The Office All-Time Fan Favorite Poll, 2011

September 15, 2011: original post

The Office All-Time Fan Favorite Poll, 2011Vote in OfficeTally’s All-Time Fan Favorite Poll 2011, where you pick your 20 favorite episodes of The Office from the past seven seasons!
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IMPORTANT NOTE: not all episodes are listed. I can only enter 99 choices in a poll, so I omitted the bottom 40 episodes from the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll 2010 in order to accommodate all Season 7 episodes. Not a perfect system, but there you go.


To make it a little more interesting, enter a comment below explaining your choice of 20th favorite (or last favorite, if you picked less than 20), and you could win a prize!


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  1. I love that Dwight wanted the job so badly for so long and when he finally gets it he tries so hard he blows it. I also laughed so hard at the suggestions the rest of the office makes for things he must do so they won’t tell about his discharging the gun.

  2. The list seems incomplete. At a quick glance, The Pilot, Hot Girl, Performance Review, Boy’s and Girl’s, Valentine’s Day and big chunks of Season’s 5 and 6 have been left off.

    [from tanster: see the note directly below the poll]

  3. Email Surveillance.

    I get all gooey when Jim gives Pam the look in his bedroom! And I love Jim’s gesture of chivalry when he does karaoke with Michael. Plus this is where we first learn about Dwangela. :-)

  4. The initiation is one of the best Office episodes of all time. Michael gets “the works” pretzel and ends up so hyper dancing to jock jams in his office. Then eventually crashes and wakes up at the end of the work day after having gotten nothing accomplished. Makes me so happy!

  5. My 20th favorite episode was “China”, because the episode featured the whole ensemble, and in my opinion, the ensemble scenes are the absolute best. I also enjoyed the fact that we as viewers got the opportunity to see Michael as (somewhat) intelligent.

  6. Whoops, I caught that just after I hit “submit comment”. Sorry. And now I’m not even eligible for the prize. Still, I wish some of the S7 episodes could have been cut to accomodate some of those left off. I have a feeling “Christening” won’t be threatening to make the top ten.

  7. My 20th pick was Dwight K. Schrute (Acting) Manager because it was the first episode without any outside distractions by stunt guest stars (I don’t consider Cathy Bates a stunt guest star) and really showed that this show can survive without Michael. Though, Steve will be missed dearly.

  8. I loved Café Disco! While, it didn’t really move any story lines along, it was just so cute and simple. I love the dancing and music. Watching that episode always puts me in a good mood!

  9. Been a die-hard fan since I discovered The Office about five years ago! Own all seasons. Favorite episode has to be The Convict!

  10. I would have to go with Product Recall. It has, in my opinion, one of the funniest openings ever. I just loved it how Jim impersonated Dwight so accurately.

  11. My 20th favorite was “Business School.” Between the Michael storyline and the Pam one, it has enough for everyone and I love it, especially the end with Michael embracing Pam at her art show. It’s a moment I always love.

  12. The final episode that I picked for my top 20 was The Search, because Michael and Holly finally get back together. It’s definitely not my favorite episode of the series, but it’s solid, so it got the 20th spot.

  13. My 20th favorite episode is Costume Contest (Season 7).
    I love that because of Jim’s deep love for Pam he finally gives in and dresses up as Popeye…and bring Cecelia in as Sweet Pea. It melted my heart a bit.
    “How could you not love a dork like that?”
    …and Oscar winning best costume? Classic.
    Creed Bratton: “Best Edward James Olmos costume ever.”

  14. My “last favourite” was Dwight’s Speech – I just adore this episode and whenever it’s on re-runs I have to stop and watch. Like a bad traffic accident.
    I found I picked some typical ones (The Job, Casino Night) and a few that other people seemed to like less than I did (Counselling, Chair Model). Interestingly, I picked just as many from Season 7 (Goodbye Michael, DKSAM and Counselling) as Season 2 or 3.

  15. Diversity Day is my 20th favorite episode. I just love Michael’s imitation of the Chris Rock routine. I also really like Michael’s reaction when he realizes that he is in fact the reason why corporate sent a professonal to talk to the office about diversity. Excellent choice on choosing Larry Wilmore to play the character of Mr. Brown as well. His facial expressions on that episode are hilarious. Michael just shines in that episode for me & pure joy is what fills my soul whenever I see it.

