1. @Zarion I think that’s Andy wearing a wig/makeup for a “character.” :)

  2. Looks like they are going to watch the documentary air together at a bar/restaurant.

  3. I have a feeling Andy is going to try to make his audition more memorable by pulling a Susan Boyle.

  4. My thoughts on that first picture: 1) Is that Andy?
    2) If so, how has he aged so quickly???

  5. Prediction: The Office = Huge Party for A) Office-turned-daycare, B) Premiere, C) New A.A.R.M.

  6. Are they at a Chili’s? I hope so! That would be a really nice call back to season 2.

  7. @Paul Didn’t Pam get a life time ban from Chili’s? So unlikely haha.

  8. I keep promising myself I won’t watch the promos or look at the photos or read the spoilers. But I keep watching the promos and looking at the photos and reading the spoilers. I have issues.

    [from tanster: lolol. yes, you have issues. that’s why you’re here. you’re among friends.]

  9. I hope it’s not too much like cafe disco because I guess I’m one of the very few that found it way too cheesy for my tastes..

  10. @Ellen

    In the DVD commentary for the “Dundies” episode, BJ Novak correctly points out that there’s no way a Chili’s manager can issue a chain-wide ban.

    After 8 years, there’s a good chance the manager may not even be there anymore.

  11. They are at Poor Richards… look at the window in the background of picture 14…

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