The Office: A.A.R.M. clips

Here are clips from The Office episode, A.A.R.M., airing May 9, 2013.

Jim and Dwight start an all-important search.
[Video no longer available]

Oscar takes Angela under his wing.
[Video no longer available]

This clip (starts at 1:05) aired during John Krasinski’s Tuesday visit to Jimmy Fallon.
[Video no longer available]

This clip (starts at 4:35) aired during Jenna Fischer’s Monday visit to Jimmy Fallon.
[Video no longer available]

And here’s a promo.


  1. That face Jim makes…….. seems like they’re gonna be going back to the old days….. he’s got some prank up his sleeve! Excellent!!

  2. OMG, Dwight with a ring! I knew it! (She knew it.)

    [from tanster: lol. nice callback!]

  3. Ed Helms? Please why waste time with him? Too much good stuff to wrap up in the Office! I thought his goodbye song was a perfect exit last week. Now American Idol meets Andy? C’mon man!

  4. There’s a spoiler about JAM in the clip from Jenna’s interview. Beware!

  5. “I couldn’t be Pam without him. He’s my Jim” – awww right in the feels!

  6. That is the best interview story I’ve ever heard, from any actor or any show.

  7. I was so bummed to see at the ballpark that they still have Andy in the opening credits and not Dwight! The man has worked so hard for years to achieve this goal. :(

  8. SOOoooo….. how’s everyone’s anxiety doing at this point? nailbiting? grinding teeth with anticipation? just for kicks, i’ve had predictions written down for months. some predictions i’ve hit head-on and others, well, the genius writing staff has thrown a few curve balls.
    can’t wait to watch these last 2 episodes, although i’ll need several boxes of tissues next to me. i’ve seen several characters interviewed in the past few weeks and it’s so refreshing to see/hear how sincere they are and how they genuinely care for each other. these days, it’s rare to hear that about casts, crews, and sets. i wish them nothing but success. …and hope it doesn’t change them.

  9. I didn’t realize until this promo clip that this is the last episode of The Office “as we know it” – as filming of documentary. This just made it so much harder. (That’s what she said)

  10. @ 11 – My friends & I picked up on it, too. I am *hoping* they just didn’t get around to editing the credits yet, or they are keeping that a surprise for live airing? fingers crossed!

  11. I have the biggest girl crush on Jenna ever! She’s so beautiful and sweet and absolutely delightful. Great interview, and I’ll never get tired of hearing her talk about how much she loves John Krasinski! As for the clip, love seeing Jim getting the whole office involved in a prank on Dwight, LOVED Pam’s little smile when Jim says, “Beautiful girl in the front”, and Pam’s “I love goofy Jim”. Aww!

  12. Aw, I totally friend-ship Angela and Oscar. So many things happening in these last few episodes that I wish had shown up seasons ago…but maybe that’s the point. Everyone’s getting their happy (or semi-happy) ending.

  13. Ha! Oscar uses, “literally” like Chris Traiger on P & R! I was waiting for him to use “actually” . . .

  14. 14/Marisa, I’m glad someone else noticed it! :) I’m also hoping for them to use Dwight on the DVD spine, like they previously did with Michael and Andy.

  15. The clip featuring Oscar and Angela was great. Died laughing as Oscar played stylist for baby Philip. Loved John and Jenna’s interviews with Fallon. Started sobbing during her nostalgic part about the casting of her and John as Pam and Jim. Must buy more Kleenex before Thursday!

  16. I was so shocked to hear that Jim would be coming back full time, but I feel like because they showed that, Pam’s guilt is going to make Jim go after his dream. I hope so. Jim deserves it more than anybody.

  17. Oh my gosh! Oscar’s “living in the closet” comment made me laugh so hard! Ay-oh!

  18. Per Jenna: “He’s my Jim”. For me that is why I watched The Office.

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