The Office Scrabble Giveaway

The Office Scrabble Giveaway

OfficeTally is giving away five copies of Scrabble for iPhone, courtesy of EA Mobile!

UPDATE: the contest is now closed. The winners are Jay Ditto (#3), Yeppers (#9), Moon (#18), ohhelms (#31), and Chris johnert (#43)! Just sent y’all an email, go read it!

How to enter:

  • Post a comment to this question: If Dunder Mifflin Scranton had a Scrabble tournament, which character would win and why?
  • Include a valid email address in the Email field.
  • Grammar and spelling count, one entry per person, U.S. entrants only, please.
  • Deadline to enter: Saturday, January 29, 11pm PT.
  • Five qualified entries will be randomly chosen to win!


  1. Clearly, Oscar “Actually” Martinez would win. He owned Gabe last night. Stanley would not win because he is only good at thinking up obscure words for the crosswords. That’s a different skill than making them up from randomly assorted letters.

  2. Andy. Because Andy Bernard does not lose contests. He wins them, or he quits them because they are unfair.

  3. Oscar, did you see last night’s episode, he could have totally beat Gabe, and yet Erin had to write, “ape.”

    Oscar “Actually” Martinez!!!

  4. Oscar, just because he was doing so good yesterday. Though Dwight might know a lot of obscure words that nobody else does.

  5. Pam. She probably has been playing Scrabble during late night feedings with the baby, and has had lots of practice.

  6. Oscar would definitely win because he is the office know-it-all. Plus he has an advantage because he could play in 2 languages.

  7. Due to the drop in the economy these days, the Accounting Department has been forced to stay on top of their game. Reading page after page and all the fine print of each financial document, the Account Department should have a plethora of knowledge when it comes to vocabulary. Obviously, Angela would only obtain words relating to Jesus, and Kevin would only learn words pertaining to food. That leaves the one and only Oscar! Hands down, he has the mental capacity it takes to win Scrabble! And why must he be compared to Gabe? Gabe was only capable of beating Erin, and judging by Erin’s poor “ape”-bility to spell words, that shouldn’t take much effort! Go Oscar!

  8. Ryan would definitely win. He would be the one most likely, and able to find the best ” cheat app” and rack up those points.

  9. Creed. We know he’s scary good at chess so he’d likely do surprisingly well at Scrabble.

  10. Michael Scott, because he is smarter than Oscar. Also, he would play Zippity off of Zoppity for the “Z” points, and try to make people believe “Flaxing” is the correct term for when Holly needs to use the fax machine, just so he can use his “X” letter.

  11. If Dunder Mifflin Scranton had a Scrabble tournament, Oscar would win because he is more intelligent and has a larger vocabulary than many of the other office characters.

  12. jim – he has so much time on his hands without the sales cap that he can work on his scrabble skills

  13. Ryan would use and no one else would think to check him on it, so he would, unfortunately, prevail.

  14. Well… ACTUALLY :)

    Kelly Kapoor would wreck shop in the DMSSST(Dunder Mifflin-Sabre Scranton Scrabble Tournament).

    Why you ask?

    Well for one, she’s the business bitch.

    Also she did the minority executive training program at Yale. You could ask her, Kelly what’s the biggest company in the world? And she’d be like, “blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah.” Giving you the exact right answer.

  15. Ryan

    Ryan has this whole “Wanting to prove himself” thing going on and he uses a lot of pretty big words. Not to say he knows the meaning, but you don’t need too to win in Scrabble.

  16. Kevin would win, because everyone loves an underdog. Also, if the statement, “Everyone’s good at something!” is indeed true, why WOULDN’T Kevin’s “something” be Scrabble? He hasn’t hit it yet, so Scrabble has as good of a shot as, say…… dentistry, or interpretive dancing.

  17. Michael Scott because his vocabulary consist of words that don’t even exist, but telling him they aren’t words would be near impossible, so he would win by either using words that he makes up, or by default from annoying everyone to no end and causing them to quit.

  18. Oscar would win because he has an extended vocabulary that consists of many long, and intellectual words. Also because he is very competitive.

  19. I say Meredith would win….using all the experience she got from playing drinking games!

  20. Oscar would definitely win. He’s the most smart person in the Office. Actually, THE SMARTEST. He also has a really good vocabulary, which is necessary for Scrabble, and he probably has the Scrabble Dictionary memorized.

  21. Stanley… still waters run deep and he is always reading something ergo hugh vocabulary.

    Do you have app for iPAD?

  22. Stanley would win because he does so many crossword puzzles and has knowledge of a lot of variety of words. He’s good with puzzles and words matching into puzzles as well as knows an extensive vocabulary from the crosswords that would fit into the size of a scrabble board.

    I wish we could all have a Scrabble tournament together. Or the Office could actually have a full-on Scrabble tourny.

  23. Michael Scott…Every-so-often some of us reach a point in Scrabble where we get desperate with our letters and try to make up words we never knew actually existed. I imagine this would be his strategy from the start of the game! It’s “incalculacable”, really…

  24. I think Oscar since he was able to nearly best Gabe while playing for Erin. It is not only vocabulary but knowing where to place the tiles and he seemed to understand both aspects of the game.

  25. I think Oscar would win because he would play words that no one in the office would know. They’d all gang up against him and question his every move, but he would be armed with a dictionary (and thesaurus) to prove each word he plays actually exists.

  26. Creed would be the Scrabble champion of the office, because he would come to the game with his pockets already full of stolen tiles.

  27. Creed would definitely win.
    1-he would probably come with a bunch of scrabble tiles in his pocket already.
    2-he probably has a dictornary with a bunch of fake words he could show/ a 7 letter word with a Q, 2 z’s and an x.

  28. Creed would definitely win.
    1-he would probably come with a bunch of scrabble tiles in his pocket already.
    2-he probably has a dictionary with a bunch of fake words he could show/ a 7 letter word with a Q, 2 z’s and an x.

  29. Oscar would win because he has the skills and is a perfectionist! I think Oscar would really want to win and he would take everyone down.

  30. Michael or Oscar would win because they’re the two smartest guys in the office. “Also in that order”.

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