1. Poor Steve. I love Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock, but couldn’t SAG honor Steve once for Michael Scott?

    [from tanster: totally.]

  2. just saw on rainn wilson’s twitter that they lost out to modern family :( the cast of the office deserve so much more credit than they get, they are on to their 7th season and it’s always been top class, and being Steve’s last one, they deserve to win more often! kinda gutted right now

  3. Both Steve and the whole cast were robbed. Definitely deserving of these awards.
    Can’t wait until you post JK’s pic – he’s looking extremely handsome (as usual).

  4. I agree that Steve really needed a win for making Michael Scott one of the best characters ever to entertain us. I like Alec also but honestly don’t believe he should have won year after year over Steve. I’m more sad than mad. Hopefully Steve will know how much his fans appreciate what a great job he does.

  5. They all looked great. Loved Angela and Ellie’s dresses. And Krasinski is always ever the hottie.

    Modern Family? Heck no! The cast have been getting consistently robbed for years now. And Being Steve’s last year, i sincerely thought he would be getting some kind of recognition for that, and that it would be SAG to do it. He deserved that more than anybody else, bar none.

  6. what on EARTH is jenna wearing?! the top of the dress looks like a t-shirt. in the first picture of her (#10) i actually thought it WAS a t-shirt! and the color (or lack thereof) is horrible.

    john is always hot, but i’m not liking his monochrome outfit.

    angela’s dress is amazing. wow!

    ellie’s dress would look better in a different color… a deeper blue or purple would look much better with her fair skin

  7. Jenna’s hair was so pretty! It’s so simple looking but so elegant. Her dress was different but very pretty and was a very pretty color on her.

  8. Wanted to add.. Jenna is beautiful! Her dress is.. different. Odd choice but i do like the color. Loving John’s suit, and he’s looking damn fine in it.

  9. LOL at Steve & Rainn @1:00 into the video. That is why I love this cast; you can tell they all genuinely like each other.

    Steve is still eligible for 2012 SAG Awards, right?

    Well, at least Glee didn’t win :)

  10. Everyone looked great, and like you say Karen, they will just have to be content knowing that they are all loved and appreciated by us (the greatest fans on the planet)! Loved the photo of Steve and Jane Lynch – now that’s a comedy duo I would love to see in action!

  11. I always feel like Jenna is so close to looking stunning on the red carpet. I think her dress this year was a little boring, but if it were in a different color I think I would love it. As for Steve always losing to Alec, I always think if it can’t be Steve at least it is the guy from other favorite show. They are both hilarious!

  12. Oh WOW! Mindy Kaling looks absolutely breath-taking here! Incredibly beautiful woman :) And heartily agreed – the Office cast were robbed. 30 Rock has been decidedly patchy this year.

  13. I was watching John’s video and I wonder if is possible that Will Ferrell would be the final replacement of Steve.. is there any chance? thanks

  14. Heard Mindy say in a red carpet interview that one of the new episodes this season will be “The Dundies.” I’m so glad they’re bringing that back for Steve’s last season.

  15. Bummer, I thought there would be some group shots but I guess it is the GG where they sit at tables.

    Not to go all conspiracy theory, but I do wonder if TO loses out because they do not have big guest stars, not plagued by gossip, the cast is not super glamorous, no sex/sexy scenes, etc. I can not remember any other show I am still this invested in after 7 seasons. As a long time office drone, the show captures the office tone incredibly well yet the characters are well rounded yet unpredictable (e.g. Jim gets crushed by Dwight with snowballs; Pam is insecure about her abilities). I like Modern Family but I am rarely surprised by it.

    Sincere appreciation to all the cast, crew and writers.

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