‘The Office’ Halloween costumes and ideas

2009: Professionally created pumpkin stencils

The Office Halloween Stencils

Years ago, I bought one of those Halloween pumpkin carving kits complete with seed scooper, knives, and stencil. It’s time-consuming but definitely worth it!

These new professionally-designed Office stencils are so cool, I might have to try my hand at it again. (That’s what she said.)

Link: Buy The Office pumpkin stencils here


  1. Awe…the Jam pattern is so sweet. Creed is creepy and Ryan is John Cho. I can probably carve out the Angela pattern, but first I need to carve myself a new knife.

    [from tanster: LOL!]

  2. This is me as Dwight from last Halloween!
    That’s a girl under all that costume, believe it or not.


  3. I am going as the black cat that Pam did on the halloween episode. I work in an office and we can dress up. Hopefully I am not the only one that does…

  4. #4, Sara in Philly – your Dwight costume was fantastic! Nice job!

    I still haven’t nailed down my Halloween plans, but if I dress up, it will be as Pam because I have appropriate clothes in my closet and I’m too cheap to buy a costume. I’ll try to get my best guy friend to go as Three-Hole-Punch Jim. Hee. :)

    Oh, and that Halloween trailer is so amazing. Kudos to the creator – I wish I was half that creative!

  5. Dang! Now I have to buy 17 more pumpkins so I can make all of the characters!!! :) Thanks, Chris!

  6. I’m going to attempt to carve the DM logo on my pumpkin this year. I’ll try to get a pic up online soon so you can see what a horrible job I did! ;)

  7. Hey, does anyone know where I can get a Pam Beesly ID badge to print out for my costume? I’d love it if anyone could help. Thanks!

  8. My avatar is from last halloween. The Dwight costume was pretty easy to put together.

    I with I had the patience to do these pumpkins, though.

  9. We already had a Halloween dance at my school and my roommates and I went as cast members. Here’s a picture of me and my roommate as Dwight and Angela. Yep, I’m the female Dwight.


    [from tanster: love it. i’ll never look at a mustard yellow shirt again without thinking of dwight!]

  10. Being an 8th grader who goes to a school with uniforms, I’m going to try for 3 Hole Punch Jim. We’ll see if teachers let me get away with it.

  11. Link

    I carved the Jim and Dwight ones and they came out great! so much fun!

    [from tanster: oh my goodness, those are awesome!]

  12. Tanster, just wanted to let you know that tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 28) is Diwali. We all love Halloween, but if you’re Indian and you love to party, have a happy happy happy happy Diwali!

  13. omg!! that was freaking hilarious! it totally went extremely well with the music and the screaming. i loved it.

  14. Okay, so I went to a Halloween party tonight dressed as 3-hole punch Jim. I was happy that a lot of people knew what I was, but tons of people I thought was dressed up as a domino. Anybody else have that happen?

  15. That was awesome! How creative, too. Why can’t I think of these things? Whatever the case, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for posting.

  16. Somebody posted these on livejournal and I thought they would be a good addition to anyone who is dressing up as somebody from the cast’s costume.


  17. I dressed as Andy and sang a rendition of “Take a Chance” to everyone while my husband sang the backup vocals. So much fun.


  18. This is my Jim pumpkin that I carved last night as a surprise for my wife. I will be carving Pam tonight as well as the one of them kissing on a small pumpkin.


  19. Hey tanster, my comment was number 38, i put the link to my kevin pumpkin in the website. here’s the link again.


  20. I don’t know if this will work because I linked it from my facebook but my friends and I carved pumpkins and I did Dunder Mifflin Inc. and it was very difficult, but fun haha


  21. Oh God, I pulled a Pam today! I wore my black cat costume around my college campus and NO ONE else dressed up!

  22. Oh man, I saw these stencils and thought “I HAVE TO MAKE DWIGHT!” So here he is. I am currently in the process of carving a Jim…or Michael…eh maybe Creed. He is more halloweeeeny. Thanks for the stencils!!

    Links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  23. Well, I went the last couple of years as Pam, but I don’t have the old Pam hair anymore so I’m actually going as a Buy More employee from the show Chuck. But I did hear today on the radio that Hillary Scott of the country group Lady Antebellum either went as Pam last year or plans on it this year. I was at work and I didn’t quite catch all of it. I know she’s a big fan of the show so I thought it was pretty cool!

  24. Went as Pam! It was pretty awesome– a couple people were big fans of the show. One person took my picture, and another said ‘I hope you two get married soon!” and I held up my hand (complete with engagement ring) and replied “I think we will!” So fun!

  25. and jessica, your sister is officially the coolest 12-year-old EVER. omg that is brilliance.

  26. I believe Stanley is wearing a Creature from the Black Lagoon mask.

    [from tanster: thank you. i figured it was a famous creature of some sort. :) ]

  27. “…actually, I don’t know what Stanley is supposed to be. What is he?”



  28. I wish I could carve pumpkins good enough to do one of the office ones because carving pumpkins is my favorite thing about Halloween. They are so awesome and would win any pumpkin carving contest for sure. I’d love to see pictures if anyone attempts to carve one!

  29. My sister and I are too old to go trick-or-treating but we still dress up to pass out candy together. Last year she dressed up as Dave and I was Three Hole Punched Jim. None of the little kids that came to our door got it but we still thought it was funny :).

  30. I was Jim last year for Halloween. I really wanted to be Jim as Dave but I didn’t have time to go find those “My name is…” stickers:-(

  31. We’re carving our pumpkins today, I’ll submit pictures once we’ve completed them. We decided that since the stencils are pretty small, we’re doing Dwight, Angela, and a blissfully ignorant Andy on one, and then Jim, Jim and Pam kissing, Pam, and a very sad Toby looking on in the other pumpkin.

  32. Here’s a picture of my pumpkin from last year. Made the stencil myself, thankyouverymuch. took the entire day to carve.


  33. FlonkertonChamp – you seriously made that stencil yourself? WOW – it’s amazing! I love the little Dunder Mifflin punkin’ too! Great job!

  34. yes, phyllis’pants, made it myself! took a photo and messed with it in a photo-editing program. here’s a link to the tutorial. they actually use a dwight stencil as an example.


  35. I’m going as Pam at her wedding tomorrow. I bought a light grey dress on clearance at Target, made tissue paper flowers, and I made my torn veil out of the same. It’ll look cheap and trashy, lol. Whoops.

  36. My family is going as the Costumes of Jim. I’m being three-hole punched, my wife is being Facebook/Bookface and we’ve put a Dave name tag on our 10-month old.

    [from tanster: enter the costume contest!]

  37. I bought a Michael Scott stencil from the website you shared this year. Thanks so much! I carved this last night, and it took a few hours to do, but was totally worth it!

    Michael Scott pumpkin

    [from tanster: beautiful!]

  38. khand3stooges- that pumpkin looks amazing! and no stencils involved? woah… I tip my hat to you, sir (or miss)

  39. I have a question:

    Who here went as all three of Jim’s Halloween costumes?

    Three Hole Punch Dave Bookface

  40. You’re awesome, Tanster! Thanks for posting this Halloween costume retrospective! Lots of fun looking back over past years’ costumes and photos.

    [from tanster: thanks, stapler! :) ]

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