The Office: Doomsday promos

Four clips from The Office Season 8 episode, Doomsday, airing November 3, 2011:

Andy knows every office needs an end of the day tradition — no matter how painful.
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When Darryl briefs the warehouse team, Gabe can’t resist a chance to build himself up.
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Robert California’s turned up some alarming insights about the team’s performance.
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A promo:


  1. What a surprise, the CEO is at the same branch, again. And again Andy will be a main fixture in this episode. Writers, please take note: He’s not funny as the main character!

  2. Keep in mind while reading this – I still LOVE The Office. But, I believe the reason the office episodes are not as good anymore, and why people seem to not enjoy them as much since the 5th season… the show is not smart any more. In the early seasons a lot of the jokes were real “thinkers” and it was so funny, because it would be so subtle. Now every joke is so obvious, and some times way too over the top. A lot of jokes are used now that would have NEVER been used in the first few seasons. They just need to write based on the fact the viewers are smart, also…go for the stories, not the one-liners so much.

  3. @3: They’ve always used one-liners – “That’s What She Said”, remember? One-liners and obvious jokes have always been used – if anything there’s just been a bit less of the “thinkers”, as you call them.

  4. remember to call; I agree, every line was funny in the story instead of waiting… for a laugh. Not as much energy either. Cookies and milk nap time.

  5. Well, I think the “Closing Time” bit is one of the best cold openings ever. “…every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Sounds like it fits “The Office”… sort of…

  6. lol the closing time song was ok and then when stanley busted out of the door and started singing it really made me laugh hard

  7. I love the “Closing Time” cold open. Andy, Pam and Stanley delivered with their talking heads about it.

  8. When I first saw this I could not believe it. Closing Time has been my favorite song ever since it came out. I can’t explain how happy I was that they played my absolute favorite song on my absolute favorite show.

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