The Office: Doomsday, 8.06

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The Office: Doomsday

Writer: Daniel Chun, Director: Troy Miller

Summary (NBC): Dwight starts a system to find mistakes in the office — Dwight tries to help the office’s efficiency by installing a Doomsday device that will get them all fired if they make too many mistakes.

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In a poll conducted November 3-7, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.16/10

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The Office Doomsday quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster. :)

Stanley: Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Andy: Who’s your favorite Iron Chef?

Dwight: As with all my dreams, I’m guessing it was about my fear of immigrants.

Robert: And you can’t have a favorite Iron Chef. It depends entirely on the secret ingredient. Sometimes I feel you don’t know food at all.

Val: Are you really this lazy?

Dwight: I should have used a shorter string.

Andy: You’re the deuce I never want to drop.

Andy: Go do the voodoo that you do so well.

Gabe: There was attraction in at least one direction.

Gabe: I don’t want a bunch of bureaucratic red tape wrapped around my jock.

Toby: Do you know her last name yet?

Toby: She’s going to be screaming her own last name?

Dwight: The Accountability Booster! Five strikes in a day equals a home run. One home run, and you’re out.

Dwight (reading Jim’s email): “Robert’s favorite song, Creep by TLC, Creep by Radiohead.”

Dwight (reading Oscar’s email): “There’s no way he hasn’t strangled at least one stripper.”

Dwight (reading Kelly’s email): “He eats his yogurt like he is punishing it for disappointing him. P.S. We should kill him.”

Kelly: You are a psycho who is ruining our lives.

Dwight: They’re making me out to be a Bond villain. I like to think of myself as a brilliant scientist who will stop at nothing to remake the world.

Gabe: I will be milking that hard.

Gabe: The Michelin Man called. He wants his cummerbund back.

Oscar: There’s only one computer that I trust, and it’s powered by Thai food and Spanish reds.

Dwight: How about “Scranton Strangler 666”?

Mindy: What’s Dwight’s mother’s name?
Jim: Hedda.

Gabe: Don’t bring me any of that caramel soy latte crap, okay? I want a decaf frappuccino.

Erin: You’re a real crumb bum, you know that?

Dwight: You can’t just change the rules because you don’t like the outcome.

Oscar: Dwight, be human for once? Shut down the machine?

Dwight: Good luck finding a new job, idiots.

Andy: Your breasts are enormous. That could help us.

Erin: He’s at some club where you either eat squash or play squash.
Jim: I’ll try both.

Dwight: What does it look like I’m doing? Digging a grave for a horse.

Dwight: If you hit another horse, you’ve dug too far.

Pam: Oh wow. I forgot how pretty your house is.

Darryl: When are they going to do a labradoodle that’s just lab?

Angela: Where were you two hours ago, Beautiful Mind?

Pam: Pobody’s nerfect, right?
Dwight: Did you just have a stroke, Pam?

Pam: You know what would go so great with this cabbage pie? Milk.

Dwight: Sive drafely.

Robert: Do you find one-day only Jet Blue sales to Buffalo interesting?

Dwight: I’m going to have to work with them forever, aren’t I?

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  1. Wow! I think that this would make a great season (or series) finale, but where is it going to go here as the sixth episode?! Is anyone’s desk going to be seating an unfamiliar face soon?

  2. YES!! I don’t normally comment but this episode looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see it!

  3. OMG Classic Dwight! Reminds me of the “Stress” episode & yes I think they are going to add a new cast member. Does anyone know if they will EVER do a michael wedding? That would ice the cake for me!

  4. Anyone see the promo? Any chance that someone could actually get fired, even just for a few episodes and then come back (eg. The Return?)

  5. I’m thinking Dwight’s own name comes up in that envelope and his past sales numbers keep him from being fired. Then Jim can reveal in a talking head that he planted it as a prank. It will be Season 2’s “Halloween” all over again, and the person who should be fired finagles his/her way around it and the person who actually is fired is somebody we never hear from, like Nate. At least, that’s my guess.

  6. Not the best episode of this season so far, but definitely better than Spooked and Lotto

    so far, it’s
    The Incentive, Garden Party, The List, Doomsday, Spooked, Lotto

    but robert california! “and you can’t have a favorite iron chef, it’s all about the secret ingredient! honestly, sometimes i feel like you don’t know food at all..”

  7. Fantastic episode tonight. The two little subplots with Gabe and Jim/Robert were hilarious (the main storyline with the doomsday device was very well paced and executed too). Office writers and producers, if you’re reading this, please have the writer for this episode write much more for the show!!!! (tanster, you should pass this on to them seeing as how you have connections)

    I haven’t laughed so much at an Office episode since the fifth season.

