1. I am so behind on my Office addiction =/

    @tanster….since you have actually stood at that location I have a question what is that open doorway? If its a hallway does it lead to the office set?

  2. Can someone please explain to me what’s so entertaining about this Gangnam Style $&!#??

  3. Tanster, this image from The Office would fit perfectly into the Gangnam Style video! Even McKayla would be impressed by this. :)

    [ from tanster: lol! ]

  4. Hey~ sexy lady~ Op Op Op Op Oppan GANGNAM Style~
    i couldn’t think of Dwight & Andy’s version of Gangnam style.
    By the way, i’m living in South Korea.
    As a korean, i cannot believe Gangnam Style has become popular in US. it’s amazing!

    [ from tanster: i love it. i put it on my workout playlist! ]

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