The Inner Circle deleted scenes

Here are deleted scenes from The Office episode, The Inner Circle:

Clip 3: Jim tries to claw his way out of the doghouse by appealing directly to Deangelo.
[Video no longer available]

Clip 2: Jim, Pam, and Andy realize that trying to figure out Deangelo is a fool’s errand.
[Video no longer available]

(This includes a Jim/Pam scene that should have been left in.)

Clip 1: Try as he might, Deangelo just can’t get Dwight to get onboard.
[Video no longer available]


  1. That should have been left in. It would have been the best part of the whole episode! Pamela Beagsly LOL

  2. Pamela Beags-ly!hahahaha!And wonderful to hear Michael’s name.

  3. The Jim and Pam part may have been removed because it mentions Michael. For the forseeable future, they’re going to want to not mention him for awhile.

  4. Aww, why wasn’t the Pam/Jim talking head kept in? Pamela Beagsley XD

  5. Mad they cut the Jim and Pam one. You don’t even need the whole thing but that talking head about the puppy is gold.

  6. I agree; in clip 2, that Jim/Pam scene should have totally stayed in. It would have made the episode much more enjoyable – a Michael mention would have been wonderful, and how cute is that dog’s name? Pam’s “Do you think it’s a good idea?” to Andy reminded me of her reaction to Jim when he wanted to change the birthday ritual in “Survivor Man.”

  7. this would have been so awesome! Should totally have been left in.
    Pamela Beagsley. awwwwwwwwww

  8. I AGREE EVERYONE! They should have kept the Pamela Beagsley clip in. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy that they keep in touch, not just that he named his puppy after her! Sigh.

  9. Pam Beesley/Jenna Fischer is really freakin’ cute. I would have gladly sacrificed a few moments of the Kelly/Ryan story for that scene.

  10. I said in the episode comments thread that I think it was a good idea to not mention Michael in the first ep without him, and I stand by this despite how good the puppy scene is. I really hope they work that into another episode though!

  11. I hope they mention Michael’s name every single time, they should. Because he’s the one who got them their jobs. And this is pretty funny: Pamela Beagsley, hahaha. That clip should have been kept in.

  12. I loved Michael, but he’s gone. I’m surprised they mentioned him at all. Even in a deleted scene.

  13. I think Jim should have a tape recorder of Michael saying “That’s what she said” that he could hold up and play everytime the joke happens lol.

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