1. aaaand just another reason to love angela… she’s saving the oceans!!

  2. I love Angela! I think it’s funny that she was talking so much that they had to cut her off too.

  3. It looks like they’re filming a webisode because i’ve never seen any of them wear that in the past episodes. I don’t know maybe it’s just me

  4. I really hope they keep Zack Woods for next season. He’s like Toby, but with a little more ambition.

  5. Yikes. That served as a good reminder that even actors on well-regarded prime-time sitcoms can be super boring. And I love Angela, but really? Saving oceans by swimming with sea turtles to raise awareness? Tough gig.

    Sorry. Just thought this segment was kind of a waste.

  6. Just another reason to love Angela. Bringing awareness about my favorite topic. :)

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