1. OMG. Best photos ever! Looks like lots of Jim, Pam and Dwight, and Dwight as some kind of scary German Santa…I quite literally cannot wait! Also, pic #2 is a great Jim and Pam photo.

  2. As a huge fan of the show…I must say I am thoroughly disappointed in these pictures…hopefully the episode will be good. I always look forward to the Christmas episodes especially.

  3. please please please have Jim give Pam the card from season 2’s christmas episode! I would be so happy!

  4. I am a diehard fan of this show.. but I agree with #3 I always look forward to the Christmas episode! There’s no tree, no one is wearing red or a funny Christmas sweater, it doesn’t even seem like the traditional Christmas episodes (especially for this to be the last one!:( ) But the pics look funny and looks like some great Jim/Pam (and Dwight!).. Hopefully it won’t disappoint!! :)

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