1. yay!
    i have purchased a michael and dwight bobblehead but not online so how will i get the link?

  2. They actually look really good. Being a baseball fan, I’ve seen some pretty bad replicates of players in bobblehead form. But they really look like Angela, Brian and Mindy. Nice!

  3. Oh. My. God. Angela has a Sprinkles!! Now if I can just figure out a way to afford all of them!!

    I’m excited that they’re sending emails to people who’ve bought the Dwight and Michael bobbleheads to try to keep them from people who would sell them on Ebay (“try” being the key word). I hope everyone gets the bobbleheads they want!

  4. Those are the coolest things!! I’m sure I’ll end up buying them, but I can see it now…five years down the road I’ll probably be selling them at a yard sale!

  5. Awesome!! I also noticed that there will be a Ryan one coming out soon, complete with a beard and a Dundie!

  6. I bought my bobble heads at the actual NBC store in NYC. I guess that doesn’t count towards the hidden link, does it?

  7. I wonder if they’ll also be available at the NBC booth during Comic Con? Great news. My “stuttering” Michael can use new faces. He refuses to talk to Dwight and Comic Con Dwight.

  8. Awesome! My Dwight bobblehead is my favorite thing on my desk – I can’t wait to get another one!

  9. And just to add, I’m super curious if we’ll get old school Pam with the tied back, curly hair? Or fancy new Beesly? Can’t wait.

  10. Kevin’s is just…creepy. But in that “I want him staring at me from atop my fridge” kinda way.

  11. Eek! This is so exciting! I love my Dwight bobblehead; he kept me going through all those tough grad schools papers. His mighty presence on my desk helped me karate-chop my way to the end.

  12. I have the same question that it seems a few other people had as well: does the link apply to those of us who didn’t get our bobbleheads online?
    I got the Dwight bobblehead at the NBC store in NYC, too! (Actually got to meet Conan on the tour… it was insane)

  13. I wish I liked bobbleheads. But at least these will go to OfficeHeads that will really appreciate them. ^_^

  14. I. Want. Them. All. I don’t care how geeky it will look to have them all on display in my apartment, or how many people will make fun of me – I’m doing it anyway! Can’t wait!

  15. Wow, these are extremely good likenesses. And the detail is terrific. They seem more in the class of the original bobblehead that Angela gave Dwight on the show.

  16. Angela and Kevin look pretty freakin’ awesome! But I would stick with the Dwight bobble head.

  17. I wonder if there will be Jan or Darryl bobbleheads. These will definitely put a dent in my wallet.

  18. I can’t wait for these! My Michael, Dwight, and Comic Con Dwight bobbleheads need new friends!

  19. Awesome. This reminds me of the office promo my buddy did a few years ago:


    He was one of the finalists on the dvd (forgot if that was season 3 or 4). Now his vision is reality! woooo.

  20. NBC Store’s twitter page has been updated with pics of the Pam and Phyllis bobbleheads:


  21. All of them are really accurate looking, with maybe the exception of Ryan. I love all their little accessories, though.

  22. With the Ryan bobblehead, I think the eyes and jawline are off. Kelly is a bit off too. Though the others are pretty good.

  23. They should have given Ryan blonde hair!

    Other than that, Phyllis’s and Pam’s look awesome!!! I don’t know which one I wanna buy!!

  24. What is Pam holding? I can’t make it out.

    [from tanster: paintbrushes. (a little behind the times.) and phyllis is holding an oven mitt.]

  25. I was about to post the same question the other Sara posted. Creepy. It’s weird that it’s like FNB head and old Pam outfit.

  26. Pam is a good mix of the old and new in this bobblehead, and Phyllis is spot on. But Ryan, seriously?? I think the biggest problem is that his eyes are about four times too small.

  27. OMG these bobbleheads are amazing! although i agree that the ryan one isn’t all that great. omfg i can’t wait to see the jim bobblehead! they’ll need to make a jambino bobblehead… that would be awesome.

  28. I’m gonna buy them all including the not so accurate Ryan. Kevin could’ve used a jar of Skittles or non-brand multicolor coated candy pieces. It would be great if NBC came out with a different Dwight bobble head each year. Dwight as the Joker would be perfect for Comic Con.

