The Office corn maze

the-office-corn-mazeIs this totally cool or what?

You can visit a Dwight and Jim corn maze at Miller’s Orchards Farm Market in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania!

From their site: “Come take the challenge of finding your way through the twists and turns of one or both of our ‘Office Rivals’ corn mazes that we have carved into 7 acres of corn.”

Have any of you gone? Looks like fun!

Tipster: Carla and Frank


  1. Wow! Theoretically, a girl could get lost in those eyes. For realsies.

    [from tanster: lol! so true.]

  2. Holy crap! That’s where I’m from! It’s about 10 minutes outside of Scranton! My friends and I are all coming home from our various colleges this weekend to visit and to go to Miller’s Farm and go in this exact corn maze! They always have a great theme but now I’m even more excited for this week end! I’ll let you know how it is :)

  3. In reference to the “other” maze mentioned in the writeup, this picture shows 2 separate mazes, one is Jim and the other is Dwight. If you look at the lines, they never actually intersect. There is an entrance and exit for each side, that’s it.

    [from tanster: ah, makes sense. thanks!]

  4. i live in clarks summit, and i went there last week. it’s really awesome. the jim half of the maze is haunted!

  5. Wow, awesome! May be worth another trip up to the Scranton area. haha

    [from tanster: if this had been up during my scranton fan tour trip, i definitely would have gone!]

  6. Instead of a corn maze, they should have made it a beet maze! This is still pretty awesome though.

  7. I live 20 minutes outside of Scranton, and it’s sooo awesome. :) I got frustrated right in the Dwight half. Good fun!

  8. they do a great job there. The best haunted event I’ve ever been to. You have got to try it. They use a couple younger kids to haunt as part of their staff and they are amazing! Only three weeks left I think.

    [from tanster: they haunt it, too? omigod, i’d be a basket case. especially if it’s in the dark!]

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