1. I get a kick out of that every time! That clip plus the last part of the finale just goes to show that you don’t have to hear/understand everything to enjoy The Office, haha. Priceless. Steve Carell is brilliant in this clip- I’ve never been able to understand the Regis Philbin tampon bit, though, lol.

  2. AndIHaveWorms-

    The Regis thing is supposed to be making fun of how D-list celebrities go to Japan to get paid for being in weird Japanese Ads…just so they get paid.

    Anyway, this is one of my favorite digital shorts!

  3. I love this clip every time I see it. I just noticed, though, that it looks like the Japanese text on the mug is missing a character, the “shi” in “omoshiroi.” But then again that’s probably not the only mistake. AndIHaveWorms, I think the Philbin thing is just a joke about how a lot of American stars/characters go to Japan to hawk terrible products. Star Wars Pachinko is a good recent example.

  4. One of my favorites! EVERYONE in that clip looked exactly like the characters on The Office, especially Bill Hader as Dwight. Too Funny!!!

  5. Haha! “Pamo, Pamo, Pamo… SAN!” Steve Carell is so funny, that was such a great SNL. I hope they have more Office people hosting :) And I agree with Charlotte, the SNL cast did look like the Office characters!

  6. One of my fave Digital Shorts on SNL! Jason Sudeikis makes a really good Jim IMO.

    [from tanster: he does, doesn’t he?]

  7. love this digital short. aw man, kristen wiig and bill hader are so great! and steve carell makes me laugh even in pseudo-japanese :)

  8. I’d forgotten how hilarious this was! Everyone was brilliant but Kristen Wiig totally steals the show for me. That high-pitched voice kills me every time.

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