  29. They are all so cute! I want a Jim and Pam! But now we need a tiny baby bobblehead.

    I agree, Tanster, Ryan looks like a Backstreet Boy.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  30. I saw the Ryan bobblehead and died laughing, even though it looks nothing like him. The Kevin bobblehead looks the most similar to his real-life counterpart, and I was glad to see that Pam is holding paintbrushes. Maybe this means that she’ll get to work with art again sometime in the series? I hope so!

  31. I’m drawing a blank here…does anyone know what the Ryan bobblehead is holding?

    Also, I think they should have gone with “Temp Ryan” instead of “Corporate Ryan.”

    [from tanster: dundie.]

  32. I agree, everyone is spot-on except for ryan who looks…too old? Kevin’s expression is perfect!

  33. The Ryan Bobblehead looks more like the “Michael Scott trying to look like Ryan” bobblehead.

    When can there be a Ryan Bobblehead “Version 2.0” (hand gestures included)?

  34. -Ryan should be holding a blackberry phone, not a dundie. Maybe that would make him look more like Ryan.

    -How is Kevin the only one not holding anything? m&m’s or any kind of candy woulda worked for him!

    -CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ANDY’S!!! he better have on a sweater vest with a shirt and tie underneath and a jacket over that

  35. Maybe instead of shoes, they could have put Kevin’s feet in a footbath!

    I think they’re all wonderful, and I’m just waiting for Creed!!

  36. tanster, do you know if they will be releasing a non-talking michael bobblehead?

  37. Oh man, I wish the Pam bobblehead was “Old Beesly” instead of “Fancy New Beesly”.

    I was re-watching season 2 episodes last night, and I forgot how much I missed the more drab Pam. After all, I did go to Halloween as that version of Pam that year!

  38. I hope Edward Norton fans enjoy purchasing the “Ryan” bobblehead.

  39. I really think they should have done new blonde Ryan. With bigger eyes and an untucked shirt. Oh, and I agree with whoever said he needed to be holding a Blackberry or cell phone of some kind. Other than that, I really love the Pam, Angela, and Kelly ones.

  40. i love the bobbleheads. is there any way i can get one other than ordering it on the internet or from the NBC store…like a place in Toronto or something?

  41. I love that the Dwight bobblehead is the only one that looks homemade. They should have went for that look for all of them.

  42. Wow, they are pretty spot on – except Ryan. I agree that it doesn’t look like him. The others are amazing likenesses, though. And I don’t think Pam looks too fancy. Keds would have been more fun, but it’s not like she’s in strappy heels. I mean, she is still sporting a cardigan, after all.

    I gotta ask – where’s Jim??? I need that bobblehead to add to my John Krasinski / Jim cubicle shrine…

  43. Anybody else’s Michael bobblehead sound not work? Mine stutters 9 times out of 10. Really disappointing. When I first got it, it was fine, but after a few months (too late to return) now it never plays well.

  44. What is Oscar holding? I can’t quite make it out and it’s driving me nuts!

  45. Brian and armand, my Michael Scott bobblehead starting stuttering not long after I got it, now it doesn’t work at all!

  46. Is it just me, or does Creed’s bobblehead kind of look like Neil Patrick Harris?

  47. Where’s Stanley and his crosswords/pretzel?!

    I wish Meredith’s was in that purple napkin of a dress!

  48. Brian, armand, and Franchesca:

    Funny story. I’ve been having problems with my Michael Scott bobblehead as well. Mine is on my windowsill in my classroom where I teach 5th grade- right next to Dwight of course. In about March it started speaking at random, with no one pressing the button or even within a ten foot radius. My students forgot it could talk, so they were convinced there was a ghost in our classroom. I let them think so for a day or two, then filled them in. Most of them had parents who were fans, or at least knew the show, so we joked about the “Ghost of Michael Scott” haunting our classroom for the rest of the year!

  49. I wish they would make a new Dwight bobblehead to go with the style of this new set! Although it would probably be a little excessive considering they’ve already had two different versions.