  8. I still don’t believe that the whole office would take the whole Doomsday device so seriously but aside from that, I really enjoyed the episode. It was really interesting to see Dwight’s emotional side and his soft spot for Pam and I guess the writers are really gradually dwelling into the different sides of the characters like they said they would. The safety training side plot in the warehouse was also a good idea but there was too much Gabe. Also, I love 90s music and the Closing Time cold open was my favorite cold open in a long while and it was believable: Andy loves to sing and Stanley loves closing time. Perfect. 8/10

  9. The show has lost its roots and tonight it was hard to tell this was the office still. Kevin’s complete character change and the bland episode makes me hope that this is the last season. How the mighty have fallen.

  10. it was ‘meh’ for me. preferred pretty much every other episode of the season except lotto

  11. I loved Erin’s screaming when they make the fifth mistake; Ellie Kemper is fantastic. I would have liked to have seen a little more of the safety training in the warehouse, but oh, well. Pobody’s nerfect. :)

  12. Best episode of the season so far, everything worked, I loved how Dwight despite being Dwight actually cares for his co workers. In fact I would go as far to say, it’s a top 20 episode ever.

  13. Anyone else wonder why Andy didn’t just threaten to fire Dwight? That irked me a bit, but otherwise it was a funny episode. My favorite parts were when Erin and Kelly were yelling at Dwight and when Stanley sung “Closing Time.”

  14. I don’t know how anyone can say this was the weakest episode of the season.

    It was much more funny than almost all of them minus Garden Party, and it actually felt like an office episode not some weird over the top episode that doesn’t fit in with the office setting.

  15. Great episode – so many funny moments (especially a lot of great Stanley moments)! I think Andy didn’t fire Dwight because he was holding out hope the group could get him to change his mind. And it was perfect that Pam and Dwight’s weird friendship saved the day.

  16. Did anyone else notice that Dwight’s American flag doesn’t have nearly enough stars? I’m not sure, but I think it might be a nineteenth-century flag. Can anyone else confirm or refute this?

  17. Loved this episode! I feel like the show is finally going back to its roots. The camera angles are great and have a documentary feel, as opposed to the high-quality film that gave it a sit-commy feel in previous episodes.

  18. I thought Gabe was awesome in this episode (his conversation with Toby was fantastic) and I think he and Darryl have kind of a cool dynamic – you know, kind of the old confident Darryl who used to mock Michael. But the best line of the night: “If you hit another horse, you’ve dug too far.”

  19. A doomsday device is totally unbelievable to me. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good episode, just not believable.

  20. Hilarious episode!! And I always love when Pam and Dwight “bond” :) I really think she’s the closest thing to a friend that he has (aside from Mose) . . .

  21. Amazing. Best episode in a really long time. I actually feel like every episode has been better than the last this season. I am pleased.

  22. By far my favourite of the season. Every storyline was awesome and hilarious. I can’t even pick a favourite moment!

  23. When Jim knew Dwight’s Mother’s name, it reminded me of the Injury when he knew his middle name. Too cute, lol.

    Gabe KILLED It last night, he was so hilarious. I’d love to see more scenes of him and Darryl.

  24. I should point out that there is no evidence that Gabe is the Scranton Strangler, I know some people still believe that …. it just does not fit.

  25. That “closing time” bit was hands down the worst cold opening of the series, way worse than the lip dub of last season.

  26. The “doomsday device” was as preposterous as the idea that Michael Scott could actually make a movie and have the entire office staff involved. I’ve enjoyed all of Season 8, but this one was pretty terrible.

  27. I loved this episode.
    Really a noticeable improvement over the previous episodes(even though I thought they were good also)

    Gabe was really great. I felt Dwight was back as his old self. Only thing missing was Creed :r

    Really felt like a classic episode.

    More like this please, writers! :D

  28. I don’t get it.

    Other than the scream at Dwight by Erin and Kelly, this episode is not that funny. The Doomsday Device was not all that scary anyway. Robert California would probably just shake his head and walk away even if he got that email.

    The Halloween episode was so much better.

  29. I really loved this episode!!!!! The cold open was awesome. The Jim/Robert racquetball moment was amazing. And Gabe was kind of a suck-up in the warehouse around Darryl. I’m impressed how Pam, Andy, Erin and Kevin made Dwight turn off his Doomsday device by visiting him at Schrute Farms. Where the hell is Mose, anyway?

  30. This has to be my favorite episode by far this season. This was something I could see Michael being in Andy shoe’s and critizing Dwight. Pam was awesome and I really enjoyed Gabe storyline with the warehouse and Jim playing with Robert :D

  31. Wasn’t bad. Loved the Gabe/Toby interaction and Stanley singing along in the cold open, as well as Kevin’s “special project”.

