503. As a freshman in college, two years ago now, I was flipping through channels in my dorm room and I came across an episode of The Office. I’ve never watched it before but I immediately fell in love with each and every character. There was always a little something about each of them I could relate to. The Office quickly became my escape my reality when I needed a laugh or even a good cry. Now, I’ve watched every episode at least three times thanks to Netflix. Hell, my ringtone is the theme song. I’ll be so sad to see this show come to an end, but I’m ever so grateful for the wonderful writers, cast, and producers of this timeless show. Unfortunately, I have to work tonight and won’t be able to join everyone watching but I’ll be watching in spirit! Goodbye, The Office.

  504. I’ve known it was coming, but today is the first day I’ve really gotten emotional about it. I started crying while reading OfficeTally on my phone, whilst blow drying my hair this morning, and yeah, it was as awkward as it sounds. The Office has been such a huge source of happiness in my life and I’m struggling with letting it go. Every person involved in this show over all the years should be proud of the incredible work they’ve done and the beautiful gift they’ve given us. It will never be enough, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    And Tanster, when I first started Googling for “Office Spoilers” and I stumbled upon your site so very many years ago, I couldn’t have known what a wonderful community I was about to be included in. Again, it will never be enough, but thank you for your passion and dedication to all things Office, for running this operation like a pro but thinking like a fan, and for giving us all a place to obsess amongst friends. I am forever proud to call myself a TallyHead.

    [ from tanster: “running this operation like a pro but thinking like a fan” — love that. thank you. :) ]

  505. This show has made me laugh so much and so hard that I am a better person because of it. In a way, I will always be an employee of Dunder Mifflin.

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful show, thank you for the acting, writing, videography, music, set design, wardrobe, directing, producing and all the many other supporting roles that made this show what it is!! Thank you!!

  506. I started watching The Office two years ago when I began my social work program, looking for something that would provide a smart but comedic escape from my stressful and often depressing experiences. Of course, the fact that Toby turned out to have a social work degree turned out to be an added bonus! I have watched the show so many times I have now related scenes to critical concepts in my courses, making my experiences much more fun. And as an Indo-Canadian female viewer, Kelly’s character was so amazing to see on TV. Thank you,writers and the entire cast, for all the laughs in the last two years and I wish you much success in your future endeavors! XOXO

  507. thank you for always making me smile. i truly loved the show, and appreciate the hard work each of you put into it. thank you for bringing some well-crafted hilarity into my life each week, and for making so many people happy.

  508. I started watching The Office at the end of the second season while I was in undergrad. It was an amazing respite as a 18 year-old trying to adjust to college life. The show has meant so much to me and has also brought about some of my closest friends. My second year of college, I started watching The Office with some fellow floormates who were fans of the show as well. We watched The Office every thursday together for the next four years until we moved due to jobs and grad school. We baked cakes for special occasions and made Thursday nights the best of the week. We are still good friends, keep in touch about all things Office and otherwise, and are planning watch The Office finale together remotely. Thank you for the laughs, the inspiration and for the friends. This will always be one of my favorite shows.

  509. Nope. It’s not over. Well, that’s what I will keep telling myself. Thank you for everything. For making me smile when I was sad. For making me even happier on the days I was already smiling. For giving me something to be passionate about. All my friends knew The Office was “my” show. In a way it was kind of my identifier to them. Which in all honesty, is awesome! But thank you. Thank you to the writers, directors, producers, cast, and to you Tanster. I found this website when looking up The Office convention and it has been bookmarked ever since. So for that, thanks. It’s easy to tell them chemistry between the cast. And it’s easy to tell how much this show means/meant to them. You can tell everyone looked at it as more than a job. And it’s easy to tell how truly grateful they are. And that, I feel is why the show is/was successful. Because the cast loved what they were doing. Thank you for everything!!

  510. This show means so much to me, its like an old friend that really understands me. Thank you for the laughs and tears!

  511. This show has meant more to me than words can express. You all are the BEST in the business… My parents generation had MASH, Dallas, Cheers, etc.. and I feel fortunate enough to have “The Office.” My Thursdays may NEVER be the same! :( Ricky Gervais may not appreciate this… but in my opinion Heaven will have “The Office” on replay…for ETERNITY!!!! ;) Thank y’all for the characters, stories, laughs, tears and JOY! :)
    Much love!!!

  512. Thank you all so much for everything. I seriously cannot thank this show, and everyone involved enough. I shared 9 years of my life with you guys. So many great memories. From my high school years, to my college years. It’s been an incredible experience. I can’t even count how many people I’ve got hooked to this show too. It’s simply one of the greatest. And I will forever follow this amazing cast wherever this next chapter takes them.

  513. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for 9 amazing seasons! I still remember watching the pilot back in 2005 when my husband and I were getting ready for our wedding. Can so relate to the Jim/Pam storyline and every time something big would happen for them would cheer right along! Thursday nights just won’t be the same :( Thank you so much, you will all be missed!

  514. Thank you office, you are an amazing show and I’m so sad to see you go. I wish the best of luck to all the cast members in their future projects and I can’t thank the crew of the show enough for working so hard. As Robert California said, “It’s been a great year.”

  515. Thank you all for being the characters that we have all grown to love and care about. Even though the show is ending, every memory of laughing, crying and being angry will always be with me and as well as millions of other fans just like me. Hopefully this show has launched your careers into bigger and brighter adventures. I’ll catch you all on the flip side…

  516. Thank you for giving me hope. Reminding me why we enter relationships and try to get married. Reminding me that laughter truly is the best medicine. Thank you for helping me get through some of the worst and formative years of my life. Y’all have done a lot more for this country than you can imagine. Oh also thank you for screwing up my grades haha I joke.

  517. I didn’t start watching until late season 4. I soon had every season on DVD to catch up on before the season 5 premiere and was hooked immediately. I don’t remember watching any other TV show, at least in my adult life, where each new episode was an “event”, but The Office made Thursdays at 9:00 very much so for me. The concept, the writing, the filming style, etc. were all so different from every other “sitcom” out there. It was so refreshing to view something unique. The cast of characters and talent was PERFECT. Thank you to The Office, for your ridiculously funny and truly heartwarming comedy.