  50. i don’t think phyllis’ is big enough. lol. her bobblehead is almost as thin as pam, which makes no sense.

  51. Stanley’s bobblehead is my new favorite. He’s got his crossword AND he’s rolling his eyes!

  52. #66 (Prinkles) I think Stanley is holding a crossword puzzle. Look REALLY closely. #64 (Mrs. Amanda Halpert) – you are right! That’s kind of creepy. He’s not holding anything, though, but then, there are so many odd things he could be holding, maybe they just couldn’t decide. I love the Andy one with the banjo!

  53. They should have done Creed holding a $3 bill (a blood bag would have been good too, but maybe not to everyone’s taste!). Meredith could have had her pelvis cast on (signed by Jim, of course). And Toby needs his Princess Unicorn.

    Gee, I wish I was a bobblehead-maker for a living…

  54. I want all of them!!! They’re so awesome. Some of them are so realistic. wow.

  55. I want to see The JIm bobblehead!!!
    where can I get one in Toronto?!

  56. i wish i had money to buy all of them, but that just means that OT should give away more of them!! haha i wish i could go to scranton for the chance to win angela/creed

  57. Office Cast Bobbleheads are available on on nbcuniversalstore.com now!!! $19 each. Only Angela is available for pre-order right now. Ships August 7th.

  58. I’d die for a David one, I adore him so much!

    *is a shameless David fangirl*

    Here’s hoping we get more David next season, too. ;)

  59. i think they should have…

    and daryll bobbleheads as well…then the collection will be complete

    (also i didn’t see a jim bobblehead but they should make one of him as well, if they haven’t already)

  60. Still finding it odd that they haven’t released the Jim bobblehead yet. What up NBC? :)

    [from tanster: he’s coming. that’s what she said.]

  61. You know you’re addicted to The Office (and OfficeTally) when…

    Ok, so I’m moving into a new place where the rent is obscenely expensive. In the past month, I’ve spent bazillions furnishing the place, with many more dollars to be spent. My solemn vow was to keep my other spending to bare necessities – groceries, gasoline, etc. I had not broken that vow ONCE until 20 minutes ago when I came home and checked this here website. I guess my new necessities are groceries, gasoline, and bobbleheads! :-)

  62. omg, Mrs. Amanda Halpert (#64) he DOES look like Neil Patrick Harris!!!!!!! and why does meredith have such a freakin’ long neck?!

  63. I pre-ordered angela and oscar a few hours ago, and it says it’s “backordered” on my order status…

    With limited quantities, I wonder if they’re already sold out…?

  64. Angela couldn’t be more charming. I’m glad she still makes these kinds of videos.

  65. lol- blurry Jim still looks sexy.

    I really like Pam’s. Looks a lot like her! Gonna buy me some JAM.

  66. I think they should remake Dwight’s bobblehead. All the other ones look so realistic, but his still has that cartoony look to it.

  67. I think out of all of them, the Creed one is the one that looks least like the actor. I can’t wait for the Andy one! That one is SPOT ON!

    And hey, why is the Jim one still under wraps? He’s one of the 5 principal characters…

  68. These are great! I want a Jim & Pam set, they would look so cute together sitting on my desk!

  69. I just got Oscar and Angela in the mail! They looks so great on my mantle next to Michael and Dwight.

  70. Hey! When is the Ryan and Pam bobbleheads coming out. I can’t wait to get to see how much they cost and i really can’t wait to find them on sale on NBC Universal Store. I want to buy the Pam and possibly jim one when it comes out.

  71. Christina Courtney: Ryan will be for sale on Thursday night for $15 (plus $7 shipping) and no word on Pam yet.

  72. LOL, Angela — “I think anything that hits the ground is going to go in the ocean.”

  73. Are all of the bobbleheads only going to be fifteen dollars when they come out. Or is this only limited to just some of the bobbleheads. It would be awesome if that was the truth then I could possibly afford more than one of them at a time if this were the case.

  74. Yay! Ryan finally. I’m still debating whether to buy him. It just doesn’t look like him, but the Office fan in me needs it for the collection. Well it is only $15 for now. (tapping credit card in right hand)

  75. Am I the only one who thinks that these videos of the cast opening their bobbleheads are just hilarious? They make my day!

