1. It looks like Pete’s playing into the whole “New Jim” gimmick for Halloween lol

  2. Why is Pam a princess with a doctor’s coat and stethoscope?! I’ll bet it has something to do with being a role model for Cece. Also, Meredith with Here Comes Treble – lol!

  3. I’m thinking that maybe Cece wanted Pam to dress up as a princess, but Pam’s worried about the message that, that gives her daughter, so she’s put on a doctor’s coat and stethoscope as well to try to give her a more positive role model.

  4. It’s interesting that the rest of Here Comes Treble looks so young… a little younger than Andy and probably a lot younger than Stephen Colbert…

  5. @Nate, I was thinking that they’re the current Here Comes Treble at Cornell? You know, like the group’s still in existence and new students join it every year.

  6. The a Cappella group that plays Here Comes Treble are The Hullabahoos from the University of Virginia

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