The Office Hallmark contest

The Office Hallmark Contest

Enter Hallmark’s ‘On Company Time’ contest — submit a Office-inspired greeting card idea and you could win up to $500 if they pick your card to sell at their store!

Simply upload original graphics and text in any of six categories:
Co-Worker Birthdays, Cope and Encouragement, Job Well Done, Workplace Laughs, Thank You or Appreciation, and Retirement.

I hear Hallmark is planning to award The Office goodies to winners as well. Pretty sweet package! (That’s what she said.)

Link: The Office Hallmark Contest (ends Sept. 26)


  1. I work at a Hallmark so I can’t enter :( Oh well, I’ll get to read all the cards that win though.

  2. Brittni, you CAN enter if you work at a Hallmark store, as long as it’s not a corporately owned store. Your paycheck can’t come from Hallmark HQ.

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