  518. Thanks you to the cast of The Office. You have truly been a huge part of my life. This show has gotten me through some hard times and no matter what it has put a smile on my face. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  519. I haven’t followed many TV shows from start to finish during my 33 years but The Office was one of them and quite possibly the best one. The show has always lightened up some dark days for me and a month ago when my mom passed away, The Office was the only thing I watched for two weeks. Thank you to the cast, crew and writers for creating something that will live on forever in our hearts and minds. I will truly miss all of my friends at The Office.

  520. Goodbye and Thank You to the best comedy ever! That’s what she said. Jim and Pam were the best TV couple ever. This show can not be replaced. You cannot find better writers or actors. Time to watch THE OFFICE dvd’s.

  521. There’s really nothing more to say than just thank you. The Office has been a huge part of my life over the years and I am so happy to have enjoyed it. Your show has made me laugh more times than I can remember and is still, after all these years, my absolute go-to when need a pick me up, or I’m just looking for something to watch. The Christmas episodes are always the first holiday shows I watch. Best of luck to the entire cast and crew, and thank you for being part of something so amazing! We’ll all miss you.

  522. I have loved the show since the first commercials I saw airing for it in the early spring of 2005. And unlike some shows that look good in the commercials, it was even better when you watched the show. I have made many friends online because of the show that I will continue to be friends with when the show is done.
    Back in the day, I spent countless hours in the Office Tally chat room with other fans and was lucky enough to be around for quite a few of the cast & crew chats. I don’t think there’s any other shows out there where the stars of the show will show up on a fan site’s chat room.

  523. Thank you, each and every person that has been affiliated with “The Office”. My daughter and I have been trying to watch most of the shows on Netflix, and it has been so great to spend this time together “rewatching” the episodes. She was in high school and college for most of the run, so she hasn’t had the time to watch, and she just loves it. On most shows, you have a character that you don’t care that much for, but on this one, every character is endearing, funny, and frustrating (just like REAL friends) in some way, and the show wouldn’t be the same without them. Thank you for making us laugh. God bless all of you.

  524. I remember laughing hysterically at Gay Witch Hunt alone in my small apartment, Job Fair on our honeymoon, and Couples Discount in the delivery room 30 minutes before our son was born. The Office has been a part not just of my life, but of some of the most special moments in my life in a way no other TV show has.

    Thank you, so very much, to every single person who had anything at all to do with this show’s existence. In short, you have made my life better. I love this show. I will miss it terribly.

    A special thanks to Tanster too for creating a place where we could come to share our love for this once in a lifetime show.

    Michael Scott said it best: This is gonna hurt like…

  525. I started watching the Office after the premiere of the fourth season. I laughed so hard, that I went back and in one week I watched every episode up to that point. I was hooked! It has been the one thing, no matter what difficulty I was going through I could look forward to almost every week and know it would make me happy and make me laugh. To John and Jenna, thank you for creating such special characters and giving us that relationship. It has been wonderful to watch.

  526. This show has meant more to me than words could ever convey. The beginning of The Office in 2005 preceded my wedding–to my real life Jim–, and now, nine years later, the ending of The Office is preceding the birth of my first child–who we’ve actually contemplated naming Cecelia. So much of The Office is present in my daily life: from my World’s Best Boss mug that I drink from in the morning, to the Jim faces I’m constantly making around my coworkers, to the one-liners that I’m able to work into my everyday conversations. It has been the parenthesis on the greatest years of my life and has truly become a part of who I am. It’s crazy to think that a TV show could have such an impact on a person, but The Office is so much more than just a TV show. Thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart for making such brilliant art for last 9 years.

  527. I have watched every episode since the very beginning. To be honest, like a lot of us fans, I have watched every episode at least twice, and laughed harder on the second go-round as I caught the things I missed the first time. I can quote Michael Scott on any occasion. I hear quotes in my head when it would not be P.C. to say them out loud. In short, I think you all have made me a little crazy :) It has been a wonderful ride (TWSS) and I thank you all for the one part of my week that I could always look forward to. Here’s to you, and to Jennie Tan! Wishing you all the best.

  528. The Office has been such a big part of my life for the last nine years. Having spent my entire working life in an office I recognized so much in this show. And as the manager of an office, I watched everything Michael did and made sure to do the opposite! (mostly :-)

    As attribute to my favorite show, I am right this moment sitting in Chilis having baby back ribs!


  529. Long time ago I’ve watched a few TV shows in my life. But, now, for years, I’ve been watching the only comedy series I always cared about. Actually, I enjoyed the show more for two reasons, well, two characters I like, Pam and Andy. But I kinda loved every scene involving Jim & Pam, or almost every scene; I also enjoyed some of Dwight’s funny reign of terror, around the office and elsewhere; and most of the Nard Dog moments, including his goodbye song from two weeks ago; and, of course, everything Michael has been through from his first episode. I’m really gonna miss the show. Because both The Office and House were my favorite TV shows for years, and now I see some episodes repeatedly, as I also watch NCIS, CSI and Criminal Minds. Thank you, office dudes, for all those years of comedy, drama, interviews, talkin’ heads and lots of fun. I hope everything is OK with and for you, people. And you better complete show really well, with a good happy ending for everyone. Goodbye, Dunder Mifflin!!!!! Catch you guys on a flippity flip!!!!!

  530. I started watching The Office right around the beginning of Season 4, and I’ve absolutely loved the show ever since. It helped get me through middle school and high school, and it just became this really important thing in my life. It was a constant for me, no matter where I was or what was going on, The Office would be on on Thursday nights and it would always be the same characters I knew and loved. Saying goodbye to this show is going to be so incredibly sad, but all I can say is that if the show has to end, this is the perfect way to do it. Thank you -cast, crew, writers, producers, directors- for everything, absolutely everything: all your hard work, dedication, and brilliance that just makes the show what it is. You’ve created something huge, and I thank you for that. So so much.

  531. I don’t even know what to say about this show. It went from a small 6 episode season 1 that I couldn’t watch enough. I still think the Basketball episode is one of my favorites to this day. To me that had every element the show was always intended to be. I remember telling every single person I knew they had to see it. And now look where it’s come as one of the greatest comedies of all time! I made friends here on OT because of this show. I was even reminded of the youtube video with ddker and I singing that we did for Dunder Mifflin Infinity! What can I say? The little show that could…DID! My Thursday nights will never be the same.