    Feel like something’s missing in all of Season 8 though :/

  32. I’ve always loved that the Office can blend extreme characters and ideas just to that “point” where it can be believed, using the “straight shooters” as the entry point…seeing how Jim reacts to Andy’s “Closing Time” song, for example. (Didn’t love that cold open, but I can see where others would). My issue with this episode and why it IS NOT A CLASSIC (and, if you feel it is, go back and watch s.2, which felt like a real Office with relatable characters), IS THIS: TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE PREMISE. A low ranking employee creates a doomsday device and everyone goes with it begrudgingly until the bitter and panicked end. It would never fly, and it’s so far beyond realistic. Funny episode, but pretty ridiculous.

  33. One more comment. Daniel Gasparini…. felt like an actual office? C’mon. In any actual office, the rebellion would have happened the first second winds of this change began b/c in any office: mistakes just happen. And, why did Dwight just leave the building? Felt like a writer’s crutch to me.

  34. I enjoyed this episode a bunch! It’s definitely one of the stronger episodes so far this season. Hope they keep it up!

    Rating: 8/10
    (8.5 if there was one)

  35. jayphayes,

    my problem is people act like crazy things haven’t happened in the office before by dwight. He’s always done things that wouldn’t be entirely believable.
    Someone starting a system to prevent mistakes isn’t entirely crazy, yes the doomsday IDEA is nuts but something that keeps track of your mistakes and at a certain point being punished for it isn’t THAT ridiculous.

    I’d say Dwight setting the office on fire is a tad bit more ridiculous, wouldn’t you?

  36. This was one of very few episodes where I actually thought Gabe was really funny. I agree with whoever said that they liked his conversation with Toby. I thought that was really funny. I’m also liking Pam more this season too. She was starting to annoy me in the past couple seasons but it seems like they’re kind of toning it down with her. There were still a few kevin lines in there that i don’t think should have been said, but overall i thought this one was very good.

  37. I loved the first half more than the second half, but overall a really good episode. I guess it’s not very realistic, but it’s hilarious, and that’s what keeps me coming back. I love Dwight. He is definitely my favorite character. The TH with him trying to figure out what type of “villain” he is was gold.

  38. Such a great episode! I can’t get over how amazing this season has been. Pam, Dwight and Jim all shined here. I love Pam and Dwight’s friendship so, so much.

    I see absolutely nothing that makes this idea of Dwight’s any less crazy or unbelievable than nearly everything he has ever done, ever. It’s hardly the most “out there” thought he’s ever had.

  39. Liked Jim’s using NBA lockdown to pitch roller derby, Darryl’s michael-scott-like “BAAAAH” on the mention of Justine, Erin’s grimacing to Andy’s hypothetical punishment of “block mine sweeper,” the return of the Darryl and Andy’s replacement warehouse guys (especially Nate, love Nate!); Gabe’s reaction to that one guy’s effeminate “HI!” made me laugh out loud!

    Also loved…. everything you guys mentioned/loved/hated. No it’s not the Office you first fell in love with, but building without Carell and with Spader (WIN!) the eps are showing gradual solidity. The characters are growing and recognizing each others’ quirks and behaviors and dealing with it as “family” (Dwight/Pam relationship in this one); it’s what I loved in the few seasons before, especially when they accepted Michael’s flaws.

  40. I hope this one gets a good rating. All the episodes this season have been underrated. They deserve far better i think.
    It’s like there are people that still expect this to be the exact same show as it was back in season 2. Really? Because that’s impossible. This is Office 2.0. And it is amazing.

  41. Did anybody catch the whole, throwing of the iphone, dropping it, and it doesn’t break. Especially since the iPhone 4’s (and 4s’s) glass screens are notorious for shattering too easily when they are dropped. So, the quote was, “[J]Did it break? [R]No, its good. [J] What kind of iPhone is that? [R] It’s the standard one, the one everyone has.”
    I’m thinking Apple paid a good bit of money for that stunt and publicity!

  42. Question: Was Val supposed to be Stanley’s daughter just out of college? Because they said she’d be in the show.

  43. @52 Charlie: Indeed, I found way too many obvious product placements in both Office and Parks and Rec that night. Both episodes were great, but I was very disappointed with NBC about the product placement.

  44. Dwight: “They’re making me out to be a Bond villain. I like to think of myself as a brilliant scientist who will stop at nothing to remake the world.”

    Now I know they were probably referencing Dr. No here, but was I the only one that thought this could also be Dr. Horrible??

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