  16. My 20th favorite episode is ‘Classy Christmas’ because of all the Season 6 and 7 episodes, it had the essence of Season 2, my favorite season. The pace was slow; the pauses were poignant; and who didn’t love the last scene– Jim vs all those hauntingly beautiful snowmen.

  17. My 20th favorite episode of The Office was “Goodbye, Michael.” These were not just the final moments of a character on a television series. I grew up watching Michael Scott fail (humorously) over and over again, so to finally see him off to a life of happiness with Holly– well that just cannot be topped!

  18. My 20th favorite episode was “Murder.” I just find the episode very funny and creative, especially when Creed runs away, or when Oscar tries to talk with an accent like he’s from Savannah.

  19. My 20th favorite is Costume Contest. All of the costumes were amazing. Michael flipping out on Kevin was hilarious! And when Jim came in with Cece dressed as Popeye and Sweet Pea and he did his lillte dance it was so cute! It was one of my favorite Jim and Pam moments!

  20. I chose Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager, because any fan of The Office has imagined what it would be like to have Dwight as manager and although we got a taste of the possible antics in previous episodes, Dwight was never OFFICIALLY office manager.

  21. My 20th favorite episode was Cafe Disco. I didn’t care for the episode on the inital run, but I am sure its one of the most rewatched episodes in the collection.

    Kelly and Andy’s dance “challenge” was the moment I realized I am 100% Kelly Kapoor!

  22. My last favorite is Goodbye Michael because Steve Carell made it such an instant classic. Loved it! His performance was both heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time.

  23. My least favorite of my favorites is “The Convention” because I only have one scene that sticks with me from it and I think of it every time I travel – the black light and the blanket on the bed with Dwight describing what the light is reflecting on.

  24. I believe my 20th favorite episode was somewhat of a tie between Threat Level Midnight and Dwight K. Schrute: (Acting) Manager because first off, it was so amazing to see TLM be brought to life, and really showed off Steve’s acting chops! I picked DWSAM because it really showed how well the Office can surivive without it’s lead holding them!

  25. My all time favorite Office episode is “The Secret”. Probably not too high up there on people’s list, but it’s my fav. That is when Pam realized her feelings for Jim (in my opinion)

  26. It wasn’t a great episode but it was named fro one of my favorite character – TODD PACKER!

  27. My 20th favorite is Email Surveillance. I Love them being outside the office and Michaels reaction to the i.t guy was amazing. Also Michael at improv was funny!

  28. The Injury
    This is my all time favorite episode. I love how Michael burns his foot and how Ryan knows how to get Michael to take some aspirin.

  29. Bow can you pick only 20?? To start with, pretty much every single episode from Season 2 (except Dwight’s Speech) is one of my all-time favorites!!!!

  30. My 20th favorite is Money. We got to see Jim, Pam, and Dwight closer than in any other episode, Michael goofy, naive, and at his best, and Dwight read Harry Potter to Jim and Pam. What’s not to love?

  31. “Secret Santa” is my 20th favorite episode. No matter how many times I watch it, I always lose it when Kevin sits on Michael’s lap, and I love the last scene where Andy surprises Erin with the marching band – very sweet (and how can anyone not love Andy’s awesome dancing)!

  32. My 20th favorite was The Coup!
    From “Krentist the Dentist”, to Michael’s amazingly creepy interrogation of Dwight,to “hug it out, bitch”, was there anything not HILARIOUS about this episode??

  33. My 20th favorite was Email Surveillance because I just adore the scene where Pam sees Jim’s room and teases him about his yearbook picture. :)

  34. My “20th favorite” is Goodbye, Michael. I love all the little moments Michael has with everyone. I think the end with him & Pam is so touching. You can really see the special bond they had. I also loved the line “He has the lowest opinion of me of anybody!” as Michael was laughing at Oscar. Great character moments!

  35. The last episode I chose was Search Committee.
    And not because it was the last episode that has aired so far.

    The episode wasn’t a favorite among many people, but it showed so much of the cast and the guest stars were amazing.

    Search Committee had one of those scenes where everyone is in one scene at the same time and it is just hilarious. It’s The Office that everyone loves!

  36. My last choice was Dwight K Schrute, (Acting Manager), because it was one of the funniest episodes of Season Seven. Although, Season Seven wasn’t as good as seasons 2,3,4,5 so it wasn’t as good overall.

  37. My 20th favorite is “The Convention.” It has laughs and even a candid moment between Michael and Jim. Line of the episode: “Well maybe next time you’ll estimate me.”-Michael to Jan.