  532. I’ve been watching since the very first episodes in 2005. When the series started I was a newlywed living in a tiny grad student apartment. I LOVED The Office and would regularly read over here on officetally. I watched The Office when I was in labor with my first. I’m now done with my PhD and have two kids and I’ve never missed an episode. Really sad to see it all end. Thanks for giving me a show to grow up with!

  533. Bittersweet moment. Love this show so much. Thanks to all involved over the past 9 seasons.. Cast, crew, writers, fellow fans. You all are incredible! Tonight will be tough watching it all come to an end but it will truly live on forever and so will the memories it has given me.

  534. Thank you, just, thank you for the show. The Office premiered during my senior year of college, and has been a companion since then. I identified with Jim early on, and many of my life’s milestones have run concurrently with his, most identifiably marriage and kids. Thanks for a refreshingly honest, entertaining television.

  535. Follow up to my post #563. The Chilis manager stopped by my table to say hi and I told him why I was here this particular day and ordered this particular meal. He loved it. A few minutes later my server stopped by to say that he had paid for my meal!

    Thank you show!

    [from tanster awwwww…]

  536. Thank you for making me realize the art of comedy, making me a better person, providing me with hundreds of hours entertainment and everything else in my future. Thank you cast and crew <3.

  537. From the moment I saw the previews of The Office back in 2005, I knew that I wanted to watch this show! And it did not disappoint. It has basically been the only show that I have watched and followed. It was incredible American television/comedy. I can’t say enough about the writing, acting and directing!! I will miss it terribly. Evening television won’t be the same. I wish everyone involved with the show all the best. Please remember how much joy you gave to your audiences! Simply the best show ever!!!

  538. Wow – finale is a mere 5 hours away. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day. This hurts so much.

  539. Congratulations on 9 amazing seasons! I’ve been a fan since the beginning and watching the show, cast, and characters grow and develop has been wonderful. I’m so proud of everything the show has accomplished :)

    I will miss the show tremendously but I am thankful for all the memories and laughter :)

  540. I can’t say thank you enough. I have no clue what I’ll do with my Thursday night. This hurts in a strange way and I’m going to miss the show so much. Thanks for being the best show to ever grace my television!

  541. The Office, you’ve made me laugh, cry, and then laugh again. I’m so sad this will be the end, but I hope the legend lives on and your legacy will stay with the world.

  542. I found The Office in late 2005, when I needed a laugh. TONS of laughs. You got me through some tough times with season 1 and 2 on DVD. Obviously from there I became obsessed, and just wanted to say thank you genuinely from the bottom of my heart! You all will be missed!

  543. Thank you for an amazing 9 seasons. I know a show is special when I can’t imagine missing a single episode. I’ve felt that way about The Office since the very first episode! Thank goodness I’ll be able to watch all my favorite episodes on NetFlix.

  544. I’m sitting here at my desk teary eyed just thinking about the office coming to a close. My SIL got me season 1 of the office for Christmas. I tried watching it once or twice and couldn’t get into it. Somehow I decided to try once more and got sucked in and have been loving it ever since. Thank you for all of the laughter and for being so REAL. I would have loved to visited the set and met you all.

  545. Thank you for a wonderful show! There were times when I got a little over-involved. As manager of the Reno branch I have to admit that I spent more time thinking about that than I did my actual job. During the writers’ strike I continually checked with Office Tally, hoping for a resolution. Thanks, Tanster.
    After tonight I will cling to my DVDs, and fondly remember each and every one of you.

  546. I cannot express how much I’ve loved all of you.
    The show premiered when I was 18 and had just moved out on my own. It got me through a lot of lonely nights before I’d made friends.

    I’ve watched and related to each episode over and over as if you were all an extension of my actual life.

    I met the love of my life in a college biology class and the first thing we bonded over was the line “I got straight A’s, they called me Ace. I got straight B’s, they called me Buzz.” Now he’s my soupsnake.

    I owe all of you an eternity of gratitude for being the backdrop of my 20’s.

    Now off I go to the break room to weep over my cup ‘o noodles as I ready myself for the goodbyes tonight.

    Thank you. So much.

  547. I discovered The Office just after the first season, and fell in love with the characters, the storylines, and the cast. I truly appreciate how accessible and generous the writers, directors, producers and cast have been to us fans over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to meet six cast members & all were so warm and friendly. I’ll be stopping by Chili’s on the way home to pick up some “appeteasers” and settling in with a box of Kleenex to watch the finale. >>sniff!<<

  548. Thanks so much to everyone connected to this show. It has brought me more happiness and laughs over the years than any show before it. I will miss it more than I care to think about. I am already looking forward to the reunion show. Thanks!

  549. The Office is always there to make me smile, laugh, and even cry. I have seen every episode several times and they are still just as funny as the first viewing, I do declare. I am thankful I had the chance to get to know these amazing fictional characters and watch as they got themselves into all kinds of crazy shenanigans. So after all these years, I want to say thank you to the cast, the writers, and every single person who helped make this show what it is. You have created something truly special and I am glad to be a part of it just by being a fan. Thank you.

  550. I’m going offline at 6 PDT. I won’t allow this to be spoiled. I’m already so nervous I can’t stand it. May our Office friends find happiness in the TV afterlife.

  551. The Office has been such a significant part of my life, friends and family alike. Many nights I ended a long day with a couple episodes, or dedicated entire week-long breaks between college semesters to–literally–doing nothing except watching seasons of The Office. On days when I was feeling particularly anxious about an upcoming interview, or presentation, or any general feeling of uncertainty for that matter; I would turn desperately to The Office for a laugh. And when I heard the opening theme song, or found myself smiling to a ridiculous Michael Scott quote–I was completely okay in that moment.

    “Thank you for this. Thank you.” I will lament the passing on of this undeniably brilliant show, and will call myself a loyal fan until the day I die.

  552. I have never, ever before watched all of the episodes of television show with as much dedication and delight! I liked the first few episodes, but by the time I was watching the end of Hot Girl, I was completely hooked and terrified the show would not come back for another season. How lucky we were that it continued on a long, wonderful run. The acting and writing are of a quality not commonly seen, and sometimes not ever seen, in television comedy. The Office has become a Thursday night friend to my husband and me and we’ll miss it immensely. Thank you to the cast and crew for being so gracious to us fans. I’ve worked in an office all my working life and I love the small beautiful moments and great humor the creative force behind the show found in that weird world. Much love and thanks to you all, and to Office Tally, my favorite blog. Love, what’s the dealio? (Really, I’m Denice, a 38 year old Seattle office girl!)

