Are you having an Office Halloween?

For the newest Halloween costume ideas, go to OfficeTally’s Halloween archive.

Time for dress up — what are your Office-inspired Halloween costume plans?

The Office Halloween Costumes

You could go as one of the characters, dressed in normal garb, as this group did for an Office Premiere Party (click here for more photos).

Please note the attention to detail in both the attire and the hairstyles.

The Office Halloween Costumes

Or you could go as one of the characters, as dressed up during last year’s Halloween episode:

Three Hole Punched Jim,
A Sith lord,
A Dunder Mifflin superhero,
A blonde woman,
A bloody woman,
Dorothy from Oz,
A hobo,
One of an assortment of felines, or

Attached to a paper mache likeness of your own head.

And be sure to also check out GMMR’s Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly costume tips!

Icons courtesy of sheedy at the LJ Office Icon community.


  1. My fiancee and I are going as Dwight and Angela to a party tomorrow night.

    I’m going to wear larger glasses, a dress shirt/tie, and have my hair parted in the middle. I’m also going to be carrying Dunder-Mifflin sticky notes and a Dunder-Mifflin pen, and put that magnet that was part of the Severance Package DVD as my ‘nametag’.
    My fiancee is going to straighten her hair and pull it back in a ponytail, and wear dress casual clothes.

    Any other suggestions?? I’m open to hear anything.

  2. Tanster,
    Hey, great site. Thanks for the link on the 1st pic. It’s always great to meet new readers and Office fans.

    So what does everyone think of season 3 so far?

  3. Ah, I forgot Kelly’s Dorothy and Devon’s hobo. And I didn’t even notice that Meredith and Toby were in costume — now I will have to go back and re-watch the ep. Thanks John!

  4. It’s not TWSS. So, I think I’m going as 3 hole punched Melissa. Because I’m doing a halloween band show. And I needed a costume thank you SOO MUCH!! Tanster, you rock.

  5. I’m going as a cat with the intention of making it look like Kitty Pam. We’ll see how many people get it.

  6. The one downside I see to being a 3-Hole Punch Version of yourself is that any office fan will have a free shot to 3-Hole “PUNCH!” you in the arm…

  7. My friend and I did the the 3 hole punch version of ourselves for Costume Day at our school during spirit week. People thought it was funny, although the paper did get uncomfortable after a while of sitting down.

  8. So me and my friends are going to school in office halloween style.. Me as Three Hole Punch version of Tyler, My friend as Dunder Mifflin Superhero , and another friends as sith lord shrute

  9. well, i am going as pam’s halloween costume and my friend is going to be the three-hole punched version of elaine….ah, but there’s a twist!

    we’re gonna be the zombie versions of these costumes! we just wanted to spice it up a little so we’re gonna buy fake blood this weekend and maybe some green/whiteish face paint.

  10. Hey girls, for those of you who are dressing up as Pam for Halloween I just wanted to let you know that Pam ALSO wears a pair of simple black pumps if you aren’t able to get keds. Have a great weekend!!!

  11. Here’s my attempt at being Pam for Halloween! There is a slideshow and a collage. Can’t wait for Thursday! Happy Halloween everyone!!

    Slide Show


  12. I went as Three-Hole-Punch Jim for a few parties. Sadly no pictures were taken. So I decided to go to work as “Plain White” Jim.

  13. Hehe, that’s awesome…my friends are going as Sprinkles and Garbage!

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