  38. My “20th” favorite was Stress Relief from season 5. That episode is really funny, especially the CPR scene, but the first 19 episodes I chose were absolutely top notch. Starting with “The Injury” and “Dinner Party” the best two episodes The Office has ever created.

  39. I always feel like my arm is being painfully twisted when i have to chose just 20 episodes. That’s how amazing this show is. I’d have a hard time picking 50!

    My 20th choice was Customer Survey – because it contains one of the most brilliant and hilarious Jim and Dwight scenes in Office history. I will never not laugh. It was a tough call though over Costume Contest.

  40. The last of my top 20 is “Phylis’s Wedding”. Season 3 episodes are always a little bittersweet for me, and this episode is no different. I remember the first time I watched it… it was a bit of a rollercoaster. I thought for sure the flirting between Jim and Pam would lead to something… until she left with Roy and Jim looked heartbroken (yet again).

  41. Because I couldn’t put my top 20 in an order, the 20th I selected was “Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager.” This was a hilarious episode that showed us that despite the huge impact from Steve Carell’s exit, the show could still be hilarious. Though Dwight’s character has evolved through the years, it’s not hard for me to believe that the Dwight of Season 2 would eventually fire a gun in the office. Great use of the ensemble and a wonderful Kathy Bates.

  42. This was really hard. (That’s what she said!) I have so many favorites, so picking just 20 was so difficult. But anyway, my 20th favorite was Michael’s Last Dundies. The scene at the end when they sang to Michael, I could not keep it together. I am a huge fan of the musical Rent, so when they parodied a song from it on my favorite show, I was incredibly excited. When I watched this scene, I was laughing and sobbing at the same time. When they showed Michael/Steve’s face, it killed me. It was a wonderful yet heartbreaking scene.

  43. My favorites always contain either major/sweet Jim and Pam moments, awesome Dwight and Jim scenes, or the perfect ensemble piece. Episodes like Chair Model, Cafe Disco, and Lecture Circuit Pt.1 always bring a huge smile to my face. And i think Drug Testing is my favorite episode of the series.

  44. My last pick was Office Olympics. The last 5 minutes of that episode always gets me so emotional. Something about Jim doing a nice gesture like that for Michael after he was feeling down, giving him that medal and then all their looks, Michael’s tears. I find it really moving.

  45. My 20th favorite episode is ‘Money’ because it makes my heart melt. There are so many fantastic Jim and Pam moments, and this episode captures one of the best with Jim’s impromptu love of Italian Food. But the reason I love this episode is actually because of the Jim and Dwight moment. He reaches out to Dwight in the best way possible with an earnest story.

  46. @Brandi I just realized i overlooked Email Surveillance and now i want to smack myself. Hopefully enough people choose it so it makes the list.

  47. My 20th favourite Episode is Casino Night. First of all I love the Jim and Pam ending.
    And the episode features the best Office line ever:”Why are you the way you are Tobi? I hate so much about what you choose to be”

  48. Very difficult choosing my top 20!
    “Goodbye Michael” was a brilliantly written and directed episode and I did love it but I just can’t put Steve Carell’s last episode as a favorite! :(

    Very excited to see where they go with this new season!! :)

  49. I choose “Niagara” because it was the perfect blending of Jim&Pam sweetness with the rest of the cast’s crazy antics. I would have been so mad if Michael and Jim’s brothers had messed up the wedding with their youtube goofiness, but then we saw that Jim&Pam were way ahead of them and had already had their wedding on the boat at Niagara Falls. It was genius. I could watch that scene every day.

  50. For my 20th favorite episode I picked “The Injury” I think it just shows the best of the best. No one but Dwight wanting to go save Michael from his GF Grill. Dwight being nice to Pam, and that’s how she knows he’s not well. Jim being the one to drive to the hospital. Michael taking off his mic to go in with Dwight.Amazing!! “I love to wake up to the smell of crakling bacon.”

  51. 20? Really? Fine, if I have to, I guess I’ll stop at “Gay Witch Hunt.” Even though there obviously isn’t much Jim/Pam Jim/Dwight interaction… the way Michael deals with Oscar absolutely kills me. Michael’s last “talking head” moment where he ponders the meaning of love while Jim longingly looks at the empty chair next to him during Stamford’s “diversity day” moment is heartbreaking. Episodes that combine humor with some serious emotion are always my favorite. And remember, “we’re all homos, homo sapiens.” And you can always buy gaydar at sharper image. If it’s not sold out, that is.

