Ed Helms, Kate Flannery, Creed Bratton live Tuesday

The Office’s Ed Helms, Kate Flannery, and Creed Bratton will perform this Tuesday, September 15th, at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles. Kate will be doing her Lampshades act!

The event is called “Ed Helms Hams and Jams.” 9pm, $25.

The club calendar doesn’t yet show this as a “sold out” event, so get those tickets now before it does …

It’s a real treat when three members of The Office cast perform live in one evening.
Please post if you go!


  1. do you know if they ever tour outside los angeles?
    Kate, Creed, Ed, and Oscar seem to do alot of improv together, I would love to catch them on the East Coast.

  2. answering number 1

    they are currently filming the new season so they have to be in the LA area. which is a bummer for us who want to see them outside California.

  3. The Largo show was amazing! It was a real privilege to be able to see three of the talented cast members from the Office. Kate Flannery’s Lampshades show was outlandishly funny and Creed Bratton’s musical showcase was excellent (he even put on a few moves)! Aside from the three cast members, Ed Helms invited special guests Hard N’ Phirm, Nick Kroll, Willie Watson (Old Crow Medicine Show) and Demetri Martin.

    Ed played banjo while jamming with Creed, sang and played harmonica with Willie Watson and joined Demetri Martin on stage to tell a very amusing anecdote about their stand up days. Ed closed the show by playing the tiger song from The Hangover.

    It was a very well put together show full of laughs and music. I hope that Ed Helms does more of these kinds of shows along with the other cast members.

  4. Seriously best comedy show ever! Everyone was fantastic! I loved Kate’s outfit and dance moves for her Lampshades act. She’s got quite a voice too.

    Creed is such an interesting person. He told us about his song before he played them and they were weird and really cool.

    After the show Ed Helms came out and Demetri Martin and were talking to everyone and taking pictures! Truly an amazing night!

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