  76. I love how Angela is in all of these videos… she’s amazing.
    More videos with BJ and Angela together! That was soo cute and hilarious!

  77. the michael bobblehead seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the nbc store. what’s up with that?
    on a related note, i am totally collecting all of them!

  78. I think they need to re-do the Michael bobblehead. The new bobbleheads actually look like the cast members. Michael’s looks like, well, a toy. His skin is so pale and his features are too commonplace. It could be anyone in a suit.

  79. I can’t wait till Jenna’s bobblehead comes out cuz I love it when Angela and Jenna are in videos together.

  80. I hope I am not the only one that loves the smirk on Kevin’s face in his bobble head picture.

  81. Does anyone know if the unboxing videos are available to view anywhere else? Incredibly frustratingly, NBC.com videos are unplayable for people outside the States :(

  82. I would love to own all these but I think I’m gonna wait. Getting them as they come out is gonna kill on shipping so I’m hoping once they’re all released they’ll have a special on buying them all (like the mugs) hopefully sometime around Christmas cos I know my dad would love em, too.

  83. The Michael Scott one is no longer on the site!!! Sooo mad, trying to buy them all… Anyone know where i can get one?

  84. Ok. OMG these look great I love Angela and her cat, Daryl with his little blue trolley thing, and Kevin with that cute little smirk on his face, he would have been even cuter holding a jar of M&Ms in his hands. That’s the only thing missing from his bobblehead. Aww I wish I could own them all if I was completely rich.

  85. The Dwight bobblehead looks more cartoonish than the rest. The rest of the them look real, kinda. Probably because Dwight’s bobblehead was the first one made.

  86. Ok, that’s it. I MUST become friends with Jenna and Angela, like, NOW! Those two are just beyond adorable. The “BFF” mug? I mean really, c’mon now. So cute!!

  87. Yay! Something extra with Jenna Fischer in it! I love it… I feel like we can never get enough Jenna.

    And maybe it’s just the excitement for the season to start, or maybe I’m just getting delirious and hallucinating, but I feel like maybe Jenna was dressed in character and maybe possibly had a small Jambino baby bump?

    Yep. Definitely hallucinating. Shouldn’t have bought those herbs from Creed :-) (Or the Vance refrigeration guys!)

  88. Hey! Does anybody know when the Pam bobblehead comes out i thought it would have been sometime this week, but I guess not.

  89. #132- I thought the same thing, I said to myself…she has to be wearing the preggo suit she talked about in her blog! I love the mug that Angela gave Jenna (I need to find where she got it at) :)

  90. Target should really get Jenna and Angela to do commercials for them. They would be terrific in them!

  91. Am I the only one waiting for the limited edition full cast set?? Or maybe I’m just hoping for one and will miss out on having my own limited edition Angela and gang…..

    also…. I squeed at that video. They are far too adorable and it’s totally put me back into “Office has returned” mode from my summer off. :D !!! Ulch September 17th is STILL too far away…

  92. Is anyone else bugged by the fact that the Dwight bobblehead doesn’t really fit in with the look of the others? The Dwight one is more cartoon-y or something.

  93. I think Kelly got a hold of my Ryan bobblehead before it shipped, because his head was broken off of his torso. Those two should really work out their issues before more bobbleheads are killed.

  94. Phyllis, we LOVE you! She wasn’t planning on having an acting career and it all happened accidentally for her, so you can just tell she’s so appreciative and so un-jaded by celebrity. You just have to love her!

  95. I got tears in my eyes watching Phyllis get emotional over her bobble head. It’s nice to see someone so appreciative of their situation. She is a class act.

  96. How PRECIOUS is Phyllis? Oh my goodness, best bobblehead unwrapping video yet.

  97. I’m so excited! Phyllis is my fave.

    “I never thought I’d be a bobblehead.”

    What a sweetheart!