  52. This was a really difficult decision, there are so many good ones! But my 20th pick was Cafe Disco. Whether it be Dwight treating Phyllis like a horse, Michael blasting C&C Music Factory, dance off with Kelly/Andy, Jim/Pam possibly getting married, Erin’s 1st time showing her goofiness & of course Michael trying to convince Kevin to stay “Cookie Kevin….Cookie” Loved it!

  53. Oops…my computer accidently clicked the enter button before I finished my comment. Re-do:

    I love Health Care because of all the diseases Pam and Jim came up with, like hot dog fingers. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not but I also liked Angela’s little crack up when Dwight was going over the list with the office. It was one of the few times I’ve seen Angela lose it.

  54. “Goodbye Michael” was my 20th. So very hard to pick 20 out of the list. I had to include Michael Gary Scott’s last episode even though I didn’t want him to leave. A show that can make me care enough about the characters that I’d cry, has to be a favorite.

  55. My favorites are filled with Jim and Pam! However, I love Cafe Disco with everyone’s crazy dancing! “Everybody Dance Now!”

  56. I went with Product Recall as my last favorite (15th, I believe). Good character development, and A LOT OF CREED!!!

  57. It makes me happy to see so much Jim/Pam love on this thread! The first episode i clicked on this year was Weight Loss. It’s another one of those perfect episodes that blends sweet Jim/Pam moments with hilarious antics. I think it’s becoming my all time favorite.

  58. “Happy Hour” was my 20th favorite. In my heart of hearts I would probably list 20 episodes between “Diversity Day” and “Goodbye Toby” as my favorites, but I felt that I should be “fair” and include at least one each from seasons 5-7.

    Season 7 was easy – “Classy Christmas” – but season 6, which is my least favorite overall, was a little tricky. While “Murder” had a lot of laughs, it almost immediately precedes the absolutely awful descent into the Sabre period (with Cathy Bates’s terrible overacting, the introduction of the unnecessary character Gabe, and all). So, I mentally associate “Murder” with badness. “Happy Hour,” on the other hand, was the episode where season 6 finally turned around and delivered a string of near-classic episodes (continuing with “Secretary’s Day”). In other words, “Happy Hour” gave me hope for the show once more.

    Also, Date Mike was Michael’s best “character” since Prison Mike, and Kevin’s creepy efforts to make Pam lactate never cease to crack me up.

    It’s a shame that season 7 had to be accomodated in the list of eligible episodes, as season 7 had a lot of real bottom-feeders, including the Worst Episode Ever: “Christening”. Blecch.

  59. My number 20 is Diwali. I love the focus on Ryan and Kelly, and Pam looks so cute when she’s out on the dance floor.

  60. #20 was Booze Cruise…. a funny episode which set the direction for the Jim-Pam plot for the next two seasons.

  61. Boy I had a tough time picking that last one. The biggest number of my faves were season 2, Jim/Pam weren’t yet a couple but you could sure feel their love for each other. After changing several votes my 20th was costume contest. In a season that desperately lacked Jim/Pam interraction, it delivered. I loved Jim’s being defensive for Pam about Danny not calling her but the clincher for me was Jim actually putting on the costume and bringing in Cece dressed up just to show Pam his love.

  62. I just loved Andy’s Play. The fact they could blend the Office with a popular musical like Sweeney Todd was genius. And Andy with the community actors in the confessional – hilarious.

    I also loved Cafe Disco; anytime Andy and Kelly dance it’s hilarious.

    I just watched Stress Relief from season 5 and that is SUCH an underrated episode!! Dwight doing the emergency test of the fire escape plan, Angela’s cat flying through the ceiling, Michael and Andy starting the Bee Gee’s sing-along during CPR and Dwight cutting off the face of the dummy. Hahaha!

  63. Narrowing the list to only 20 was so difficult! The one I had to squeeze on there at #20 is “The Convict”, purely for Andy’s banjo-accompanied falsetto rendition of “Rainbow Connection”. For me, it was the moment that it became clear how well Jim knew Pam’s likes and dislikes. It was obvious then that they would end up together. I love her look towards him at the end of the song, then his look at the camera!

  64. I hope Casino Night takes it again. It’s CLASSIC. It was a great ensemble episode. And it just hits every note. The writing was terrific, the acting was amazing, the direction was perfect.

    It’s seriously a piece of perfect television.

  65. It sure was difficult to choose, but I had to go with “branch wars”. This is one of my favorite episodes, I love the awkwardness between jim and Karen!