    [from tanster: xoxo]

  553. From the very first episode, I could always count on the Office to make me laugh. Whenever I’d pretend to be interviewed (I know that sounds nuts, but it’s true) and asked why do I love the Office so much I always say that the show makes me laugh – not a stupid, superficial laugh, but a real, genuine laugh. Even through the heartbreak moments, for 22-ish minutes I was suspended into a place where I felt a part of the show. I could forget about work and all the stupid politics, the craziness and downturns of life and laugh. Ok, now I’m crying. I’ve been trying to avoid the thought that this is the night of the finale because the show is so special to me. I just want to say thank you – thank you all very, very much for such a wonderful, memorable show. And thank you Tanster for providing this vehicle for all of us to express our thoughts.

  554. I’ve read nearly every post since about 2007, but I’ve never commented before. As the final hours are nearly upon us, it feels appropriate to write giving thanks to Tanster for keeping us updated and to the crew and cast for keeping us entertained. I’ll miss the writing; the “thinking-about-it-the-next-day-and-getting-the-subtle-joke-and-laughing-all-over-again” writing. I’ll miss the acting with all the silliness of the cold opens, the almost unbearable awkwardness of Michael Gary Scott and the tender truth that is JAM. I’ll miss the bloopers that gave us all an insight into the family forged through nine years. I’ll miss the reality of knowing someone just like one of the characters. I’ll miss the “water cooler” discussion about what funny moments thrilled my friends, because it was often something different than what had me laughing. We’ve tackled a lot in 200 episodes from George Foreman grill injuries to eradicating rabies to gun violence in the workplace. Thank you for giving us nine good years and 200 episodes to look back upon with joy and laughter.

  555. I graduated high school in 2005, the spring when The Office started, and fell in love with it. Throughout college, I struggled with my academics and life changes, but the only “constant” in my life was The Office. I graduated two weeks ago with my bachelor’s degree, so The Office has defined my collegiate career. I cannot thank you enough, cast and writers and other crew, for remaining constant in my life during these defining years. :)

  556. Thank you to the entire cast of The Office for many years of happiness! I haven’t missed an episode and will proudly wear my Dunder Mifflin t-shirt on the night of your final episode. Best wishes and success to the cast and crew. What am I gonna watch on Thursdays?!?

  557. This is so bittersweet. So happy that the show is ending on a high-note but so sad to see it go; it really is such a highlight in my life. Thank you to all the cast, crew and brilliant writing team for making such a witty, sharp, heart-warming and above all, hilarious show.

  558. The show may be over but it will live on forever. I will never tire of watching and re-watching my favorite moments while still laughing because it’s just that good. Thanks to Tanster for giving myself and everybody else a place to congregate and share our Office thoughts and feelings for so long!!! It’s been much appreciated. Now that we’ve reached the end it is going to be so hard . . . that’s what she said.

  559. Love this show. I’ve been a fan since 2006. The episode that hooked me in was Email Surveillance.The Office reminded me a lot of what I was seeing in my own place of employment. The characters are hilarious and relatable. I’m so sad to see it end. Thanks for 9 wonderful years!!

  560. Thank you so much. You have filled my life with some pretty great moments and I’m honoured to have watched the cast and crew grow over the past nine years. All the best in everything that you do!

  561. Okay. This is gonna hurt like a mother. – Michael Scott

    To the cast and crew of The Office – thank you for nine beautiful years. This show changed my life in the best way possible and I will forever be grateful for the time we “shared.” Each of you became family and I will miss the bright spot each episode offered me every Thursday night.

    But let’s save the goodbyes for tomorrow at lunch, okay? And tomorrow at lunch, I’ll tell you what a great show you turned out to be. Best show I’ve ever watched.

    That said … T-shirt idea: goodbyes stink.

  562. Thank you to every single cast and crewmember for making this show happen and bringing these amazing characters to life. This show has gotten me through some real rough times, and would always put a smile on my face. Throughout the past 9 years, there have been many changes in my life, but one thing that has not changed is my love for this show. I had discovered the show when I was too lazy to change the channel after watching something. Then The Dundies came on, and I’ve been hooked ever since. See kids, sometimes it pays to be lazy.

  563. I wanted to write something witty, eloquent, and meaningful. But honestly, all I can think of is: Thank You. Thank you to the creators, the writers, the crew, the producers, and the actors. Thank you for using your God-given talents and bring joy into our lives. I know my friends and family have loved every minute of it. It’s such a bittersweet night. I can’t imagine being a part of such a colossal pop culture phenomenon. But this isn’t goodbye. You and all 200+ episodes will be with us for years to come. Again, Thank You.

  564. How can I sum up a show that’s meant so much to the last 8 years of my life? I can hardly think of a friendship or sphere of my life that hasn’t been impacted by The Office.

    When my dad suffered a debilitating stroke, it was The Office that we watched together in his hospital room. That night while watching “Local Ad” the Dunder Mifflin gang gave us permission to smile and laugh again when things seemed bleak.

    Not to mention the countless nights with friends spent watching new episodes together, old episodes together, or just playing the Office Trivia game. With some we can have entire conversations consisting of quotes from our favorite scenes.

    I’ll never forget the ways this show impacted my life. Thanks to everyone that made this show so special!

  565. To the cast, crew, and writers, thanks so much for everything. This show will always be my number one favorite, never failing to make me laugh even if I’m watching an episode for the fiftieth time! It’s a show that my whole family comes together to watch and we all feed off of each others’ laughter, which has been so fun and has been a special weekly event.

    I respect so much the work that everyone has put into this show to make it special, real, and hilarious. It has given me many study breaks :), for which I’m very grateful!! Aside from the show being so clever and quotable, I find I can relate most hilarious or awkward situations to something that has happened or something a character has said on the show, which is pretty cool. Additionally, and aside from the humorous and hilarious aspects, this show has really portrayed love and friendship in a beautiful way and I have loved watching for all of these years.

