1. Nothing really too revealing here, but why is Michael wearing glasses in the top picture of the 3rd page? Haha

  2. Oh man. Jim looks really pissed. And it looks like he’s telling Michael off. Hope nothing bad happens…

  3. Are the colors this vibrant in this new season? What happened to the “drabby-ness” of a boring office?

  4. It was previously revealed that Michael wears reading glasses sometimes (in a deleted scene from “The Duel”).

  5. Looks like our boy Jim has finally grown a pair! Any speculations as to what is his impeding request for Michael?

  6. I never noticed the hand grenade on Michael’s desk… I wonder if that’s a reference to Anchorman, when Brick somehow acquires a hand grenade in the fight scene.

  7. Wow, that is a lot of post-its on Michael’s computer! Could Michael be wearing Dwight’s glasses? They look similar.

  8. I’m pretty sure Steve wears specs for reading. I saw some behind the scenes photos for his film Date Night during the summer – he had a script in his hand and he was wearing glasses then.

  9. Yay! My favourite is the one where the three of them are standing outside. Jim is smiling in Pam’s direction, Dwight is giving him a death glare and Michael is trying to please everyone.
    Priceless :)

  10. It looks like he’s wearing David Wallace-style glasses. Michael is probably showing Jim he has the same look and same authority as the CEO.

  11. to #9: awesome thought!! Even if it isn’t an homage to anchorman, I think I’ll just believe that anyways because it pleases me. :)

    to #10: those aren’t even close to Dwight’s glasses. I think Michael is maybe pretending to be david wallace again.

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