  98. Awww, Phyllis! She almost made me cry! I’m going to join with the others and say I LOVE YOU PHYLLIS!

  99. What a cool lady. She’s so genuine! It would make my life to meet her. Can’t wait to see her bobblehead in person!

  100. If anyone deserves a bobble head, it’s Phyllis! She’s amazing and I love her character.

  101. Is it too late to join the group hug? I have tears running down my face! I couldn’t love Phyllis more. She is absolutely precious, and I can’t wait to get my own Phyllis bobblehead! :)

    [from tanster: it’s never too late! :) ]

  102. *Joins in the group hug*

    I love Phyllis. She really is so sweet and genuine and deserves it. I bet her dad is looking down on her and is so proud of her right now.

    I teared up watching that video. I’ll say it again, I LOVE YOU PHYLLIS.

  103. Oh wow, Phyllis is too sweet! You can’t help but just want to hug her! She totally deserves a bobblehead. The fact that she was so grateful to have it…I love her. And then her dad! He’s definitely proud.

  104. It’s so weird…some of the bobbleheads look exactly like their real-life counterparts, and others, well, not so much. If I had the money, I’d buy each and every one of them, but I’ll have to settle for my Dwight that I’ve had for years.

    Funny story – I was on a sales call for work today, sitting across from a client at his desk, and I could see the back view of a bobble head on his desk. It looked like Oscar from behind, but I could see yellow crime-scene tape as part of the base. That part didn’t make sense. So I asked who his bobble head was, and he turned it around. It was Tony Shaloub as MONK! Even from the front he looked a little like Oscar. We bonded over bobble head stories!

  105. I am loving these videos of the cast opening their bobbleheads, but Phyllis’ takes the cake so far. She’s so sweet and very thankful. I can join in on the “I cried” during that video thread. We love you Phyllis, in real life and your character. I can’t wait to get a Phyllis bobblehead! :)

  106. This is why I LOVE Phyllis. I love that she got emotional about receiving this. She’s so cute! It was like she had won an award. :)

  107. Does anyone know if the Phyllis bobblehead was ever available for actual purchase? I just looked at the site and it says it’s a pre-order that won’t be shipped until September 21.

  108. I’m thinking that I should book myself a quick vacation to the US border just so I can watch these unboxing videos. Every day I get more and more annoyed by the fact that I can’t watch these clips. I want Phyllis to make me have an emotional tearjerk. :(

    [from tanster: geofiltering should now be removed from these vids.]

  109. I loved Brian’s video! So funny! And Angela is absolutely adorable (and tiny!!)! Such a cute video.

    The bobblehead looks exactly like him too. Can’t wait to get it.

  110. Is anyone else a bit irritated by how they’re putting these up for pre-order one at a time? That’s going to make shipping a real hassle.

  111. I’ve decided to order them three at a time, but since Phyllis and Kevin are pre-orders, I can’t use Paypal. Guess I’ll just wait until the 21st when they’ll be in stock!

  112. I cannot WAIT until the Andy bobblehead goes on sale. Not only does it look just like him, it freaking has a BANJO! Genius!

    There are lots of things I want to order from the NBC store but I’m waiting until I get to buy my Andy :)

  113. I LOVE how honored Phyllis seems. I’ve always said if I ever somehow got the chance to meet that woman, I’d tell her how lucky we Office fans are, because had she been acting all along (and not working in casting, as she was when The Office was just starting), she would have been way too busy with other big gigs to be on this show, simply because she’d be in such high demand. What a talented woman.

  114. I would’ve gotten all of them if they hadn’t decided to sell them all within a month. They should have spread them out more. Since I already have talking Michael, I’ll probably just get Pam, Jim, and maybe Andy.

    I don’t have 300+ dollars to spend on office merchandise at one time.

  115. is there any mention of a package deal for all? even though i already have Dwight. If not i’ll get pam and jim and maybe kevin.

  116. Just letting everyone know that Toby will be available for purchase September 10th and then Pam on September 17th!

  117. Oooo Mommy likey Paul with the glasses! Very David Wallace-ish and I think I’ve expressed my love for Andy Buckley here several times before!

  118. oh my freaking goodness, paul is just the funniest human being on the earth, isn’t he? he truly is. he also joins jane lynch and jon benjamin as a person who can say absolutely anything and it is completely hilarious.