    Thanks so much for everything!!! I’ll never stop watching. EVER!! :)

  566. Words cannot express my love for the Office.
    Your little show will live on in reruns, dvds and in my heart forever.

    Thank you to the writers, crew and actors….especially Steve, Rainn, Jenna and John.

    You all should have won more awards… but I think we all prefer Dundies.

    God speed all – Patrick

    Special thank you to Jennie for putting together an amazing site.

  567. I’m having a hard time finding a place to start with this one. To begin and to put it simply, this show is one of a kind. You’ve created perfection in so many ways – the love stories of JAM and Dwangela all the way to the awkwardness that is Michael Gary Scott, just to name a few. There truly aren’t enough words to describe how much you all mean to me. The stories you have all brought to life on screen have touched me in so many ways, and I couldn’t thank you enough. There are times when I cannot stop laughing, and there are times when you’ve had me sobbing like a baby. If there is ever a moment in my life when I need that extra push to get me through a tough time, I know I can always count on you all to get me through it. Although the show comes to an end tonight, the moments you have created will live on forever in our hearts. Good luck with all that lies ahead of you, and thank you for a beautiful ride.

  568. For me, The Office has been–for the past eight years–the perfect diversion during periods of worry and stress: my wife’s bout with beast cancer, the subsequent long process of adopting a child from overseas, the aftermath of my father’s death from heart disease, my sister’s divorce, and a variety of other things. Besides that, it was a pleasure viewing the product of actors, writers, directors, and producers consistently working at the top of their game. Thanks for everything and best of luck as you continue your careers.

  569. I’ve been fiercely devoted to the show since August 2007, when I was at home recovering from a miscarriage. I needed to stop crying so I decided to find something to make me laugh and the Office was it for me. So I became hooked and when I was waiting to deliver my twin girls almost two years later, in May 2009, I remember thinking, “Are we having these babies or should I watch The Office?” They were born during Cafe Disco. Thanks for getting me over a rough spot and for always making me smile.

  570. The Office entered my life as a college student who had just been diagnosed with a severe chronic illness. It saved me in the many moments of isolation, physical and emotional pain, 5 surgeries, countless other procedures, and treatments. It gave me something to look forward to, made me laugh, gave me hope, and became much more than a television show. It became my safe haven. Thank you to the writers, crew, and cast. I am very grateful and will enjoy your episodes, deleted scenes, and especially bloopers forever. Humor is healing.

  571. The first episode I ever watched was the third season premiere, “Gay Witch Hunt.” The awkward kiss between Michael and Oscar, along with the casts’ reactions, made me a fan from then on. This show was really the first show I loved. And will forever love. During high school, my friends and I had an unofficial “Office Club” where we would go into my math teacher’s class (who is also a big fan) during lunch, and laughed as we watched the show together. Over the years, I’ve cared about the characters like they were my friends. I cannot believe the show is coming to an end. As I listen to James Blunt’s “Goodbye My Lover,” I can’t thank The Office enough for bringing so much joy into my life. Thank you so much to the amazing cast and crew. The Office will always have a special place in my heart.

  572. As I sit here during the last commerical break of the final episode, it is a bittersweet moment. I love the office, the characters, the jokes and all the hilarious scenes through the years. This cast and crew got me through many hard times and it was always something to look forward to during the week! Thank you, office!

  573. Farewell to The Office. I began watching it five years ago and have watched it religiously since. I don’t watch much TV, so it takes a lot to get me so invested in a show. It wasn’t just the comedy, but the story and beloved characters that made me continue to watch. It feels a bit lonely knowing that my Thursdays won’t have a new episode of the show anymore. But still, I’m glad it ended so well for all the characters I’ve come to love over the years.

    Pam is right: there is a lot of beauty in ordinary things, and that was the point of The Office.

  574. “Office” Thursdays were a household tradition for us over the past several years – it’s this show that I had to look forward to during my own workweek.

    Thank you – everyone – for helping to bring the Dunder Mifflin paper company into our homes over the last nine years. I look forward to the inevitable reunions in the years to come, and seeing you all continue in new endeavors. Nothing you have done will be forgotten any time soon.

  575. Thank you so much to all of the cast and crew of The Office!!!! You have given me so many laughs and brought me so much joy throughout the years. This show will always have a special place in my heart. I don’t know that there will ever be a show as special to me as this has been. Also, thank you so much, Tanster, for all you have done with this fansite. You have made the show that much better by allowing us to have a place to go for everything Office. From promos and deleted scenes to updates on the cast and crew, this was always the site that I came to. OfficeTally has truly become a part of The Office itself. :)

  576. I don’t really know how to say thanks to a show that has meant so much to me. I started watching in January 2006 during a really difficult time in my life and to put it simply, The Office lifted me. It really did. And it continued to do just that over the next 7 years. So just thank you SO MUCH to all the cast, crew, and writing staff for the absolute gift of this show. See you on the flippity flip.

  577. Thank you so much, cast and crew of The Office, for an incredible 9 years! I have been a fan from the very first season, and have no idea what I will do with my Thursday nights now. You guys are the best, and I am so glad to have been along for the ride. I swear, every episode had me just about falling off my couch laughing, even though i was so invested in the relationships, too. Can’t wear my Dunder Mufflin rabies run tshirt anywhere without getting a smile and a comment.

    This last episode was funny and also just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you all do next. Thanks again!!!!!

  578. Just finished watching the last episode ever. I’m speechless. I can’t believe it’s here. All I want to say, to the cast and crew, thank you so much for everything! The Office wasn’t just a show to me. It made me realize what I want to do with my life. Thank you so much for giving me that and for brightening up my weeks. Thank you for everything!

  579. Life is about laughter and the Office taught me that. I owe so much to this show. It honestly made me realize that life was worth living. Thank you, The Office.

  580. I was thrilled with the show before it even aired. I read in my hometown newspaper that they were planning a comedy set in my hometown Scranton. Thought that would be novel. Little did I know it would be around all these years. I am so glad for that. My wife and daughter have come to expect me beaming when the theme plays and I see the welcome sign. Thank you cast, crew and talented writers. Thank you props guy for being so true to the city and for all the realism! Wish I could get the Crystal Club soda in VA.

