The Office Halloween Costume Contest 2009

The Office Halloween Costume Contest

Dress up Office-style for Halloween, and you might win an autographed nifty gifty!

STATUS: With nearly 5,000 votes cast, here are the three winners of The Office Halloween Costume Contest:

  1. Pete – Baby Dwight
  2. Andrew – Mose
  3. Iliana – Subtle Sexuality

All three winners will receive Subtle Sexuality prize packages autographed by The Office’s Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak, courtesy of NBC. Winners, watch your inbox for more details. Congratulations!

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted an entry. I think this is one of my favorite OfficeTally contests ever. We’ll definitely play again next year!

P.S. My own personal favorites? Gotta go with Elliot (#16) and Britanny’s (#19) versions of Andy Bernard. The costumes and poses were impeccable!


Click each thumbnail to see a larger photo. Highly recommended to get the full effect. :)

01-the-office-halloween-costume-pam-ungrateful-beeyotch 02-the-office-halloween-costume-jim-pam-greg

03-the-office-halloween-costume-dwight-angela-pretzelday 04-the-office-halloween-costume-dwight-pete

05-the-office-halloween-costume-jim-pam-Barrett 06-the-office-halloween-costume-mose-andrew

07-the-office-halloween-costume-subtle-sexuality-emma 08-the-office-halloween-costume-subtle-sexuality-Iliana

09-the-office-halloween-costume-dwight-jake 10-the-office-halloween-costume-pam-hannah

11-the-office-halloween-costume-david 12-the-office-halloween-costume-subtle-sexuality-michaela

13-the-office-halloween-costume-jim-pam-wedding-niagara-dina 14-the-office-halloween-costume-michael-jill

15-the-office-halloween-costume-jim-pam-fun-run-brandon1 16-the-office-halloween-costume-andy-elliot

17-the-office-halloween-costume-kevin-tim 18-the-office-halloween-costume-michael-brandon2

19-the-office-halloween-costume-andy-brittany 20-the-office-halloween-costume-michael-stacey

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  1. I totally had a girl come into my work today as “Facebook”. I was like “You have a Jim Halpert costume” and she looked at me like I was some kind of freak so I guess she didn’t see the show last night. LoL

  2. OMG I’ll update my picture tomorrow. I was dressed up like Kelly was last season as Carrie Bradshaw for school today. I got a friend to answer to Ryan and staged a fake fight in our English class. Luckily the teacher is also a fan of The Office and understood what was going on!

  3. Here’s mine!! When I saw Pam as Charlie Chaplin in season 5, I thought “How clever and easy!” So, I dressed as Chaplin for work this year:

    Halloween costume: Pam Beesly as Charlie Chaplin

    My fellow Office-loving coworker asked me, “If Daryl was not provided with a list to know who you were, how would he describe you? ‘Hitler in a bowler’?”

  4. Remy – if someone videotaped that fight you need to share. Cause that’s awesome. and as a teacher i hope that yours gave you extra credit for class for staging that.

  5. Question: What if you had an Office-themed costume last year and didn’t post it, and are going as something else this year? Can you enter costumes from previous years?

  6. I decided to continue my “Office”-themed Halloween this year (I was Jim last year), by dressing as Michael.

    Halloween costume: Michael Scott

  7. My best friend and I came into work with a Sharpie and wrote ‘book’ on each other’s face. It was great!

  8. I’m not a big dresser upper for Halloween, So I’m just stealing Jim’s Idea of putting a nametag on with a differant name. But, granted, I am putting ‘Jim’ on it, As he went as ‘Dave’ last year

  9. Sorry Joanna, no video or I would gladly post it here. And I wish I got extra credit, but no such luck, although my teacher seemed greatly amused and complimented me on my Kelly imitation.

  10. I love #9 and #4!

    I wasn’t sure if I’d go trick-or-treating tonight but I think I might have to do “BookFace.”

  11. I went as Jim from season 2, my friend Brita went as Pam from that same episode. :)

    Halloween costume: Jim and Pam

  12. Me as Facebook Jim, but with a twist. I’m the MySpace Killer! Cuz, y’know, Facebook killed MySpace. =P

    Halloween Costume: Facebook Jim/MySpace Killer

  13. Me as Three-hole punched Dave’s Facebook profile picture

    Halloween costume: three hole punch/Dave/Facebook Jim

  14. Instead of wearing the usual shirt and tie, I went with a striped thermal and a name tag with ” Jim ” on it. He wore one when he had the party that he told Dwight was a surprise for Michael. Not the best picture, but I hope you like.

    Halloween costume: Jim

  15. Had to go with a classic! Me as 3-hole punch Jim…

    Halloween costume: three hole punch Jim

  16. @53

    Honestly, you look a whole lot like Tim (Uk Office; Character who Jim is based off of).