  119. I. Love. Paul.

    Was he turning red as he looked at little Toby? And it’s cute to see the interaction between him and Angela. It must be so fun to have your own doll. I want a Stapler bobblehead!

  120. Does anyone else feel sad that poor Toby’s bobblehead is cheaper than every other cast member?? I feel bad for Toby =( I would definitely get a Dwight bobblehead…cuz he is the coolest.

  121. According to the Bobblehead Adventure part of The Office website Pam’s bobblehead was supposed to be available today, but it’s not. Does anyone know why?

  122. Finally the Pam bobblehead is available! Jenna and Angela are ADORABLE. And I know it’s been said a million times before but, I wish I could be their best friend and just hang out with them.

  123. Went straight to the NBC store to order Pam and it’s already backordered! I’ll wait patiently …

  124. Yay! I’ve been waiting for the Pam bobblehead to come out and just ordered mine. What a perfect way to celebrate the new season starting! Now, I’ll just have to be patient a little longer while I wait for the Jim bobblehead to be available, then I’ll have my very own Jam. Squee!

  125. Oh my gosh, that is the absolute cutest video! I love those two! I just ordered the Pam bobblehead (my first bobblehead purchase, ever!) and it came up as backordered. Is that normal so soon after being released? Strange. Oh well, very excited anyhow!

  126. Yay!! I just ordered my Pam bobblehead!! I wonder how long it’ll be before Jim’s comes out. Hopefully it’ll be before Christmas!!

  127. I notice Jenna has a bit of a baby bump since she’s in costume…!!!

    Man, these two are my all-time favorite, they make me smile!

  128. Jenna looks like she’s wearing a pregnant belly. Watch that again. I’m thinking they taped that during a break of shooting during a later episode.

    Doesn’t it!?

  129. Aww…Jenna & Angela are just adorable as always. I agree, Jenna is definitely wearing the costume bump. Also, if you full-screen the video and pause at the 1:28 mark, you will see she has on her wedding band too! Squeeeee!!

  130. YAY the Andy bobblehead is finally here! I’ve been waiting for-e-ver. *runs off to the NBC store to preorder*

  131. could ed helms be any more adorable!
    i just bought mine… he will look wonderful next my dwight one

  132. Ed Helms is the darlingest thing! I can hardly take it! But what I *can* do is buy the heck outta the Andy bobblehead.

  133. yes, ed helms could be cuter if he somehow fused with angela. their combined cuteness would be unstoppable.

  134. I was so hoping that they would put a new bobblehead on sale each week, but on The Office’s website they don’t say when the next one comes out. I have my Pam bobblehead ordered and am waiting patiently for the Jim one to come out. I’m sure it’ll be the last one, but how long am I going to have to wait?

  135. Did anyone else get the Kevin bobblehead and notice that he’s smaller than all the others? Even Angela!

  136. Yay!! My Pam bobblehead is on its way. It should be here tomorrow!! Since it’s a Christmas present I won’t get to see it, but it’s still exciting.

  137. My Pam bobblehead came in yesterday. I’m now waiting for Andy, and when Jim comes out, I’ll definitely be ordering him!

  138. My Pam bobblehead was supposed to be here on Friday, but the courier made an error and the delivery guy left before my parcel arrived at the station. I was mad, but it should be here tomorrow. My Office Clue game is also on its way. I can hardly wait for Jim’s bobblehead to be available. I just hope it’s before Christmas!!

  139. Meredith! Woo! The whole time I was watching the video I kept wondering why they looked like they were both dressed for Christmas. Never crossed my mind that they were filming the Christmas episode!

  140. Tanster, once all the bobbleheads are released we should have a contest seeing who can best replicate a scene using the bobbleheads!

  141. Not that I am not very, very happy with these bobbleheads, but what about Jan, David Wallace, Rashida Jones’ character(she was on the show for a while and significant), MOZE!!!!!, and the adorable Erin (Ellie Kemper)? I just think they deserve one too.

  142. I have found that I am no longer a very patient person. When are they going to release the Jim bobblehead?? I know it’ll probably be the last one, but there are three more to go before his. I know I have to wait, but I’m not liking it!!