  66. This is a little bit out there, but I put “The Initiation” as my favorite episode of all time. For starters, I absolutely loved the Ryan/Dwight scenes, from Ryan’s “hazing” and interactions with Mose, to throwing eggs raw eggs at the building and drinking beers with Dwight. That was the first time I felt like Ryan was a true character on the show, with his own little limelight. But my favorite part of all was Jim’s phone message to Kevin that Pam intercepted. The two hadn’t spoken since she called Casino Night and yet they were able to have a (albeit somewhat awkward) phone conversation filled with their natural chemistry and humor. Additionally, there were the funny pretzel day anecdote (my all time favorite Stanley-Michael scene), as well as the log that Pam took of Michael’s work for Jan, that she ended up passing on to Jim. I was really impressed by the depth and breadth of the episode, back in the day when the show was about a group of people working in an office who just so happened to do funny things, as opposed to the show that is now too forced in my opinion.

  67. I didn’t pick in any particular order, but my 20th pick ended up being “Branch Wars”. I still chuckle at those 3 guys riding in the car to Utica, with Dwight in the back seat – especially remembering the bloopers from Season 4 DVD.

  68. My 20th pick was Business School. I love the side story with the bat; it cracks me up everytime. However, the scenes with Michael and Ryan at is school are so painful to watch!

  69. I chose “Product Recall” as my 20th favorite. Really, it’s a classic episode, with Michael Scott showing his reprehensible side when he insults his customer and threatens her in a video. Its funny to watch Angela squirm as she is forced to be polite to customers under Kelly’s direction. And Creed’s evilness is further exposed through his manipulative tactics.

  70. My 20th picked somehow was “The Merger.” I have always been a fan of the awkward Jim/Pam moments, before they get together. The differences between the two branches are hilariously over-stated in this episode, and you’ve got to love the plans hatched in the episode. The note on the car? Classic.

  71. My last pick was the search committee because, one, it was last on the list, and two, Creed is the boss. Creed is that guy in the office that no one would be surprised if he was training to become a Sith emperor and overtake the Galaxy. Plus, I think he might want to make Jim his Luke Skywalker.

    Now, everyone would be surprised if he was boss, and I think this episode showed just how much destruction he could do but for Pam.

  72. My 20th favorite was Goodbye Michael because it will likely be my last favorite episode for the rest of the series.

  73. why can’t I just choose all of them!?!? D: the office is seriously the best show in the world. I’ve seen every single episode 2-3 times and I love every one. <3 but I especially love the ones that have a lot of Jim and pam because I think they're the cutest couple ever. <3333

  74. I didn’t pick in any specific order, but my absolute favorites are the Niagara episodes because Jim saves the day as he always does by whisking Pam away to get married on the ship at the falls to ease Pam’s stress and to ensure they are married without the drama that Michael and the Office gang are sure to bring all the way from Scranton. After being married by the ship’s Captain, they return to the church ready to endure whatever their friends and family have planned. A total win:win with the exception of Andy’s torn scrotum.

  75. Dwight K. Schrute (Acting Manager) was what I am naming my 20th favorite episode of all time. I know others will disagree, but it gave me hope that The Office will be able to survive with their outstanding ensemble and no nonsense guest stars, as really that was the only episode without Carrell that shone, and the only one with the original cast. Here’s to season 8!

  76. My 20th episode was Lecture Circuit because I liked Michael’s analogy about the chainsaw during his lecture and I thought it was funny how Pam was forced to finish the rest of the lecture after Michael left the room upset. I also liked how Michael was throwing some awkward questions towards AJ after he found out that he was dating Holly. Another reason why I liked this episode is because Michael learns that there may still be some hope for his relationship with Holly.

  77. My 20th favorite episode is “The Sting.” It shows Dwight, Jim, and Michael all in their best showings. It also let’s us see their classic antics together. Over all, the sting is a newer episode with a season one or two feel and let’s us enjoy the office with an original office feel.

  78. It was simple! I gave my last pick to “Dinner Party”. It was absolutely perfect. It had the perfect dynamics and just watching Michael finally have dinner with Jim and Pam and watching how awkward everyone was together was just amazing. Love every character in this episode.

  79. I didn’t go in any particular order, but one of my all-time favorites is Dinner Party. I laugh so hard throughout the entire episode every time I watch it. I particularly love the parts when Jan plays “That One Night,” they go in Jan’s candle room(the whole tour really), and of course the fight! Classic episode.