    I will miss not seeing the further adventures at Dunder Miflin.
    Ain’t no party like a Scranton party. … Cuz a Scranton party don’t stop (thanks to reruns!)

  581. Thank you, The Office, and everyone involved with the creation of the show. You have made me laugh and cry in ways I never thought possible. You were there for me in hard times, making me laugh when I desperately needed to. You were my friends when I felt very alone. You helped me connect with my real family and friends in new ways. You inspired me to go after my own Pam. But all in all, you were just amazing. And that IS what she said. Because she loved this show as much as I did. As much as we all did. I love you, The Office. What a great show you turned out to be.

  582. I’ve been waiting for the finale to say my thank you – probably partly denial. Thank you to everyone: Steve, Rainn, John, Jenna, Ed, Ellie, Phyllis, Leslie, Creed, Kate, Craig, Angela, Oscar, Brian, Toby, Mindy, BJ, the newcomers and amazing guests, the folks we missed (Melora, David, Zach), the ones who came back (Andy B, Amy R), the crew, writers and producers, and Greg Daniels. Thank you. Just thank you.

    And thank you to Jennie, for giving all us fans a “home.”

  583. What else can I say but, endless paper in a paperless world. I will miss this show.

  584. Thank you for nine wonderful years of great entertainment, super characters, touching moments and good times. I’ll miss hearing from my good friends at Dunder Mifflin every Thursday night!

  585. I’m just one of a thousand people who can say The Office helped see me through some awful periods in my life, but my appreciation is genuine all the same. Back in 2008 I found myself in a downward spiral and ended up being hospitalized for so long that I had to drop out of art school. The pressure and my perfectionism had become too much.

    When Pam did the exact same thing a few months later, I was shocked, but suddenly felt a whole lot less alone and embarrassed. Watching both she and Ryan struggle for some purpose and self-respect after their respective falls from grace helped me remember that my situation was universal and I wasn’t the only f*** up in the world. And at the time, that meant everything to me.

    Thank you to the entire cast for such a fantastic escape from reality every Thursday. And thank you especially for giving a little bit of dignity to disappointment and broken dreams. It helped see me through to getting back on my feet and back into school. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  586. I cannot express how much I love the Office and how much joy you added to my life. Thank you so much for making my Thursday nights so much fun for the last nine year! It was such a special show and I am going to miss sitting down and laughing for a half hour every week. You guys are the best. i wish it would have never ended but I am so glad the show lasted as long as it did! Best wishes!!!

  587. I started watching The Office two years ago because I was stuck in bed after a major back surgery. I was scrolling through my DVR and saw the Beach Games episode and decided to watch it. Needless to say, I was hooked. I am now obsessed with the show and literally watch five episodes or more a day while at college. I went to The Office Wrap Party a couple weekends ago in Scranton and got to meet some of the cast. This show will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to the cast, writers, and of course Greg Daniels.

  588. The Office was such a big part of my life. I can’t think of anything else to say…THANK YOU!

  589. The Office is the first show I ever got totally engaged with….I read Ofiice Tally religiously, followed Jenna and Angela on My Space, watched JAM videos on Youtube and debriefed with family and friends every Friday morning. For all the silliness and wackiness, at its best, there was always a core of real truth…what it is like to work in corporate America, what real relationships and friendships are about, life in non Hollywood America…and those of us who loved the show stayed with it because of how , when you least expected it, a moment would truly resonate.. Many many thanks to everyone involved for all your efforts over the years …your legacy is ensured! And my sincerest thanks for the respect and consideration you showed for the fans in making the finale truly for us.

  590. I felt extremely touched by Jenna’s interview during the retrospective when she said the show was her life. This show was more than just a TV show for so many people. Thank you cast and crew for giving me something to look forward to every single week.

  591. What do you say when your loss is so devastating, and yet appreciated, at the same time? I don’t know what to do. I’m so lost, I cry, I laugh, I fear, I can’t bare the thought of the future.

    Thank you for changing my life. Helping me find my wife. Bringing my family closer together

  592. The best end to a tv show that I have ever seen! Funny and thoughtful. I cried and I laughed. It is sad to know that it’s over but as a fan I was left satisfied in knowing what happens with each character. Thank for bringing Michael Scott back. It made it feel complete. But thank you for making his return minimal so that the other characters could shine in the last episode. Love that the only episode the producer was in was the last episode. Well done writers! Well done cast! We will miss you…

  593. Wow — just, wow. What a funny, fantastic, and perfect send-off for my favourite Scrantonites. Job well done by the entire cast and crew, and all the best in your future endeavours! :’-)

  594. My younger brother always reminded me of Dwight (tall, nerdy, ect.) and I sent in a request for an autograph from Angela Kinsey for his birthday. That was at least 5 years ago and he still has the picture proudly on display. Thank you Office cast for making this show personal.

  595. Thanks to the cast, writers, crew and everyone that has been involved with The Office over the last 9 seasons. It has become my all-time favorite tv show. The show and its characters have meant more to me than I ever thought a TV show could. Every Thursday night my sister and I would watch the show together. I remember we high fived when Jim kissed Pam at the end of season 2. The show just made me happy. It was so well written and acted and because of that it was very relatable. Now that the show has ended I kind of feel like I’ve lost a friend. I will really miss watching new episodes every Thursday night. It is the only TV show I watch on a regular basis. Fortunately we have DVD’s /blu rays and syndication that will allows us to continue to watch The Office. Thanks again to everyone involved. I wish I could shake your hands and say thanks in person.

  596. I don’t know what else to say except THANK YOU. You (the writers, the cast, the crew) have given us such joy over the past 9 years. The series started airing when I was 14 and carried me through the end of middle school, high school, and all of college. It feels a bit silly to say, but I feel like a piece of me is going to be missing now that the show is over. I can only hope that we have filled you with as much gratitude as you’ve given us laughter over the past almost-decade. Thank you

  597. This show means so much to me! I loved tuning in to watch every thursday night as I grew up! Thank you so much to cast and crew for creating my favourite show!

  598. My boyfriend and I have watched ‘The Office’ together for our entire relationship. I have memories of the first episode he showed me, of watching old episodes in between college classes, and coming home for work looking forward to watching one of our favorite shows together. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful show.