  143. I was wondering about the unboxing video because usually they showed one for every unboxing video as soon as the bobblehead was released. So I dunno if it’s because he’s a warehouse character, or it’s because he’s not a huge MAJOR character on the show.

  144. Does anyone have an update on when the Jim bobblehead might be released? I hope before Christmas! I was hoping to get my brother and his fiancee the Jim and Pam bobbleheads. Aww!

  145. Awww–Stanley! Love the skeptical look they captured. This is the bobblehead I want most of all!

  146. I e-mailed the NBC Store to see if the Jim bobblehead was coming out before Christmas (as I am already getting the Pam one for Christmas and want to get the Jim one too). All I was told was that they currently don’t stock the item I’m looking for.

  147. I asked the NBC store on Twitter if the Jim and kelly bobbleheads would be out before Christmas and they replied

    No, hopefully soon after the new year. 

    Still perfecting Kelly’s fab outfit and Jim’s dreamy eyes.

  148. Thanks Jon. Now I can at least stop waiting for it. What are they perfecting on Jim’s bobblehead?

  149. I asked the guy that worked at the Dunder Mifflin Store in the Steamtown Mall when Michael will be available and he said probably not until March… said there was some sort of problems with the voicebox inside.

  150. I finally got my Pam bobblehead for Christmas!! It was so hard waiting all of these months to see what she looked like (other than the pictures I had seen). I can’t wait until the Christmas decorations are put away and I can put her on display. Hopefully Jim will join her soon!! :)

  151. last christmas, my sister gave me a dwight bobblehead, and this year for my birthday (which is just before christmas) she got me an andy, and then for christmas, she got me pam! and then i went and bought angela. can’t wait to get a jim! i will make him and the pam bobblehead kiss.

    hi, i’m five years old.

    [from tanster: lolol]

  152. I love these bobbleheads! I just preordered Michael, so I am getting closer to having them all! Down to just Phyllis, Kevin, Darryl, Toby, Meredith,and of course Jim and Kelly. I wish they would give Jim a release date!!!

  153. Awww Leslie is so cute!

    I think the best likenesses are Kevin, Stanley and Andy :)

  154. so, everyone who has an angela bobblehead… have you noticed that her skin is really dark? in reality, she is one of the lightest-skinned cast members, but her bobblehead looks REALLY tanned.

  155. Yes, my Angela is too dark as well. It’s sad. Angela is one of my favorite characters, so to have a sub-par bobblehead is sad.

    Still waiting on a Jim release date :( Is it John Krasinski that hasn’t approved the design yet?

  156. We haven’t had nearly enough Angela videos lately. She’s so hysterical and fun to watch. How dare she focus on things like career and family when we demand constant entertainment!

  157. I love my Dwight bobblehead, who was given to me by another Dwight, my dad. :) I have the Dwight bobblehead prominently displayed right by my TV so he can watch The Office with me. I know a lot of people wish that the Dwight bobblehead looked more realistic, like some of the newer releases, but I appreciate his cartoonish look. I think it emphasizes Dwight’s uniqueness.

  158. Craig’s broke in the exact same manner mine did. I bet it happens to most of them. I watched the video just to see if his would break.

  159. That was a good one. Craig, you are so charming.

    Can you imagine Craig sitting at that tiny table?!

    Bwahahahaha :D

  160. How cute is it to see all of these together?? Love it! Still think the Pam version is so adorable!

  161. #245 Jody– yes! I agree! Then I could have the entire Halpert family sitting on my desk. And I love Jim’s facial expression on his bobble.

  162. Jim bobblehead..not bad, not bad. Looks like an older version, but still pretty good. I’ll definitely get it.

  163. i’m going to press my pam and jim bobbleheads together and make kissy noises.

    uh, i mean, no i’m not. *shifty eyes*

    i may have to hand-make a baby cecelia!

  164. @ FlonkertonChamp

    My Pam and Jim bobble-head will definitely be re-enacting the Casino night scene!

  165. I definitely want Jim so he can hang out with my Dwight, Pam, and my Andy, who is currently decapitated.

  166. Jim is adorable but that is not why I am writing. I am feeling the need to know “Exactly WHAT happened to your Andy bobblehead, #257 Hermyfan”? LOL!!