  80. My favorite episode was safety training! I just find it funny how dispute keeps doing so many stupid things but really suffers no repercussions. It also has a ton of hilarious highlights like when Michael says “Stanley you can’t die! The president is black!” or when Andy starts singing “staying alive” while they’re doing CPR training! So many laughs!

  81. I was bummed to see some of my favorite episodes from season five not make it on the poll. I really loved “Crime Aid” and “Business Ethics.” I can’t believe they were in the bottom 40. My 20th favorite episode was “Goodbye Michael.” The episode was just brilliant. It had funny moments and sad moments. There were so many memorable moments. It had everything a perfect hour of television would need. I cried every time I watched it and it’s an episode I will always remember.

  82. I chose “Inner Circle” as my 20th. My Top 19 were either the one I thought to be funny or where Michael showed us his more “human side”.

    I held my 20th to a different standard. That is, one that has me a little scared, because it was the start of a new era, but gave me relief because it turned out to be fine. Gives me hope for the future.

  83. I picked Dwight K Schrute, Acting Manager as my 20th favorite. Most of the episodes I picked were classic old school Office from season 1-4. This episode squeezed onto the list because just when I thought the Office might not make it without Steve Carell, they throw this episode out there and made me remember just how awesome The Office is.

  84. The last episode I chose was “Money”. It has one of the funniest lines in Office history (I… DECLARE… BANKRUPTCY!) plus a ton of other great moments like the ‘Who Vs. Whom’ debate, Jan throwing her keys at Oscar like he is a valet. plus “due to Michael’s clever financial maneuvering, he finds himself tremendously in debt.” all around GREAT episode.

  85. I really hope season 2 and 3 fill up the majority of the votes for the all time best episodes. Season 4 and parts of five were still classic office but it completely when down hill in season 6. Anyways, I hope either Casino Night or The Injury get the top spot. It’s an amazing episode and I still miss the classic office feel.

  86. The last of my picks is Niagara. It’s a really great episode but the bit with Kevin and his shoes just seems over the top!

  87. 20th favorite episode? “Money” just for the line “I declare bankruptcy!!!!!!” alone.

  88. Wow, this turned out quite a bit different than i imagined. Some episodes in the top 20 i expected, others not so much.

    But i am very happy Casino Night came in 1st, where it belongs. And Niagara! Interesting how the Dundies snuck on up there. I think Michael’s Last Dundies probably made everybody’s love of that one resurface.

  89. Phyllis’ Wedding better than China, Grief Counseling, Business School, and Branch Wars? Nope.

  90. Well deserved place for Goodbye Michael, although Casino Night is not the best. Top 5, probably, Top 10, definitely, but not the best. I would rank Niagara first, Stress Relief second, Product Recall third. The fact that Product Recall, in all its Bears-Beets-Battlestar Galactica glory, is ranked 55th is just wrong. The Dundies, The Injury, Goodbye Michael, The Job, Casino Night, and Goodbye Toby are also locks for my Top 10. Money, Women’s Appreciation, Secret Santa (another one way too low on the list), Safety Training, Office Olympics, Fun Run, Benihana Christmas, Gay Witch Hunt, and The Client compete for that last spot.

  91. Thank goodness Casino Night landed in its rightful spot on top. A little surprised, but not disappointed The Dundies ended up #2. Sure wish we could have lost a few of those Season 7 episodes at the bottom for more from Seasons 2,3,4 and 5.

  92. 15/20 of my favourites were in the top 20! :) but seriously,it was hard to not pick more. i could have added at least 20 more episodes to my list this time around.. there are so many excellent (and epic) episodes!

  93. I would’ve liked to see “Goodbye Michael” come out on top. Why is everyone so in love with “Casino Night?” Is it because Jim finally revealed his true feelings for Pam? I love the episode too, but I don’t think it deserves to be #1 over an episode where we see the great Michael Scott leave Dunder Mifflin forever . . oh well. I’m a bit surprised “The Dundies” came in at number two. That’s definitely one of my favorite episodes, but it’s not my number two. I think “The Search”, “Training Day”, “Ultimatum”, and “The Sting” should’ve been ranked higher. I loved “Ultimatum!” Hilarious episodes made it in the top 20 so I’m happy with that.

  94. You guys should do a point weighting system this year. Maybe make a top 5 or 3 because if you weight the 2nd and 3rd one, you get a better and more accurate feel of what everyone’s favorite episodes are.

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