  599. After watching the finale, I took a moment to realize and ponder how important this show has been for my life. From when I started watching it my sophomore year in high school during season 4, to sitting in my dorm room freshmen year of college watching season 7 and wondering what I was going to do with my life. It was that moment when I realized it was The Office I wanted to do. I wanted to help create something so special. The Office is why I chose video production as a career path, and it’s the reason why I drove 30 hours last week from the East Coast to Southern California for a summer internship I was offered. I owe my present and future to The Office. I can only hope I can help make something close to as special as The Office one day.

    Thank you guys. You mean the world to me.

  600. Thank you so much for a great show. I can’t even express in words how much this show meant to me. I’m just full of emotions that all want to come out at the same time!!
    The show provided comfort in my most difficult of times and I will always be grateful for that! It feels like I am saying goodbye to a loved one! Thank you to the cast and crew of this brilliant show for always inviting us into their warm, funny and crazy world. I love The Office and will still watch it for years to come!!!

  601. It breaks my heart that it’s over, but I’m so glad to have something that I can watch again and again and still laugh at. Thank you all for an amazing show!

  602. The Office has been such a great show to watch, and will continue to be with re-runs from every season. It’s hard to put into words just how great this show has been. I’ve quoted it so many times, related myself to it, and I just want to say THANK YOU to all of the cast and crew for making this one of the greatest shows that has ever been on T.V. Thank You.

  603. You brought the characters to life in our living rooms each week. You suspended us from the reality of our own offices and made us feel as if the characters were real. You brought fans together who never would have met. You showed us how brilliant writers and fantastic actors come together to create something special. Well done, everyone, well done.

  604. To most The Office was just a TV show. The Office was a hilarious and touching look into the poignant foolishness that plagues and American 9 to 5 that just so happened to be filled with the most unknowingly influential bunch of personalities ever to be brought together on a TV screen. Whether it be comedic, romantic, professional or lethargic, this show has had a profound influence on my everyday life. There is not one thing in my life that I have cried more over, both with tears of joy, laughter and sorrow. The best writers paired with intangible chemistry yields results to never be duplicated. What a team! Now after 9 seasons, a huge part of my life has come to an end. It is the only prime time network show I have been drawn to, so will I find another “Office.”

  605. So well said by SO many others but I really need to say something myself. While Seinfeld may have been about “nothing” The Office was about “EVERYTHING”. At least everything in life to me. Perhaps I am a pathetic nerd for living vicariously through these characters and caring so much about this show and loving you all so much for it but I don’t care. I accept that it’s time for goodbyes, as much as I hate them, but I know nothing can follow you or compare to what you have been to us. Thank You So Much!

  606. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in this wonderful show. You all touched my heart over 9 incredible seasons, and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to follow Dunder Mifflin for all these years. Thursday nights will never be the same without you guys. Thanks for the memories.

  607. When The Office first aired I was about to graduate high school and go off to college. I cannot believe that so much has happened since then both on the show and in my personal life. I have essentially grown up with this show and it was always there to make me laugh through the rough times. It is fitting that the show ended this year because my “growing up phase” has also finally ended. I got married :) I even got my now husband into the show as we were dating. Thank you to the writers, actors, and everyone else that brought this show to the US. Thank goodness for syndication and reruns! <3

  608. Thank you to THE OFFICE. Best Finale ever! Writers did a great job covering all our wonderful Cast as they close the show. We will truly miss THE OFFICE. We feel part of their lives. Also, thanks for including footage from THE OFFICE WRAP PARTY in Scranton. We drove out to the party and that was a nice surprise to see it in the preshow. Cast and crew, you are a class act and will be missed! PS: Steve, thanks for coming back. :)

  609. I started watching the Office between seasons 3 and 4 during a time when I hated tv and felt that all the good shows were gone, but I took a chance on this show, bought the 1st season on a whim and was instantly hooked! This show has been the biggest influence on my life (as far as tv goes) for the last 7 years. I can’t believe it’s over. This is the one show I have been able to talk to co-workers about and is probably the show I can most relate to. Looking back the show wasn’t always perfect but even the most dull moments in the show are special because this show is unique and there probably won’t ever be anything this amazing in my lifetime. Thank you to all the Office cast, staff, and fans for allowing this show to flourish and give us something that we’ll remember for a lifetime!

  610. I think everyone who is a fan spent some time last night replaying what had happened in our own lives during the run of the show. The Office has been a part of our lives. To all involved in its creation: thank you so much

  611. Best show ever. Best finale ever. Thank you for nine wonderful seasons; you will be missed.

  612. I am really going to miss all the characters in the office. What a great show. But…..I think they totally could have had more commercials in the final episode (NOT)…I was actually thinking about turning it off and watching it another time on demand.

  613. This show has spanned so many years of what can be considered the beginning of my “adult life”. It started as I was in my senior year of college & now I’m married & have two children. Needless to say, Jim & Pam’s storyline always felt near & dear to my heart (side note: my-laws are Jim & Pam…I married their son, Phillip :-). Thank you for 9 amazing seasons. Also, thank you for the amazing opportunity 5 years ago to meet so many of you at The Office Convention in 2007. Mr. Daniels, Mr. Schur, you were nothing but down to earth and gracious. As a life long native of Central New York (Syracuse & Utica), the little shout outs (Syracuse branch!!!) will forever endure in my heart. Good luck in all you do and much future success.

  614. Thank you Greg Daniels, cast, and crew for such a beautiful finale. I’m listening to Creed’s song today with tears streaming down my face. The whole episode was such a gift to the fans. And thank you all for nine seasons of the best show to ever grace my TV.

  615. The Office has been a significant part of the early bonding that I did with my now-husband. Since I was already a fan, I suggested The Office as a show I thought he’d like– and something that we could snuggle up and enjoy together. I got him caught up on all of the seasons of The Office that he’d missed, and he started to love the show as much as I did. Our first trip together was to Scranton, where we embarked on one of The Office Tours. Funny enough, we met at work, sat across from each other, and essentially saw Jim and Pam’s relationship develop in much the same way as our own.

    Thank you so much to the entire cast and crew of The Office for many moments that I will never forget!

  616. Thank you cast, crew and writers for 9 terrific seasons! I’ve appreciated your look at the workplace and have certainly related. Now as I ponder a move to Austin, I only wish Jim and Pam could really be there.

