The Office ‘The More You Know’ PSAs

On March 30, 2006, NBC ran a series of hilarious “The More You Know” public service announcements featuring characters from The Office.

I decided to transcribe these little gems of wisdom for the benefit of humanity. Enjoy!

Arctic Wolf

Dwight: The arctic wolf lives on a diet of caribou, musk oxen, lemmings, and hares. I could do that if I had to.


Dwight: Black bears weigh between two and five hundred pounds. Brown bears weigh between three hundred and over a thousand pounds. Black bears run away from you, brown bears run at you. When attacked by a bear, simply lie still on the ground, and cover your face and head with your hands. When the bear is finished batting you around and mauling you, contact the U.S. Forest Service.


Ryan: You might be out with your friends on the weekend in a cool part of town, and someone offers you a beer for $9. Don’t do it. $9 is way too much to pay for a beer. Just walk away.


Kelly: Some boys think they’re so great, but here’s the deal, they’re not.


Pam: It’s never funny to smush wedding cake in a bride’s face. It ruins her makeup for the rest of the night, and that photographer cost a lot of money.


Jim: When you’re playing pickup basketball, and someone tries to make you feel bad about calling a foul, remember, it’s okay to call a foul. Don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed. They know what they did.


Jim: I accidentally saw “The Fugitive” again on cable this weekend. That is a really good movie. It’s like, really, really, really good.


Pam: When you get a wedding invitation in the mail, put it in a safe place. All the information you need is on that card. Don’t call the bride three days before the wedding, and ask her how to get there. It’s on the card.


Jim: After a well-balanced meal, or for a well-deserved snack after school, you might want to grab a handful of jellybeans. Don’t eat the black jellybeans. They taste disgusting. It’s just my opinion, but it’s true.


Kelly: Hey girls! Sometimes, if you use two different shades of lipstick, it could even look cuter. And it could even be, a conversation starter. You’re welcome!


Dwight: Myth: wolves are dangerous to humans. Fact: you have a better chance of being hit by a meteorite than eaten by a wolf. Except if you wake up naked in the woods.


Kelly: If you’re in an office relationship, make the very most of it.
Ryan: If you’re in an office relationship, try to cool things off. Things may be moving faster than you want them to move.
Kelly: Who knows who this guy could be? He could be your husband. You should totally go for it, and snag onto him, and never let go.
Ryan: If you can’t get out of the relationship, try to keep your distance. Stay apart. Do things independently of the other person.
Kelly: It’s going to be the best thing that ever happened to you, so you gotta get in one.
Ryan: An office relationship is something that you should avoid, if you possibly can.


Jim: When you’re sitting around with a group of friends, just looking for a way to fit in, eating six saltines in under a minute may sound like a lot of fun, but it’s also really dangerous. So please, eat crackers responsibly.


Ryan: People may tease you for being short, even though you’re 5’9″. Well let me tell you something, 5’9″ isn’t short. Neither is 5’8-3/4″. It’s average. It’s not tall, but it’s not short, either. It’s average. Check your almanac.


Pam: People may laugh at you when you put the word “smell” into everyday phrases. Like “smell you later.” Or “smello.” But I promise you, it’s not funny, and they’re just being nice to you. Because you maybe are their boss.

Taping Sex

Ryan: Never, ever, ever, tape yourself having sex. You think you’re gonna erase it, you say you’re gonna erase it, but you’re not gonna erase it. And someone’s gonna find it. It’s just the worst, worst idea you could do. Never, EVER, tape yourself having sex. I can’t stress this enough.


Dwight: Did you know that the human thumb is formed by 15 interchangeable joints? Wrong. Don’t believe everything that people on television tell you. Cause some of them don’t know what they’re talking about.


  1. Ahh….Ryan and Kelly. Ryan needs to find a way to break up with Kelly. It’s such a waste of time for both of them to be together this long when Ryan has wanted out of the “relationship” since day two. It’s been 13 months and he still hasn’t been able to break it off with her. Be a man. It’s like a bandaid. Pull it right off!!!!

  2. Hee, hee. Dwight is so funny… And clueless(In a social sense). It’s great!

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