  167. i’ve seen the jim bobblehead a long time ago. i went to the nbc store in NYC and they had a picture of the bobblehead. the picture was jim(bobblehead) holding a plate of jello with the stapler inside it.

  168. @Lisa Ummmm well….. my younger brother thought it would be fun to take all my bobbleheads downstairs, and while I was trying to take them all back to my room, Andy fell on a wooden chair and his head fell off cleanly at his neck. i suppose it’s good that his head just didn’t fall off, since that would be permanently broken, but I think Andy’s fixable. But I have no super glue, and so he’s now sitting on my counter, decapitated.

  169. Ah! How old school! I love it, but it kind of makes me wish Pam’s bobblehead was based on season 1 or 2 also… just with the hair style. :/

  170. I thought initially the Jim Bobblehead would have a wedding ring (for Pam).
    But the jello mold is classic!

  171. Jim bobblehead-
    not really feelin’ it. and y’all know how much I LOVE John. I am surprised that he approved this. It looks more like his brother Kevin….

    The body is good, but there’s something wrong with the eyes. Hopefully they’ll improve it before the holiday season!!

    Thanks so much for this Tanster! You are the best!!!!

  172. it is obvious that they used THIS photo for comparison

    If you put them side by side, you can see where the flaws are!

  173. Hmmm….. Strange that they’d release a “Chuck” bobblehead and claim it’s Jim….

  174. here’s what I want to see… bobble heads for Erin, and Gabe (tall). Maybe Holly? (maybe)

    P.S. also.. a bobble head of Ryan w/o the beard… because he had that beard for only a little bit of time..

    just a thought…

  175. now that the final main character is planned, will we see a Mose bobblehead?

  176. Please, oh please, Jim bobblehead! Come out in time for me to use the coupon that came with my season 6 dvd! :)

  177. I wonder if they’ll come out with a Dwight 2.0 like they did with Michael. The original is definitely a classic but looks a bit cartoonish compared to more recently released ones. I’d love a more realistic Dwight, too.

  178. Can anyone tell me if Kevin will be made available for purchase again in the future? I really wanted his bobblehead…

  179. The Jim bobblehead is now available for pre-sale!! :) I just ordered mine! Yay!! Now my Pam bobblehead won’t be lonely.

  180. I’m probably not alone here, but I’m also looking to get my hands on a Kevin bobblehead (with box). If anyone has one that they are willing to let go – I would pay a very high price for one – please contact me at [email protected]

  181. has anyone pre-ordered the jim halpert bobblehead? there is not an “add to cart” button on their website. the availability is “pre-release”

  182. I’ve Pre-ordered my Jim Bobblehead! Looks like he’ll be shipping the week after Thanksgiving! :)

    Is there some kind of underground way I haven’t heard of, to get a Kevin? The only ones I’ve seen have been on eBay for $100…I know he sold out, but any plans for a re-release that anyone has heard of? If not, I own the other 15, and would really love to have a Kevin to complete the set.

    What would be great, is for them to release a Series II (Jan, Holly, Gabe, Erin, Jo…) and include Kevin as a bonus, or something. ;)

  183. Has anyone used the $10 Off Bobblehead coupon code that came with the last seasons DVD lately? I tried to use mine on the Kelly Bobblehead a few days ago and it wouldn’t work. Is it expired already, or is there some trick to it?

  184. Backpacker, I’ve been trying to use my $10 off coupon from the Season 6 DVD all month and it has never worked, even when I tried it on different bobbleheads. I have a friend who is having the same problem. I followed all the instructions and it says it doesn’t expire until 12/31. I tried contacting customer support a week and a half ago and haven’t heard anything from them. :(

  185. These are super cute and funny! I want an entire collection of this. This will be a good Christmas gift to everyone in our office.

  186. Cool Bobbleheads, in the main Office cast Jim is my favorite but my ultimate favorite character is Robert California…when are they going to make a Robert California Bobblehead. If they did, I’d buy it definitely.

  187. It’s sad to see that this will be the last season. Time to stock up on bobbleheads, if they are still available that is!

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