  617. Thank you to the cast and crew of this great show. I have such fond memories of this show, and it will FOREVER be in my heart and mind. This show helped me get through some tough time in my life, and I will forever be grateful. This show taught me lessons and made me laugh when I needed it the most.
    I couldn’t wait for thursdays to come around so I could watch my “friends” in Scranton. I will miss this show tremendously and I don’t even know how I could ever thank the actors and crew enough. I watched this show for so long that it has become a part of me.
    I will miss this show so much.

    Thank you!

  618. Never commented here, but great website. Just wanted to say a very sincere thank you to the cast and crew. You made my fiance and I laugh during some incredibly difficult times, and I’ll never stop watching.

  619. This show is very special to me. It’s been on for almost my whole marriage. My husband and I still regularly watch the old episodes…over and over. It’s always made us laugh, but I’ve found it to be more meaningful, too. I’m a lot like Pam (not loaded with confidence/initiative), and my husband is a lot like Jim (pushes me to go beyond my comfort zone), so I’ve really connected with those characters. Their storyline this season has particularly been meaningful as it felt like it’s mirrored our marriage, and that scene where they hugged had me in tears — we are people of faith, so the scripture reading only added to the depth of that scene for me as has been a good reminder for me of the power of love. Thank you for a wonderful show that will live on in our house for a long time!

  620. Thank you to the entire cast & crew. I can’t begin to imagine how much this show means to you all considering I know how much it meant to myself just watching it. I remember going to the Office Convention in ’07 and how excited was just knowing that I would be in the same room as you all. I was completely upset when I found out the wrap up party was right before my finals so I could not attend. And thank you tanster for keeping up such an amazing website to find out The Office Cast member & crew news. Thank you.

  621. The Office is the number one inspirational force in my life. The show helped me realize my passion for TV and is the reason I’m pursuing it as a career. I’d be a completely different person if it weren’t for this show. Thank you to the cast and crew for changing my life and making me who I am today. I am eternally grateful.

  622. Many thanks, best wishes, and good luck to the wonderful cast and crew of The Office!

  623. I’ve just watch the finale, i was smiling at my computer for 50 minutes… I just want to thank you for this amazing show. The writing and the acting are brilliant, and the last line from Jenna was beautiful. Greetings from Spain!

  624. Just a huge thank you to everyone with The Office. This show meant so much to me. As a native, it was the Scranton references that drew me to the show. Then the characters and story that kept me watching till the end. During the second season, my mother got cancer and in late March she lost her battle. The show played a major part in getting through that time. I’ll always be thankful to The Office for being there.

  625. I have only watched this show at the beginning of this year. If I could go back in time, I would have began watching this show from the start. This show is absolutely lovely. I enjoyed every minute watching it. I do not regret isolating myself to Netflix for two weeks straight. I have nothing but thanks for this show.

  626. Thank you for making such a great show. I’ve thought of the many ways in which this show captured my imagination. What did it do that was so special? For me, it’s this. I loved Jim, Pam, Dwight and Michael. I’ll miss them. But, I’ll also miss Nate.

  627. Thank you cast, crew and writers for nine wonderful seasons of The Office! I discovered The Office during my junior year at university. I can’t remember what the first episode I ever saw was, but I do remember laughing and loving every single minute of it. I regretted not finding out about this show sooner. The Office helped me get through the tough years I had after graduating. When I watched this show I forgot about my problems and laughed nonstop. It was one of the only things I looked forward to each week when life wasn’t going so well. This amazing show never failed to put a smile on my face. The Office will always be the best comedy of all time and one of the best shows in the history of television! THANK YOU to every single person who made this show spectacular. I’ll always turn to The Office when I want to feel better and need a good laugh. I wish you all the very best!

  628. Where to start in thanking The Office? Thank you ever so much for making the comedy go above and beyond and making the storylines so intimate and personal. The characters have a place in TV history. I can walk down the street here in the UK with my Dwight Schrute Christmas party t-shirt, and everyone’s in the know! Thank you for the most beautiful love story in Jim and Pam, thank you for Michael Gary Scott, and thank you for respecting your viewers for 9 years in producing such good quality television. The comic relief that I’ve been so lucky to receive week in week out over the years has been ever so rich, and so a huge thanks to an incredible cast and crew for this amazing show, and thank you, Tanster, ever so much, for this site.

    May God guide you in your quest


  629. Having been an office drone for years, I could relate to the characters – who has not worked with a Michael Scott, a Dwight, an Angela? The characters intrigued me even if I was uncomfortable with the humor in the Pilot. I was hooked by Diversity Day. Still uncomfortable with the humor, angry with Dwight for stealing Jim’s client but mesmerized by Jim and Pam. Season 2 was just about perfect – nearly every episode a classic. Been a fan for all 9 seasons; watched every episode multiple times. There are terrific episodes every year. The Office has been one of the few shows I have made appointment tv. Thank you for 9 incredible seasons, Office cast, writers and crew!

  630. It’s amazing that the show was describing an American routine office life and in same time touching situations familiar to every office environment. Coming from Russia, I at some times couldn’t get some of the cultural references, however, the main topics very close to the ones I personally had to handle at my job. I find it hard to explain how important the show has became for me during the last 2 years, even harder to accept that it’s over. So many thanks for every episode of this show to the cast and crew.
    From Moscow with Love

  631. I can’t remember when I started watching The Office, but was immediately smitten. So I had to play catch up, but that was easy thanks to DVD’s. Not much of a TV viewer, so hadn’t seen the British version. With that intro, I want to say Thanks! to all the actors, writers, and crew who made such a memorable, funny, touching, goofy, and ultimately hopeful series. The characters are friends, and the stories were great. I am sad to see the end of The Office, but happy with the care shown for the fans in the Finale episodes. Thanks, too for the Retrospective – seeing the Love-In at the Scranton stadium made me feel like I was there. Finally, a shout out to Jim/John and Pam/Jenna – what a great duo. Loved watching this couple grow in love and respect for each other.

  632. It is July 2 and I still can’t seem to let it go. How can one little tv show be so meaningful to a person’s life? I have watched every episode of The Office since the beginning and it was always something for me to look forward to on Thursday nights. Thank you to all the cast and crew for your hard work and dedication and to Tanster for giving all of us Office fanatics a great outlet!

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