  17. Wow, a lot of these are great. #25 (hands down winner,I’d even vote for you and I entered the contest myself..haha) Congrats and Good Luck everyone!

  18. I was Pam at my office. My coworker and I actually printed out the sax-playing babies and had it between our computers for months now. But I brought in a bowl of candy and my favorite mug. I thought I should bring along the sign for an explanation for the people who didn’t get it =)

    Halloween costume: Pam

  19. I was Three hole punched Jim and this years bookface Jim

    Halloween costume: three hole punch/bookface Jim

  20. My costume was inspired from the Season 2 Halloween ep in which Michael sports a second head. In that tradition, my second head looked like me. The two of us discussed whether or not Dwight should be fired, and we agreed, he would land on his feet.

    Halloween costume: Michael Scott from ‘Halloween’

  21. Yes that’s really my name, lol. I was Dwight. My Dundie was actually given to me at this award ceremony my friends and I had. You can’t see it, but I have a calculator watch and a Support the Rabid bracelet on my wrists.

    Halloween costume: Dwight

  22. “BookFace” The popular social networking site.

    Halloween costume: Bookface Jim

  23. I agree with Elliot (81). Who wants to dress up as Andy Bernard? I ri-di-di-di-do! Costume is a replica of that worn in The Merger, Andy’s very first appearance at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Oompa, loompa doompity dossum. Dressing as Andy was totally awesome!

    Halloween costume: Andy Bernard

  24. I have been told I look like Dwight, so I dressed as him for Halloween. This is everyday Dwight K. Schrute.

    Halloween costume: Dwight

  25. Halloween costume: Michael from ‘Halloween’

    I worked all month making this paper mache replica of Michael’s costume from season two! I went dancing in it and me and my friend stuck together for a dance as a three headed monster. It was also a hit on our stop at wal-mart, the guy behind the pharmacy loved it!

    I made a name tag with Michale’s name on it that had a picture from the actual episode on it so people could reference the original with my creation. :D

  26. Me as the the popular social networking site “Bookface” Originally, I was supposed to go with only “BOOK” tattooed across my face, but I took it a step further and printed out my entire facebook profile and walked around with a sharpie marker and allowed people to write on my “wall”/shirt.

    Halloween costume: Bookface Jim

  27. Contest is now closed to entries. Thanks!

    [due to today being the end of Daylight Savings, OfficeTally’s clock wasn’t correct at the time the contest ended. but the contest did end at the correct time. :) ]

  28. Are the finalists everyone who posted pictures?

    Here are my 3. In this order…


  29. Oh my goodness that was hard! (You know what comes next OT folk) Excellent costumes everyone. Tough decision, amazing prizes!

  30. Barrett, Emmett, Elliot, and Brandon1 if only I had one more vote! Everybody looked fantastic!

  31. LOVE all those costumes! And the prizes! Does that mean the single is actually being released on CD or that’s just an exclusive promotional copy?

  32. Great work, everyone! There were some great costumes there. I especially loved the references to Subtle Sexuality! Can’t wait to see who wins.

  33. voting on just 3 was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. These costumes were all so funny!

  34. Remember Michael’s costume from Season 2 when he had the second head? This is awesome and sooo creative!

  35. I think Elliot’s Andy is going to win. “If I had to put Dwight’s chances into a percentage, I would say he has none percent chance.”

  36. Awesome! The hair alone is impressive, let alone the pose. Well played “Jill,” well played.

  37. All the costumes were great, but Jim and Pam in the rain slickers just brought an “Awww” from me.

  38. Awesome! I feel kinda sorry for the kid dressed as Dwight. It reminds me of the Baby poster that Angela got at that christmas party. Just plain creepy…but I voted for that costume anyways!

  39. Ungrateful Beeyotch.) Vote For Her, she has the most awesome costume. Don’t Be An Ungrateful Beeyotch.)

  40. these are all great! my friend went trick-or-treating with me with B-O-O-K written across her face and was wearing all blue but she didn’t submit =(

  41. Baby Dwight is pretty great. I really enjoy Stacey’s second head. It seriously looks like she robbed the Office’s props room.

  42. I LOVE HER costume. So original. It must have taken a lot of work to create that. So creative.

  43. that little girl on pete’s photo is the cutest thing i have ever seen! i hope she wins!

  44. I love Jill’s costume. The second head is fantastic. Way to go Jill!!! I hope you win.

  45. Thanks for the props, Tanster! Being Andy was a blast and I also loved Elliot’s costume. Also, Andy Bernard does not lose contests. He wins them…or he quits them because they are unfair. :)

    [from tanster: perfect! you are a gentleman, sir. ;) ]

  46. I couldn’t have said it better, Brtittany! Next time, I’ll try to go the distance. I own the Ralph Lauren pheasant embroidered pants that Andy wears during the golf outing on Job Fair. Lord beer me strength. Thanks Tanster!

    [from tanster: you guys are awesome.]

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